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There aren’t many artists out there right now doing more interesting things within the sphere of pop than SOPHIE. But despite that and her large retinue of assistants, she says she keeps herself grounded.

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ANITTABrazilian singer Anitta went from an unknown to singing at the Olympic Games, becoming Brazil’s answer to the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, or Katy Perry, and one of the country’s biggest stars. Sexy, romantic and dreamy. This is a powerful piece of cinematic seduction that shows a confidently guarded and flirtatious side of the Brazilian superstar as she teases rapper Swae Lee with some fancy… ahem… ‘backlighting’.

Brazilian pop star Anitta was photographed enjoying her Mexican vacation with some of her friends south of the border. The singer was spotted taking in the sun, relaxing on the beach and playing in the sand with her girlfriends in Tulum, Mexico.

For Netflix, Via Anitta” is another sign of its global content strategy — in this case, it’s betting that the popular singer has appeal not just in Brazil and Latin America but worldwide. The star revealed that she got the chance to wear one of the styles from her Ipanema collection in a music video called Juego,” in which she’s seen in a pair of black two-strap slides.

In addition to the new summer creative, the official music video for the new song will premiere on Wednesday, June 26. Helmed by director Jovan Todorović of Stink Productions, the music video and TV spot were filmed entirely in Costa Rica, directly inspired by BACARDÍ’s Latin Caribbean island roots. The brand also recruited Lazer Gyals Sara Bivens and Helen Gedlu to dance alongside Major Lazer and Anitta, bringing a burst of vivid energy to the entire set and video. Together, against the backdrop of the country’s colorful street corners and sprawling beach scenes, the final piece showcases stellar vocals and choreography.

Some call her the Madonna of Brazil. Others refer to her as the Madonna of our generation. But here’s the most fascinating thing about this trilingual, business-savvy superstar: even Madonna is fascinated by Anitta.

Anitta is getting candid about her plastic surgery. In her cover story for Ocean Drive Magazine ‘s October issue, the 26-year-old Brazilian singer talked about her rising stardom, artists she admires and upcoming collaborations. She also opened up about the stigma around plastic surgery and how she’s accepted herself, but is still honest about her past procedures no matter what people think.

Anitta and I are meeting shortly before she performs at Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown festival – she collaborated with the Chic legend a few years ago , and tonight he comes on stage to introduce her with real enthusiasm. Ahead of the gig, Anitta asks me about the London audience – will they really stay sitting down? She needn’t have worried; Anitta turns the stately Royal Festival Hall into a jubilant party, where a largely female and LGBTQ+ crowd dance and twerk to her irresistible funk carioca rhythms. We’re from Brazil, we like to shake our asses,” Anitta says from the stage. She and her all-female troupe of backing dancers do exactly that.

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – First, Anitta conquered Brazil. Now, the singer best known abroad for her smouldering, booty-shaking video “Vai Malandra,” has her eyes set on the rest of the world. I can confirm she has teamed up with Brazilian superstar Anitta, most recently seen twerking in nipple tassels, for her comeback album.

Brazilian singer Anitta went from an unknown to singing at the Olympic Games, becoming Brazil’s answer to the likes of Rihanna , Beyoncé , or Katy Perry , and one of the country’s biggest stars. The Brazilian singer took to Instagram early Monday (Oct. 21) to share her love and admiration for the California rapper in honor of his 48th birthday.

Already in 2018, after CheckMate’s success, Anitta released Indecente”, Medicina”, Veneno”, “Não perco meu tempo” e “Goals”. 2019 is the year of new releases: Terremoto” feat Kevinho and her new album: Kisses”, a visual album which brings her to a new debut in the international market through a global release.

She was featured on the song ” R.I.P. ” by Mexican singer Sofía Reyes alongside British singer Rita Ora Her fourth studio album, titled Kisses , was released on April 5. She also features on Madonna ‘s cover of the song “Faz Gostoso” from her album Madame X Recently, 72 Anitta drew all eyes to her amazing performance at Rock In Rio 2019.

