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Born Vanessa Brown in England, she began her career co-writing the Pussycat Dolls’ “I Don’t Need A Man” for their 2005 PCD album. Longtime friend Larson adds stirring strings to supplement “Chandeliers,” which is just as pretty as it is punchy.

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CHRISTINA PERRIUPDATE: Christina Perri unveiled a video in support of tiny victories,” which features footage from the HBO documentary FOSTER. When CNN caught up with Perri at her new Los Angeles home, it had only been 35 days since her song debuted on the hit dance show. In just over a month, Perri has seen her fan base grow by the thousands, inked a deal with Atlantic Records and even ended up in a recording studio with one of her musical idols, Jason Mraz.

Hillsdale native Paul Costabile of iHeartRadio and New York Live and singer-songwriter Christina Perri welcomed a baby girl. Costabile posted on his Twitter account that his daughter Carmella Stanley Costabile arrived today and both mom and his “little principessa” are doing great.

It is making a comeback I feel. One of the biggest vinyl sale places is Urban Outfitters, which is crazy. I think it’s definitely a cool thing and for me, when I would buy vinyl as a teenager, buying my favorite bands, you’d always get something special. It would be different colors or you would get a sticker or a patch inside the record. And we try to definitely keep that alive. We’re doing cool different colors with this edition. We have a half black, half white color and you get the album download as well so you can get it on both formats.

No contracts were signed, like it was just kind of whimsical about it, but it was the most I had been doing because I was just a waitress, and it had a big break-y kind of feel to it because it’s Silva Management, they manage Jason Mraz, he’s my favorite. So I was like, “Hmm something might be going on here?” I just took it one day at a time and just worked on music, but it wasn’t until the big break with “So You Think You Can Dance” that anything really happened.

And I also realized, when I’m super happy and in love, I’m not writing music. I’m hanging out with the person that I’m super happy and in love with. So when I’m not super happy and in love, I’m writing about it.

So when I did have a Be My Forever,” I was so excited that it was genuine and that it was a truly happy moment in my life that I had captured. A Thousand Years” is the only song that’s not about me because it’s about vampires and I had written it for that movie. So that is the only one that strays from my personal experience. But I love it so much, there’s no denying it sort of came from me.

A: Eat and spend time with my giant Italian family. My niece is the love of my life. My brother and his wife had a baby about a year ago, so every minute I’m home I like seeing her. I also love just being quiet. My life is so out loud. I’m always in hair, makeup and meeting people, and not only playing shows but being around live shows all the time, so when I have off time, I just like being sort of quiet.

CP: Yes, for sure. It is certainly my most exciting stop on my tour. And playing at the Electric Factory feels incredible, too. I think I’ve seen every single one of my favortite artists perform there. Even my brother Nick, who plays in the band Silvertide , has played there. It’s home to me, it feels real.

A: I think it’s both. I have definitely noticed that it’s where I put my stuff. Everybody has heavy stuff. When I meet someone in real life and when I’m on stage, I’m really bubbly and kind of dorky, to be quite honest. And people are a little shocked that I’m not very dark and kind of introverted because some of my music can seem that way. I always giggle and say, Well, that’s where I put it.” Some people work out. Some people do sports. Some people paint pictures. I feel like most people have a release for that heavy stuff. And for me, since I was 16, I’ve been putting it into music. That’s why it comes so naturally for me because I’d doing that no matter what, if anyone was listening or not.

A: My favorite photo editing app is called Afterlight. I put every single photo through that. And I’m obsessed with Instagram; I’m on it every day. Also, without my voice memo app, I would not have any of the music that I have written. (laughs) It would just float off into space if it came out of my head and I didn’t record it.

It was just weeks ago that Perri and her husband, Paul Costabile, stepped out for a date night at MusiCares. The duo welcomed their first child , daughter Carmella Stanley Costabile, just over a year ago in Jan. 2018.

