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In the final hours of her life, Jackie Kennedy Onassis lay in the bedroom of her New York City apartment, surrounded by a group of close friends and relatives, including one of America’s most popular singer-songwriters.

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H.E.R.Now, after nearly a dozen doctors cast doubt on the circumstances of the girl’s illness and death, Turner is accused of benefiting” from attention from the news media and charities as Olivia’s heart-wrenching story traveled around the country, and as donations poured in online. Meanwhile, authorities say, Turner was allegedly abusing both Olivia and the girl’s older sister as they underwent unnecessary medical procedures based on Turner’s falsely reported symptoms and medical history.

Join the Because of Her Story community. You’ll get the latest news, updates and more delivered directly to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time. Onassis agreed, and Simon went on to write two children’s books for Doubleday. In the process, the pair developed a friendship that spanned the final 10 years of Onassis’ life.

The press obsession with government IT security, moreover, appears to be a passing fad that ended the moment Clinton lost her shot at the White House. News broke last November, for example, that First Daughter and presidential aide Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account , many of them in violation of federal records rules.” Yet this story received only a fraction of the coverage that Clinton’s emails received.

I’m literally just laying down and thanking Jesus…Where my father has taken me and placing me is exactly where I am meant to be. He said to me ‘Selena hold on, I hurt when you hurt. I cry when you cry but I will NEVER, EVER leave your side. Work with me, walk with me and watch how I do it.’ He always surprises me and I re-fall in love with Him every single time. In my worst moments, like awful, most painful moments -I never stopped sic falling to my knees wanting and needing only His love. See the enemy keeps trying to tear me down and it’s just not gonna happen. Not today. Not the next…,” Gomez shared after releasing her new song.

When I attended dental hygiene school we were taught that pregnancy has absolutely no affect on the health of a woman’s teeth. After getting out into private practice I found that my patients constantly told me otherwise. Not yet being a mother myself, women consistently explained that they never had dental problems until they were pregnant, and then they seemed to all come at one time. Dental professionals are always told about the effects that bulimia nervosa and gastrointestinal reflux have on eroding tooth enamel, but we’re taught to think that a vomiting pregnant woman doesn’t affect dental health at all. Then there was hyperemesis gravidarum, aka HG.” If any pregnant women had problems with their teeth, it was these moms.

You could give me all the money in the world, and I would give it back to you to be able to watch this again,” the girl’s mother, Kelly Renee Turner, told reporters at the time. The International HG Awareness Movement began in 2012 when the HER Foundation held the first HG Awareness Day on May 15th.

The medical staff became worried about possible child abuse after Ms. Turner claimed in 2016 that her other daughter had been treated for cancer in Texas, which a doctor found to be not true, according to the indictment.

Although her children had access to health insurance through their father, Ms. Turner falsified documents in order to receive Medicaid assistance. Ms. Turner received $538,991 from Medicaid for her daughters’ medical bills between March 2014 and December 2018, according to the indictment.

The girl used a wheelchair and a feeding tube, but her mother, Kelly Renee Turner, said she was always a fighter. Her last wishes seemed to fit. The Colorado girl wrote the bucket list with a Sharpie on a lime-green poster board: be a fireman,” feed sharks,” catch a bad guy with police.” And in the months before she died in 2017, Turner tried to make it all happen. The Denver Police Department and the local fire department let her ride in a cruiser and a firetruck. The Make-A-Wish Foundation threw her a surprise, and on GoFundMe, Turner raised more than $20,000 for medical treatment. Turner had claimed that Olivia was fighting a rare incurable disease, and that after years of invasive surgeries and countless hospital stays, her daughter’s pain and suffering was all coming to an end.

If you are currently in your first trimester suffering from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, PLEASE participate in our new HG Care App study. Download the iOS HG Care App from the Apple Store and contact Dr. Fejzo at [email protected] You will be asked to provide brief feedback on your pregnancy symptoms and outcomes via surveys during the study. If you feel too sick to use the App, just ask a family member to enter the data. It only takes a few minutes a day and can be very helpful in managing HG.

