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Cody Jinks’s estimated net worth in 2019 is $100,000 – $1M. While Jinks worked on his next record, Less Wise (Modified) – a remixed and remastered version of his 2010 debut – was reissued in 2017 to fill the gap.

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CODY JINKSSo many times when we talk about a band’s new album the long wait since their last must be addressed. Richmond Raceway (Richmond) and AEG Presents will welcome Cody Jinks with special guest Ward Davis for a night of outlaw country music at Virginia Credit Union LIVE! at Richmond Raceway on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 8 p.m.

For the country artist’s fans — who go by the name Flockers” and, accordingly, show up to Jinks’ shows in droves — he’s one of the genre’s younger saviors, harkening back to the days when country valued Merle more than hey girl.” For others, he’s a relatively new name, though, at 38, he’s already released several albums, has toured extensively and is something of a cult figure among genre purists.

Cody Jinks is not an artist that you will hear a lot of on country radio. His albums and singles don’t necessarily chart very high – although his latest album “Lifers” did peak briefly at No. 2 on the Country chart. That doesn’t, however, make him any less successful an artist. A real road dog, he has built a fevered and fervent fanbase on the foundation of stellar live performances and that idea some acts are able to cultivate – the idea that music, although enjoyed by many, can feel like a conversation between the artist and a single fan.

He can’t even afford to tour with his own band, is getting very little press, and I can’t say for sure but his album sales must’ve plateaued already. True Grit should be putting way more resources into an artist like Godwin, but they don’t seem to be doing that. I don’t get it.

Wearing a baseball hat, T-shirt, and swim trunks, Jinks is drying out from an afternoon of rafting with his family and a rain storm that lashed the sleepy hamlet in the Texas Hill Country. The night before saw his first show back after a two-week hiatus, with a second to come in a few hours’ time. Then it’s right back to what Jinks does best, and not a second too soon given that his latest LP, Lifers, is out on July 27th, his first with Rounder Records. This time, however, he’ll hit the road with a slightly different perspective.

When I’m Not the Devil was released in August, it turned heads by debuting at Number Four on Billboard‘s Country Albums chart – not exactly unprecedented, but still unusual for an artist working outside the major label system. Jinks’ name was suddenly on everyone’s lips as a talented newcomer, even though he’s more than a decade into his country career with four previous albums to his credit.

On the matter of True Grit, I’m sure they’re great at what they do but what that is exactly, I’m not sure. Case in point, Charles Wesley Godwin. Dude’s album is fire, hands down one of the best albums of 2019 (unpopular opinion maybe, but better than either of Jinks’ recent albums), but he’s been grinding on the road solo all year driving cross-country in his own car, playing gigs to small handfuls of people in bars or occasionally opening for other medium-level True Grit artists in small venues.

In this day and age, it’s not impossible to land a favorable label deal where you keep total creative control and the rights to your music, while benefiting from the professional distribution, marketing, sales, and other logistical functions only a competent label seems to be able to provide. The indie” vs. evil label” dichotomy is a bit disingenuous these days, and having the right label and management team behind an artist can help propel them to where they need to be commercially.

I’m not seeing anyone here or anywhere else saying Cody Jinks got fucked by Rounder Records. I completely agree that independent record labels these days can offer very healthy alternatives to artists, and they don’t need to feel like they have to do everything in house. I also agree that if they had been released via a label, they probably would have performed better. However this is the way Cody Jinks chose to release his music, and if you listen to the songs themselves, you understand why. He doesn’t want to get so big that he loses himself in the process. That’s what these albums are all about, and how appropriate he chose to release them himself.

Jinks gives an honest, vocal-heavy declaration of loneliness in his tune “Must Be the Whiskey,” which is just one of the many tracks that makes ‘Lifers’ is an album that sticks with you. Take a listen with Jinks’ way of smoothing things out with his laid back voice and easygoing guitar riffs.

