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Left 4 Dead--The Movie (2016)

akas: Left 4 Dead
category: short
italy, 50 min.

Directed by:

Samuel Umai ... Louis
Marco Rea ... Francis
Phillipe Guastella ... Principal Gordon

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

Four people have been surviving the zombie apocalypse. They are on their way to try to locate a new location. They recall portions of their previous lives before the downfall. They encounter an old guy who promises to help them escape. They just have to find a way to signal a chopper. But can this man be trusted?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
People fight zombies

Movie keywords:
horror, short film, video game, fan film
added: march 21th 2018 23:23:25,  last modified: march 21th 2018 23:33:12
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A Fine Example Of A Fantastic Fan Film

First, in the interests of full disclosure, I did contribute to this film's crowdfunding campaign. And I'm certainly glad that I did. Left 4 Dead is very well made. The storylines are very well done. The acting is fairly good. The make-up is used sparingly, but when it does appear it looks good. The CGI elements are also used with care, but that shows the creators are being judicious with their budget. Although the low budget does hurt the film at times, Left 4 Dead is still very good overall. I give Left 4 Dead The Movie a rating of 7 out of 10.
rated: 7/10 by on
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