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The first one is called Let Me Down Slowly.” That’s only Chapter 1. In addition to love from fans and critics, Benjamin has begun to garner support from other musicians, including Billie Eilish, Bryson Tiller, Kevin Abstract and more.

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ALEC BENJAMINWhen he was starting out in the music business, Alec Benjamin would go to concerts and play for other artists’ fans in parking lots and in line waiting to enter venues. Benjamin: I didn’t want to give up. Since I had left school, I didn’t have a Plan B. Trying to play in front of other people’s concerts, playing on the street, going into open mics – just any opportunity I got to perform, that’s what I did. In six months, I’d played 160 shows, and spent the first half of 2017 writing songs. I had one song that I had re-recorded called ” I Built a Friend ” that did really well. That got me the attention of a few record labels. The beginning of 2018 was when I signed with Atlantic Records and I started putting out my music. I had already written a majority of the mixtape that I put out. I started putting out a song every month or so, which is what I’m starting to do again right now.

Balancing childlike fantasy with tragic subtones, I Built a Friend” captured the excellence of Benjamin’s style. The song follows a child who builds a robot and then leaves for college, only to find the robot had committed suicide out of loneliness. With an unrealistic premise, the song still engaged the audience, who sang the chorus as Benjamin held out the microphone.

I was pretty excited. I definitely didn’t expect it. And it’s something that I’m really grateful for. I was just really thrilled that people wanted to come see me live. I’ve played outside of a lot of these venues on this street before for the lines of people trying to get in to venues to see different artists. So it was really kind of a cool thing for me.

The first time I ever did an interview was with two members of the rock band Death Cab for Cutie To say I was nervous would be a crazy understatement. I had to write down and recite the list of things to do in my head like a mantra, just to make sure I wouldn’t screw it up. Hot on the heels of that, I landed my next interview assignment: with American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin.

Alec Benjamin (born May 28, 1994) is an American singer and songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He is best known for the song “Let Me Down Slowly”. He has also gained much attention from his demos. In addition to his solo project, Benjamin has found success in songwriting with artists such as Jon Bellion, including a feature on the track “New York Soul Pt. ii” from Bellion’s album The Human Condition. He is heavily influenced by artists such as Eminem, John Mayer, Paul Simon and Ben Gibbard.

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and I believe every genre has something interesting to bring to the table. There are certain things each genre does best. Growing up, some of my favorite artists were Jason Mraz and John Mayer and then through that, I got into Paul Simon. But I also listen to a lot of heavy metal, like Slipknot. I listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers but also listen to straight pop music like Katy Perry; I was a big fan of hers but I wasn’t like going to shows or anything like that but I think she has great music. I feel like the hook in other pop songs is always something I can learn from and get inspired by. I listen to some country too; I think country is great for telling stories, but my all-time favorites are Eminem, Paul Simon, Jason Mraz and John Mayer. I love Eminem because I love his words. I like music that has something important to say, there are so many things that happen in life, so I’m into songs that hold a specific meaning.

It may not come across as immediately obvious when listening to Alec’s music, but the rising singer was inspired by the rap icon to get into music in the first place. It was after buying an Eminem album when he was just 10 years old that Alec became determined to make it as a musician.

Benjamin has also seen a growth in publicity as he has created “Can I Sing For You?” videos in which he performs songs he has written to people in public. This series of videos can be found on social media platforms, or video-streaming services such as YouTube.

It wasn’t supposed to. I actually didn’t even know that was a thing. I was just, like… I just sat down in my room one day and wrote that song in like fifteen minutes. And then someone was like yo, do you know that there’s like a whole like, there’s a really inappropriate joke that people make about that. That’s super offensive.” And I was like, well, I actually didn’t know that.” But then I played it for some people and no one was really offended by it. They were like yeah, it’s fine.” So, I decided to put it out.

Benjamin remains alluringly cryptic about the overarching meaning of his work. I don’t really like to dictate how people should feel when they listen to my music,” he said. I just hope that it has some sort of impact on them that is positive.” Benjamin is truly a vessel for his words, a narrator, as he likes to call himself. Appropriately, his mixtape, released in November of 2018, is titled Narrated for You. His storytelling influences include Eminem (Stan is probably my favorite song. That’s great storytelling in music.”) and Forrest Gump. He’s thankful for his fans, and for his success, but, unlike most artists, by choice, he’s not a cult-of-personality because the emphasis will always be placed on the music.

