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She starred in productions of Annie, Grease, and The Wiz at her high school and became one of 25 female students to be admitted to the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, British Columbia.

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CARLY RAE JEPSENTuesday night’s Carly Rae Jepsen show at House of Blues was an experience at pop church, with the sweaty masses singing back every word trilled by the Canadian singer with fervency and joy. The 7-track EP will feature both songs from the band’s latest album Hyperion, as well as long-time fan favorites such as Elevate” and All Eyes On You.” The release will also include two new versions of Love Somebody,” where Patti Beranek marks a milestone with her first vocal lead on a St. Lucia record, along with a Portuguese version of the track. See full tracklisting and cover art below.

Carly was born in 1985 in Mission, British Columbia, which makes her 33 years old (a detail that never fails to surprise). Her brand of pop music is inarguably saccharine and lovelorn, making it easy to peg her as Hollywood-engineered for teens. But curiously, teens don’t appear to be her primary fanbase. And if you peel back the sparkly veneer and poke around a little — at her quiet disregard for the formula, at her whiplash-inducing trajectory, at her status as a LGBTQ icon, Japanese sensation, and indie cult figure — you might find that Carly has one of the weirdest careers in pop.

The path to Dedicated started on a vacation to Italy. With a moment of clarity in the heat of building E•MO•TION’s disco-tinged successor, Jepsen got the feeling that things weren’t quite right. After months of writing, one-offs, and dabbling with experimental producers like Danny L. Harle, Jepsen decided a new direction was needed.

E•MO•TION, her 2015 album, remains much-loved by millions and has been crowned a pop masterpiece; I Really Like You, a hit single from the album, featured a video starring Tom Hanks that has been viewed 242 million times on YouTube — a far cry from the 1.2 billion views for Call Me Maybe, but a sizable total nonetheless. Her fans have stood by Jepsen in the years following her breakout, which has given her the push to move forward in direction that she feels comfortable with. The result is a quiet confidence, Jepsen said.

Pop culture can incorporate as many superheroes and spaceships and swords as it pleases, but it will always rewrite the script to suit its competitive mode of triumph and conquest. Your kind of pop can color outside those boundaries, despite your imperfections and because of them. (That’s its own kind of privilege, of course, but for today, let’s not spoil it.) The reason your fans delight in declaring you the queen of random things is that the whole concept of pop royalty is exposed in its ridiculousness when it’s bestowed on the utterly unimperious you. This record is probably just a midpoint between your Emotion phase and where you’ll ultimately go. But its dedication to your Beta tribe is worn on its sleeve, and for that we thank you from the bottoms of our hypersensitive little hearts.

Where Dedicated” does succeed over Emotion,” though, is Jepsen’s total commitment to the ‘80s-pop aesthetic she explored on her previous album. While Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and many of her other pop peers looked toward hip-hop on their most recent albums, Dedicated” doubles down on the synths, vocoders and new-wave guitars for an album that seems entirely cast in soft-focus.


is a 33 year old Canadian Singer. Born on 21st November, 1985 in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, she is famous for Canadian Idol, Tug of War (Album 2008), The Single “Call Me Maybe. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Jepsen spent her formative years absorbing pop culture in her hometown of Mission, British Columbia. She starred in productions of Annie, Grease and The Wiz at her high school and became one of 25 female students to be admitted to the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, British Columbia. After graduation, Jepsen – who had relocated to Vancouver and worked as a barista and pastry chef assistant at a coffeehouse where she performed at open mic nights – was persuaded by her drama teacher to audition for Canadian Idol. Jepsen competed in the fifth season of Canadian Idol in 2007, ultimately winning third place and performing in the show’s nationwide tour.

While the streamlined ‘80s dance-pop of Dedicated” is impressive for its laser-focused sound it does lose some of the eclectic charms of Emotion,” a less-polished album that nevertheless felt more warm-blooded than the icy sheen of Jepsen’s new release. And while there’s not a true dud among the 15 songs of Dedicated,” the album’s singular vibe requires a few listens in order to remember which song is which, flowing almost too seamlessly from track to track.