Jennifer Lopez ‘s newest song may not be familiar to the English-speaking U.S., but it’s already a huge hit in Latin America: Baila Conmigo,” a brassy, hard-driving club record originally produced by Dayvi and Victor Cardenas and sung by Kelly Ruiz. Now, Lopez has given Baila Conmigo” a second chance to sweep the charts. In his latest piece, Elias Leight traces the history of Baila Conmigo” and its subsequent A-list co-sign.

A music insider said: Madonna’s new album is heavily influenced by Portugal after she moved there and as one of the hottest Portuguese-speaking acts, Anitta was someone she really wanted to work with. Their song is very contemporary and the album will show a new side of Madonna. It’s her best since 2005’s Confessions On A Dance Floor.

In 2017, Paradinha” solo hit in Spanish debuted her international career. In the same year Sua Cara” feat Diplo and Pablo Vittar was released and right after, her project CheckMate” was launched. It consisted in four songs and videoclips, released month after month: Will I see you”, Is that for me”, Downtown” and Vai Malandra”.

Poo Bear and Alesso join Anitta for her second Checkmate single “Is That For Me.” For the music video, she chooses the Amazon Jungle as the backdrop. Mariah Carey was the biggest one. Then Beyoncé and Rihanna. Lots of Brazilian artists via MTV.

With unparalleled style and internet savvy, Anitta boasts plenty of industry sway on her own. Her solo releases have racked up YouTube views and streams by the hundreds of millions, and with 30.2 million Instagram followers, she’s amassed the largest social media following of any woman in Brazil. She’s sold out arenas in her home country and regaled international audiences in one-off gigs — including a night at the prestigious Albert Royal Hall in London. Following in the footsteps of Brazilian superstars Xuxa and Os Mutantes’ Rita Lee, Anitta is working on an empire in television as well: Scheduled for release fall 2018, she will star in her own Netflix show , Vai Anitta!, an unrestricted and uncensored” docuseries which follows the trilingual singer on her path to international fame.

Brandon Silverstein is now the manager of the Brazilian singer Anitta. The singer chose to tell fans through her Instagram page where she posted a photo sitting next to the agent and his brother, Renan Machado, who has worked as a manager.

The songs are a nice introduction but, by her own admission, she’s not quite there yet. “I just put some material on the Internet so people could see me singing in English, too. But I don’t have something, like, ‘Okay, now we’re going to work this market.’ Not yet,” she confesses.

Which lands us here, in the beautiful Costa Rica, where the BACARDÍ is plentiful and the energy is electric. When I tell you that I listened to Make It Hot” on set more times than I can count and still wanted to hear it again, I’m not exaggerating even a little bit. The song’s dancehall-inspired beats mixed with Anitta’s sultry vocals (and dance moves) make it a must-have on your summer playlist.

There aren’t many artists out there right now doing more interesting things within the sphere of pop than SOPHIE. The Scottish DJ and producer takes the genre and twists it into all different shapes and contortions — sometimes it’s ghoulish and aggressive, other times soft and glimmering. Her live shows are no less unconventional.

Anitta, one of Brazil’s biggest pop stars with more than 3.5 billion views on YouTube and over 40 million followers on Instagram, hasn’t made any public comment. In 2017, she was chosen by Billboard as the 15th most influential artist in the world on social networks.

With a wink and a twerk, amid whooshing jets of dry ice, Brazil’s biggest pop star exploded onto the Festival Hall stage, backed by a band on keys, drums and guitars and flanked by four female dancers whose behinds seemed to be stuck on vibrate.

Anitta , currently Brazil’s biggest pop star and social-media personality, will be the subject of a Netflix original unscripted series set to debut globally in 2018. Anitta performs live on stage during day 6 of Rock In Rio Music Festival at Cidade do Rock on Oct. 5, 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beginning today, the “Pass the Beat” creative, developed by BBDO New York, will be amplified through various online video and social channels, including Hulu, Vevo and YouTube, targeting Major Lazer and Anitta fans as well as other relevant music genres. Fans can download “Make It Hot” starting today on all streaming platforms and with the music video premiering on Wednesday, June 26.

When Anitta’s album Kisses” debuted on April 5, it came out alongside a new collection of sandals inspired by her music. The shoe styles in the line represent different sides of the singer — from flirty to businesslike and everything in between.