Fans are hopeful Alec Benjamin and Jimin will collaborate on a song. Benjamin is currently working on writing songs before his tour resumes later in October. Earlier this year, the singer toured in Seoul and Jimin from BTS attended his show while BTS was on hiatus. In an interview, Benjamin seemingly confirmed the two plan to collaborate on a song.

Benjamin: This song is just about moving out to California. I feel like coming from Phoenix, and wanting to make music, there’s not the same amount of opportunity afforded to you there versus when you live in Los Angeles. I guess I always thought that I would find happiness moving out here. I suppose in some ways I did, but I came out here and I got dropped. I ended up finding out that the things that were really important to me I had already had.

Though Alec Benjamin is only 24 years old, many of the songs on his debut record deal with the loss of childhood innocence and his discovery of life’s less-than picturesque realities. The pop singer-songwriter took the El Rey Theatre stage Thursday, singing over a dozen tracks, including 11 from his album Narrated For You.” Throughout his show, however, the performer offset the angsty lyrics with conversational prowess and a comfortable openness – and not just because he wore a baggy pink hoodie and neon yellow pants.

I think it’s different every time. A lot of times I write by myself. But I usually like to start with a concept. And then like build from there. I feel like songs sometimes are like a Soduko puzzle. You know, they give you a couple of numbers to start out with and you kind of have to figure out what the common thread is. And sometimes its like that for me. Where I have a couple of words, and I’m like I love these words, but what do they mean.” I kind of piece them together after that. That’s the way that makes most sense to me.

Before I get to what he said, let me backtrack a bit, OK? As fans know, all the members of BTS have playlists on Spotify with their favorite songs they’ve been jamming out to. They update their playlists every few months or so, and in July, Benjamin noticed that Jimin had added five of his songs to his playlist, which meant that Jimin was obviously a big fan of Benjamin’s. On July 4, Benjamin tweeted, “this is so cool 🙂 I love you & @BTS_twt !” Aww, my heart! He also posted a screenshot of Jimin’s playlist.

His opener, an e-boy named Alexander 23, kicked the night off on a surprisingly experienced note. With only two songs uploaded to his Spotify account, the singer’s lack of musical background could have easily excused a slightly pitchy set, but he instead delivered powerful falsettos between scratchy-yet-soft vocals. Very much in tune with the younger audience, Alexander 23 marked the beginning of one song with the classic air horn effect, while another track discussed high school friends and high school lovers.” Though visibly a bit uncomfortable when introducing songs, his solo act set the tone for a show focused on connecting with the audience.

NARRATED FOR YOU , Benjamin’s extraordinary debut mixtape has received praise from fans and critics alike, with both The New York Times and TIME applauding fan favorite “The Water Fountain” on release day. Alec’s compelling companion visuals for mixtape tracks ” Let Me Down Slowly ,” ” If We Have Each Other ,” and ” Boy In The Bubble ” have amassed over 36 million collective views on YouTube. In addition to love from fans and critics, Benjamin has begun to garner support from other musicians, including Billie Eilish, Bryson Tiller, Kevin Abstract and more.

Alec Benjamin is an American pop singer and songwriter from Arizona. After releasing a mixtape EP called America in 2013, he recorded his debut single, “Paper Crown,” in his dorm room at the University of Southern California, self-releasing it in 2014. He followed it in 2016 with a stream of songs, including “The Water Fountain,” “End of the Summer,” and “I Built a Friend,” all featuring his smooth, youthful vocals and keyboard-based arrangements. That same year, a song he co-wrote with Jon Bellion, “New York Soul, Pt. 2,” appeared on Bellion’s album The Human Condition. The single “Let Me Down Slowly” arrived in 2018.

My sister actually encouraged me to get on social. She was into that Warped Tour and social media scene and I was like, nah. Social media came later for me; I like music more than I like being on the internet. I started sending cold emails of music to random songwriters, and then I met this songwriter in the UK and started going back and forth. At the end of high school in Arizona and early college from California I was writing songs, and then I got signed to Columbia Records. I made a whole album and then I got dropped and had to start over again. In 2015-16 is when I really started to focus on building a fan base and that’s when I started putting music out on my own. I started taking Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter seriously at the end of 2016.