In July 2010, a struggling singer-songwriter and musician named Christina Perri had a life-changing moment when she was asked to perform a song she had written, a defiant break-up anthem called “Jar of Hearts,” on the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance. The raw, emotional quality of her performance connected with viewers and catapulted the 24-year-old Philadelphia native into the public eye. “Jar of Hearts” went on to sell a million downloads and land Perri, who was then supporting herself as a café manager in Beverly Hills, a deal with Atlantic Records.

Her daughter and those impactful experiences, both good and bad, are what inspired her new album, Songs For Carmella: Lullabies & Sing-A-Longs. Perri performed an intimate, acoustic show, playing acoustic guitar and piano, and interacting with the enthusiastic crowd.

Christina Perri is an American singer and songwriter from Pennsylvania. Her debut single Jar of Hearts” was featured on the Fox television show So You Think You Can Dance in 2010. The single went on to sell over 3 million copies in the United States and was a hit around the world, skyrocketing Perri’s career. In the UK, it reached number three on the charts and spent over three months in the UK Top 40. A few months later, Perri released her first extended play, The Ocean Way Sessions.

CP: Oh, yes, big time. I was a huge Twi-hard. I read all of the books. I still can’t believe they asked me to write a song for the movie. You never know if you’re song is going to be chosen, and it was. It’ s still my best selling single and one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be a part of so far.

Christina Perri has been waiting what feels like a thousand years to dedicate her voice to a daughter. But on occasion, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter has been more reserved with new relationships, almost to the point of overthinking them.

The Ad Council has partnered with top creators and musicians Lindsey Stirling, Hayley Kiyoko, Aminé, and Christina Perri for the latest installment of its ongiong mental health awareness campaign, Seize The Awkward.

Definitely. Twilight changed my life in a lot of ways, it took my career globally really quickly, so I just felt like I had more people to say things to. But I’m a very visual person too, and I also write in a cinematic way anyway. I’m obsessed with old school songs like Dean Martin and Connie Francis, and they’re cinematic, or what would be considered cinematic today, but it’s just very melodic. I think I just write that way; people have described my music as cinematic of songs that aren’t “A Thousand Years.” If anything, I just feel more comfortable doing that. I feel like almost every song on this album could be in a movie, so I’d be honored if any of these got placed.

4 years ago today I met my dream girl in this room. 4 years later today I married my dream girl and best friend. Pretty sure I’m the protest I’ve EVER been to be able to ball the most bellissima person + woman I’ve ever known now my wife!!!” Costabile wrote at the time.

I went to this concert because I love Colbie Caillat but came away a huge fan of Christina’s. The only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is because the sound engineers did a TERRIBLE job! The Florida Theater is my favorite venue for concerts but the sound was so bad you couldn’t hear the lyrics or their voices much of the time. Christina’s was the only one you could somewhat hear more than the other two. I don’t know why they insist on turning it up so loud and overpowering the voices of great singers.

Putting out new songs that I sang to her all year feels so authentic and genuine as to where I’m at in my real life. I am a huge fan of when people are authentic of where people are at,” she tells PEOPLE about her album Songs for Carmella: Lullabies & Sing-a-Longs , which is set to be released on Carmella’s first birthday.

Overall the best concert I have ever attended. These women owned that stage and had the audience from note one. I was surprised to hear Christina live and discover that her voice is so much better in person! Her energy and passion were unsurpassed. She gave it all. I traveled 2.5 hours to attend the show and can say every minute was worth it. Even the “small talk” in between the songs was inspirational. I came away with such a great feeling.

Viewers responded enthusiastically to Jar of Hearts.” Perri released it independently and it became a Top 40 hit. She soon had a deal with Atlantic Records. Jar of Hearts” soared ever higher, eventually selling 4 million copies.

It’s made us closer than we’ve been. Writing this record was probably one of the easiest records to write. We’re all on the same page as far as what we wanted the record to be about because we were all affected by some of those situations that we’ve been dealing with. And honestly, when we did the record, we pretty much had everything done before we even got into the studio, which has never happened before. It was a really good experience.

