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He’s had offers to make the leap, of course. Mockumentaries are Dapaah’s preferred format: staying with characters across an entire season allows him to build narrative arcs for them, give them a journey.

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BIG SHAQMichael Dapaah’s Man’s Not Hot has come a long way from being a Grime-parody freestyle at BBC 1Xtra. Other than a solid attempt to make another hit, on “Buss it Down”, the British rapper spits aggressive bars at haters who think he can’t rap. Examples of such lines are “You wish I fell off hahaha no the wave ain’t dying” and “300 million views how dare you say I can’t rap?” The music video features clips of a few celebrities bussing it down while flexing expensive watches.

Damien’s inclusion is testament to Dapaah’s focus on the macro, which unveils itself during the course of our chat. Talking to him, you wouldn’t guess he’s primarily a comedian – he doesn’t crack jokes or make self-deprecating gags about his ambitions. Instead, he’s thoughtful. Analytical. Featuring an American character like Damien was a move born of what could be termed “creative savviness”. Dapaah has an American audience to build on and is conscious of it, so he created someone who’d speak to them. For this realisation, Dapaah cites an unusual inspiration: Mr Bean.

Originally, Shaq was one of the hard-hustling characters that Michael Dapaah plays in the addictive #SWIL (Somewhere In London) web series. Although “Man’s Not Hot” introduced him to a far broader audience, “Buss It Down” proves he isn’t just a one-hit wonder.

Dappah’s viral track is undoubtedly a joke song, but without even realizing it, many of the actual jokes initially went over my head. For some Penn students (such as myself) not attuned to some of the stereotypes of grime, Man’s Not Hot” seems like a parody song thanks to the pairing of ridiculous lyrics and a serious” beat. Yet, many of the ridiculous lyrics are simply an exaggeration of the reality of some of the trends in British rap, where there is no shortage of rappers making nonsense with numbers, lyrics using ting” to the point of exhaustion, and cultish followers who love their jackets.

Michael Dapaah (born 10 August 1991) is an English actor, rapper, and comedian best known for portraying the fictional rapper Big Shaq (also known as Roadman Shaq). He is also known for his mockumentary SWIL (Somewhere in London), which focuses on four characters and their journey to success.

It’s no exaggeration to say no-one has had as much impact on UK meme culture in 2017 as Big Shaq AKA The Man Whom is Never Hot AKA comedian Michael Dapaah. Since delivering his Fire in the Booth freestyle on Charlie Sloth’s 1Extra show, Big Shaq and his jacket have been doing bits both URL and IRL. From Jon Snow memes to videos of an African wedding reception popping off to the tune, to the guy sitting behind me in the cinema during It who shouted ‘SKIYA!’ in response to Pennywise saying “pop pop,” “Man’s Not Hot” is inescapable.

Amid the usual sleigh bells, string sections and festive lyrics in this year’s Christmas No 1 race comes a man in a big coat, adamant that he is not overheating. Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot has become a snowballing breakthrough hit during the last few months: a parody of hardnut London rappers who use ridiculous slang, impersonate gunshots, and never, ever take off their coats. The knowingly witless aggression of its lyrics – take man’s Twix by force” – makes them endlessly quotable, earning the track more than 100m views on YouTube and 74m streams on Spotify. It’s even been repeated in parliament by Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya.

You might already be aware, but for those of you who aren’t, Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot” is not a track meant to be taken seriously. However, here’s some quick maths (Ed. note: Yes, maths) for you: Man’s Not Hot is currently #8 on the US Viral 50 and the Global Viral 50. The hit single, whose beat sounds like one of many current rap songs coming out of London’s hip-hop scene right now, is anything but one of those braggadocious UK grime tracks. In reality, Big Shaq” is actually a character created by Michael Dapaah, a British comedian. While this article tries to seriously analyze some of the UK rap stereotypes that Dapaah utilizes for his parody, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, the nature of Man’s Not Hot’s tone is closer to a song from the Lonely Island than to one from Skepta.BIG SHAQ

Michael Dapaah (August 10th, 1991) is a British​ producer​, writer​, Comedian​ and actor​ known for his alter-ego, Big Shaq (also known as Roadman Shaq)​, a rap personality that went viral after being in the BBC Radio​ series, “Fire In The Booth”.

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Michael Dapaah, known better by one of his stage names Big Shaq”, is an English comedian, actor, rapper and social media celebrity. He recently rose to fame with the single Man’s Not Hot”, which has became a viral sensation worldwide.

The viral fame, he says, wasn’t the difficult bit – he was prepared for that: “Not even in a cocky way,” he says, “I saw what else was going big; I knew the work we were putting out was good stuff. So eventually someone was going to catch onto it.” What did come as a surprise was that it was Shaq who exploded. Dapaah had intended for another character, MC Quakez, to be the breakout star, but mainstream appetites had other ideas.

