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He has appeared on the Summer Warped Tour and the “These Things Happen” Tour, while continuing to release tracks. The video now has almost 300 million views, and proved G-Eazy’s commercial viability as a rapper.

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G-EAZYA totally dope white rapper who grew up in oakland and Berkeley, both of which are cities in the Bay Area of Northern California. With hyphy and its kooky eccentricities still the order of the day, Gerald started to build up a zany rap persona, with a gangster nerdcore look: bright skinny jeans, dookie chains, and huge glasses without lenses. (Imagine if MC Chris had grown up under the wing of Mac Dre) It was in this costume that he arrived at Loyola University New Orleans at age 18, having traveled all the way across the country to study at one of the nation’s premier music-business programs.

On July 9, 2013, he joined Lil Wayne and T.I., performing on ‘America’s Most Wanted Tour’. During this tour, he performed songs from his next album, ‘These Things Happen’, which was his first album to be released by RCA Records the next year.

The music sensation followed this up with an international tour and also made his first appearance on the TV. His third studio album was released in 2015 and he also had collaboration with Britney Spears. He has also co-recorded a soundtrack for the movie The Fate of the Furious. He has positive reviews for his third studio album and is gradually expanding his foothold in the industry. He has some nominations and awards in his name. His net worth is said to be $ 9 million.

A: Yeah. I’m probably just pretty conversational with myself. I sometimes use music as a way to talk to myself, I guess. I don’t know if that’s my Gemini twins talking to each other or what, that’s just how I like to write songs.

G-Eazy’s relationship with fame is at the forefront of his new album, The Beautiful & Damned , named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel about a couple’s obsession with decadence and high societal-validation leading to their moral degradation and eventual mental decline. The rapper says it took him the better part of six years living out Hollywood’s best-known cliché (sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll) to realize he was facilitating his own demise. He was drinking too much, drinking before his shows to get in the zone, drinking after his shows to celebrate, drinking in the studio to aid his creative process. Waking up soon became a tax and he found himself becoming dependent on the substances surrounding him. Eventually, he could no longer recognize “Gerald” in G-Eazy.

Gerald’s first album ‘These Things Happen’ was actually released in 2014 and reached #3 on the US Billboard charts. Speaking to Billboard, he described the project as “me in my 20s on a wild roller coaster surrounded by parties, tours and temptations.” The album featured A$AP Ferg, E-40, Danny Seth, and more.

Three years ago, the rapper G-Eazy found a very effective way to set himself apart, releasing Runaround Sue,” which was built on a sample of the 1961 Dion anthem of the same name. Of course, it didn’t hurt that G-Eazy, white and lanky and with carefully coifed hair, bore at least a passing resemblance to Dion, or that in the video , he played up the similarity, cavorting around in a letterman jacket while the Sue of his affection ran off with a tough guy in James Dean drag.

In 2016, G-Eazy was nominated for the ‘Best Hip-Hop Artist’ in the ‘MTV Europe Music Awards’. The next year, he won a ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the category ‘Favorite Hip-Hop Artist’. The interview also covers her struggle with being bipolar , with the songstress explaining how music has helped her through the illness.

The track includes G-Eazy rapping hard about his lifestyle and how it is elevated from those around him, while Gunna comes in with a smooth verse approach on similar topics. Multi-platinum superstar G-Eazy has released a brand new single, I Wanna Rock” featuring Gunna, alongside its theatrical video – watch here.

With so many new rap albums, mixtapes, EPs and songs dropping every week; knowing which ones are worth your time can be a challenge. But no worries, we’ll help smooth out the process with Now N’ Laters,” a column that highlights the hottest new releases of the week and the songs you’ll want to listen to now — and later.

