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Z-Nation--The Series (2014)

akas: Z-Nation
category: tv
usa, 45 min.

Nat Zang ... 10K
Kellita Smith ... Warren
DJ Qualls ... Citizen Z
Keith Allen ... Murphy
Tom Everett Scott ... Garrett
Matt Cedeno ... Vasquez
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Emilio Rivera ... Escorpion
Pisay Pao ... Cassandra
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ZMDB rating: 7/10 (21 votes)

The zombie apocalypse happened three years ago. But humans continue to cling on. And now there might be a glimmer of hope. Episode 1, Puppies And Kittens, introduces a man who gets an injection of a new formula right before the lab gets overrun by zombies. He gets bitten, but he does not turn into a zombie. He is immune to them. Now they have to get Patient Zero to a lab in California. Lieutenant Hammod attempts to get Patient Zero from New York to California. They find other survivors, former National Guard members, who joins them. But the journey starts out roughly as a camp falls. What is this zombie baby? Who is the mysterious sharp shooter? Will the group really go on this mission? Episode 2, Fracking Zombies, takes the crew to a point where they run out of fuel. So they go to the Jersey Devil refinery. Citizen Z gets an unexpected visitor to his base of operations. Can the rest of the crew get the fuel when there are zombies all over the place? One woman in the group also has a dark secret that appears about to come to light. In Episode 3, the group ends up in Philadelphia where they find a famous American artifact. A strange family/cult comes after them. These guys may well be cannibals. Will they kill the group and stop the mission before it even begins? Episode 4 brings us into an encounter with some Amish Zombies who quickly get dispensed with. The group runs into trouble keeping their truck. They contact Citizen Z and get a Chopper to fly to Washington state. But that proves to be easier said than done from this general. Can they get it? Episode 5, Home Sweet Zombies, or as I prefer to call it, Z-Nado, brings the group into the Midwest where they get to Tornado Alley and find themselves confronted by a Z-Nado. One character lost her husband there, but believes he might still be around. Will Roberta make it? Is her husband still alive? Episode 6, Sister of Mercy, has the group arrive in Hannibal, Missouri, where they find another group. This group lives at a compound with very strict rules. What do these religious looney tunes want? Episode 7, Zunami, shows the effects of the devastating ending of the previous episode. The group arrives in Western Kansas to find an armed camp of survivalists. The group has problems with trust, and try to win a high-powered rifle and some gas. There's also a Zunami, a mega-mega-horde of almost a million zombies headed their way. Episode 8 has the group continuing to deal with the Zunami. The origin of the millions of zombies reveals itself. The human members of the group choose an interesting place to hide. Murphy seems to be evolving into something. What is going on with this visitor to Citizen Z? Episode 9 catches us up with Addie and her young man companion. They end up in a small town where the guy starts to have a recurring dream about a zombie killing him or him dieing in some way. Why does the dream keep repeating over and over? Is this "Groundhog Day?" And whose mind is it, really? Episode 10 brings the voyagers to South Dakota where they run into some glowing zombies. Yes, these zombies are radioactive. Even worse, the local nuclear plant is about to go into meltdown, which will wipe out all the living humans. Can it be shut down? Episode 11 brings us to a group of women who have their own ideas of what to do with men. There are no men among them at all. One woman has very unusual tastes in male companionship. And Addie makes an interesting decision. Episode 12 has the group being waylaid at a country club where they are forced to make a raid on a drug factory. The effects of the drugs on the zombies are very interesting. Murphy continues to change in fascinating ways. What happens with zombies on meth? Viagra? Episode 13, Doctor of the Dead, brings the first season to a close and marks radical changes in everything. The origin of the zombie apocalypse appears to be revealed. A sinister doctor emerges. The drug Murphy took may not be what was promised. Murphy undergoes truly immense changes. The lives of several characters hang in the balance. And another great disaster may strike the entire world. Season 2 gets underway with Episode 1, The Murphy. Things get worse for all concerned as many nukes hit. Murphy has escaped, leading Citizen Z to put out word of a huge reward for Murphy or as he is called now, The Murphy. The others manage to survive