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That same year, the aspiring rapper dropped his inaugural studio album, Dr. Lecter , and by the time his first major label release, Mr. Wonderful , arrived in 2015, he was making headlines and debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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ACTION BRONSONVICELAND has ordered new seasons of two of its popular (and inimitably titled) series: Fck, That’s Delicious and the meta-comedic Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch ANCIENT ALIENS hosted by network staple: chef, rapper, and raconteur Action Bronson. Stoned Beyond Belief” represents Bronson’s ideal state 24-7. How does a guy who stays high all day manage to get so much accomplished? Bronson is one of those rare individuals who manages to stay focused even as he gets toasted.

With his tattoos, cannabis habit and ruddy beard that clocks in somewhere between hipster and Hasidic, Action Bronson seems like an encapsulation — or perhaps a sendup — of the Vice brand. He is a character made for this particular moment in time.

Vice’s founders were proud of that reputation, but it was also intrinsically tied to a sexism that stemmed from the very top. In the book The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, first published in 2003, Smith, Alvi, and McInnes chat at length about the early days of Vice , including stories of having sex with ad executives described by McInnes as old, balding dogs with horrible tits” as well as girls featured in the magazine, one of which McInnes writes was this slut from Malta” who Shane and I took to fucking regularly in a porn booth and at the office.” As described in both the Daily Beast and Times stories, the culture that stemmed from this origin story never escaped Vice even as it became a billion-dollar company.

Action Bronson has not made it clear exactly why he is taking offense to Viceland’s Salt Bae tweet. It could be that he does not want to be seen as lesser version of the fit Maldon sprinkler. Or, maybe Salt Bae’s willingness to host unsavory public figures such as Venezuelan despot Nicolás Maduro and Large Adult Presidential Son Donald Trump Jr. is more than Action Bronson can abide.

This is an exploration of every corner of the pot galaxy, from highly scientific botanical analyses and the study of pot’s medicinal benefits to a guide to the wild world of weed paraphernalia. It’s also a very personal tribute to a substance Bronson refers to as life changing, horizon-expanding, a conduit for happiness, a connector. Weed is to Action Bronson what the madeleine was to Proust: the door to true consciousness.

This controversy has not been forgotten by some of the Vice staffers we spoke to, who say that they and others view Bronson as someone with whom the company should not be so closely associated. According to multiple sources, staff at Vice’s Los Angeles office successfully fought the company in 2015 over large photos of Bronson that were displayed on the walls there. The staffers who got them taken down believed that displaying them would be disrespectful to the office’s trans employees.

He’s a fucking asshole, I love him. People don’t take him serious, but he can rap his ass off, and he definitely wants to be respected for that. And he’s very intelligent, he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s not stupid in any sense of the word – he’s smarter than me, that’s for sure. But I’m not doing any albums with anybody. I’m a solo artist.

When you see Action Bronson all over VICELAND these days, fucking around in the kitchen, taking dabs with Emeril, and cheffing up some of the most delicious looking cuisine on TV, he’s not fronting. For a guy who’s done so much in a short time, Bronson’s bucket list includes at least one more item.

One episode highlights three locations rarely listed together in a sentence: Amsterdam, London and East New York, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is not known for its food. In another, he visits three of his favorite places to eat in Queens, plays handball and signs a fan’s pizza crust.

For a man as colorful and talented as he is, Action Bronson’s studio is surprisingly empty. As I walk into his Greenpoint, Brooklyn, studio in what looks like a repurposed apartment, I’m struck by the blankness of the creative workspace of the rapper, chef and television personality.

In August 2012, it was announced Paul Rosenberg signed Action Bronson to a management deal with Goliath Artists, which also housed names such as Eminem, The Alchemist, Blink-182 and Danny Brown. Later that year Action Bronson joined both Warner Bros. Records, via media company VICE, and concert booking agency NUE. On November 15, 2012, Bronson released Rare Chandeliers, a collaborative mixtape with The Alchemist.

What he did was make music. That same year, the aspiring rapper dropped his inaugural studio album, Dr. Lecter , and by the time his first major label release, Mr. Wonderful , arrived in 2015, he was making headlines and debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In case you couldn’t tell from the name of his online cooking show for Vice called F, That’s Delicious, Bronson has something of a foul month. His interviews are filled with profanity, something that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you consider that the man is also a professional rapper. Bronson is all about keeping it real, and for him that means not censoring his thoughts.

A late bloomer in the rap game, he was in his mid-20s when he started writing lyrics and recording with his friends at the studio. In 2011, he released his first album, Dr. Lecter,” under the alias Action Bronson, named in part for the actor Charles Bronson, star of the Death Wish” movies he watched with his grandfather.

In August 2012, it was announced Paul Rosenberg signed Action Bronson to a management deal with Goliath Artists, which also houses such names as Eminem , The Alchemist , Blink-182 and Danny Brown Also in August 2012, Bronson was featured on Odd Future -rapper Domo Genesis and record producer The Alchemist‘s collaborative album No Idols , on the tracks “Elimination Chamber” and “Daily News”. Later that year, Action Bronson joined both Warner Bros. Records, via media company VICE, and concert booking agency NUE. On 12 November 2012, Bronson released Rare Chandeliers, a collaborative mixtape with The Alchemist.

