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Walking Dead--The Series (2010)

akas: The Walking Dead TV, The Walking Dead
category: tv
usa, 107 min.

Directed by:

Andrew Lincoln ... Rick Grimes
Sarah Wayne Callies ... Lori Grimes
Jon Bernthal ... Shane Walsh
Norman Reedus ... Daryl
Danai Guria ... Michonne
David Morrisey ... The Governor
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Melissa McBride ... Carol
Steven Yuen ... Glenn
Scott Wilson ... Hershel
Emily Kinney ... Beth
Lauren Cohan ... Maggie
Lennie James ... Morgan
Josh McDermitt ... Eugene
Michael Cudlitz ... Abraham
Seth Gilliam ... Father Gabriel
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Special Effects:

ZMDB rating: 9/10 (63 votes)

Episode 1: A police officer, Rick Grimes, gets shot in the chest as he and his fellow officers stop a bunch of thugs leading police on a high speed chase. He wakes up weeks later alone in the hospital. He finds the hospital empty with dead bodies all over the place. He finds a sign of the cafeteria door, saying "The Dead Don't Open." Outside, he finds corpses all over. He makes his way home, only to find his wife and son have left. He finds a couple of other survivors and learns what's going on. Rick sets out to Atlanta to find his wife and sun. He and others heard that Atlanta was safe. He finds hordes of zombies there. Can he survive? Episode 2: Rick begins trapped in the tank. However, another group of survivors offers him a way out. He soon joins up with them, but has to deal with a racist in the midst of the group. The survivors are trapped in a tall building and have to find a way out of the building and a city full of zombies. Can they do so? Episode 3: Rick is reunited with his family. But there is still the unspoken tension of the romantic encounter his wife had with his best friend and partner. Rick's partner isn't thrilled that his romantic interest is not going to continue either. The brother of the racist isn't thrilled by the news that his brother is still in Atlanta handcuffed to the roof. Some zombies are coming into the refugee camp as well. And Rick and a couple of other head back into Atlanta to recover the guns and for the racist that was left behind. Episode 4: The quest to retrieve the guns and rescue the racist takes some unexpected turns. They encounter another group of what appear to be gangbangers. But appearances can be deceiving. One many at camp starts to lose it due to excessive grief. And the safety of the camp is disrupted by a bruthal zombie attack. Episode 5: The group wonders what to do in the light of the zombie attack on their camp. Recriminations fly betweeen Rick and his fellow officer. Andrea waits for the body of the woman that was close to her to revive so she can kill her. Another man has been bitten. The group ultimately decides to leave. The bitten man makes a tough choice. They had to the CDC where one lone man still labors onward. Episode 6: The group get admission to the CDC. And they're comfortable for awhile. Then they face some bad revelations about the guy who let them in. And their margin of safety comes to an end. What will happen to them? ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Walking Dead--Torn Apart (Webisode Series) Dir: Greg Nicotero Cast: Lilli Birdsell--Hanna Rick Otto--Andre Rex Linn--Palmer Danielle Burgio The story of the female zombie that has been torn in half that Rick encounters soon after he wakes up unfolds here. Hanna was her name. She woke up in her car after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse and chaos engulfs Atlanta. She desperately tries to find her children. She locates them with their father, her ex-husband. Things are rather awkward. Even worse, there is something wrapped up in the carpet and it's moving. Tragedy soon unfolds . . . ------------------------------------------------------------------- Season 2: Episode 1: Having things fall apart at the CDC, the group heads out on the road toward Fort Benning. The RV breaks down and they are stuck behind a huge jam of cars. They are confronted a "herd" of zombies composed of at least a hundred of them. In the ensuing events, a little girl, Sophia, ends up getting lost. Shane considers his future with the group. Rick feels tested by the weight of leadership on his shoulders. And a shocking twist at the end . . . Episode 2: After the shocking ending of last week's episode, Rick desperately seeks out aid. He finds it in the form of a doctor who has a farm in the countryside. Rick gives all that he can, but the doctor is still in need of more equipment, leading Shane and Otis to undertake a dangerous mission to a zombie-infested FEMA outpost set up at a high school. Meanwhile, the search for the little girl continues to be unsuccessful. Lori rejoins her husband. The other members of the group start to consider leaving and whether they should wait for the girl or not. And the situation at the high school takes a dire turn . . . Episode 3: The