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The couple believed that Lutfi was a bad influence on their daughter and was trying to control her life. The pop star shared a short video to Instagram showing off her golden locks which were piled on top of her head.

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BRITNEY SPEARSBritney Spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari have proven to be one of Instagram’s cutest couples. Spears performs at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007. One factor the court might consider is Spears’ ability to earn a living outside the conservatorship. Britney Spears has reassured fans over her wellbeing following internet speculation about her safety.

In August 2018, it was reported that Spears was ordered to pay her ex-husband Federline $100,000 in child-support dues. The singer had already been shelling out $20,000 per month, but Federline wanted more for their two boys as they approached their teenage years.

Shortly after her wedding, she released Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. Spears covered the Bobby Brown hit “My Prerogative,” which seemed to be her way of talking back to her critics and lashing out about the media frenzy that continually surrounded her. The recording sold more than 5 million copies, although it wasn’t as successful as In the Zone.

Following reports that she had finished her treatment, Spears’ posts have gotten back to their usual content, like photo shoots and workout videos. On Monday, The Blast reported that Lynne Spears filed a notice to be a part of the conservatorship hearings on May 10th. She has hired her own lawyers.

It had been three weeks since the pop star had checked into a mental health facility and three months since she canceled her Las Vegas residency. A particularly skeptical contingent of her fans wasn’t buying the official reasons for these developments: that she went to the facility by choice, that her dad was sick and she needed the space and time to be there for her family. Theories of what was actually happening inside Spears’ guarded private life were growing more numerous and more frenzied, but ultimately shared one notion: that she was being silenced and manipulated, and had been for years.

Questions and projections about Britney Spears’ freedom and agency (or lack of it) have a long history, and are, arguably, central to her celebrity. Both her fans and the press have long imagined that some innocent, authentic” Britney lurks behind a manufactured facade, waiting to speak out. But now that she’s actually talking back on social media — staging a Leave Britney alone!” moment of her own — her fans seem unwilling to take her words at face value. Instead, they’re wrapped up in wrestling with the contradictions of an image that has, in the two decades Spears has been making music, become larger than real life.

Concerns over Spears’ condition remained even after she checked out of the facility that month. In May, it was reported that the singer’s mother, Lynne, was seeking to be involved in her daughter’s conservatorship. Around that time, Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, suggested that his client was in no condition to resume performing anytime soon.

Spears filed for divorce from Federline in 2006, just a few months before her personal struggles became worldwide news. She suffered a mental breakdown in 2007 that included an infamous head-shaving incident, multiple rehab stints and a psychiatric hospitalization.

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Spears wasn’t the only member of her family making headlines in 2007, however. Her younger sister, actress Jamie Lynn, announced that she was pregnant at the age of 16. Jamie Lynn, who was a star on cable’s kid-friendly Nickelodeon channel at the time, became a controversial symbol of teen pregnancy.

In recent Instagram posts, Spears projects a happy and healthy existence: breakfast with her boyfriend, Disneyland with her sons, shopping at Bloomingdale’s. Neither she nor her family have clarified the state of her mental health struggles and diagnosis, or how she feels about the terms of her conservatorship.

In October 2018, the singer shared an at-home workout on Instagram jumping rope in the Clifton 3 sneakers. In March 2018, she posed in a hot pink zip-up sports bra, white athletic booty shorts, and the same teal, blue, and pink shoes. And in June 2017, she posted a video of her gym session while on the road in Hong Kong wearing her favorite Clifton 3 kicks in baby blue.

You may see the photos that Britney Spears shared on her official Instagram account below. Pop star Britney Spears has returned to her original blonde hair colour. She posted a new picture on social media. When Britney Spears checked into a mental health facility for a monthlong stay on April 3, her fans were on high alert.

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The pop star shared a short video to Instagram showing off her golden locks which were piled on top of her head. Fans are used to witnessing Britney’s fitness regimes as she often uploads videos of herself on Instagram.

The singer is scheduled to undergo psychological evaluation after postponing her Las Vegas residency in the wake of her father’s recent treatment for a ruptured colon. Rudolph says that, though Spears had rehearsed the show (the residency was due to launch on February 13), the Vegas engagement is effectively off, which is what prompted his speaking out in the early hours of May 15.

In the midst of her struggles, the Grammy winner released two successful albums, Blackout (2007) and Circus (2008). Her lengthy legal battle with Federline came to an end when they agreed to share joint custody of their children. She also handed over all legal and business control to her father, Jamie Spears, in a conservatorship that went into effect in 2008.