Chef-turned-rapper-turned-TV-star Action Bronson has just released Blue Chips 7000 , the third release in his acclaimed Blue Chips series. Though he’s released three studio albums, a project with Alchemist, a major label EP and more, the two free Blue Chips tapes (released in 2012 and 2013) remain his most celebrated work. Their formula was simple but effective: batty punchlines, technical feats of X-rated rapping and beats culled from off-the-wall samples. For what he says is the final entry, a slew of producers make funky loops out of wide array of grooves: Austrian jazz-rock, highlife, Eighties New Wave, Thai funk, the Fat Boys and more.

On 12 March 2012, Action Bronson released his second mixtape, titled Blue Chips, with Party Supplies. New York rapper Action Bronson is done-done. The hip-hop artist has explained his likely full departure from entertainment franchise Viceland following a social media clashing.

The issue came a head last week, though, when, according to multiple sources, a rumor began circulating among employees on both coasts that Bronson had used the n-word while in the New York office. Because Bronson’s presence there is tied to his nightly show, he was wearing a mic and on camera when the alleged incident occurred. A complaint was filed to HR, and on February 1 Vice executives reviewed the tape and determined that Bronson did not use the slur, and instead had been misheard. In order to satiate employees who were skeptical of the ruling, Ciel Hunter, Vice’s head of content, allowed individual staffers to come into a conference room and hear the audio for themselves. According to one person who listened to the recording, Bronson had used the name Nick” in a sentence, and not the offending word. All sources who spoke to Spin for this story believe the matter to have been adequately resolved.

In March 2016, the Program Board of the George Washington University announced that Bronson would be the headlining performer for the university’s yearly spring concert, “Spring Fling”. Controversy soon erupted when Bronson’s song “Consensual Rape” came to light, as well as statements Bronson made that were considered homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic. Various student groups pushed for the university to cancel the performance in light of the news, sparking a discussion on the merits of safe spaces versus artistic freedom. Bronson responded in an open letter, claiming that his songs “depict a story” and “aren’t meant to be anything but an artistic expression,” condemned all forms of sexual violence, and offered an apology.

Action Bronson says he didn’t mean to be misogynist when he wrote a song about a gang rape and starred in a music video wherein he brutally stabs a woman to death. It’s just “artistic expression,” the rapper wrote Thursday in a Facebook post responding to the news that he’d been banned — again — from appearing at a public concert.

Vice was founded in 1994 by current CEO Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi (who also remains atop the company), and Gavin McInnes, who’s been distanced from Vice since shifting into becoming a far right wing provocateur. For most of its history, Vice cultivated an outlaw reputation, writing very frankly about topics like sex and drug use. Vice would go to places others wouldn’t in order to produce and obtain stories. That very reputation, when represented in early videos like World’s Scariest Drug” and Cannibal Warlords of Liberia,” helped turn Vice into a multimedia empire, one attractive to much larger companies hoping to connect with a younger audience while still keeping their own hands clean.

Speaking with the CBC , the council’s president, Julie Miville-Dechêne, claimed the rapper’s lyrics are “clearly approaching, from our point of view, hate speech with all kinds of misogynistic and violent insults.” She then called on organizers to follow in the footsteps of Toronto’s NXNE festival, which cancelled Bronson’s free outdoor show after receiving a petition with more than 37,000 signatures that referred to a track called “Consensual Rape” as hate speech.

This is far from the last we’ll see of Action Bronson, however. The rapper has another book, Stoned Beyond Belief, set to be released in 2019. More albums are soon to come and new art projects like sculpting and painting will accompany them. As these projects roll out, you can rest assured there will be no shortage of suitors looking to sign this talented free agent and make him feel appreciated.

Bronson released his long-awaited new album Mr Wonderful on 23 March 2015. As well as Noah “40” Shebib, the Alchemist and Mark Ronson offering production credits, Chance the Rapper, Meyhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, Party Supplies and Chauncey Sherod claim guest spots throughout the track list. The thirteen-track record is set to be one of the most exciting debut albums this year and has already gained worldwide rave reviews. Renowned for his rambunctious live performances, he is infamous for his unpredictable sets, stage dives and crowd surfing, along with the experience of a conga line or two not being out of the ordinary. There is no doubt that the huge praise Bronson has received for his releases is translated to his truly engaging, unforgettable high energy performances.

The relationship between Bronson and Viceland seemed to be fractured beyond repair just last year. Last October, he criticized Viceland after it compared him to chef Nusret Gökçe, a.k.a. Salt Bae,” on Twitter.

Michelin-starred meals are not all that’s on offer in the new cable series, which, like the online-only version, ranges high and low. Action Bronson and two new regular characters, Big Body Bes and Meyhem Lauren (a fellow rapper whom Action Bronson met in junior high home economics class), eat sea urchin-spiked scrambled eggs at the restaurant Rose’s Luxury in Washington, D.C., — which Big Body Bes likens favorably to a KFC mixed bowl” — and roasted lamb’s head in Marrakesh, Morocco.

In February 2014, Action Bronson, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and 360 accompanied rapper Eminem, on a brief tour of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. On May 6, 2014, Action Bronson debuted a food-oriented web series, titled Fuck, That’s Delicious. The show is a Vice Records-sponsored monthly web series that chronicles the food-obsessed rapper’s exploration of all things culinary.

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