In the summer of 2013, Carly Rae Jepsen was booked to the play the New York State Fair, in Syracuse, N.Y. Unexpectedly sluggish ticket sales resulted in discount Crazy for Carly” seats, with prices slashed by 40 per cent. Her latest singles at the time, This Kiss and Tonight I’m Getting Over You, had failed to grab the attention of their Grammy-nominated breakout predecessor, Call Me Maybe. Jepsen was reduced to drumming up support by telling Upstate New York fans how much see was looking forward to seeing the fair’s butter sculpture. She was singing Tonight I’m Getting Over You, but pop-music fans had already waived goodbye.

Jepsen is also something of a pop artist’s pop artist. I’ve never been attracted to the celebrity side of being an artist. I do it for the fun,” she says. Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers , whose star rose thanks to her own viral hit, Alaska,” which was co-signed by Pharrell Williams, says she’s grateful for Jepsen—both as a creator who opened her eyes to the breadth of what pop music could be, and as an industry example of how to navigate the rapids of fame without losing her identity.

Jepsen, who grew up in British Columbia to two sets of teacher parents, attended a performing arts college before swerving into pop. She’s a prolific songwriter with a serious work ethic, known for being unable to go a day without writing. After discovering her love of the craft in college and putting out a folksy debut, she hit gold with Call Me Maybe”—and for a minute, Jepsen was ubiquitous. At college parties, her effervescent song was the soundtrack of the evening; in car radios across the U.S., it was the song of the summer, an unstoppable hit beloved even by Justin Bieber But while many aspiring stars would have doubled down on that success, Jepsen took a beat, instead heading to Broadway for a stint as Cinderella.

Jepsen began work on her third album in early 2013, collaborating with producers Ramsay, Stewart, and Max Martin on songs inspired by ’80s pop and folk. In early 2014, she began a 12-week run as the lead role in the Broadway production of Rodgers & Hammerstein ‘s Cinderella. She returned with new music in March 2015 with “I Really Like You,” which became another Top 40 hit. Featuring collaborations with songwriters including Sia , Devonté Hynes , and Ariel Rechtshaid, and producers such as Mattman & Robin and Greg Kurstin , her third full-length, E-MO-TION, arrived that August. Boasting a more mature sound, the album was a Top Ten hit in Canada and a Top 20 hit in the U.S., and was ultimately shortlisted for the 2016 Polaris Prize. Jepsen made appearances on Bleachers ‘ Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2 in 2015 and the Knocks ‘ debut album a year later.

Although the album isn’t hookless or empty, shifting the bright, blank sound of her earlier music to a subtler pastel doesn’t make it weirder or more difficult either; if anything the softening suits her material. Speedy and cheerful, Emotion sketched the strange paradox of an introspective romp: whatever her feelings were, and there were many, she always projected delight in having them. By finding interiority within the external, she surprises.

The concert began with the sugar-rush 2019 single No Drug Like Me. No drug like Jepsen, it is true. She has her junkies, and yet mainstream audiences resist her charms. Willfully out of step and defiantly operating outside the Zeitgeist, she revisits the 1980s (on Emotion) and the Donna Summer era (on Dedicated).

I think I am picking the ones that that just win for me. That sometimes can be because it’s light and happy, and that feeling like there’s wind blowing through your hair as you drive down the highway. And then there’s other ones, I think on this album particularly, that were more intimate and a little bit more personally revealing of what was going on for me.

Party For One” was soon followed by the release of two new singles in 2019—you can read about those here —which led up to the release of her fourth studio album, Dedicated. And yet, in the wake of 15 new tracks , she revealed that she had an entire album named Disco Sweat that she scrapped to make way for Dedicated.

Carly Rae dropped Dedicated, her fourth album, on May 17. Her 13-date Canadian tour in support of the album, with a gig at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa on Monday, sees her criss-crossing the country. European and Asian dates will follow. Similar to EMOTION and EMOTION Side B, the 13-track album received favourable to rave-able reviews in publications from Pitchfork to The Guardian with a 79 score on Metacritic. In comparison, Ed Sheeran’s No. 6 Collaborations Project didn’t crack 60.