In her GoFundMe campaign created that month, she said Olivia added a new diagnosis to her already long list.” Now, in addition to a tumor, developmental delays, seizures, autism, sensory processing disorder, focal cortical dysplasia, digestive issues and hydrocephalus, Turner wrote, Olivia now had neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy.” She defined it as a degenerative mitochondrial disorder that causes the entire body to shut down a system at a time.” It would lead, eventually,” to her death.

Experts agree that educating girls and women is critical to economic development. According to a World Bank report on Girls Education in the 21st Century, educating girls is one of the most cost-effective ways of spurring development, and it correlates positively with increased economic productivity, more robust labor markets, higher earnings, and improved family and societal health and well-being, a major component of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Education for All (EFA) goals.

But now the authorities say most of Olivia’s medical problems were made up. Ms. Turner, 41, was arrested Friday on charges of first-degree murder in her daughter’s death, after a yearlong investigation found that she had Olivia treated for conditions the girl did not have and withdrew medical care when Olivia was in hospice.

Inside the home shortly before Onassis died, Simon was among the small group of people invited by the family to say goodbye, including John Jr. and Onassis’ longtime companion, Maurice Tempelsman. In a grand jury indictment revealed Monday, Kelly Renee Turner, 41, also known as Kelly Gant, was charged with 13 criminal counts that also included child abuse, theft and charitable fraud.

recognize HG Awareness Day , and we are encouraged by his recognition of the need for awareness for HG women in his state. We hope it will inspire state lawmakers to follow in his footsteps for future Awareness Days. This is a huge step in raising awareness, education, and research. We are truly grateful,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation.

H.E.R. grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area to a black father and Filipino mother. She was originally introduced to the public as a piano prodigy at age 10, appearing on the “Today” show and covering Alicia Keys‘ music. She was signed to Sony at 14 and said though she wanted to release music at times — she did try with the song “Something to Prove” in 2014 under Gabi Wilson — she appreciates the time she had to develop as an artist and work on songwriting and grow as a pianist, drummer and guitarist (she plays electric, acoustic and bass guitar).

The indictment alleges Turner caused Olivia Gant’s death, not the multiple illnesses that the mother claimed the girl had, and that prompted publicized ride-alongs with police and fire crews. CBS Denver reports in 2017, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and DaVita Inc., a dialysis company in Denver, helped Olivia live out her fantasy of dressing up as “Bat Princess” to battle Ursula and Captain Hook to save the Disney princesses Bella and Ariel.

Simon was about 38 years old at the time and already a massive star. Her first hit single, You’re So Vain,” was released 10 years earlier. Onassis, then 54, was working as an editor at the Doubleday publishing company. President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated 20 years earlier.

For survivors and family members of the HER Foundation, we encourage you to share your story, join the training, and use your voice to be a champion for change. If you have already shared your story with HER or with another source, you can simply copy your link into the story section after completing the demographic section of the submission. Speak up, even if your voice is shaking.

Several doctors who were interviewed said Olivia did not have a terminal condition. The girl started getting treatment at the hospital in 2013 after moving from Texas, where Turner’s husband stayed behind.

Community leaders hold a prayer vigil for Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney. Police said yesterday that remains that are likely the 3-year-old girl, who went missing 11 days ago. But as time wore on, the girls’ predicaments grew increasingly dire. For Olivia, it came to a head in July 2015, when Turner claimed Olivia’s recovery was nearly hopeless.

That anonymity proved two things for the singer: Her choice to release music without giving too much detail about her life worked, and her fanbase is not just made up of teenagers who mainly consume music through streaming — R&B purists love her, too.

Fans of Gomez were already thrilled at the release of her first new song. But, after learning she dropped a second, they went into a complete tailspin. I’m really SURPRISED!!!!!! LITERALLY IN TEARS NOW QUEEN SELENA ALWAYS WILL BE MY QUEEN AND SHE’S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” one fan exclaimed on Twitter. You’re the best Seli!!! You’re an amazing human, you deserve the best! God bless you!!! I love you!!,” another tweeted out. SHE IS MY BESTIE, SHE IS MY QUEEN, SHE IS MY GIRL, SHE IS MY FAMILY,” one ecstatic YouTuber commented.