There are other things to talk about, but he’d rather not talk about them, and I’m not convinced you want him to talk about them either. One thing G-Eazy doesn’t rap about much, at least these days, is his race, which is some combination of an inevitability, a relief, and a red flag. But the joke is this,” writes poet and critic Hanif Abdurraqib in The White Rapper Joke,” a highlight of his fantastic new essay collection, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us Every white rapper is the whole of the white rappers that came before them, because when there are so few of you, it becomes easy to avoid falling into the same patterns.” Abdurraqib traces the lineage from Vanilla Ice to Eminem to rock-star-esque Cleveland phenom Machine Gun Kelly (probably G-Eazy’s closest stylistic analogue) to uber-preppy also-ran Asher Roth to Macklemore, who in a few short years as a pop supernova turned white privilege (and white guilt) from his subtext to his very explicit text.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Earlier this year, hip hop stars Machine Gun Kelly and G-Eazy engaged in one of the more publicized rap beefs of 2019 over, among other things, their respective relationships with pop star Halsey.

Pop singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell has released his brand new song Like Strangers Do” today via Epic Records. Co-written by Jesse Fink (Noah Cyrus, Christian French) and Evan Gartner (Chelsea Cutler), the smooth, stripped-down song puts AJ’s incredible voice on full display.

His manner is almost pleasant, his flow gentle, his eyes a little sparkly. But at his best, he’s hilariously bawdy, a rapper who is all id, pleased at what he’s getting away with. At this show, he was the loosest on songs like Loaded” and Breathe,” easily his coarsest. He talks about feelings, too, on songs like Tumblr Girls.” Plus, he sings as well as raps (though not as well as he raps). In this, he owes at least a little to Drake. On Kings,” he even raps over the same Jai Paul sample Drake used on Dreams Money Can Buy” (though in a twist, G-Eazy’s version seems to have been released first).

Random” goes legitimately hard, in both beats and verses. But listening to it again later, I wondered if I was holding back on my enthusiasm because of the way G-Eazy looks. If these same lyrics were spat by a black artist, would the track’s heat be celebrated unreservedly by critics? The truth is that if there exists something of a taboo against treating G-Eazy like a good rapper, it is because he is not operating on equal footing. It’s simply not possible for him to. Too many other venues in life see handsome white men held to standards far below everyone else’s. Too many women and people of color have found that they have to be twice as good to get half the opportunities. Hip-hop was founded as a space for those whom society has offered no other shelter.G-EAZY

The following year, Halsey and G-Eazy’s relationship was on and off up until September 2018 when they called it quits for good. While it has been almost a year since her relationship with G-Eazy has come to an end, the singer is confident that she is doing alright in life.

Now G-Eazy is bringing up Halsey in his own music. In his ‘I Wanna Rock’ lyrics, he disses Halsey and Lil Xan. 12. G-Eazy’s latest album ‘When Its Dark Out’ outsold Rick Ross’ Black Market. Gerald Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy”, is an American record producer and rapper from Oakland.

Unlike Kanye West, however, G-Eazy’s relevance hinges on his visibility — features, new projects, red carpets. “You can’t just move to the mountains and disappear,” he says, referencing West’s rumored shift from the spotlight to Montana to complete his latest project. The world’s attention span is decreasing by the minute, the rapper claims, and as a result audiences are looking for who’s next — not who’s already here. He’s right. While aforementioned pop princesses Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s recent releases weren’t exactly sales flops , there seemed to be far more cultural interest in the up-and-comers who were appeared organically ubiquitous, that is, sans the immense marketing teams constructing their success. G-Eazy isn’t exactly calling the paparazzi to be seen on the scene, but he feels he needs to be accessible enough so that he isn’t forgotten.

His early work — punchy, rhythmic, and clever — suggests that G-Eazy has, buried somewhere within him, the heart of a lyricist. Perhaps if he had come up in New York, Chicago, Detroit, or Atlanta, he might have defaulted to honing his skills in that area. But operating in the Bay tradition means setting a mood first and foremost, and for Gerald the mood is partying endlessly and fucking other people’s girlfriends — he talks more frequently in his music about stealing your girl than anyone this side of Trey Songz.

