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Fear The Walking Dead--The Series (2015)

akas: Fear The Walking Dead
category: tv
usa, 45 min.

Cliff Curtis ... Travis
Kim Dickens ... Madison
Frank Dillane ... Nick
Elizabeth Rodriguez ... Lisa Ortiz
Ruben Blades ... Daniel Salazar
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ZMDB rating: 9/10 (15 votes)

”Fear Begins Here . . .“
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”Where It All Began.“
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In this companion series to The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead chronicles the experiences of a mixed family in the wake of the oncoming zombie apocalypse. In the Pilot, a young man, Nick, wakes up stoned in an abandoned church. All his junkie friends are dead. Gloria, his friend, is a zombie. Nick hauls ass out of there, only to be hit by a car. No one, even himself, believes what he was seen. His mother, Madison, is a guidance counselor at a local school. Her new husband, Travis, teaches English at the school. Nick's sister, Alicia, can't wait to get away from her messed up family with her boyfriend, Cal. There are signs of danger all around. Why are so many people sick with the "flu"? What will happen when footage of a zombie kill is seen? What will it take for people to see the truth? In Episode 2, So Close, Yet So Far, the zombie outbreak starts to spread rapidly. Madison goes back only to find something bad happened to the principal. Alicia's boyfriend, Matt, is in terrible shape. And is this really a time to throw a birthday party? Travis gets out to find his ex-wife and son. The cops run into problems as people see them shoot what appears to be a homeless guy. How will the citizens react? In Episode 3, The Dog, Madison, Nick and Alicia make it home, and try to hold on until Travis arrives. The Salazars and Travis make a daring escape. But things are just getting worse out in the streets. The possibility of any medical help soon comes to an end. And the zombies start to show up at home. Will any help arrive? Episode 4, Not Fade Away, steps forward 9 days after the National Guard arrived. A fence has been built around the community. The guards promise things are going back to normal. But what are those flashes outside in a window beyond the fence line. Where are people vanishing to? Can the government be trusted? What is going on out there? Episode 5, Cobalt, has revelations of several secrets, such as where Nick and Griselda have been? Who is Victor Strand? What are the secrets of the woman doctor? Daniel takes drastic actions to get information. What is the true meaning of Cobalt? Episode 6, The Good Man, has Daniel, Travis and company leaving their community behind on a rescue mission. A horde of zombies factors in. What's the secret of Victor Strand? Who will live? Will Travis finally take action? Who will die? Season 2 begins with Episode 201, Monster, where the family must get from Strand's house to his boat, the Abigail. Strand soon lays down the law on his boat. Alicia talks to someone on the shortwave radio. Who is Jack? When will the pirates strike? What dangers can the zombies present from the water? Episode 202, We All Fall Down, has the group being shadowed by a mystery vessel. They get bad news about major cities. They find a survivalist family. But what secrets does this family hide? What is Strand so secretive about? Episode 203, Ouroboros, has the revelation of what happened to Flight 462. Alex turns out to be quite a protective individual. On Abigail, something clogs up the works. Travis displays a new set of talents. Salazar and the teens go to inspect some luggage. The fate of the rest of the passengers is revealed. How will Strand react to some new passengers? Episode 204, Blood In The Streets, finds Nick on an empty beach where he heads into a subdivision with some living people in it. The secrets of Strand's past are revealed. Some unwelcome guests appear on the boat. Can they all work together? Is Mexico realistic? Episode 205, Captive, has two of the group taken prisoner by Conner and the pirates. Madison takes charge. Strand recovers. Daniel finds himself haunted by his past. Chris may be going over the edge. Some decisions come back to haunt Travis. Episode 206, Sicut Cervus, begins as Strand and company finally reach Mexico. What does the man with a coin mean? What's going on in this church service? Strand makes a horrifying discovery. What is Thomas Abigail's mother up to? Episode 207, Shiva, brings the first half of Season 2 to a cloase. Celia gives the group an ultimatum. Travis sets out in search of Chris who moves ever closer to the darkside. Strand makes some tough decisions. Nick drifts away. What is going on with Daniel? Will this shelter hold? Madison also makes some tough choices. Episode 208, Grotesque, has Nick out on his own. He aligns himself with a young woman and her son, but only briefly. He's off on his own as he loses the water and now faces the harsh environment of Mexico. Where are those outlaws from the road? How far will Nick go to survive? What happened in his past with Gloria? Where will he end up? Episode 209, Los Muertos, has Nick discovering some nasty secrets about the colonia where he has taken shelter. Some interesting bargaining goes on. What is going on with Alejandro? Madison and Strand finds themselves letting go as they down a bottle of tequila. Alicia goes through some changes. And where are the walkers? Episode 210, Do Not Disturb, begins with a flashback to one of the worse wedding ever as the hotel manager makes a tough decision. Chris and Travis, on their own, try to make progress on their relationship and survival. What will happen when they encounter some other survivors? Is Chris one the way back? Or is the young man simply Too Far Gone? How will Alycia make her way to where her mother is? Who are the other survivors there? Episode 211, Pablo and Jessica, has Madison and Strand battling a bar full of zombies. They then face negotiating with the survivors of the Wedding Party. Can they win them over? How can the hotel be cleared of zombies? Nick finds a new way to help La Colonia. Alejandro explains his condition. Luciana makes some interesting choices. What do Pablo and Jessica have to do with things? Episode 212, Pillar of Salt has one of the missing turning up on her own. Her past is revealed. What is she seeking out. Someone abandons the residents of La Colonia. What is going on with Alejandro? Nick starts to do things on his own. Problems strike at the hotel. What causes Madison to join the fray? Episode 213, Date of Death, has Madison's choice has a huge effect. A reunion took place. But what happened next? The limits of trust become very apparent. One person gives themselves to the dark side. Madison makes a confession to her daughter. A questionable group materializes at the end. Episode 214, Wrath, has two people showing up at the hotel who Travis has some business with. Luciana faces a tough choice. The cartel men prepare for an attack. The truth about Alejandro is revealed. Nick makes a tough decision. Ofelia reaches a goal. Or does she? And Travis crosses a serious line. Episode 215, Wrath, brings Season 2 to a close as Travis's actions leads to a dangerous change for all of his family. Where will Strand go? Nick makes a tough choice. What will happen to Alejandro? What will happen to Marco and his gang at La Colonia? What lies to the North?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
The zombie apocalypse hits Los Angeles

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, horror, apocalypse, survival, tv series, companion series
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What An Ending--Episode 214 and 25 Review

The last two episodes of Season 2 really are grand slam homeruns. Fear The Walking Dead improved remarkably during the course of Season 2. It was gratifying to see so many of the characters make progress as opposed to Season 1. There have been a lot of changes, many of which improved the quality of the show. There were some pretty fascinating storyline, such as Alejandro and the chance that he might be immune to the zombie virus. It will be quite fascinating to see where the show heads in Season 3. I give Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 a rating of 10 out of 10.
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