and start to seek him out. Murphy seems to be enjoying his new position and powers. Will he go along with the plans to still save humanity? In Episode 2, White Light, Murphy finds himself being pursued by multiple groups thanks to Citizen Z. There are a number who may now be overly concerned about the greater needs of humanity. There's a mysterious man with an RPG who appears. Carnage will soon break out. Not everyone will walk away alive. Will Murphy meet his doom? In Episode 203, Zombie Road, Murphy and friends run into a caravan of refugees from the Seattle Blast Zone on their way to Edmonton. There's a new type of zombies, Blaster, who are radioactive, fast and resistant to Murphy. Can the group get by humans and zombies? In Episode 204, "Batch 45," rumors pop up of a cure for the zombie plague with a batch of plants located in an experimental greenhouse. The problem is that there's plant zombies there. Murphy may be the key to getting it. But can even Murphy actually make it to the batch? And will it actually work? An unexpected and unwelcome visitor drops by. Episode 5 of Season 2 brings us "Zombaby" in which the group has arrived in Wisconsin, and a giant cheese wheel has an interesting connection to the zombies. Murphy's brief fling from last season returns and brings with her Murphy's Zombaby, who is just about to be born. How will Murphy react to impending fatherhood? What will the baby be like? How will some Amish handle it? And how will the zombies react? Murphy now has his daughter, Lucy, on his own, and he forms a deep emotional bond with the daughter. But zombies keep on following her for some reason. And Murphy's control of them doesn't seem to work as long as Lucy is there. So Murphy takes his daughter and runs. Where will he go? Cassandra goes off the rails. The others have a dangerous run-in. There's some zombie motorcycle riders and some fun at the hospital. Will they escape alive? Episode 207, Down The Mississippi has two guys picked up by a menacing truck that plays ice cream truck music, and offers dental services. Murphy, Doc, and company need a bot to take them down the Mississippi. But then run into a zombie jam quite literally. The group gets separated and encounter the two smooth talkers. 10K faces possible execution. Will they all survive? In Episode 208, the group runs low on supplies, and must worry when Murphy suddenly starts to develop a taste for brains. He falls into the trap of a man known as The Collector who collection zombies. He wants to make Murphy a part of his collection. He also has a certain famous author under his control as well. Will Murphy become part of the Collection? In Episode 209, Rozwell, Murphy and the group arrive in Roswell, New Mexico. It appears that there might actually be aliens there. Murphy is hailed as an emissary to the aliens. But are these aliens really what they seem to be? Can aliens become zombies as well? What is the truth here? Episode 210, We Were Nowhere Near The Grand Canyon, has another huge title wave of zombies, a Zsunami, appears, but this time it is even bigger than the first one. Citizen Z falls out of contact. The group runs into some Native Americans who are none too happy with white people. Can the Zsunami be stopped? Can the tribe be saved? Will they find a save settlement? Why is Murphy acting so odd? Episode 211, Corporate Retreat, continues with Murphy having trouble adjusting after last episode. They run into some leftover zombies from the Z-Wave. They take shelter at a hotel run by a facilitator. They've been there since the start. A mystery rises when Murphy and another guy are shot. Lots of zombies are also attacking. Will Murphy wake up? what will happen to that facilitator? Episode 212, Party With The Zeros, has Murphy and his group in Mexico. They run into the Zeros Drug Cartel again. A rather unwelcome face from the past returns. La Reina De Los Muertos is introduced. What is her plan for the future? Episode 213, Adios Muchachos, has a cure for the zombie virus supposedly being found. But will it actually work? what is the doctor's ultimate intention? What will Murphy do with some potentially immense power? And what will happen when the zombies get on the loose? Episode 214, Day One, has Murphy and crew almost reaching their goal. Citizen Z gets a surprise with his computers. The others recall where they were and what they were doing when the zombie apocalypse hit. Episode 215, All Good Things Must Come To An End, brings Season 2 to a close. Murphy finally arrives at the CDC. But all may not be as it seems. Why have they waited two years? Citizen Z makes some tough decisions. Two old enemies show up again. Some new challenges arrive and old ones close. Episode 301 and 302, No Mercy, presents a flashback to where Murphy and his allies help out a survivor camp plagued by an evil corporation. They are trying to hold of a doctor. The Man threatens a child, escapes and runs into Murphy. 