Hell’s Kitty–The Series (2011)

akas: Hell’s Kitty
category: short
usa, 10 min.

Directed by:
Nicholas Tana


Nicholas Tana … Nick
Angel … Angel
Adam Rucho … Adam
Lorrie Rivers … Angel
Lisa Younger … Lisa Graves
Nina Kate … Dr. Laurie Strode


Nick writes for Hollywood. Adam is an extra, for the most part appearing in horror films. Nick has a hot girlfriend, Lisa. But worse of all, Nick has a demonically possessed cat, Angel. The cat attacks any women who get too close to Nick. She also eliminates other threats to Nick. Will Nick ever get rid of Hell’s Kitty? Or is he always going to have a truly evil cat? A number of victims appear as zombies in dreams. One victim actually appears as a zombie.

Zombometer rating: 1 / 5
Zombies occasionally pop up.


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