situation at the high school grows increasingly worse as Shane and Otis struggle to find a way out. They seem to be trapped by the zombies at every turn. Meanwhile, the situation with Carl also grows increasingly more grim. There is still no sign of Sophia. Shane makes a shocking decision . . . Episode 4: Otis's funeral is held. Carl's situation is resolved for the present. Rick asks for a chance for his group to stay at the farm. There is a problem with a zombie in the drinking water. Lori gets quite a surprise . . . Episode 5: The search for Sophia continues to be a priority. Rick and Shane have a very frank conversation that shows the growing tension between them and their divergent views on how they should be doing things. Darrell suffers a bad fall and is injured. His brother appears to him. Is he real or not? Darrell fights to survive. The tensions at the Farm continue to grow. Glen discovers a horrifying secret at the end . . . Episode 6: Glen learns why there are walkers in the barn. He spills the secrets he's been keeping as well. On a mission to the local town, Glen has to rescue Maggie from a walker. Secrets start to come out. Tensions build among the two groups . . . Episode 7: Tensions explode in this episode as Rick desperately tries to negotiate to stay at the farm. He even goes so far as to help attempt to capture a zombie. Rick and Shane get into another confrontation. Shane and the other take definitive action to deal with the walkers in the barn. And the final fate of Sophia is revealed . . . Nebraska: The aftermath of the shocking events of last episode brings more division and conflict. The dead are buried. Hershel disappers and Rick and Glen have to go find him. Lori makes a foolish mistake. Two new guys show up at the bar. But can they be trusted? And are they alone? Triggerfinger: Lori gets threatened by a zombie after her mistake from the previous episode. Shane goes after her. Rick, Hershel and Glen deal with the consequences of their actions from last episode. Rick makes some harsh decisions as the Walkers close in. Tensions continue to grow between Rick and Shane. And Lori starts to stir the pot as well . . . 18 Miles Out: Shane and Rick take their prisoner to a distant location where Rick wants to let him go. Shane has different ideas. Things get complicated when this guy knows where the farm is. Shane and Rick have a huge battle. Hershel's daughter makes a choice. And there are lots of zombies on the loose here. Judge, Jury And Executioner: Rick and Shane agree that Randall, the man who they are holding prisoner, has to be killed. He admits that he was with a group of 30 and admits to some pretty heinous deeds. Dale is completely against the execution. The debate rages on. Carl is acting out more and more, finding a motorcycle and grabbing a gun. He plays around with a zombie. The Walker almost gets him, and it will be back . . . Better Angels: After the shocking end of last episode, the group mourns. But they start to take steps to stay for the long term at the farm. The tensions among Rick and Shane finally explode. The nature of how one can become a zombie changes. And armageddon approaches . . . Before The Dying Fire The herd of zombies attacks the farm. We learn how this herd formed. Some losses take place. Others survive. Rifts form between members of the group. Rick reveals what Jenner told him. And a new character enters the picture. Episode 3.01--Seed--At long last Rick and company arrive at the prison. But first it must be clear of zombies. And one person gets in serious trouble. Episode 3.02--Sick--The clearing of the prison continues, but the surviving prisoners are a problem. One of the group faces a grave injury. Can Laurie and Rick be brought back together? Season 3, Episode 3--Walk With Me--Michonne and Andrea meet The Governor and go to Woodbury. All is not as it seems there. Season 3, Episode 4--The Killer Within--A new player emerges at the prison. Tragedy strikes on all levels. Michonne moves closer to the truth. Merle decides to go in search of Daryl. Episode 3.05--Say The Word--Rick deals iwth the tragic events of last episode. Michonne and Andrea learn some nasty secrets about The Governor. Episode 3.06--Hounded--Rick struggles with the strange voices. Michonne finds leaving Woodbury may not be easy. Glen and Maggie run into an old "friend." Episode 3.07--"When The Dead Come Knocking"--Michonne arrives at the jail. Maggie and Glen undergo intense interrogation. A rescue mission is mounted. All things start to come together. Episode 3.08: "Made To Suffer"--Rick and company raid Woodbury. People die. Someone gets mutilated. Madness starts to set in. Two characters reunite at long last. Season 3, Episode 9--The Suicide King--Rick and company complete their journey to Woodbury, but they end up divided. Dissension awaits them at the prison. The Governor begins to plan his revenge. In Episode 3.11, I Ain't No Judas, Andrea goes to the prison. What side will she choose? Will