Anitta (born Larissa de Macedo Machado) also has the largest social-media following of any woman in Brazil: She has 29.4 million Instagram followers, 9.2 million YouTube subscribers, 12.6 million Facebook followers and 7.3 million Twitter followers, in addition to 13 million monthly Spotify listeners. She’s repped by WME.

Few Latin pop stars have proved themselves as culturally fluent as Anitta, the only Brazilian artist to simultaneously crack the top 10 of Billboard’s Latin Airplay , Latin Streaming Songs , Latin Digital Song Sales and Social 50 charts And although her appeal relies in part on familiar tropes – twerking in various states of surgically enhanced undress for hundreds of millions of YouTube viewers – it would be a mistake to underestimate what lies below the surface.

But it was 2012’s “Meiga e Abusada” (“Sweet and Sassy”), later re-released as her major label debut, that epitomized Anitta’s pop star aspirations, from its Fame -era Gaga synth-pop sound to the glossy, glam Katy Perry-esque video shot by Beyoncé’s “Countdown” director Blake Farber and partially filmed in Las Vegas. Only 19 at the time, Anitta had to disguise herself to film scenes on the gambling floor of a casino — an indication of her tenacity in years to come.

The Spanish-language song, debuting today on all music platforms, mixes in Anitta’s sultry vocals with Major Lazer’s colorful, dancehall-inspired beats. “Make It Hot” is the latest evolution of BACARDÍ’s partnership with Major Lazer (Diplo and Walshy Fire) – now in its third year. In “Pass the Beat”, the new brand campaign, Anitta and Major Lazer visually reenact the process through which artists inspire other artists, passing on their energy and creativity from one to another. The new song is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s overarching “Do What Moves You” campaign, which pays homage to the contagious energy you feel when you blend great music, vibes from the crowd and BACARDÍ rum.

Latin music is having a moment right now, and post-Despacito it’s 26-year-old Anitta who has world domination in her grasp. Vegan , bisexual and feminist, fiercely body positive and sharply self-aware, Anitta’s what’s-it-to-you attitude is part of a wide-net career strategy that includes acting, marketing, philanthropy, public speaking, 37 million Instagram followers and a six-part Netflix docu-series, Vai Anitta (Go Anitta).

Vai Malandra (Go Naughty), which features Anitta twerking to the sultry rhythm of baile funk-style rap, set social networks on fire and became the first Brazilian song to enter Spotify’s Top 20 Global. The video is set in a Rio favela and celebrates the often violence-plagued neighbourhoods’ vibrant and sexy street culture, complete with women using electrical tape to create perfect tan lines and sculpted men with peroxide-blond hair and gold chains. The fact that she didn’t airbrush out the cellulite on her now famously quivering backside only fuelled the social media frenzy – and boosted her credentials as a singer who preaches female empowerment.

The series marks Shots Studios ‘ first pact with Netflix. The L.A.-based production and management company was founded by brothers Sam and John Shahidi. The company’s talent roster includes social stars Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, and Hannah Stocking and Swedish DJ Alesso.

The new hit is part of the album Kisses”, the work released by Anitta last April including the participation of Snoop Dogg, Swae Lee and Caetano Veloso, among others, with songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Another international work of the singer will be released in June: a funk in Portuguese for Madonna’s new album.

She’s also built enough of a UK fanbase to headline London’s 5,500-capacity Royal Albert Hall last summer, and ‘Kisses’ clearly has one eye on the post-‘Despacito’ English-language market. It features collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Rae Swemmurd’s Swae Lee and Swedish DJ Alesso, as well as Latin pop artists including Ludmilla and Prince Royce. Its 10 tracks – each of which has an accompanying video, Beyoncé-style – are sung in a mix of three different languages. Spanish, Portuguese and English. Anitta has described this as the most risky thing I’ve ever done in my career”.

I started singing in church with my grandpa. It was good because I grew up in a place that was really humble and if you didn’t have money it was really hard for you to learn things, be it music or English. The church was like school for me. Everything I know about music I learned there.ANITTA

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