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Dodie also has particular experience advising on novel and complex insurer initiatives, including de-risking of legacy product offerings, as well as product-related regulatory compliance and enforcement matters.

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DODIEA very talented youtuber (doddleoddle) who is very open to her audience about her depression and depersonalisation. It’s really hard mostly because I have so many voices. My struggle was listening to my own voice and trusting myself. It’s really hard to trust when there’s hundreds and thousands of other people telling me what’s right and what to do. I feel bad for young people growing up with their voices shouting at them. I don’t really struggle with putting my phone down now because I’m quite sick of it. In time, you’ll learn it’s not actually healthy for you. Only you can make that discovery.

Dodie has been an artist I’ve loved for years, and to be able to hear all the songs that mean so much to me in person where she was only 15 feet away from me was an experience I will never forget. The venue and the staff were great. Going through security was fast and easy. Overall, I wish I could relive that night over and over.

The result of her experiment with heart-on-sleeve frankness was remarkable. The hundreds of YouTube devotees watching her talk and sing about her life multiplied into thousands, then over a million. They wrote long, yearning love letters to her, sent beautiful, intricate drawings, and posted their own songs inspired by her confessionals.

Dodie ended the night with an encore of popular songs, including Would You Be So Kind” and In the Middle” before the hundreds of fans shuffled out of the theater and into the chilly Denver air. Still, the feeling of the concert lingered as concertgoers discussed and cried over the truly incredible performance they had just experienced.

The mix of this beautiful video and song is an absolute joy for viewers and listeners alike. Dodie is a lovely person and an amazing artist. All of her music holds strong emotional attachment and I strongly recommend giving any of her songs a listen. You are sure to be pleased with what you hear.

Earlier this year, Dodie (short for Dorothy Clark) unleashed her Human EP, hailing standout singles, Monster,” and If I’m Being Honest.” The seven-track project arrives not only as an ode to mental wellbeing, but also the reality of what our brains endure on a daily basis. Her ability to croon her message over incredible instrumentation and production is every reason fans tune in and absorb her melodies.

Dodie disclosed that she was suffering from acute bronchitis, but in spite of that fact, her voice remained strong. After Guiltless” she spoke a bit about her appreciation of all the fans. Coughing, she shared that although she couldn’t yell her thank-yous, she wanted to mentally send the message out. The house lights came up and she surveyed the crowd. It was a beautiful moment where Dodie absorbed the audience, seeing all of the signs and faces.

Keep in mind that life is very, very long. The more you experience, the more you’ll have to help you. I’ve learned so much over three years in meeting people, hearing about their experiences, the way they deal with it. If I knew just how much I’d learn and how much people would help me, I would’ve felt very comforted.

Dodie Limberg, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor the Department of Educational Studies in the Counselor Education program. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Central Florida. Dodie is a certified K-12 school counselor. She has worked as a school counselor and clinical mental health counselor in Florida, Switzerland, and Israel. Dodie’s research interests include school counseling, research identity development, and the development of altruism. Dodie is currently focused on the school counselor’s role in STEM career development and identifying factors that influence counselor education doctoral student’s research identity development. She currently serves as an editorial review board member for Professional School Counseling and Counseling and Values Journal.

It’s difficult when their letters are so familiar,” she says. So many of their messages tell me, you’re the only person in my life who gets me, you’re the only one who understands. But as much as I would love to, I cannot hug a million people.DODIE

So how did Dodie become so successful? Aside from her talent, her success has comes from the loyalty of her fans. Because of Dodie’s honesty and vulnerability, she has gained a huge fanbase that supports her tours, EP and other social media outlets. She interacts with her fans as much as possible and makes videos about topics that concern her and her audience. She also often collaborates with other artists on YouTube, growing the audience she reaches. Through her music, she was able to gain a manager that helped organize her Intertwined” EP and tour.

Dodie has two channels, doddleoddle and doddlevloggle Most of the videos on her first channel are covers and original songs while the videos on her second channel feature personal chats with her audience about her struggle with mental disorders, sexuality and her life. Dodie has an uncanny ability to connect with people, especially those with mental disorders. She seems genuine and vulnerable in most of her vlogs about mental health issues and about the YouTube community, which is probably why she has gained a huge following online.

JC: This is a slightly different thing, but for me, when it comes to collaborating with all these different musicians around the world, it’s very interesting to have an idea, and think, This is definitely the idea I want to use, and I feel strongly about it, I made it myself,” but then to walk out of a session at the end and realize how much it’s completely changed…and that’s fine! There’s a lesson to be learned for both of us bedroom introvert musicians, about having ideas that can change and having that be a positive thing—it’s a lovely way of growing, while at the same time, realizing how important it is to have your own voice at the center of what you do.

JC: That’s something I’m so excited about! There are these Bobby McFerrin videos from an incredible concert he did entitled Spontaneous Inventions” in the mid- to late-’80s. He’d walk on stage with one microphone and start improvising with the audience, call-and-response melodies. I was really inspired by that growing up, but I wanted to push it forward, do things with chords, with the audience singing in three- or four- or five-part harmonies. I guess by fluke of nature, I’ve accrued an extraordinarily musical fanbase, so if I play a show I can guarantee that 80 percent of them are musicians or love to listen to music actively. One thing I like to do is split the audience into kicks, snares, and hi-hats. They love the challenge. I’m such a believer in the human voice, and everyone needs just the tiniest excuse to get out of their shell.

Accompanied by singer-songwriter Adam Melchor, the performance was night one of a two-night Denver stop and an unforgettable experience for dodie fans alike. Born Dorothy Clark, she tells her story in her book in a mix of compelling scenes and tales, filled with songs and illustrations that you can only admire.

She opens with two of her newest and best numbers – the faintly Regina Spektor-esque Monster , a prickly break-up song set to a twitchy electronic beat, and Human , a hushed ballad sung as a duet with Tom Walker on record, containing lines such as unzip your skin and let me have a see”. In all their preening self-absorption, social-media stars tend to make for problematic role models, but Clark uses her platform responsibly to promote positive messages about mental health and inclusivity. During the introduction to Rainbow, the stage lights glow in the colours of the LGBT pride flag.

You may know her music and YouTube videos, but there’s a whole lot of cool facts you have may have never known about Dodie Clark (or just dodie, if you want). Luckily for you, we’ve got all the info you need right here.

The song is slightly different sounding than the rest of Dodie’s music. Boys Like You has a fun and dramatic sound, contrasting with her usual either cheery, upbeat or slow and emotional songs. The pounding beat in the background gets your heart rate pumping and really lets you feel the music. This is the type of song that you would sing super loud with a friend who just went through an angry breakup, and it is a beautiful thing.

Listen up, mums and dads of anxious young girls – through her disarmingly honest online posts , her soul-searching torch songs and now, her autobiographical new book Secrets for the Mad, 22-year-old dodie is getting to the parts of your daughters other people can’t reach.

This ‘thing’ is the diagnosis of a condition called Depersonalisation. It means Clark is perpetually struggling to stay tuned in to what’s going on around her, experiencing every moment almost like she’s underwater, drunk or dreaming. It has badly affected her memory of events since she was 18, as well as numbing her to the sights, smells and textures of her day-to-day life.

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