But G-Eazy has taken a different road, building a fan base outside of the major label system, putting him in a position to headline a show like this, while the more conventionally known rapper opens. And he appears to have his eye on a bigger prize. Onstage, he had spotlights and risers and a neon sign spelling out his name — it was either designed to make a smallish stage look bigger, or built with the expectation of moving, very soon, to bigger stages.

G-Eazy’s performance comes weeks after Jay-Z, Roc Nation and the NFL entered a partnership that puts Roc Nation in charge of live music entertainment during the NFL season. Since then, both Hov and the label have been the receiving end of some backlash especially after they announced Meghan Trainor as one of their new Inspire Change artists along with Rapsody and Meek Mill.

Award-winning, Nashville-based recording artists and producers, Louis York have released their anticipated debut full-length, American Griots – The Album today on all digital and streaming platforms. Following on the heels of their vulnerable new single Don’t You Forget” and inspirational cover of Des’ree’s 1994 smash You Gotta Be (Reimagined),” American Griots – The Album features 13-new tracks all of which encompass themes surrounding love, happiness, and wellness.

Gerald Earl Gillum, known professionally as G-Eazy, is an American rapper from Oakland, California. His first major-label album, These Things Happen, was released on June 23, 2014, and peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200. His second studio album, When It’s Dark Out, was released on December 4, 2015. It featured the single “Me, Myself & I”, which reached the top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100. His third album, The Beautiful & Damned, was released on December 15, 2017. featuring ”No Limit” which reached #4 of the US Billboard Hot 100. His EP B-Sides was released on June 27, 2019, which included all the songs that didn’t make it on to his upcoming album These Things Happen Too which is expected to be released in 2019.

Gerald’s mother left his father when he was young and began dating another woman, which left him confused without a father figure in his life. He initially disliked the relationship but slowly grew to accept the situation. However his mother’s partner became depressed and fatally overdosed. G-Eazy tells the story of how he found her dead body in his basement in his song ‘Everything Will Be OK’.

By the time he released The Epidemic LP his reputation started to grow. He toured with Drake and Lil Wayne; although he wasn’t able to perform like them he took the opportunity to learn and watch how to work for a crowd, program a live set and develop a rapport with the audience, and act like a star.

An integral part of the duo’s success involves tailoring the concerts to their respective geographic regions, which is why the Oakland concert is loaded with homegrown talent like Kamayiah, Filthy Rich, Saweetie, Rexx Life Raj and Nef the Pharoah.

Fans of G-Eazy and Halsey will already know that the two artists dated for a year before breaking up in July 2018. They even collaborated together. ‘Him & I’ is an ode to their romance. Following the split , Halsey revealed that G-Eazy was unfaithful to her in their relationship. She told Rolling Stone that G-Eazy “cheated on her in front of the entire world, like, a billion times”. She also dragged G-Eazy directly in her lyrics to ‘Without Me’ and her recent Post Malone collaboration ‘Die for Me’.

G-Eazy’s net worth is estimated to be $9 million dollars in 2019. G-Eazy’s stare drifts to a point in the corner of the room as he recalls being a student at Berkeley High when Fillmore legend San Quinn was spotted near campus one day after school.

But this is the second reason Bay rappers stay underground for so long. The game here almost always defaults to DIY. If you were a rapper coming up in the late ’90s — post-Digital Underground, after major labels shuttered their Bay Area outlets — you moved units” one at a time, hand to hand, from your backpack or trunk.

Today, multi-platinum superstar G-Eazy has released a brand new single, I Wanna Rock ” featuring Gunna. While touring for Drake, G-Eazy’s college teacher demanded he show up for class — or fail it. Begrudgingly, the aspiring rap artist went to class.

A: How can I say this, it doesn’t really work that way, especially not for the people around me that get affected by one or the other’s actions. It’s not a fair excuse to say, G-Eazy did that,” if Gerald still has to deal with it.