Cody Jinks was born in Fort Worth on August 18, 1980. He is best known for being a country singer. He was originally the lead singer of a heavy metal band Unchecked Aggression from 1997 to 2003. His album I’m Not the Devil rose to number four on the Billboard’s Country Album chart. According to Celebrity Couples , Cody has not been previously engaged. He and Miranda Lambert are both known country singers from Texas. He was born and raised in Haltom City, Texas. He was taught how to play country music by his father at the age of 16. Education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for updates.

Where 2016’s I’m Not the Devil set a template for how a real, modern honky tonk record might sound, it did so with a more restricted sonic pallet, traditional, in its own way. Lifers expands that pallet, broadening the styles of southern and south-western music it is drawing on. Tex-Mex loper Desert Wind in a great case in point, a twanging canyon-ride in search of Pancho Villa’s gold.

In country music, the term is often applied to those artists that take cues, stylistically, from those first Texas troubadours – Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, who was actually born in California but is outlaw guilty by association.

Cody Jinks is Country Singer who has a net worth of $100,000 – $1M at the age of 39. Cody Jinks’s income source is mostly from being a successful Country Singer. He is from Fort Worth. American country singer backed by The Tone Deaf Hippie who went viral from his album, I’m Not the Devil. He’s also known for his album 30 and EP Blacksheep. On Net Worth Stats, Cody Jinks is a member of country singers and popular celebrities.

I’ve always enjoyed how Davis and Jinks are buds. They’re both fond of playing Buck’s Bar & Grill in Venice, Nebraska , and they’ve even become songwriting partners. When the pair has played here, they often joined each other throughout their sets and seemed to have a good time doing it. They even have the same manager.

Right from the slow thud of the opening title track, you’re sonically experiencing what purists would call ‘real’ country. While that debate has far to many nuances to get involved it, one thing that’s for sure is that Jinks lives this music. A thudding drum beat, a wailing pedal style and lyrics dripping with longing, you know you’re in for more of what made Jinks the cult hero that he is today.

Cody Jinks is an American country music singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas. Born in Haltom City, Texas, he started into music by learning to play country guitar from his father. As a teenager, he moved to heavy metal, forming a band called Unchecked Aggression.

Indie artists without a label have bragging rights about keepin’ it indie” and might be keeping a few extra dollars from sales, but few artists have the bandwidth to do the art AND the business. They have to outsource key duties to family, friends, and temporary intermediaries to do the things that a label can and should be doing. So, product gets delayed, fans don’t get their stuff, press doesn’t get access, retailers don’t get stock, etc. etc. The artist can burn out or plateau very easily.

The singer’s eighth album will arrive while Jinks tours as the opening act for Lynyrd Skynrd’s farewell tour, The Last of The Street Survivors. His inclusion on that tour reflects Jinks’ appeal to fans of gritty, guitar-driven storytelling and his refusal to adhere to any sort of country star expectations.

Our orders for Cody Jinks concert tickets are expedited effeciently and many times, you order will be shipped the same day your transaction is completed. We caught up with Jinks a couple weeks after Lifers’ release to discuss songwriting, releasing music with a record label, and landing on the radars of the folks on Music Row.

Fort Worth’s country-and-western hometown hero Cody Jinks is set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut at 7:30 pm Wednesday, August 28, in Nashville. Jinks returned in October 2019 with a pair of new albums: After the Fire and The Wanting , both released on his own imprint, Cody Jinks Music.

Jinks, a former heavy metal vocalist and the leader of a fandom lovingly referred to as Blacksheep, wrote nine new songs for the album. An updated version of “Think Like You Think” from Jinks’ 2008 debut album Collector’s Item rounds out the track listing.

Richmond Raceway (Richmond) and AEG Presents will welcome Cody Jinks with special guest Ward Davis for a night of outlaw country music at Virginia Credit Union LIVE! at Richmond Raceway on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 8 p.m.

Between his dedicated fans and his infectiously easy-going energy, Cody Jinks’ Concord debut is going to be nothing short of excellent. Get ready for the August 22nd show with this setlist from when he performed in Milwaukee this past May.

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