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Broken Bow has expressly stated on the record that they rushed The Git Up” to market to take advantage of the interest behind Old Town Road.” They weren’t planning to release it until the fall.

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Blanco BrownRising artist Blanco Brown has hit a new milestone, notching the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart for the week of June 29. The singer’s rise comes thanks to the success of his breakthrough single, “The Git Up,” a song aided by a viral dance challenge that played out on YouTube as well as the TikTok app. Maybe Blanco Brown didn’t make The Git Up” as a response to Old Town Road,” or as an attempt to capitalize on that song’s overwhelming popularity. But the song is certainly being pushed because of Old Town Road.” And it’s working. The Git Up” is the first post-Old Town Road” hit. There will be so many more. And you know what? Good. Rap and country could both stand to be twisted up in some strange and unpredictable directions. They should continue to mutate in ways don’t even make sense. It’s good for both genres, and it’s good for us. Do the hoedown and get into it.

The first thing that I seen that made me feel like the record or the dance—I didn’t really know which one—was catching on was after a guy re-posted on his page named DJ Shocker and he hit me in my inbox and said, Bro this video is going to be at a million views by the end of the day because the numbers are just coming fast.” And I started watching it, so then I hit him up. People were like, oh, we might be onto one, and I seen people re-posting mine, and maybe like a week later it had over 4 or 5 million views on Facebook. Then it slowed down on Instagram. Nick from Fox 46 news, he did the dance. Then it turned up, and it was like perfect timing right before Labor Day weekend. Then people started doing the dance and then I said okay, I guess it’s officially a challenge, and then Delicious did it.

I really haven’t written about Lil Nas X that much at all. I could have written half a dozen more articles, and they would have been completely warranted. I haven’t written about Lil Nas X in over a month. The Git Up” probably deserves similar coverage. I wrote one article a week after it was a relevant story. Once again Moses, you’re proving your eyes gravitate to what they want to see, as opposed to the way things are. BUt that’s the way modern media has trained all of us.

Released on in the first half of 2019, the Blanco Brown EP was quickly overshadowed by the single “The Git Up.” Appearing while Lil Nas X ‘s “Old Town Road” consumed America’s consciousness, “The Git Up” capitalized on the country-rap craze. It also helped that Brown had a clever internet component via a dance challenge posted on YouTube and TikTok. The viral attention helped him debut at 66 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in June 2019.

We first got our taste of the singer-songwriter after his hoedown hit, which has remained in the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart for nine weeks.

He was experimenting with a different tuning on the lap steel when he came up with the twang that he looped throughout The Git Up,” which has shot to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in just five weeks. He named the song after a saying he heard from his childhood.

Blanco Brown

I challenge you to watch the new official music video for The Git Up” by Blanco Brown above and not smile. Yeah, but they didn’t come to country via terrible crossover songs.

The song also serves as a choreographed dance, which sparked millions of videos using #TheGitUpChallenge. Look for Blanco to perform “The Git Up” during Thursday Night Football halftime tonight.

Unbearably funky shit-talk from a 20-year-old Sacramento kid named after an African warlord. God bless rap music. The best part: His gun goes wamp-wa-wamp-wamp, which is not a gun sound I’ve ever heard before.

His single ‘The Git Up’ is set to become the next ‘Old Town Road’, having already amassed just under 100 million Spotify streams in just three months! The cheery track has even started a viral dance craze following the release of its music video.

The quality of the song itself is so down the rung of the concerns with it, just like it was with Lil Nas X. If people enjoy it, that’s all that matters. It’s the way it’s making a mockery of all the systems put in place to rate music that is concerning.

But unlike Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X, Brown’s song has not been removed from Billboard’s country charts. He said he wasn’t concerned about anyone saying it wasn’t country enough.

Early in his musical career, Blanco Brown had some success writing and producing tracks for other artists. But the success also presented him with a dilemma: very few of those artists were interested in recording the kind of songs Brown wanted to write — instead of heartfelt, story-driven tunes, people were asking him to create songs for the club.

The song’s popularity originally stems from a video featuring Brown teaching country artist Lainey Wilson how to do the ‘Git Up’ challenge, leading to the track featuring on hundreds of thousands of Tik Tok videos.

Differences are found in industry reception. Currently “The Git Up” sits at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart (up 25 spots after one week) while “Old Town Road” was banished early, a decision that grows more baffling with each passing day. A fair argument (if you enjoy these types of things) could be made for Lil Nas X’s song as being the “more country” of the two — especially with Cyrus on board — but it doesn’t really matter. “The Git Up” is the better lyric.

But furthermore, just like Bob Lefsetz said above, The Git Up” has not proven its value in country music whatsoever. Even with his label pushing The Git Up” to radio hard (the current issue of Billboard’s Country Update trade magazine has an unprecedented six total ads for it), it’s only managed #56 at radio. Old Town Road” appeared at #50, and #53 on radio on different weeks without being released or promoted as a single at all.

The world got its first taste of Blanco’s work as an artist with the global smash, The Git Up,” which claimed the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart , for 12 weeks (the longest reign since the chart’s creation). The track, which Rolling Stone said is one exciting glimpse at a possible future path for country, soul and the considerable space where the two overlap,” went viral after a social video of Blanco performing the dance caught the world’s attention and spawned nearly 3 billion views and millions of user-generated videos using #TheGitUpChallenge.

On social media, though, is where “The Git Up” has found its largest audience. On April 19, Brown filmed himself performing a simple line dance to the track and posted it to his Instagram page. In the weeks since, the #GitUpChallenge has taken hold on YouTube, Instagram and, most notably, soundtracked over 130,000 videos on TikTok with fans posting their increasingly complicated takes on his choreography.

Brown made The Git Up” before the Old Town Road” phenomenon kicked off, but he originally thought it would just work as a filler track on his EP. Brown’s label boss — who also happens to be Billy Ray Cyrus’ label boss — figured out that The Git Up” had the same type of viral potential. Blanco Brown doesn’t have the same kind of social-media promotional genius as Lil Nas X; nobody does. But he did come up with a Git Up” Challenge, and he’s been making the country-media rounds, pushing his song through the same channels that rejected Lil Nas X. He’s on video, doing the Git Up” dance with country DJs and with singers like Lainey Wilson.

Brown has since shared an official dance tutorial as well as a video performing the dance with Nashville labelmate Lainey Wilson, which has racked up a million views and climbing.

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