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As much as I enjoy Shake the Spirit, it definitely has some flaws. Then there’s Runaway” which blends Sixties-era girl group pop with country (akin to Patsy Cline) into her style. I’m happy to relive that moment again on Live from the Ryman.

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Elle KingList Rules Upvote the greatest songs that feature Elle King. Elle King’s Shake The Spirit is the our Album Of The Week on The Current. It’s been amazing; it’s kind of cool,” King said in a recent telephone interview. “I love everybody, love being on the country tour. The show is so fun, so amazing.

In the aftermath of King’s traumatic relationship, and in light of the ongoing #MeToo movement, untangling the fun of sex from the looming threat of violence is a bold move for the singer-songwriter; but she’s used to pushing those buttons. When she performs It Girl” live, she’ll usually pull up her shirt and flash a nipple for laughs.

King’s dad is former ” Saturday Night Live ” cast member, comedian and actor Rob Schneider ; her mom is a former model named London King. Born Tanner Elle Schneider, she changed her name to Elle King when she decided to pursue music as a career.

Last October, ET surprised Elle in our Los Angeles studios by having her father, Rob Schneider, crash her interview. He took over and interviewed his daughter about her latest album, Shake the Spirit, and the various challenges she’s faced while trying to make it big in the industry.

Elle King has showbiz royalty in her blood. Though born to comedian and former Saturday Night Live actor Rob Schneider and model mother London King, Elle has carved out a name for herself in the realm of music. As early as 13 years old, she was rocking out to The Donnas, The Runaways and Blondie, all of whom inspired her to pick up a guitar and write her own songs. Then she discovered and developed a passion for bluegrass country which influenced her rock, soul and country style and sound.

But at the same time her fame was rising, King’s mental health was declining. She was partying harder than ever. The spotlight was putting pressure on her. She entered into a marriage within a month of meeting her ex-husband and didn’t tell anybody. Later, he was arrested for felony domestic abuse after grabbing King by her throat. She turned to drugs and alcohol and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Elle King at the world premiere of “The Spy Who Dumped Me” on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 in Los Angeles. Vote up your favorite songs that feature Elle King, and let’s see what the best Elle King guest appearances are.

In 2015, King released her debut album, Love Stuff, a mix of rock and roll, blues and country, with a twinge of pop. The gold-certified album featured the breakthrough single, Ex’s & Oh’s,” which earned King two Grammy nominations and was certified double platinum. The track hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs Chart, and topped the AAA, Hot AC, and Alternative Radio charts, leading King to become the second female artist in 18 years to reach #1 at the latter format.

Concert-goers will likely hear the hits as well as some of her lesser-known songs from her second album. While most of the record is light-hearted — she even jokes about a sex act in the song “It Girl” — her songs reflect those experiences.

Elle King is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was born Tanner Elle Schneider on July 3rd, 1989, to actor Rob Schneider and model London King. Despite the fact that she has famous parents, Elle became well-known by showcasing her own talent and drive.

Love Stuff, King’s debut album, dropped in 2015 and she’s been braving the limelight ever since. True, the single Ex’s & Oh’s” fueled the album’s double-platinum success but King could not have ever seen the personal odysseys that would follow—major relationship issues, substance abuse, and depression.

King has three Grammy nominations under her belt and could well earn more with her new album, Shake the Spirit. Yet when she meets me, she describes herself as a mess,” struggling to shake off the man she secretly married nearly three years ago. I was literally talking to ghosts,” she says, wide-eyed.

King wrote “Shake the Spirit” after a tumultuous period, beginning in early 2016, when she married Scotsman Andrew Ferguson, whom she’d encountered in a hotel lobby while on tour. In April 2017, the Los Angeles Police Department had arrested Ferguson for felony domestic abuse, after he reportedly attempted to strangle King in her Los Angeles home. The album, part rock ‘n’ roll, part R&B and part classic-western-movie soundtrack, has the rocky feel of a messy relationship, sometimes reflective and melancholy, other times disturbingly explosive.

Every online order comes with one (1) physical copy of Elle King’s upcoming album, “Shake The Spirit.” You will receive an email with subject line Redeem Your Copy Of Elle King’s New Album” with instructions on how to secure your copy. Offer ends November 13, 2018.

King: I’m already starting to make new music. But I don’t have any time or date or any other info besides yes, that’s started. American Idol” contestant Shawn Robinson teamed up with Elle King (Ex’s & Oh’s”) in a Top 20 all-star duet on the singing competition show Sunday ― and their Proud Mary” wasn’t exactly rollin’.