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Michael Dapaah (born January 1991), is a British rapper, actor and a comedian. He is best known for portrayed the fictional character Big Shaq, famous for the song “Mans Not Hot”. He suddenly appeared in videos by KSI and miniminter in December 2017.

Michael Dapaah is a big believer in vision – and in his case it seems there’s something to be said for it. Even those not acquainted with the 28-year-old comedian by his real name will recognise his face – or his ad libs. In 2017, Dapaah hit the aspiring content creator jackpot; he went viral, in the guise of Big Shaq, a roadman rapper attempting to make it big.

It didn’t slow down Big Shaq’s momentum. Big Shaq turned right around and released a video for “Mans Not Hot” about 10 days after Shaq’s diss track hit—and it quickly racked up millions of YouTube views. It also turned just about every line in the song into a meme. You can watch the video here.

From the outside – and to those who weren’t familiar with Shaq’s origins as one character in a bigger ensemble cast project – it could seem as though Dapaah was taking this well-trodden path. After all, it’s taken two years for the new season of #SWIL to drop (it’s streaming now, have a watch ). But, Dapaah tells me, the delay was a carefully plotted one; he wanted the mayfly cycle to end before any new moves were made. It is, as he says, all about staying true to your vision – and Michael Dapaah’s vision does not include burning out.

Big Shaq, the British actor and comedian whose real name is Michael Dapaah, is back with another hit on his hands. Months after ” Man’s Not Hot ” was the unofficial theme song of the internet, Big Shaq has returned with a vengeance.

This is something Dapaah is all too familiar with. He was raised in Croydon, and while he performed well at school he was also drawn into the underbelly that often arises in areas where young people have little to do and a lot of time to it, and systematic deprivation offers few opportunities as adults. There was time spent in prison, but I don’t ask about that and he doesn’t mention it. Instead, he speaks of the responsibility he feels to the community he grew up in, and all the ones like it where young would-be Michael Dapaahs sit on their phones watching videos of a man who was once indistinguishable from them.

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See Michael Dapaah as your favourite characters weekly. On 25 October 2017, Shaq posted his new song named “Mans Not Hot” with a official music video. The video has over 100 million views. Numerous publications have classified Man’s Not Hot” as grime music, however it is not. The song is a parody of UK Drill and maintains the same stylistic qualities of the musical genre.

Dapaah began his career by garnering a social following among the British-African community for his brief comedic parts in shows like Meet the Adebanjos, which deals with a Nigerian family in London. Type Big Shaq in the top right search bar. Click on “Sok” and select “Visa” under Man’s Not Hot to see certification.

Following a game-changing Fire In The Booth freestyle, Big Shaq – the parka-donning stoney-faced fictional rapper created by London comic Michael Dappah – is a bonafide sensation. Fresh from rubbing shoulders with hip-hop’s top table at the BET Awards in the US, we caught up with the country’s hottest (except he’s not) MC to talk cartoons, cabbage and Celine Dion.

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If you haven’t been keeping up, we’ll try and make this as simple as possible. Big Shaq is actually British comedian Michael Dapaah, who went viral back in early September when his “The Ting Goes” meme popped off following a trip to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s “Fire in the Booth” show. He’s also the mastermind behind “Mans Not Hot,” a song that was inspired by his appearance on the show. It showed up on iTunes shortly after it took place.

Kids in playgrounds are screaming The ting goes skrrraaah!”. Corn flakes” have taken on a whole new meaning. Nobody’s taking their bloody jackets off. Whipping the suits at the labels into a frenzy and bringing the streets to its knees, it’s Big Shaq’s Man’s Not Hot – the hottest record in the world.

On Friday, he debuted the sure-to-be hit “Man Don’t Dance.” It’s equally as hilarious and catchy as his first massively viral song, and it’s honestly just a matter of time before this one too gets played in clubs and parties around the world.

Mockumentaries are Dapaah’s preferred format: staying with characters across an entire season allows him to build narrative arcs for them, give them a journey. Despite its seemingly light content, Dapaah has baked strong social messages into the foundations of #SWIL. They might go over the heads of the likes of me – middle-class journalists from the countryside – but Dapaah’s intended audience are going to hear them, loud and clear.

Turns out Big Shaq’s signature tune “Man’s Not Hot” might well have been a reference to his FIFA skills. An Island Records Release;℗ 2017 Michael Dapaah under exclusive license in the U.S. to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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The current kings of light entertainment collide Eric and Ernie into charity fundraising to form a festive chimera. Would Shaq feel bad about beating a charity single? No. If the people decide they want me to beat Michael Ball’s charity song, I will beat it. And I’m a man of the people.” So what would he do if he won? We’d have a big meal in Oxford Circus, put tables on the roads, shut it off. Bread. Stuffing. Potatoes.” And, one presumes, Twixes.

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