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At first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless , but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track “Sag My Pants” on his own in late 2010.

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HOPSINPeople who like Hopsin might also like these artists. On January 30, 2014 while on tour, Hopsin was scheduled to perform a show in Fort Collins, Colorado but feeling deeply depressed and even suicidal he walked out the back door of the venue before the performance. He hid in a house under construction until he called a friend to pick him up. However, on July 11, 2015, to make amends, he performed a free show for fans in Fort Collins at the same venue where he was originally to perform and dedicated a song titled Fort Collins” on his album Pound Syndrome.

That said, it is quite a shame things have become so hard for the rapper. Indeed issues such as coming from a dysfunctional family, dealing with leeches” and having beef with your baby’s mother is more or less standard hip-hop fare. But Hopsin is taking things really-hard by referring to suicide and such. However, considering that he is known for airing out his personal issues , such heavy-hearted lyrics may actually be part of his overall marketing strategy considering that (emo)tional raps are what are trending these days.

One of the most sentimental track on the release that makes the listener want to sympathize with Hopsin, is Ill Mind of Hopsin 9.” The Ill Mind of Hopsin” series has been a constant part of Hopsin’s career. During these songs, he focuses on one important or controversial topic. This new addition is dedicated to his 10-month-old son, who he has yet to meet because of the complications with his ex and his restriction from Australia.

AK: No idea! I searched for days. Shout out whoever it is, I’m here because of that. My brother‘s big on YouTubers, he told me the biggest thing when it comes to YouTube is consistency. You gotta continue to put s##t out. I’m like f##k, I’m still in school.” I wasn’t doing any work. Everything shifted to music. I was sleeping in classes, staying up all night recording. Some of my teachers knew, some of my teachers didn’t give a s##t. They were hardasses about it.

In between rumors that he was about to quit rapping and move to Australia, his fourth album, ‘Pound Syndrome,’ was released in July 2015. This was the last album to be released by ‘Funk Volume,’ before the company closed down in 2016 due to his differences with Damien Ritter. The album reached number 17 on the ‘Billboard 200′ list.

Hopsin, whose real name is Marcus Jamal Hopson hails from Los Angeles, where he was born on 18 July 1985 in the city of Panorama. He enrolled at James Monroe High School, where the school placed him in special education classes. He didn’t complete his high school education after a school prank turned to a scene of vandalizing school property, which led to him together with others sent to Los Angeles County Jail, where he spent a year. At School, Hopsin was a skateboarder no wonder he appears in his music videos skateboarding.

Although Hopsin made many references about quitting music upon the completion of the ‘Knock Madness’ tour, his love for the artistry could not keep him out of the studio. Sticking to his controversial “internet trolling” ways, he publicly quit the rap game, only to announce a week later that his newest project, ‘Pound Syndrome,’ would be released in 2015. With his fanbase having grown to 2,500,000 Facebook fans and 1,100,000 YouTube subscribers, Hopsin is back and ready to shake things up and continue to prove that even a special ed kid rapping in his momma’s basement can make it.

Fans of Hopsin have often considered his rap style to be similar to Eminem’s. Hopsin, however, has vocalized how Eminem has inspired his music before. The Los Angeles-based rapper has even mentioned his interest in collaborating with the “Lose Yourself” hitmaker.

At first, Hopsin was famous for his falling out with the pioneering label Ruthless , but that became a footnote when the rapper, producer, and actor released the hit track “Sag My Pants” on his own in late 2010.

He studied at ‘James Monroe High School,’ where he attended special education classes. He started skateboarding at a young age and picked up rapping at the age of 16. In 2003, he made his own album, ‘Emurge.’ The album was not released officially but was available online.

Token began cultivating his fanbase at age 14 after releasing simple videos online of him rapping. By age 16, Token had won multiple online rap contests and has amassed over a million views on his YouTube page. Along with his growing social following online, he began performing all around New England, establishing his live show amongst some known artists. Two of his videos, one of which was made when he was only 14, went viral on Facebook accumulating a total of 6 million views. Fresh off his 17th birthday, Token released a new video that went viral on YouTube and hit a milestone of 500k views in only 3 days and has since passed one million. Having garnered quite a dedicated following, Token has received many celebrity co signs including the likes of T-Pain, Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit), Platinum Producer Clinton Sparks, RA The Rugged Man and Hollywood star and Boston’s own Mark Wahlberg who recently pronounced Token his “new favorite rapper”.

