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Anne and Desmond are divorced, and Anne re-married to Robin Twist. Keep up with all the latest Harry Styles news right here. A few days later, on the other side of the world: Harry’s pad in London is lavish, yet very much a young single dude’s lair.

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HARRY STYLESHarry Edward Styles (born 1 February 1994) is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. When Harry Styles firstarrivedon the music scene in 2010, aged only 16, the X Factor machine presented him and his fellow One Direction members as the perfect boyband It was all about blazers, slogan T-shirts and skinny jeans, making them the ideal objects of female teenage lust. Less than a decade later, though, Harry has joined the charge in the new masculinity revolution.

Lights Up is the first taster of what’s to come with Styles’ second record, which has been teased by Stevie Nicks as “spectacular”. Harry Styles, 25, has now splashed out a cool £8million on his second north London property – a purchase which hints that he is set to spend more time in his native UK over Hollywood.

His first album, Harry Styles, was released on May 12, 2017, and garnered a huge amount of success following the breakup of One Direction. Harry Styles fans can start to get excited since the One Direction star was spotted filming his new music video in Mexico on Sunday, shutting down the city centre with a late night shoot.

Thanks, Harry! From Harry Styles’ ” website. The nation had their doubts – and now singer Kelsy Karter has revealed that the Harry Styles tattoo she had etched on her face, is in fact, FAKE. The court heard Tarazaga-Orero’s stalking continued to have a significant impact” on Styles’s day-to-day life.

Rose to fame as a member of the pop British boyband One Direction , performing alongside Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Zayn Malik , and Niall Horan He later embarked on a solo career and released his first single ” Sign of the Times ” in April of 2017.

His band is full of indie rockers who’ve gotten swept up in Hurricane Harry. Before becoming his iconic drum goddess, Sarah Jones played in New Young Pony Club, a London band fondly remembered by a few dozen of us. Rowland and Jones barely knew anything about One Direction before they met Harry — the first time they heard Story of My Life” was when he asked them to play it. Their conversation is full of references to Big Star or Guided by Voices or the Nils Lofgren guitar solo in Neil Young’s Speakin’ Out.” This is a band full of shameless rock geeks, untainted by industry professionalism.

Harry Edward Styles is a widely-recognized singer, songwriter, and actor whose career continues to set records. Upon auditioning for the singing competition show The X Factor” in 2010 at only sixteen years old, he and four other young men who tried out to be solo artists were joined together to form the platinum-selling, globally renowned band known as One Direction Harry is credited with writing songs for Ariana Grande , Meghan Trainor , One Direction, himself, and more.

Hull was the one who talked him into taking a course on Transcendental Meditation at David Lynch’s institute — beginning each day with 20 minutes of silence, which doesn’t always come naturally to either of them. He’s got this wise-beyond-his-years timelessness about him,” Hull says. That’s why he went on a whole emotional exploration with these songs.” He’s 12 years older, with a wife and kids in Scotland, and talks about Harry like an irreverent but doting big brother.

Despite severing contact with the man on the advice of his security staff, Styles continued to see Tarazaga-Orero incredibly often … almost every day”. In April, Tarazaga-Orero posted coins to the value of £49.95 through the singer’s letterbox.

Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run,” the superstar tweeted on Tuesday night (Oct. 22), leading fans to believe a second fruit-titled track from the former One Direction -er is on its way. Within minutes, the rumored song title was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Styles made a new sound for himself with his debut album as his 70’s inspired music filled with melancholic emotion, leaves listeners with a feeling of eternalness. In this new era, Styles keeps his same sound but adds a layer of sensuality and more in depth emotion.

One Direction made three of this century’s biggest and best pop albums in a rush — Midnight Memories, Four and Made in the A.M. Yet they cut those records on tour, ducking into the nearest studio when they had a day off. 1D were a unique mix of five different musical personalities: Harry, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. But the pace took its toll. Malik quit in the middle of a tour, immediately after a show in Hong Kong. The band announced its hiatus in August 2015.

In a new interview with GQ , Reed, who has been Harry’s go to designer for the past three years, reveals the superstar’s closet is in fact under lock and key, in an undisclosed location. “I can’t say where it is located, but everything goes to an archive. It’s basically like a giant refrigerator – a frozen vault – somewhere in London where I am not going to disclose.” Yes, you heard that right, FROZEN.

A homeless stalker who camped outside Harry Styles’ house and posted notes and money through his letterbox has been banned from going near the singer. Harry Styles has caused a fan frenzy this week after changing his hair, debuting a new fringe and a shorter, straighter crop in snaps taken during his trip to Italy.

I could go on and on about his bromances with his One Direction bandmates, but I am partial to special bond between Harry Styles and Niall Horan An Aquarian values true friendship and has many acquaintances, but only a small circle of close friends.

The new song and video shows a never before seen side of Styles and implies his transformation as not only an artist but as a person as well. Though it was not given an exact release date, the listing reads: Vinyl ships early 2020,” giving fans a vague idea of when they should expect more music from the Sign of the Times singer.

In the #MeToo” era, masculinity is being redefined and men’s fashion has a lot to do with it, with figures like Harry Styles leading the way. With gender-fluid fashion on the rise, fixed barriers between genders are being eroded, allowing people to live more honestly, free of the limits that gender stereotypes traditionally placed on people.

