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A federal law enforcement source told CBS News that 21 Savage was arrested during an operation targeting another rapper, Young Nuddy (real name Quantavious Thomas), and two other men for reasons unrelated to the immigration arrest.

21 savage concert review – 21 Savage On Turning “Savage” After Getting Shot In The Neck & Losing Friend

21 SavageImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is refusing to release rapper 21 Savage on bond after he was arrested Sunday for allegedly overstaying his visa, his lawyer said Monday. 21 Savage spent 10 days in an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center after he was arrested (and possibly targeted ) as part of a sting operation in his now-native Atlanta; the rapper’s visa — unknown to him — expired in 2006.

The Grammy-nominated artist, whose legal name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, told ABC in an interview on Thursday that he believes he was definitely targeted” by law enforcement. The rapper had criticized President Donald Trump ‘s immigration policies just days before his arrest.

The term ‘Dreamers’ is used to describe children of immigrants who were brought to the U.S. without documentation and refers to the temporary Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program established in established by the Obama Administration in 2012 that allowed Dreamers to work legally without a fear of deportation. Based on what Abraham-Joseph’s lawyers have said about his visa expiring in 2006, the rapper could have qualified for relief from deportation under the program if he had graduated high school or obtained a GED, or was honorably discharged from the U.S. military. Dreamers under the age of 31 as of 2012, who arrived in the U.S. before their 16th birthday and continuously lived in the U.S. since 2007 were eligible to apply as long as they were not convicted of a felony or significant misdemeanors. Because Abraham-Joseph reportedly said he dropped out of high school , he would not have been eligible.

21 Savage was born She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph on October 22, 1992, in Plaistow in Newham, East London. When he was seven, he and his siblings relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, with their mother following behind them after separating from his father.

Along with Post Malone, 21 Savage has also collaborated with artists like Cardi B , Drake , Travis Scott , Offset and Childish Gambino. The U visa Kuck says the rapper applied for is given to 10,000 people each year.21 Savage

His success, however, is especially American. Growing up in some of Atlanta’s poorest communities, 21 Savage had a troubled childhood. He’s said that he dropped out of school to sell drugs, and has spoken in interviews of a youth marked by violence and crime. But after losing a close friend and a brother to gun violence, he turned to rapping. And within a year, he was one of Atlanta’s most promising prospects.

Because of his length of residence in the United States and his immediate relatives, Mr. Abraham-Joseph is eligible to seek Cancellation of Removal from an Immigration Judge,” they said.

Is 21 Savage American? By any measurement other than citizenship, yes. He was born She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph in England in 1992. According to Charles Kuck, one of his immigration attorneys, he came to the United States at age 7 and has been here continuously ever since, apart from a one-month period in 2005. He then re-entered the country on an H-4 visa, which expired in 2006, leaving him without legal status.

21 Savage, whose name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was arrested on Sunday in Atlanta, the southern U.S. city in which he has based his music career.

Now 25 years old, he looks back on this brush with death as a crucial turning point. I turned into a savage,” he recalled in a 2016 interview If I didn’t get shot I’d be dead or in jail,” he told Seth Rogen over the phone last month, while relaxing and playing video games on a private plane. After the incident, Savage began taking music seriously. The uncle of his late friend gave him money for studio time, and his early releases like The Slaughter Tape 2015 turned him into an underground hero in Atlanta.

The pair linked up on Drake’s song ‘Sneakin’ and shot a wild music video together. Fans started speculating that Drake had signed 21 to his OVO Sound record label after they were spotted hanging out. However this is yet to be confirmed. Interestingly they were also born in the same month, October.

A successful trap music artist known for his grim lyrics depicting poverty, street life and post-traumatic stress, 21 Savage said his efforts to promote youth and economic development are deeply rooted in his own lack of exposure and access to commerce as a kid.

Much of 21 Savage’s identity as a rapper is tied to his East Atlanta roots. To promote his latest album I Am > I Was, which frequently references his time in Zone 6, the rapper turned a motel on Glenwood Road into an interactive pop-up. In 2018, he also treated young fans to photos at a Puma event on South Dekalb Mall and held a back-to-school drive outside the 285 Flea Mart off Glenwood Road.

They just lose hope,” the rapper said of immigrants. I feel like kids who were brought here at young ages, they should automatically be like ‘Yeah, you good to stay here, work and go to college.’ It should be nipped in the bud before it gets to a point before you come of age… We got a fight that we need to continue in this country. It ain’t over yet.

Even with a legal nightmare to attend to, 21 hasn’t stopped giving, living or working for that matter. On May 6, he attended his first Met Gala wearing a gold brocade blazer designed by Harlem icon Dapper Dan. A day later he announced a North American tour in support of I Am > I Was. When asked who he was and who he is now, the rapper’s response is expectedly laconic: “I’m somebody who can take care of my people.” Whether he’s ready to accept the mantle or not, he’s also someone whose future in America will impact people far beyond his purview.

Rapper 21 Savage was granted a $100,000 bond during a closed hearing in Atlanta on Tuesday and will be released from immigration detention Wednesday, according to his attorneys.

SAVAGE: Yeah. All the street artists. I used to listen to everybody. I never listened to them like, Damn, maybe I can be a rapper one day.” It was more-so like they was rapping about things that I was doing, so I could relate. If one of my friends died or something, certain songs, it would soothe the pain. I ain’t never listen to ‘em for inspiration though, it was just on some street shit.

At this time, ICE has not charged 21 Savage with any crimes, Kuck says. From his famous ex to his nominations at the 2019 Grammy Awards , here’s everything to know about 21 Savage.

Though 21 Savage would also find fruitful creative partnerships with Cardi B on “Bartier Cardi” and Drake on “Sneakin’,” he scored his biggest hit to date by teaming with Post Malone on “Rockstar.” His raw and intense performances on his spring and summer tours supporting Post Malone were further proof of the onstage prowess he displayed on his own Issa Music and Numb the Pain tours.

Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested the rapper 21 Savage on Sunday, saying the British-born rapper has been in the U.S. illegally for more than a decade.

21 Savage spent 10 days in an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center after he was arrested (and possibly targeted ) as part of a sting operation in his now-native Atlanta; the rapper’s visa — unknown to him — expired in 2006.

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