These undercurrents of anger are a refreshing shake” of an oft-homogenized Top 40 chart. In rejecting celebrity perfection, King extends a hand to everyday audiences. She invites vulnerability and loneliness in Runaway,” resignation in Sober,” and longing in Chained.” The downbeat tracks balance the album’s opening bravado and flesh out the album’s journey from catch-and-release partying to a renewed love.

It’s been the greatest thing that has happened in my life. It just goes to show you that when you create something fun with no pressure and light-hearted and true, people just connect with it. It changed my life—a total 180. My world blew up. Through that, I met my band, which I consider my family. And yes, I sort of went a little crazy with some interesting life choices I made but all of that chewed me up and spit me out to be who I am now. I think I’m doing pretty good. I love playing music. I’m very happy.

Alternative pop singer whose music encompasses a variety of genres including blues and rock n’ roll. Her debut album Love Stuff was certified Gold and her debut single “Ex’s & Oh’s” was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2016.

Born Tanner Elle Schneider to the comedian, 54, and model London King, 52, the Shame” singer grew up in Ohio with her mom and stepdad Justin Tesa. Elle King will perform at 9:30 p.m. on the Hy-Vee stage. Tickets can be purchased through Midwestix or at Zzz Records for $50 prior to the show.

In October 2018, King gave a sweet shoutout to her man shortly after the release of her second studio album, Shake the Spirit. Music writers often struggle to apply a convenient label to King’s style: “I don’t have both feet in the country world,” the 30-year-old told the News-Leader Thursday.

Three-time Grammy nominee Elle King is no longer rocking the cat-eye makeup that formed her signature look following her breakout 2015 hit, ” Ex’s & Oh’s” She told the News-Leader she’s “chilled out” in recent times following a struggle with depression and other issues — but she will soon be rocking Springfield.

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Anyone who follows King’s press knows she’s been through a lot of ups and downs lately. She recently reconciled with her dad, comic actor Rob Schneider And she apparently un-reconciled with her off-again, on-again husband, with whom she eloped in 2016, then made TMZ when things got combative; she did interviews about their painful split in 2017, then posted lovey Instagram make-up messages just this past Valentine’s Day. Judging from the contents of Shake the Spirit,” the marriage is off again… very off. It sounds upsetting but it makes for good copy, as she takes a fairly scorched-earth policy toward the ex in question but doesn’t go overly easy on herself.

The album ends on a redemptive song for King called Little Bit of Lovin.‘” The guitar-heavy rock anthem features King’s raspy, growling vocals backed by a choir of harmony singers. She had originally wrote the lyrics as, There ain’t no more lovin’ left in this heart of mine,” but then decided that wasn’t right. She changed it to, I still got a little bit of lovin’ left in me.” At the midpoint of the song, she gives an empowered sermon on love, strength and hope.

Brash, bold alt-country musician Elle King’s new LP “Shake the Spirit” continues the artist’s unique strain of rock. Elle King, the country and rock singer known best for her mega-hit “Ex’s & Oh’s,” just announced tour dates nationwide. Find tickets here.

King decided she wanted to be a singer and musician after hearing the all-girl pop-punk band the Donnas when she was 9 years old in Ohio. By 13, she was playing guitar and later learned to play banjo. King began street busking and gigging around New York at age 16, then moved to Philadelphia to attend the University of Arts, where she majored in painting and film.

As she got older, King moved to bigger cities, hitting up New York City and Los Angeles and playing gigs. She released an EP in 2012, and then in her 2015 debut album, her single Exes & Oh’s” topped the charts, helping her become a mainstream name.

Elle King’s Shake the Spirit tour is possibly coming to a city near you with dates at places like the Riverbend Music Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview in Syracuse, N.Y., the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, Tenn., the Alaska State Fair Borealis Theatre in Palmer, Ala., and the North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista, Calif.

The “Ex’s and Oh’s” singer seems to really get into what happened with an ex-husband on her confessional second album, balancing irreverence and recovery. King told The Associated Press in October that every song on the latest album was “like another layer away” from the sadness and darkness.

These days, King says, her father is her No. 1 fan as she prepares for the release of her sophomore album Shake the Spirit (out Friday). King is also touring in support of her sophomore album, Shake the Spirit,” released in late 2018.

NEW YORK, NY — Elle King has added cities nationwide to her 2019 “Shake the Spirit Tour.” The singer, whose popular songs include “Ex’s & Oh’s,” “America’s Sweetheart” and “Shame,” announced on social media Monday that her tour would hit about 30 more cities between April 11 and May 30.

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