Meet Dr. Thomas Guttuso, Jr., MD, Associate Professor of Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University at Buffalo and HER Foundation Advisory Board member. Dr. Guttuso is currently conducting research trial with HG women using a drug called gabapentin. Dr. Guttuso met the HER Founders and Dr. Marlena Fejzo, PhD of University of California Los Angeles, who is also a HER Advisory Board member, this past fall in Pittsburgh at the Biology of Nausea and Vomiting conference.

When Olivia was 2 years old, Ms. Turner sought treatment for constipation and developmental delays, the indictment said. Ms. Turner later told news reporters her daughter had autism and a neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy , a rare disorder impacting organ functionality.

Two years later, Olivia’s story was all over TV, as she lived out her bucket list in her final months. There she was riding shotgun in a police cruiser Hosing down a fire from a firetruck tower ladder Saving Disney princesses from villains while dressed up as Bat Princess,” as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation surprise.

One day after releasing her vulnerable new ballad Lose You to Love Me,” the 27-year-old entertainer surprised her Selenators by dropping another song and an accompanying music video at midnight. Doctors had said Olivia wouldn’t be able to survive on IV nutrition, and Turner was given the option of taking her home on hospice care, according to the indictment. Olivia died a few weeks later.

Describing the case as extremely emotional,” Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said Turner was arrested at a hotel in Glendale, Colo., on Friday morning and is being held without bond. It was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney. Children’s Hospital Colorado, where Olivia had been treated, has declined to comment, the Associated Press reported.

Turner is the most recent mother to be accused or convicted of inventing false medical history and symptoms for her children. In other cases, some mothers have been suspected of having Munchausen syndrome by proxy, in which an adult fabricates a child’s illness for sympathy and attention. In Clauddine Dee Dee” Blanchard’s case, she claimed for years that her daughter, Gypsy Rose, suffered from a host of mental and physical ailments, including childhood leukemia and muscular dystrophy — eventually driving Gypsy Rose to enlist her online boyfriend to murder her mother in 2015.

On Monday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office announced that Turner, 41, has been charged with first-degree murder, fraud and theft after allegedly inventing her daughter’s illness for years before finally leaving her to die. According to the 13-count indictment first obtained by Denver’s KUSA , in the weeks before Olivia died at age 7, Turner placed her daughter in hospice care and insisted that her health and quality of life were so poor that she should be withdrawn from all medical treatment and her feeding tube, and finally be allowed to die peacefully under a Do Not Resuscitate” order.

Assembly is our digital publication and newsletter for girls and young women to share their thoughts, challenges and accomplishments — and for all of us to learn about this new generation of leaders. Olivia’s daylong experience as the Bat Princess, which included a limousine ride, costumes, balloons, props and a party space at a hotel, cost Make-a-Wish $11,264.88, according to the indictment.

Leaving Michael in the same city he lived in for college was a “concern” for Kelly. She explained how she and Mark would look back on the times they dropped him off at college, only for him to come back immediately after.

We are hoping for support both financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Not only will this be a taxing time for Kelly (mom), and Olivia but for Olivia’s sisters and the friends and family who are willing to step in and help during this time,” the GoFundMe page states.

GLENDALE, Colo. (CBS4) — A mother who said her young daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness is now accused of being responsible for the death the 7-year-old girl. Kelly Renee Turner, 41, also known as Kelly Gant, was arrested Friday at a Denver-area hotel and is being held without bond in the Douglas County Jail in the 2017 death of Olivia Gant.

Clinton’s use of private email was the sort of minor scandal that the public deserved to be informed about at some point during the 2016 election — after which the news cycle could move on to other, more important stories. But that sure as hell wasn’t how it was covered. Indeed, it is likely that Donald Trump is president today in part because of the press’s obsession with this very small story.

In a grand jury indictment revealed Monday, Kelly Renee Turner, 41, also known as Kelly Gant, was charged with 13 criminal counts that included child abuse, theft and charitable fraud in the death of Olivia Gant in 2017.

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