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The rapper recently performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey as part of a medley celebrating the Garden State alongside Redman, Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah and Wyclef Jean.

fetty wap eye – Fetty Wap Charged With Misdemeanour Battery

Fetty WapThe story just got a little more complicated for Fetty Wap, who was arrested on September 1st of this year after he was accused of attacking a valet at The Mirage Hotel and Casino. The woman claimed that the Trap Queen hitmaker had invited her and others to a party at an Airbnb Property after the music video shoot was over. Local news reports say he hit a parking attendant after getting into an argument. Police originally said Wap hit an employee but later said he committed a battery” on three.

Fetty Wap

The 28-year-old, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, was arrested on Sunday morning on three counts of battery, police said. Fetty Wap performed at the MTV Video Music Awards last week. He was arrested in November 2017 and charged with DUI after policy say he was caught drag racing another car on a New York City highway.

The New Jersey native first made his mark with diamond certified and debut single, “Trap Queen,” and was quickly catapulted to the top of the charts, earning him a number of platinum certifications, nominations and awards. Since then, Fetty has experienced success on a massive scale with “My Way,” “679,” “Again,” “Wake Up” and “RGF Island” all certified Platinum and debut album Fetty Wap 3X Platinum. Fetty Wap made history as the first artist to simultaneously chart his inaugural four entries in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot Rap Songs Chart. Other historic “firsts” include becoming the first artist since Eminem to land 3 songs in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 and the first artist to take 3 spots on the Shazam Global 200 Chart. From there, Fetty was nominated for 11 Billboard Music Awards (winning Top New Artist), two Grammy Awards and an iHeart Radio Music Award.

Jaime Pressly is one pretty lady, but her mug shot is not! The usually well-coiffed star posed for this booking pic when she was arrested for DUI in Santa Monica, California, in January 2011. The musical artist, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, was booked and subsequently released.

Fetty Wap may sound like two arbitrary words simply placed together to create a memorable stage name, but the moniker actually has some very specific inspiration. “‘Fetty’ is money,” he told GlobalGrindTV in 2015. “Wap is from fellow rapper Gucci Mane nickname Guwop.” Wap told the outlet that his real name is Willie Zoovier, and that he was named after his grandfather, who was a pastor, but he chose to change it out of respect. “My grandfather lived a certain way, and I got too much respect for my grandfather to live how I’m living now,” he explained.

Fetty Wap takes the term ladies’ man to a whole new level. In January 2018, In Touch investigated the number of alleged baby mamas Wap has and they discovered — wait for it — six! As such, the fertile father figure allegedly shells out $100,000 in child support each month.

Charleston County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s Office records reveal that “Southern Charm” star Thomas Ravenel was arrested and charged with assault and battery in the second degree on Sept. 25, 2018. Reports soon confirmed that the politician-turned-reality TV star’s arrest is related to allegations made by a former nanny who earlier in 2018 claimed that Thomas sexually assaulted her in his bedroom while his young daughter slept nearby. Thomas has denied her claims, but following his arrest, Bravo confirmed that he will no longer be a part of the “Southern Charm” cast.

Aaron Carter was arrested on July 15 in Georgia and booked for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and having drug-related objects. A motorist called police on July 15 and said Aaron’s vehicle, a Chevy Suburban, was “driving all over the road.” Aaron was in an AutoZone parking lot when police approached him. Bizarrely, he said he wasn’t even driving the car, but police said they saw him behind the wheel. He almost felt that he was targeted because of his celebrity.

Police allegedly now have enough evidence to charge Fetty, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, with the crime as footage of the incident was caught on a security camera outside of the premises, according to TMZ.

See, it was highly unlikely that we wouldn’t cross another celeb who got busted for DUI and had to pose for their mugshot. Here, Nick Carter stares at the camera after being arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles on March 7, 2005.

According to TMZ, another employee of the hotel held the Trap Queen” rapper until authorities from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived and took him into custody. He was released from custody after a few hours but is expected to appear in court soon.

A man in his 30s was killed early Wednesday in a shooting in a central valley business complex parking lot, according to Las Vegas police. Leave it to Paris Hilton to still look club-worthy while posing for her mug shot after she was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas in August 2010.

Before “Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood cleaned up her act – and spent some time behind bars – she posed for this mug shot following her arrest on two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent, and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery after police said she attacked baby daddy Gary Shirley in Indiana in 2010.

The fight between Wap’s two exes took place in the parking lot of a White Castle in Paterson, N.J. after the women already had an encounter at a local bar. Lowder was working at the bar, and reportedly tried to attack Skyy when she came in as a customer. Skyy allegedly went home after that, but her friends went to White Castle, where Lowder also showed up. Thinking Skyy was still with the group, Lowder reportedly pulled up at the fast food joint and started throwing bottles at them. She then allegedly pulled a knife and that’s when a full-blown fight broke out. The authorities were called and Lowder ended up in handcuffs.

Fetty has been criticized for having six children with six different mothers while also being considered a pretty genuine, philanthropic guy. Many kids born with glaucoma have thanked Fetty publicly for inspiring them to live without their prosthesis, and he’s typically very earnest when responding to them. In 2015, Fetty told a kid named Jaden that he understood what it was like to be picked on , and he was proud to have affected his life. Over the holidays in 2015, Fetty was seen in a New Jersey mall tossing handfuls of cash into the air for shoppers to take.

On October 19, TMZ posted the video filmed outside the legendary Mirage Hotel and Casino where last month’s fight went down. In it, you can see Fetty “connect with two punches” – possibly more – with guards swarming in on him in an attempt to bring him down.

Rapper Fetty Wap was arrested on Sunday morning after allegedly punching three employees at a hotel in Las Vegas. For his second DUI in three years, Kiefer Sutherland stared into the camera as he posed for his booking pic after being arrested in Los Angeles on Sept. 25, 2007.

Riding ATVs has become Wap’s great passion; not long ago he obtained a tricked-out Yamaha Banshee quad bike. With its twisted chrome, it resembles something out of Mad Max, and can go up to 70mph, members of his crew tell me. Wap suffered a motorcycle accident last year, and aggravated his knee filming a segment in advance of the iHeartRadio Music Awards on a quad. But shortly before the awards are scheduled to begin on this April day, he’s feeling better and ready to perform. Clad in a jean jacket and a shirt with American flag-coloured stars on his arms, he looks like a hip-hop Evel Knievel.

Another day, another celeb who was arrested for DUI. Here, Mel Gibson posed for his mug shot in Los Angeles on July 28, 2006. While Fetty Wap has love for 50 Cent , the “Trap Queen” rapper will not be asking “Uncle Fif” for a loan anytime soon.

In March 2017, he was involved in an argument that resulted in gunfire in his hometown of Paterson, N.J. At least two men were shot and two others were arrested in connection with the incident, but the rapper was not charged.

Just like some of his peers, Keanu Reeves was also arrested for DUI in Los Angeles on May 5, 1993. Oh, and if you’re confused about his name, “Fetty” is slang for “cash,” and “Wap” is an homage to rapper Gucci Mane, who also goes by GuWop.

Charlie Sheen flashed his mug for his mug shot following his arrest on a domestic violence charge for felony assault, felony menacing and misdemeanor criminal mischief counts in Aspen, Colorado, in December 2009.

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