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Vyzhit Posle (2013)

akas: The Day After, Survive After
category: tv
russia, 47 min.

Phillipe Reinhardt ... Rudolph Haushofer
Sergey Godin ... Valera

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (2 votes)

A group of people are trapped in an underground bunker beneath Moscow where a virus has been deliberately unleashed that transforms people into rabid zombie-like killing machines. The various survivors soon realize that they are being watched. They try to escape several times. In Episode 5, they come across a group of women who have been transformed into zombie-like beings. They can emit high sonic screeches. What exactly are they? In Episode 6, after the revelations of the last episode, the group heads back to the bunker. A voice on the radio promises freedom. Will they trust it despite evidence to the contrary? Meanwhile, some of the screeching female mutants have been captured. What will the people in the government and corporations do with them? Can they really hope to control them? Episode 7 has things starting to get more complex. The female zombie-like creatures are being hunted by someone. Is what the people on the radio say about Moscow true? What will happen when a woman close to the group changes? Are any in the bunker injured? What will they do with some hunters? In Episode 8, the people at the bunker capture a young man who claims to be a scientist. He claims that the man he works for has a cure ready. Will they let him go? The experiments continue at ACME. What is their larger goal? The group at the bunker makes a major decision. Episode 9 chronicles the group moving out of the bunker, but they soon get some unwelcome visitors there. The group starts to encounter more of the howling women. Can males be turned as well?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
People changed into zombie-like beings

Movie keywords:
horror, bunker, government conspiracy, experiments, survival, tv series
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Episode 6 Review--Show Me The Conspiracy

The Day After definitely kicks things into high gear with Episode 106. The first four episodes might have been slow, but they did very well setting the foundation for everything that takes place after. I give Episode 6 a rating of 7 out of 10.
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