Lights Up” is only two minutes and fifty-two seconds, but it feels longer due to its repetitive lyrics. The song and the video ends with the line Do you know who you are?” before the last chord of the piano plays. After Styles gives a nervous smile to someone behind the camera and laughs to himself, the already intimate video feels even more genuine.

But Harry’s friend and long-time collaborator, British designer Harris Reed has revealed that the 25-year-old front man goes to extreme lengths to ensure his Gucci suits and Saint Laurent blouses are kept in pristine condition.

A few days later, on the other side of the world: Harry’s pad in London is lavish, yet very much a young single dude’s lair. Over here: a wall-size framed Sex Pistols album cover. Over there: a vinyl copy of Stevie Nicks’ The Other Side of the Mirror, casually resting on the floor. He’s having a cup of tea with his mum, Anne, the spitting image of her son, all grace and poise. We’re off to the pub,” he tells her. We’re going to talk some shop.” She smiles sweetly. Talk some shit, probably,” says Anne.

The English actor stars as the lead in the Harry Styles-inspired fanfiction film, After. On Tuesday (23 Oct), Harry tweeted “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run”. ‘Kiwi’ is, of course, a reference to the third single from his self-titled debut album.

Styles has been a hunk since day one, but now as his millennial fans are also maturing, he has taken the heat to the next level. If you thought the photos from that steamy RS profile sent fans into a tizzy, wait until you search the #LightsUp hashtag on any given social media platform. Something miraculous is happening: People of all ages and genders, be them devoted Styles stans, One Direction originals or newcomers, are horny for Harry Styles (best exemplified by this cheeky Instagram post , courtesy of The Cut). That’s the power of this music video, which is literally the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

That evening, Fleetwood Mac take the stage in London — a sold-out homecoming gig at Wembley Stadium, the last U.K. show of their tour. Needless to say, their most devoted fan is in the house. Harry has brought a date: his mother, her first Fleetwood Mac show. He’s also with his big sister Gemma, bandmates Rowland and Jones, a couple of friends.

In 2015, British singer Ed Sheeran revealed Harry had told him he purposefully leaked a nude photo of himself during his time on The X Factor. Ed told a reporter “Did you know Harry leaked that nude picture himself? He leaked his own picture. I think that’s amazing.” As Harry is underage in the photograph, it is illegal to download or distribute the image anywhere.

Midway through the show, Harry’s demeanor suddenly changes. He gets uncharacteristically solemn and quiet, sitting down by himself and focusing intently on the stage. It’s the first time all night he’s taken a seat. He’s in a different zone than he was in a few minutes ago. But he’s seen many Fleetwood Mac shows, and he knows where they are in the set. It’s time for Landslide.” He sits with his chin in hand, his eyes zeroing in on Stevie Nicks. As usual, she introduces her most famous song with the story of how she wrote it when she was just a lass of 27.

A homeless man was convicted of stalking Harry Styles for months after the star bought him some food, according to reports. Harry wore several outfits designed by Harris on his first solo tour, and the singer reassured him that a lot of the custom pieces are being held in this frozen closet.

Lights Up” is a really interesting piece of art. When I first watched the music video, I didn’t like how the video was directed. The video seemed random, disconnected, and artsy” for the sake of being artsy. I hate when videos are weird for no reason. There’s a marked difference between the aesthetic and sound of Harry Styles 2017 and Harry Styles 2019. Look at the video for Sign of the Times” in contrast.

Harry Styles as Prince Eric will remain a fantasy for fans. Keeping this in mind, fans are concerned that Harry has chosen to champion a particularly big and heavy fruit this time. Harry Styles , a style icon for the ages, likes to take care of his things (we’d imagine that they’re mostly Gucci ). And so he keeps his clothes in a huge refrigerator in London.

He said: I’ve heard bits of Harry’s album, it’s good. It’s really good. We have always been on a cycle of doing the album throughout the year and then bringing out a single in September, October and then the album out at the end of the year.

Thanks, Harry! From Harry Styles’ ” website. The nation had their doubts – and now singer Kelsy Karter has revealed that the Harry Styles tattoo she had etched on her face, is in fact, FAKE. The court heard Tarazaga-Orero’s stalking continued to have a significant impact” on Styles’s day-to-day life.

Regardless of whether the fan speculations hold true, Styles furthers the idea of a coming-out statement in the Lights Up” music video. No formal narrative or symbol congeals the overall plot; instead, scattered glimpses of a glimmering, sweaty Harry Styles grace the screen. Set completely in the dark, it shines in bursts of green, red and white lights that alternate, flash and illuminate Styles’s journey throughout the video. The images feels otherworldly as Styles traverses through them effortlessly. At the very focal point, he is entangled within a throng of sensuous admirers of all genders. They glisten under a pale neon-green light, pressing their bare, sweaty bodies against Styles’s as he sings. Other images fill in gaps between this scene, namely one of Styles seated back-to-back on a motorcycle with an anonymous chauffeur and one of him partially submerged in water in saturated red light while wearing a sequined suit, reflected over a version of himself in boxer shorts.

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