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From Dusk Till Dawn--The Series (2016)

category: tv
usa, 45 min.

Directed by:

DJ Cotrona ... Seth Gecko
Zane Holtz ... Richie Gecko
Eliza Gonzalez ... Satanico Pandamonium
Jessie Garcia ... Freddie Gonzalez
Madison Davenport ... Kate Fuller
Brandon Soo Hoo ... Scott Fuller

ZMDB rating: 9/10 (1 votes)

From Dusk Till Dawn The Series reinvents and expands on the adventures of the Gecko Brothers and the legions of vampires they must face. Episode 309, Matanzas, has the Geckos, Satanica, and their allies pursue the immensely powerful Amaru to the empty Western town. She plans to open the Gates To Hell and enable the ultimate evils to return. Amaru raises a number cowboy zombies from the dead. They can still shoo their guns. Can she be stopped?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies appear in a few episodes

movie connections:
remake of: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, comedy, vampires, tv series
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Damn Cowboy Zombies, Great Series

Although it only lasted three season, El Rey Network's series of From Dusk Till Dwan ended up being a pretty damn good series. It managed to take stories from the movies and expand them. Matanzas was the first time that zombies appeared in it. And these Cowboy Zombies rocked. It appears very unlikely From Dusk Till Dawn will be back as a series, but it was a great ride for three seasons. I give From Dusk Till Dawn a rating of 9 out of 10.
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