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Last Reality Show--The Series (2012)

akas: The Last Reality Show, Den Sista Dokusapan
category: tv
sweden, 23 min.

Filip Berg ... Abbe
Cecilia Forss ... Sofie Darnell
Christian Wennberg ... Micke B
Vanita Bergman ... Herself
Hugo Andersson ... Benlos Zombie

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

This 8 episode TV series takes place during a reality show where the contestants end up in far more danger as they become engulfed in a zombie apocalypse. In the first episode, a man flees from a horde of zombies. He remembers the glitz and glamor of the premiere before all hell breaks loose with the zombies. One woman turns sick and then becomes a zombie and soon everything goes to pot. In the second and third episode, the survivors flee into the woods. Memories of their past come flooding back to them. One man seems to emerge as a leader. But even as they start to get organized to fight the zombies, problems develop as they try to choose weapons to use. In the fourth episode, they venture out from the shelter, but engage in some gunplay. And why do they waste time with a wedding? Tragedy strikes one of the group. And the apparent leader may not be as good as one would hope. What will the future hold for them? The last four episodes contain some unexpected death. Some of the characters are eliminated by forces other than zombies. Others meet their ends at the hands of zombies. One man seems to want to use this situation to his advantage. Can any of them survive? Or are they all doomed?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Members of a reality face the zombie apocalypse

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, horror, comedy, tv series
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Haven't We Been Here Before?

Okay, seriously, Den Sista Dokusapan, at least in terms of initial plot bears an extremely close resemblance to the British mini-series Dead Set. You'd swear that the Swedish makers stole the idea. But that can't necessarily be proven. And although the basic initial story is the same, the Swedish series seems to go it's own way after that basic premise. The Last Reality Show, indeed, can stand on it's own. The make-up in here was excellent. The blood and gore effects were most impressive. There were a number of funny moments that transcended the language barrier, such as the ridiculous choices some made for weapons, what happens when the leader first sees blood, and the fate of a very loud-mouthed female. I give The Last Reality Show a rating of 7 out of 10.
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