Tyrese and his group uninetionally help the Governor kill everyone at the prison? In Episode 3.12, Clear, Morgan returns with an amazing story. Carl and Michonne also do some bonding. Episode 3.13, Arrow In The Doorpost, has a tension filled meeting between Rick and The Governor to try to establish a peace treaty. Can they come to an agreement? Daryl and Martinez meet along with Hershel and Martin. In Episode 3.14, Prey, Andrea finally chooses her side. What will the Governor do? More betrayals take place as the final confrontation moves closer. In Episode 3.15, This Sorrowful Life, major character reach crucial decicions and turning points. In Episode 3.16, Welcome To The Tombs, it's on as Woodbury vs. The Prison. Who will win? Who will die? Things will never be the same again. Season 4 opens with "30 Days Without An Accident" as several months have passed since the end of last season. Rick has taken a new direction in his life. Things seem to have settled down, but new threats soon emerge. Another threat soon looms for those at the prison, one that is not as easy to stop as shooting a Walker in the head. In the second episode of Season 4, Infected, the new enemy strikes. But this one can't simply be shot and killed. There's a disaster at the prison. Lives are turned upside. Rick faces a tough choice. Hints are revealed about Michonne's past. A warrior once again takes up arms. In Episode 3, Isolation, things rapidly get worse. The infection spreads further. Two leaders get into a massive confrontation. Four go in search of medicine. A shocking event takes place. And watch out for that mega-herd. In Episode 4, Indifference, Daryl and his group must find a new vehicle. Personal issues put them at risk. Rick and Carol go out. Very frank discussions ensue and a stunning decision is made. And things get worse at the prison. In Episode 5, Internment, events at the prison reach a critical point. Rick and Carol face a dangerous situation. And a nasty surprise waits outside the prison. In Episode 6 of Season 4, Live Bait, the vile villain, The Governor, returns. We see what happened to him after the end of last season. And a chance at possible redemption presents itself for him. Will he take it? In Episode 7 of season 4, Dead Weight, the Governor rejoins Martinez. He sees flaws in the leadership of Martinez's groups. There are more groups out there as well, some are very dangerous. Scary signs appear. The Governor makes some very serious choices. What new order will arise? In Episode 8, Too Far Gone, there is a climactic confrontation between the Governor and Rick's group. Tragedy and bloodshed ensue. Many lossess take place. In Episode 9, After, the group has been scattered to the four winds. Carl and Rick try to find shelter and food. Carl rebels against his father. But can Carl cut it alone? Michonne tries to pick up the pieces, but must confront her past. What choices will they make? In Episode 10, Inmates, we catch up with the fates of the other chracters from the prison. A missing character returns. Three new people come into play. Can they find their way back to each other? In Episode 11 of Season 4, Claimed, we encounter Abraham Ford for the first time. What is his purpose? What secret does Eugene have? Carl and Michonne bond. But who is in the hosue with Rick? In Episode 12, Alone, Daryl and Beth try to find ways to survive both the zombies and each other. What will happen when long buried emotions come to the surface? In Episode 13, Alone, Sasha, Bob and Maggie continue on their journey and try to decide whether to head to Terminus. Daryl and Beth grow closer. But new individuals enter the scene and things change for the worse. In Episode 14, The Grove, Tyrese, Carol, Mika and Lizzie think they have found shelter in a Pecan Grove. But disaster lurks around every corner. In Episode 15, Us, some members of the group reunite. Daryl learns about the rules of this new group. And some arrive at Terminus. In Episode 16, A, Rick, Michonne and Carl face unimaginable horror. And more reach Terminus, only to discover that Terminus is far from being safe. Season 5 arrives with a boom as The Termites advance to the next stage of their sinister plan. What can Tyrese and Carol do? Can the group fight back? What group led to the creation of Terminus? Episode 502, Strangers, brings everyone back together and brings in a new person in the form of Father Gabriel who has been held up alone in his church. But what dark secrets does he keep? And watch out for water-logged walkers. And what dangers lurk about unseen in the woods? Episode 3 of Season 5, Four Walls And A Roof, finds the Termites showing up again to make life difficult. They plan to strike at Rick's group. But can they succeed? And tensions flare between Rick and Abraham. Episode 4, Slabtown, of Season 5 reveals what happened to Beth. Who is the group she finds herself with? What do they want? Can Beth survive? Can anyone be trusted? Episode 5 of Season 5, Self Help, depicts