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Dead Hearts (2014)

category: short
great britain, 17 min.

Directed by:

Don McCorkindale ... Narrator
Valin Shinyei ... Milton Muberry
Dalila Bela ... Lola Littleton
Duncan Templeton ... Harold Henderson

ZMDB rating: 9/10 (1 votes)

A young boy is born in the funeral business. Tragedy strikes as he loses his young friend. A girl he loves moves away, and he wants to die until his brother passes away. The brother comes back as a zombie, but he's missing his heart so he goes out to find his beloved. He must again face a bunch of Nazi werewolves. Can the young girl beat them like she did years ago. Will there be a happy ending?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Man returns as zombie

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, short film, romance
added: september 13th 2018 00:42:49,  last modified: september 13th 2018 00:52:42
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Hearts Might Be Dead, But The Movie Is Alive Baby

Dead Hearts is a great short film, serving as a genuine surprise. It turned out to be really good on every level. The acting was fantastic. The narration was done in the story of a fairy tale. But the story itself was utterly ridiculous, so it really didn't matter. There aren't too many movies that have zombies vs. Nazi werewolves wearing gloriously cheesy rubber masks. The story itself was top notch. An excellent short movie that merits a rating of 9 out of 10.
rated: 9/10 by on
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