10K becomes involved with both the child and a young woman, Red. The other try to help the community, but can they actually work together. The Man lays siege to the camp. Can he be stopped? Who will be lost as The Man shows No Mercy? Episode 303, A New Mission, picks up from the cliffhanger of Season 2. What happened to 10K? What does Murphy intend to do now? What will happen with the arrival of the Asians? What happened to Citizen Z? A new, dangerous twist takes place with the zombies due to the lack of food. A dangerous new type of human threat emerges as well. Episode 304, Murphy's Miracle, has Murphy finding a family with a dieing child. Is there some way he can help them? Murphy finds a location to set up his larger operation. 10K starts to realize how dire his dilemma actually is. A mailman also seems to be drawing zombies to him. What is his secret? Will Citizen Z attempt to get back on the air? Or will he stay retired? Episode 305, Escoprion And The Red Hand, has some aspects of the past coming to light. A new source of danger called The Red Hand emerges. A bad tooth may be the end of one survivor. Murphy's plans may be starting to go awry. Is his control starting to slip? What will happen with 10K? Can Murphy build an army? Episode 306, Little Red And The Wolfz, has Murphy's plans being disrupted. He had decided to continue to try to rebuild society on his own. But can he figure out what he needs to do? 10K has escaped, but Murphy's followers are hot on his tail. Will he be recaptured? Threats both human and zombie continue to emerge. Episode 307, Doc Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, finds Doc getting knocked out, and waking up in a mental hospital full of crazy patients. The head nurse is even more wacky. Doc finds an old friend of his. Can they manage to escape? What lurks in the Z Wing? What will Nurse Wretched do? Episode 308, Welcome To Murphytown, had Doc and 10K reunited with all their comrades. Citizen Z tries to take to the air again. More signs of the Red Hand continue to crop up. Murphy steps up to take control of a new community. A sinister man shows up again. Will Murphy get power restored? Episode 309, Election Day, has Doc and a new comrade coming across a con-man, Thurston Howell III, who claims to be President of the United States. He's challenged by another crazy man. They both run for election as President. Who will win? Episode 310, Heart of Darkness, has Murphy finally meeting his old comrades. Citizen Z makes contact with Murphy as well. Murphy also has a new captive. The need for new allies arises. A decision is made to find the Red Hand and El Escorpion. Is that wise? Will Murphy catch on to his allies planned betrayals? Episode 311, They Grow Up So Quickly, has Murphy's daughter suddenly aging quite quickly as she is found by Doc and Abby. She has her father's abilities, and a psychic link to him as well. Evil Bald Guy shows his presence. What will he do here? Episode 312, Doc's Angels, has Doc once again finding himself on his own. He finds himself trapped by three beautiful women who seem to be friendly. But can they really be trusted? What is really going on? Episode 313, Siege of Murphytown, events start to converge as an assault is launched on Murphytown. Roberta allies herself with some scummy characters, but she has a plan to get to Murphy. Citizen Z heads south. What will happen as they all come together? Episode 314 has Addy pursuing the Man who has taken Lucy. Lucy screams quite a bit, considering zombies to be her friend. This Man is hard to stop. What can take this guy down? Can Doc catch up? What weird visions take place here? Where are the others as all these events unfold? Episode 315, Everybody Dies In The End, has Murphy reuniting with all of his old comrades in a last push to get to Lucy. The Man still has control of her. Some major revelations about Murphy come to light. So what is the truth about Murphy? Some major characters may die. Others may come back. What is going on at the end?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Is there a cure for the zombie apocalypse?

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, comedy, apocalypse, virus, survival, tv series
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Z-Nation 315: Finishing Up Strongly

Season 3 of Z-Nation had a few rough spots, but it still come through at the end as the final episode was very serious, but there was quite a bit of humor in it as well. There's also some tragic aspects to it. The season finished up strongly. Now onto Season 4. I give Episode 315 a rating of 8 out of 10.
rated: 8/10 by on
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