what happens on the start Abraham's journey to Washington DC based on Eugene's promises. An accident on the road delays their plans. What went on in Abraham's past that causes so much anger and blood on his fist? What is Eugene's secret? Will the trip continue? Episode 6, Consumed, has Carol and Daryl following the mystery car into Atlanta to track it to where Beth may be held. The two reveal much about their characters. What will they find at the hospital? Things take an unexpected twist. Episode 7, Crossed, brings Daryl and Noah back to Rick's camp. Rick and the others set out to rescue Carol and Beth. Plans are laid. But what strategy will they use? Father Gabriel has issues. But will those put Carl, Judith and Michonne in danger? Will Eugene recover? And will Abraham move on? Episode 8 of Season 5, Coda, brings everything together at the hospital as Rick and his squad confront Dawn about the fate of Rick's friends. Rick shows his ruthlessness. Father Gabriel finds himself in a position of need. Another group returns. And then tragedy strikes. Episode 9 of Season 5, What Happened And What's Going On, take the group away from Georgia and to the gated area where Noah had lived. What awaits them there? What tragedy will strike again? In Episode 10 of Season 5, Them, the group is on their last legs. Things are getting worse and worse. They engage in some desperate acts. Spirits are waning. Can they keep their faith? Will their luck change? In Episode 11 of Season 5, The Distance, Aaron reveals himself to the group and promises potential safety at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Rick experiences some major trust issues at these promises. He finds his leadership challenged. A journey at night becomes very perilious. Is there a new bastion of safety? Episode 12, Remember, has the group entering Alexandria and being interviewed to see if they can stay there. There's still many questions. And who are the Wolves? In "Forget," Episode 513, Sasha seems to be having issues adjusting to Alexandria. Rick and the others plan for and expect bad things to happen. Carol shows she can bake some mean cookies. Daryl and Aaron try to catch a horse. Why are there so many walkers? What is the W on the zombies's head mean? In Episode 514, Spend, Noah wishes to be an architect and makes a salient point about Alexandria's walls. Abraham goes out with a construction crew. Glen, Tara, Eugene and Noah go on a run. Carol realizes something is very wrong with Jessie, Sam and Pete. Many things change when zombies attack. Episode 515, Try, depicts how Rick takes drastic actions in the light of the revelations about Pete and Jessie. The danger outside the walls increases. Daryl and Aaron encounter more evidence of the danger posed by The Wolves. In Episode 516, Conquer, after the blow-up of last week, Rick faces potential exile. How ill he react to the one who stopped him? Daryl and Aaron discover what The Wolves are all about. And help arrives from an unexpected source. The truth about some aspects of Alexandria comes to the surface. Episode 601, First Time Again, begins with Rick and Morgan's reunion. Both must adjust to their new situations. Can Morgan bring Rick back to being a kinder person? All must face a titanic horde of thousands of Walkers. Can the people of Alexandria follow Rick? Will this plan work? Are there other forces at work here? Episode 602, JSS, brings the action back to Alexandria as things seem to be normal. But what happens when you really have Wolves Not Far? How did Enid get to Alexandria? What does JSS mean? How will Carol's and Morgan's philosophy conflict? Episode 603, Thank You, has Rick making a desperate plan to lead zombie herd away from Alexandria. He plans to do a lot on his own. Michonne, Glenn, Nicholas, and others head back to Alexandria to see if they can divert herd another way. But they run into trouble as does Rick himself. Can they make it out alone? Who will meet their final fate? Episode 604, Here's Not Here, reveals how Morgan transformed from the crazed madman of "Clear" to the more zen-like person he is in the present. Morgan's journey and transformation unfolds in this episode. In Episode 605, Now, Rick makes it back to Alexandria. Half the mega-herd follow him, lined up almost 20 deep. Under siege,Rick and the other plan to wait for help. Maggie hears bad news and consider making a risky trip. Aaron feels guilt over the previous events. Other residents try to adjust. How will they all handle it? Episode 606, Always Accountable, has Daryl, Abraham and Sasha finally reaching their goal, but a new threat suddenly emerges. Daryl, after getting separated, runs into some new people. Abraham reaches a turning point. And whose voice is that at the end? Episode 607, Heads Up, reveals the fate of a beloved character. The people in Alexandria try to work together to find some solutions to the monster literally at their door. A shocking fall brings danger to all. Episode 608, Start To