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Bunnicula (2016)

category: tv
usa, 11 min.

ZMDB rating: 0/10 (0 votes)

Bunnicula is a vampire bunny. In Episode 101, Mumkey Business, Chester the cat is jealous of Bunnicula. A helpful, friendly dog decides to help Chester by locking up Bunnicula. But the bunny's absence causes monsters to be unleashed, including a mummified Monkey, The Mumkey. Episode 2, Walking Fish, has a magical harmonica brings zombie fish back to life. The dopey dog swallows the harmonica, making things much worse. Will Bunnicula be able to stop the Fish Zombies from scaring Mina?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies show up

Movie keywords:
vampire, children, cartoon, tv series, animals
added: december 7th 2017 20:26:22,  last modified: december 7th 2017 20:31:52
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