We’re both aware that our friendship has run it’s course for now. It’s really sad things have ended the way they did, but it is what it is. Just know I have no resentment or animosity towards you. You are a profound inspiration, a musical genius, and will always be one of my favorite artists. I am immeasurably thankful for everything you’ve done for me Hop. I wish you the best in the next chapter of your career.

Shortly after his debut’s release, he departed from Ruthless Records due to the lack of any album promotions and artist support. 4 He later founded his own independent label Funk Volume and posted the music video for the song “Sag My Pants” (shown below, left) on October 8th, 2010, garnering more than 47 million views in seven years.

After two successful digital releases and a video fast-approaching one million YouTube plays, Jarren is hard at work on what will inevitably be his biggest album to date. Following the star-filled supporting cast of Freebasing With Kevin Bacon and Huffin’ Glue With Hasselhoff, the comedic emcee promises to break from the series with a purpose in mind. “This one has a different vibe. It’s a lot more personal stuff so people can learn who Jarren is,” he says, also suggesting more refined production that translates more to his ambitions of being a household name. In the same vein, that courage Jarren felt was missing is brewing on his upcoming work. The vet points to “Heart Attack” and “Smells Like Murder” with R.A. The Rugged Man as some of the most conceptual, dazzling work he’s recorded to date.

No Words 2 (Skit)” criticizes a more specific group of hip-hop, mumble rappers.” These are artists that critics claim mumble all their lyrics, making them hard to understand, such as Young Thug and Future. Hopsin mocks them by mumbling in an exaggerated manner, making him sound almost unintelligible.

Hop, you can post cooler photos on your social media, wear the flashier designer clothes, be on the scene” with the popular crowd, alter your music to cater to a different demographic, and mingle with artists you used to bash, but you’ll never fit in because that isn’t Marcus Hopson. There’s a stark difference between evolving and selling out. You are not evolving; you are selling out. You might take your career to newer heights, make more money, and receive more accolades, but until you are truly grateful for the little things in life none of the materialistic success you attain will ever suffice. Eventually, inevitably, the pain will circle back, and you’ll find yourself battling the same crushing afflictions. The only change that’s real and lasting comes from the inside.

Hopsin likes to keep himself busy making music, which he’s done since he was about 17 years old. He’s released four full-length albums, and in 2007 he started his own record label, Funk Volume. Marcus Jamal Hopson, better known as Hopsin, is an American rapper and producer. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.

Born Marcus Hopson, he is an independent rap artist whose 2013 album Knock Madness includes the singles “Old Friend,” “Hop Is Back” and “Rip Your Heart Out.” He first gained recognition for his 2010 album Raw. He is known for performing with white contacts in his eyes.

His next album, ‘Knock Madness,’ released in November 2013, with a positive message for the youth. He toured the US, Europe, and Australia, along with the crew of his label, ‘Funk Volume,’ to promote his album and the message it carried. The album reached number 76 on the ‘Billboard 200′ list and sold over 12 thousand copies in the first week.

He established his own label, ‘Funk Volume,’ with his friend Damien Ritter and featured Ritter’s younger brother, SwizZz, with whom he collaborated to release a mixtape titled ‘Haywire.’ The album was released online due to contractual issues with ‘Ruthless Records.’ It was later certified gold” for being downloaded over a 100 thousand times.

Each year on Hopsin’s birthday, he releases a video from a series of “Ill Mind”. In 2012, he shook the Internet with his controversial “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5,” where he took a much darker route, addressing issues society is currently facing such as drugs, gangs, and religion. The risk to take a stand against the use of drugs and alcohol, and the deglamorization of the party scene, paid off, and with over 1,000,000 views in the first 24 hours, this catapulted him into his third LP, ‘Knock Madness.’ “It’s gonna be hard to top – I’m calling it right now,” he boasts, claiming it’s just “an enhancement” of his work. His humble beginnings continued to drive him, as he again self produced, mixed, and mastered this album, proving to the industry that you do not need a glamorous studio in order to top the charts. ‘Knock Madness’ peaked at #2 on iTunes and its success led to a five-month world tour.

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