Finish, has legions of zombies coming into Alexandria. Who will live? Who will die? How will they fight this many? Will any help come from the outside? Episode 609, No Way Out, sees Rick's plan to walk out of Alexandria fall apart. Negan's gang confronts Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. Can they make it back? Rick is forced to make a desperate stand. Will he get the help he needs? Many major turning points come to pass. Episode 610, The Next World, has Daryl and Rick venturing out on a scavenger hunt for supplies. They encounter a new survivor, Jesus, who proves to be quite skilled at things. Why are Carl and Sinclair headed into the woods? A major change takes place between two of the surviors. Episode 611, Knots Untie, has Jesus taking the group to a new location--the Hilltop. Alexandria needs food, and Hilltop needs things as well. Can a deal be established? Negotiations get messy. A new person steps into a leadership role. And the shadow of Negan begins to make itself known. Episode 612, Not Tomorrow Yet, has Rick and his allies laying out the argument for a preemptive strike against Negan. Carol reaches out for some help. THe raid takes place. Are these all of the Saviors? Things take a bad turn at the end. In Episode 613, The Same Boat, focuses on Maggie and Carol as they are captured by the Saviors. Paula is the leader of this female Savior group. Will Carol be able to deceive them? How violent must they be to survive? And who exactly is Negan? In Episode 614, Twice As Far, various characters journey from Alexandria for a variety of different reasons. Daryl, Rosita and Denise go to find more medicine. Abraham and Eugene go on a mission geared toward the future. An unwelcome visitor from the past returns. The Saviors are still a force. Carol reaches a momentous decision. Episode 615, East, has Carol departing from Alexandria, trying to find a way to make peace with what she has become. But trouble keeps on following her. Daryl goes on a search for her. Others join him in his quest. But they all find great danger. One left behind makes a change and finds trouble. Rick and Morgan have a heart-to-heart. And a shot rings out at the end. Episode 616, Last Day On Earth, has Rick and company rushing to get Maggie help. They need to get to the Hilltop. But the Saviors are everywhere that they turn. Can they avoid them? And what will happen when they finally meet Negan? Episode 701, The Day Will Come When You Won't Be, has the brutal resolution to last season's cliffhanger as Negan makes his debut. How will he break Rick? What choices will Rick make? How many will meet their doom? Episode 702, The Well, has Carol and Morgan encountering the Kingdom and meeting King Ezekiel. Shiv is introduced. Carol struggles to make a choice. Morgan appears to reach a crossroads. The specter of the Saviors continues to loom over all. What choices will they make? Episode 703, The Cell, turns the focus to Daryl who finds himself stuck in a cell in Sanctuary. What is his mental status? What does Negan want from Daryl? What are Dwight's thoughts and emotions? How did he get his scar? What is his attitude toward Negan and could Dwight be ready to change? Episode 704, Service, has things coming back to Alexandria. Where is Michonne sneaking off to? What are the after effects on the group after the devastation of the opening? Can the others keep their emotions and anger in check? How much will Negan take? And how much will Negan antagonize them? Episode 705, Go-Getters, has Rick and others gathering supplies for Negan and the Saviors. Maggie and Sasha take shelter at the Hilltop. What is Gregory's attitude toward them? Who let the dogs (walkers) out? What will happen when Simon and the Saviors show up? Episode 706, Swear, has Heath and Tara out looking for supplies. They haven't had much luck. They come across a horde of zombies that leads Tara to the Oceanside Community. What is this new group? Will Tara make it back? Episode 707, Sing Me A Song, has Carl reaching the Sanctuary where he attempts to take out Negan. How will Negan react to all this? What has Michonne been doing? How will Eugene react to Rosita's request? Who helps out Daryl? What has Rick found? Episode 708, Hearts Still Beating, has events happening at a rapid pace. Negan cooks dinner, but he always has a sinister purpose. Rick and Aaron make a dangerous crossing. Spencer makes a bad choice. Rosita has a chance. Maggie assumes a new role. A few people die, and Rick reaches a turning point.

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Episode 708--Fantastic Mid Finale

Hearts Still Beating is a fantastic mid-season finale. It was a good end to the first eight episode story-arc. It brings all the things together. The episode managed to keep quite a few secrets, but that works well. The countdown to the All Out War starts here. I give Hearts Still Beating a rating of 10 out of 10.
rated: 10/10 by on
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