Following the success of his latest album, he embarked on his first overseas tour, ‘From the Bay to the Universe’. He appeared on national television for the first time in 2014 on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’, where he performed the song ‘I Mean It’ live.

More than most American cities, the working-class Bay Area toward the end of the 20th century defaulted to a shared culture first before dissipating into racial separation, and hip-hop was at the core of that culture. Locals say that Filipino rap, dance, and DJ crews were making waves in San Francisco as early as the mid-1970s; in the 1990s, Chicano duo N2Deep repped Vallejo and peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the party rider anthem Back to the Hotel” More recently, there was Richmond collective HBK Gang (which counts Sage the Gemini as a member), a clique whose diversity is almost an afterthought. It’s never been unusual for all types of people to rap in the Bay Area, so the idea of a club rapper who dresses like a rockabilly is less weird here than it is anywhere else.

It’s been a long five years: During that time, G-Eazy, born Gerald Gillum and raised in Oakland, Calif., signed to a major label and released three Top 10 albums (the latest, the Fitzgerald-inspired fame lamentation The Beautiful & Damned,” dropped in December). He worked hard, toured constantly and dated well, his personal life a source of fevered tabloid speculation.

With his slicked-back hair and leather jacket, American rapper G-Eazy was known as “the James Dean of rap” when he debuted in the late 2000s. A month after splitting from G-Eazy for good, the singer released her emotion-wrecking song Without Me,” which she later confirmed is about her ex.

A minute later, a small procession comes parading in our direction, taking up the sidewalk and spilling out onto the street. Among them are a big bodyguard-type dude or two; someone holding a camera and shooting consistently; and a small horde of followers and hangers-on, shoving cell phones about the fray to get a picture. In the middle is the 6-foot-5-inch rapper, towering above them in a way that reminds me of Gulliver among the Lilliputians, dressed in his trademark black clothes, perfectly creased and impossibly clean. Not a hair is out of place. His eyes stay down on the phone in his hand, looking bemused by the commotion around him.

G-Eazy is likely referencing Halsey’s hospitalization as a teen after a suicide attempt, which led a bipolar diagnosis — something the singer speaks candidly about. In a world of FaceTune, filters and media training, Halsey is a rare breed in that she’s entirely unafraid to present herself as she is. Earlier this year Halsey made headlines after announcing she was “disappointed” in the American Music Awards for the lack of female representation among the 2017 nominees. It’s this authenticity that G-Eazy finds so attractive — and what he believes is at the root of Halsey’s success.

In August 2011, G-Eazy released his The Endless Summer and this became an instant hit. His song Runaround Sue has more than 4 million views on YouTube. He also toured with Drake and had to cut it short due to his academic commitments. After he graduated from college, G-Eazy joined Shwayze in his nationwide tour. In 2012, he did more tours in the USA. He also released his album Must be Nice. He also toured with Lil Wayne and T.I. and also performed songs from his next album which was released later with RCA Records.

He continued to tour around America in 2012, performing on the annual ‘Vans Warped Tour’ in June and on the ‘Excellent Adventure Tour’ in July, appearing alongside Hoodie Allen. In September that year, he made it to the 3rd place on the ‘iTunes Hip-Hop Chart’ with his self-released first full-length album, ‘Must Be Nice’.

You might find yourself skipping around, desperate for idiosyncrasy. The downtempo Summer in December” weaves dusty drums, meandering jazz piano, and turntable squiggles in a way that’s perhaps meant to nod vaguely toward DJ Shadow’s Entroducing. Charles Brown” keeps the piano, adds a couple of Bay Area rappers (E-40 and Jay Ant), and attempts something like chillout hyphy.” The results are no outsize success, but they feel distinct from the rootless Spotify-algorithm approach the rest of The Beautiful & Damned takes, aiming for RapCaviar and settling for Today’s Top Hits. The text here is that chart success has corrupted Young Gerald. The subtext is that it’s made him so numbly formulaic that nobody else can feel his heart at all.

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