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Gravedale High--The Series (1990)

akas: Rick Moranis' Gravedale High
category: tv
usa, 23 min.

Directed by:
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ZMDB rating: 3/10 (2 votes)

Gravedale High was a short-lived animated series about a high school with various monsters as students. Werewolves, vampires, mummies and of course zombies. Save Our School--In this episode a greedy woman wants to tear down the school to build a hotel and the vampire Vinnie he must prevent that from happening. The Grave Intruder--A group of monster children go to school at Gravedale High. One of the students is a zombie. Another one is a mummy. In this episode the kids take over the school newspaper and turn it into a tabloid. They get into trouble for it. One of them take photos of zombies rising from their graves for the paper. Fear of Flying--The vampire student has a fear of flying. He also runs into problems with zombie football players. He's Not Scary, He's My Brother--Frankentyke's brother shows up. He gets group into trouble with gangs. The mummy and zombie students are here. Frankenjockey--Frankentyke races a horse to save the animal's life. The zombie and mummy appear in here. The poor zombie gets his sandwich stolen. Long Day's Gurney Into Night--The invisible kid gets sick, so all the monsters head to the hospital and cause havoc there. Do The Rad Thing--The water monster bets into surfing, and he thinks about dropping out of school in order to take up a life of surfing. Cleo's Pen Pal--The mummy student sends a letter to a movie star who answers her back. However, a better looking zombie takes her place when it comes time to meet him. Monster Gumbo--The zombie girl makes a great gumbo, but the success of her recipe starts to go to her head. Also, a restaurant owner will do anything to get hold of it. The Dress Up Mess Up--The zombie girl is planning to be in a fashion show. However, her dress is torn up so she must try to get a job to pay the cost back. Night of the Living Dad--Frankentyke's father is coming to the school, but the young monster wants to keep it a secret. His father is human. So he creates his own father, a Hollywood agent Frakenstein's monster. Monster on Trial--The monster kids are learning to drive when the werewolf taps a woman with her car. She acts like she's seriously injured and sues the school. She's a fraud, of course, and the monsters must find away to prove it. Goodbye Gravedale--The monster kids make their own class video. They also think their teacher is leaving, and they may just force him to with their bad attitudes.

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies appear a couple of times throughout the episode

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comedy, cartoon, tv series, tv, art, animated, graveyard, rave, series, grave
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