Singer, dancer and actress Britney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981, in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. For more than two decades, Britney Spears has been one of the most successful—and sometimes controversial—solo acts in popular music. For a time, however, she was better known for her personal struggles.

Spears began a 30-day stay at a mental health facility of her own free will, a source confirmed to ABC Radio Tuesday, because of the emotional strain of her father Jamie’s illness and a necessary adjustment of her psychiatric medication.

Spears’ personal attorney Samuel D. Ingham rose at the start of the hearing as many reporters and a handful of fans sat in the audience to say that Spears had requested the proceedings so she could speak to the court, and asked that the room be cleared because personal finances and her minor children would be discussed.

Spears proved she could still make powerful pop music in 2011 with Femme Fatale, which featured such hits as “I Wanna Go” and “Till The World Ends.” The recording climbed to the top of the charts, becoming her sixth No. 1 album. In addition to all of this commercial success, Spears seemed happier in her personal life. She and then-boyfriend Jason Trawick got engaged in December 2011, though they later split in early 2013.BRITNEY SPEARS

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Not long afterward, Jamie Spears requested that L.A. Superior Court allow him to temporarily relinquish the powers of conservatorship of the person” because of health reasons, court records show. He asked that his daughter’s care manager of one year, Jodi Montgomery, adopt his duties.

Hi, guys. Just checking in with all of you who are concerned about me. All is well,” Spears said in an Instagram video posted April 23. My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I just needed time to deal. But don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon.

But the yearslong information vacuum around Spears hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about her and crafting their own narratives and theories out of what they’ve been able to find. And the rise of social media and podcasts has given them new material and platforms to share their findings. One Instagram account, @britneyspearschronology , is devoted to parsing a seemingly endless archive of pictures of Spears from 2007 to 2008. In the comments, fans debate the meaning of photos where she appears with her children, where she smokes, where she seems happy, where she looks sad.

However, Spears’ performance of the song at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards was a disaster. She appeared nervous on stage, sluggishly dancing and poorly lip-syncing. A few days later, Spears was charged in connection to a hit-and-run incident in a parking lot.

Despite Spears’ insistence on social media that she is fine and in control of her life, the #FreeBritney machine has developed in ways neither the superstar nor her team can control. It’s become a tabloid staple, a social media obsession. With fans often interpreting celebrities’ actions through a personal lens, Spears has become a vessel for discussing the place of women in entertainment, mental illness and father-daughter relationships.

Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline has custody of their boys, 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden, who have frequent visits with their mother. Britney’s boyfriend, 25-year-old personal trainer and model Sam Asghari, responded to her post with a sweet message which references the back handsprings that she does in her video.

For years, Spears has been publicly silent about the severe restrictions on her decisions put in place in 2008, which placed control of nearly all of her affairs in the hands of her father, Jamie. Oh baby, baby! The 37-year-old pop icon just flashed back to her teen days in a new selfie she shared on Instagram.

According to law experts, it is unusual for someone as young and productive as Spears to be in a probate conservatorship, typically used to protect the old, infirm and mentally disabled. They are intended for people who are not likely to get better and often remain in effect until the person dies.

On April 22nd, around 50 Britney Spears fans wielding neon posters bearing the hashtag #FreeBritney gathered outside of West Hollywood City Hall. The collection gathered peacefully, wearing her merchandise, playing her hits and explaining to the news teams on site that they were collectively concerned, specifically about the state of her long-running conservatorship. Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, originators of the #FreeBritney movement, probably never had such a scene in mind when they launched their podcast Britney’s Gram in November 2017.

In an Instagram video, Spears rejected the theories, saying “all is well” and that she would “be back very soon”. In celebration of Britney Spears’ milestone, click forward to see 20 iconic photos from the pop star’s two decades in the spotlight.

Everytime” is a delicate and haunting ballad that was widely speculated to be a response to Timberlake‘s Cry Me a River.” In the video , featuring Britney and a Justin lookalike fighting and getting harassed by paparazzi, Britney’s character kills herself and is seemingly reborn as a baby.

Born on December 2, 1981, Britney Spears was one of the first major female teen pop stars of the late ‘90s. The former All New Mickey Mouse Club cast member became a teen idol after the record-breaking releases of her first two albums, …Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!… I Did It Again (2000).

But during the past few months, something strange happened: Two comedians riffing on the Instagram of their favorite star snowballed into a pop-music version of Watergate. After they spent months on their podcast hypothesizing on and investigating the seemingly suspicious events that led to Spears’ Instagram and public life going dark, Barker and Gray received their Deep Throat in the form of an anonymous phone call.

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