On her debut album, 2012’s Kiss, she channeled the rush of first love – as well as stylish influences like Kimbra , Robyn , and La Roux – into songs that were swooning yet relatable, a niche she pursued further on 2015’s critically acclaimed E-MO-TION, a love letter to the epic ’80s pop of artists such as Madonna and Prince While later work like 2019’s Dedicated were more in keeping with pop trends of the late 2010s, the catchiness – and approachability – of her music has remained.

Now That I Found You is the album’s most exuberant moment, inspired by her new boyfriend James Flannigan, a British songwriter who’d worked with Dua Lipa and Black Eyed Peas before meeting Jepsen at a writing camp in Nicaragua.

Through a series of doors, Jepsen finds herself in new settings and complementary outfits. Opening one door, she steps onto a beach dressed in tulle and a retro baby-blue-and-white swimsuit. Emerging from another door, she’s now wearing a black mini dress and chunky, black-and-white earrings. After all that time spent getting ready, when her date arrives to pick her up, Jepsen decides to whisk him away into her room.

During For Sure”, Jepsen disappears from the stage. In her absence, her band twisted the campy Dedicated cut and spun it into a synthy cocoon. Eventually, Carly re-emerges, having swapped her purple dress for a flower-covered two piece, and busts through the extended outro of For Sure” with the joyful seduction of Want You In My Room.” The song is Jepsen at her most explicitly sexual, though sensuality was palpable throughout the night. Gimme Love” is likely her sexiest song, so when she performed it, for a few seconds, it seemed as if she had turned some of her audience. Turned or not, the crowd was in the palm of Jepsen’s hand the whole night. She could have asked everyone to turn their shirts inside out and suck their thumbs and they would have.

I mean, I’m not the tell-all of that. I think it’s something that you learn and you keep re-learning. But it was a new lesson for me. I didn’t want to grieve it because it had been such a beautiful relationship, and a friendship that I think we both hope to continue. I wanted to be able to take what was known as a sad moment, and sort of look at it as a brave new patch of my life, getting good at singlehood. The first night, it was just like an actual party: I ordered all the food I wanted and some wine, and I was just like dancing to the songs we were working on — which is why we chose to have the video represent that hotel chaos.

And when you returned at last in 2015, it was with Emotion , one of that year’s most exhilarating albums for critics and anyone else who was listening—but that audience was limited by a notoriously confusing album rollout That included appointing as your first single I Really Like You,” which in its girlish guilelessness came off like an effort to have a Call Me Maybe, Part 2”—even using a celebrity-cameo video like the homemade one Justin Bieber used to help get you into the limelight, except this time slickly and with Tom Hanks as the boldfaced name in question. Carly Rae, I love the unhip absurdity of that as much as you must have. But most of Emotion was more grown-up and savvy, however much it surged with the romanticism that remains your calling card. Those mixed messages prompted some observers to credit producers such as Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid for your album’s enchantments, even though you kept testifying to your lead songwriting role (which was true on Maybe” too).

Dedicated is also the latest album from the artist to make the Polaris Music Prize long list, a selection determined by a panel of Canadian journalists and music-industry insiders meant to showcase the best album of the year in Canada. Very few musicians are nominated to the list more than once. Clearly someone is enjoying singles like Too Much, Party For One and the somewhat ridiculous video for Now That I Found You outside a diehard fan base.

Jepsen’s material mines an assortment of sounds, from early Madonna to ABBA to Kylie Minogue. But nothing ever feels like a copycat. The ’80s wail of “No Drug Like Me” gave way to the gorgeous “Emotion,” the best song Madonna never recorded. There were opposing sides of pop exuberance during “Now That I Found You” (fizzy” and “Gimmie Love” (hazy).

Carly Rae Jepsen opens up about family, singlehood and the one that might’ve got away on her latest album, Dedicated. A Carly Rae Jepsen musical? We’re already putting pennies aside for the tickets. Carly Rae Jepsen may never have another hit. For some of us, that’s perfect.

When you listen to Store” on a playlist, it earns a smile, maybe more like a smirk. Jepsen took to a platform at the show, sang those lines and did a little dance best described as Safety Dance” meets the march step from your high school’s production of The Music Man.” Her smile was giddy; she knows the song is a little absurd. It’s OK that you do, too, she seemed to say, as long as you don’t mind moving your feet.

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