Hi, I’m Alec Benjamin. I’m from Phoenix. I live in L.A. I got into music. I play guitar. I play piano. Alec has forged a cinematic and lo-fi electro-acoustic pop sound that got people talking from day one. His voice has a really sweet tone to it, and his lyrics tell (often complex) stories.

Benjamin continued to play music, performing at open mics and in venue parking lots for six months as artists like Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan played inside. He counts 170-odd shows played during this period, including those at meet-and-greet conventions, where social media stars like Cameron Dallas would tour and meet fans. At one point, Benjamin found a connection who produced a small-scale version of a MAGcon, and offered to sing for free. It worked, and he drove to a different U.S. city every weekend to perform for two or three hundred kids in a hotel ballroom. You just sleep on people’s couches, take the train,” he says.

Alec’s recent success can definitely be attributed – at least in part – to a tear-jerking dance by 12-year-old dancer Merrick Hanna on America’s Got Talent to his song “I Built A Friend”. The performance blew judge Simon Cowell away and sent the track to the #1 trending video on YouTube at the end of May.

He can back it up: After releasing his Narrated For You EP in late 2018 and headlining his own US tour, he’s reaping the rewards. Let Me Down Slowly” went platinum, he’s played on late-night shows like The Late Late Show With James Corden, and he’s in a regular text chat with Mayer, one of his early idols, after Mayer discovered him through a radio DJ. Must Have Been the Wind,” meanwhile, debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist just short of the top spot—best only by Taylor Swift. He’s coming face-to-face with real fame, and soon.

Shortly after the tour, he jumped in the studio with Jon Bellion and ended up earning a co write on the pop star’s debut album, New York Soul (Part II). This session would also open the door for Alec to join Bellion on tour directly after. With an insatiable urge to rise to the top, the tenacious prodigy found himself back performing in parking when he wasn’t on-stage opening for Bellion. Knowing that some of those fans would search for him after the performances, Alec made it his mission to consistently uploaded one new song every two weeks to his YouTube channel and build a catalog his fans could listen to. Within the span of six months, he logged over 165 shows and amassed 150K YouTube subscribers simply through perseverance and a D.I.Y. attitude.

Benjamin perfectly showcases his innocence with instinctual giggles and genuine reactions throughout our conversation. In between his charming responses and relaxed nature, he has a few reflective moments that allow me to understand exactly why his songs resonate with listeners so well. I don’t make the music for me. I like when it finally becomes someone else’s. I think my music is always made with the intention that it is not going to be my own,” he says.

The song centres on the realisation that Alec wasn’t a kid anymore and that growing up is an irrefutable element of life, where sometimes the world isn’t as you imagine it. The tweet was later taken down at the request of Benjamin’s manager, who was reportedly concerned that the venue would be overrun if fans found out that Jimin would be at the concert.

Despite his hit-singles like ‘Let Me Down Slowly‘, holding Atlantic Record’s gold-record, going on world tours at the age of 25, Alec remained modest about his achievements and considers himself far from famous. Fame was something he associated with the likes of Michael Jackson. And he hopes to reach that level with his music one day.

NARRATED FOR YOU , Benjamin’s extraordinary debut mixtape has received praise from fans and critics alike, with both The New York Times and TIME applauding fan favorite The Water Fountain” on release day. Alec’s compelling companion visuals for the mixtape tracks including Let Me Down Slowly ,” If We Have Each Other ,” and Boy In The Bubble ” have amassed over 100 million collective views on YouTube. In addition to love from fans and critics, Benjamin has begun to garner support from other musicians, including Billie Eilish, Bryson Tiller, Kevin Abstract and more.

Hi, I’m Alec Benjamin. I’m from Phoenix. I live in L.A. I got into music. I play guitar. I play piano. I sing. I tell stories. I’m a narrator. I went to school. I got signed. I made an album. I got dropped. I played a fuck ton of shows. I toured with Jon Bellion, Matisyahu, and Hoodie Allen. I played parking lots and lines during Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan concerts to get fans. I handed out a ton of business cards. My Staples bill was insane. I wrote a bunch of new songs. Now, I’m putting them out. The first one is called “Let Me Down Slowly.” That’s only Chapter 1. Sincerely, Alec Benjamin.

I think the best part of releasing music is that you like, you know… I try to put a message in my songs. One of the reasons why I make music is because I like to… there’s something that I want to say. So I guess the best part about it is it feels like the message was delivered. Who knows if it will be received by the people who are listening to it, but at least I got it out there.

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