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Survival Zombie--The Series (2014)

category: short
spain, 10 min.

Directed by:


ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

Episode 101 of the Survival Zombie series has the zombie apocalypse has taken place. A man is on the phone when all hell breaks loose. He and his friends have been watching zombie movies for a long time. But will those lessons be useful in the developing zombie apocalypse? Will he and his friends be brave when they are facing real zombies? Is it wise to be in a large crowd? Who will manage to escape alive? In Episode 102, the survivors from the crazed panic make their way through the streets, trying to decide where to go. They see a huge explosion. Can they avoid the chaos in the streets for too long? What will they do when they face some human threats? Episode 3 has the survivors travelling safely for awhile, but now the chaos all around them starts to take its toll. And then they run into zombies yet again. Should they rethink their plan? Is the place they've found safe? Episode 104 shows the hellish journey across the city that is exploding with violence. The travelers end up at a hospital. Who might be there and what condition of living or living death might there be in? Is that a good place to be? What happens when a new guy shows up? Episode 105 has the three guys that were filming separately are now traveling together by car. But what will happen when one starts to show some ominous symptoms? Episode 106 has the group leaving the car behind, and the cameraman meets another man and discusses the situation. This man has a badge. What kind of official is he?But not even the best trained first responder can save them from chaos in the streets? Episode 107 has the camera guy and his friends hiding in various places. They seek shelter from a rampaging battle in the streets. How long can they keep going? Is there any place of safety to be found? The rest of Season 1 depicts the journey of the camera toting man throughout the unfolding apocalypse. He finds himself with new companions, but there's always challenges from both human and dead. They try to take shelter at a house. But how long can they stay there? Episode 201 reveals the horrible reality that the outbreak on the Iberian Penisula (aka Spain/Portugal) that it has been isolated and cut off. The military plans to destroy it all. But problems result in the form of some scientists holding a man prisoner. How can they control things if they even can't control one man? Can the hero escape? Episode 202 follows the heroes who are now enjoying their freedom. They take shelter in a nearby house. But is that a good idea? Episode 203 has the two escapees taking shelter at a house, where they soon encounter a woman. But there is something else there as well. Why do they decide to try to hunt zombies in the dark?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
People try to survive zombie outbreak

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horror, comedy, short films, video games, online series, feature films
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Season 1 Review--Fun Series, But Really Needs Subtitles

Survival Zombie isn't half bad as a series. The technical aspects of the film are very good. The acting was very strong. But as a viewer, I wasn't sure why he is always running around filming things. That doesn't seem to be very smart. But if there was a good reason, I didn't see it due to a lack of subtitles. Maybe there will be some someday. I give Survival Zombie Season 1 a rating of 6 out of 10.
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