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Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015)

category: tv
usa, 30 min.

Directed by:

Bruce Campbell ... Ash Williams
Ray Santiago ... Pablo Simon Bolivar
Dana DeLorenzo ... Kelly Maxwell
Jill Marie Jones ... Amanda Fisher
Lucy Lawless ... Ruby Knowby

ZMDB rating: 10/10 (6 votes)

Ash is back and he's managed to screw things up again with the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Yes, in a fit of drunkenness Ash read a spell from the book, and evil is again loose in the world. Ash is soon forced to team up with Pablo and Kelly who work at the Value-Mart to try to undo the damage before more Deadites come back. Can Ash find his inner hero or will he go back to his usual selfish persona? In Episode 2, Bait, Kelly rushes to be by the side of her father. She takes Necronomicon as well. Ash faces his Deadite boss. Is this apparently revived mother all she promises to be? And a new threat to Ash comes from the human realm. In Episode 103, Books From Beyond, Ash hopes to get rid of the Deadites by translating the Necronomicon, so he heads to a seller of rare books to help him. But more and more Deadites manifest themselves. And they decide to summon a demon to supposedly help. Is that even remotely wise? Will the female cop catch on to the potential threat? Episode 104, El Brujo, has Ash and his companions journeying to meet Pablo's uncle after the disaster at the bookstore. El Brujo, the uncle, helps Ash make an interesting trip into his mind and past. What is Ash's dream? And a couple of woemn with links to Ash want to give him a hand . . . literally! Episode 105, The Host, has a demon taking possession of someone close to Ash. They have to get it out. Of course, Ash has the problem that the others think he's possessed himself. How will he get out of it? Can the demon be stopped? Episode 106, Killer of Killers, has Ash and his allies stopping to eat at a diner. They make plans on where to go next. Ash seems to actually make a noble gesture. Will it be accepted? The police woman catches up to him just in time for a horde of deadites to attack. Episode 107, Fire In The Hole, has Ash and his now three allies planning to meet with an armed militia to deal with the cabin. But the Deadites have been there first. One person seems to be alive. Ash bonds with his new comrade. Can they get rid of the good old boy deadites? And Ash makes a shocking move. Episode 108, Ashes To Ashes, has Ash finally reaching the cabin. Amanda catches up to him there as do his other allies. But they end up separated. Tragedy strikes. And the Deadites seem to rule the day. Episode 109, Bound In Flesh, has Ash still battling his evil twin. How will his friends be able to pick the real one? A new player makes her presence known. A group of young hikers stumbles in at the worse time possible. A huge surprise changes everything. In Episode 110, The Dark One, all hell breaks loose as The Dark One has arrived. What does this entity want? Can Ash manage to stop the evil one for one final time? What will happen to Pablo? There's a temptation offered to Ash? Will he take it? What will the effects be? Episode 201, Home, has the truce between Ruby and Ash breaking down. Some demonic children don't go along with the plan. Ash has his party in Jacksonville. But that comes to an end, and he finds himself coming home to Michigan where he meets his father and some other old acquaintances. Many are not too fond of him. What will happen when he runs into Ruby? What is the new threat? Will Ash finally be a hero?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
The Deadites are back

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, horror, comedy, demons, magic, tv series
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Episode 201 Review--Welcome Back And A Six Million Dollar Addition

Ash vs. Evil Dead storms back for it's second season with a fantastic episode full of blood and gore. The blood flies all over the place here. Lee Majors is a great addition to the cast. Majors still has a lot of acting chops. There's some great wordplay referencing the Six Million Dollar Man. I liked the unusual alliances formed here. I give Episode 1 a rating of 10 out of 10.
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