While many of the pop singer-songwriter’s biggest hits are downbeat, she’s anything but in person. Yet, while the body art she sports makes her appear as though she’s ready to take on the world, she’s a fun-loving person at heart who can’t get enough of the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland.

In July 2011, Perri embarked on her first world tour, the Lovestrong Tour, which lasted for almost exactly a year and consisted of 71 dates. Perri released her single ” A Thousand Years “, which appeared on the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 , on October 18, 2011. The song debuted at number 63 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 31, but has been certified 4× platinum with over 4 million sales in the US alone since. 17 The song is Perri’s most successful single to date. The album’s third and final single, ” Distance “, was released on March 20, 2012.

Bucks County-born singer-songwriter Christina Perri has a thriving touring career and hits such as Jar of Hearts” and A Thousand Years.” But nothing about her job makes her as overjoyed as the love of her large Philadelphia family (There’s like 180 Perris, and they all come to every Philly show,” she says). The family’s newest member is Carmella Costabile, Perri’s first child with television personality Paul Costabile. Carmella turns a year old on Thursday, Jan. 17, and the lucky birthday girl will get more than just a cake and a candle — she’ll get her own album, Songs for Carmella: Lullabies & Sing-a-Longs, which features traditional cradle ballads, Disney tunes, and new Perri originals.

A: It might be the favorite thing I’ve done so far in my whole career. When Disneyland asked my managers — they know that I’m a giant fan and I go to the park all the time — I said yes instantly. They’re using the song for the commercials and in the actual nighttime spectacular, World of Color. The show is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen it so many times because I always watch it every night I go to the park. They also play it when everyone is walking away, too, which is awesome. If you know me, it’s beyond a dream come true.

I’m really excited because it’s the first record that we’ve done in a while that sort of has an overall theme to it. And it’s kind of the most uplifting but also meanest record that we’ve put out in a while. And what I mean by that is what the songs are about lyrically – being at your lowest point and feeling as if you are dealing with all these crappy situations. It’s sort of about rising above those situations and coming out stronger because of it, hence the title Resurrection.

Yeah, and it allowed to take my time and be a little picky – sometimes too picky, so that’s why you have a time to finally stop you and be like, it’s done – but it allowed me to really be part of every single part. there’s not one thing that happened – whether it be a lyric, a melody, a mix, a tone, an instrument, anything – that I didn’t have something to do with, and that’s massive for any artist. I thought the whole album was done when we finished recording it, and then you mix it and it all changes, and then you master it and it all changes a little, if you don’t stay completely attached to it. Meaning more and more cooks come into the kitchen, so I had to be so present for every part to keep my authenticity, which I did. That took a while.

Returning to the So You Think You Can Dance” set to perform Burning Gold” was an emotional experience for Perri. I almost cried,” she said this week from Los Angeles. I was singing this up-tempo song about how I wouldn’t stop until my dreams came true. I was on the stage that ignited that whole dream of mine. So I had a full circle kind of ah-ha, whoa moment.” A music star since 2010, Philadelphia native Perri still has difficulty believing that she’s a multi-platinum award-winning artist.

Perri, 31, wed Costabile in December at New York’s City Hall, four years to the day they met, and just a few months after she announced the pregnancy Costabile popped the question in June and wrote on Instagram that it was love at first sight.

A: In life, really it’s my family, my mom and my grandmother. But in music, I would say the top three people who inspire me are Paul McCartney, Chris Martin and Ryan Tedder. I really admire them as songwriters, as performers, as human beings.

Fans of modern day indie icon Joanna Newsom will also notice Francesconi throughout several songs on Storyboards, including “Slow & Steady” and “Side by Side,” which benefit from the shimmering juxtaposition of banjos, mandolins and even the exotic Bulgarian tambura. Longtime friend Larson adds stirring strings to supplement “Chandeliers,” which is just as pretty as it is punchy.

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