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“Champions” is even huger and more pompous. That is, in part, why he’s leveraging the single for his new work. The single went to number 1 in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and was in top 10 in several other countries.

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JAMES BLUNTJames Blunt is back with a new album. It is an album about the cycle of life – his father’s chronic illness; his guilt about leaving his wife to tour for months on end; the birth of his two young sons; the death of his old friend and patron Carrie Fisher – which may move his fans to tears. As it does Blunt, twice, over the course of our interview.JAMES BLUNT

Produced by Great Guns, the video picks up where ‘You’re Beautiful’ left off – a literal cliff hanger that saw him jumping into cold waters below after leaving most of his clothing and possessions on top of an icy mountain. All these years later, viewers are reunited with Blunt as he finally emerges from the ocean, washing up on a stony beach below a steep, rugged cliff face. True to its namesake, ‘Cold’ sees him embarking on a perilous climb up the mountain with his bare hands, fighting the elements to collect all his old clothing and possessions – many of which were the original pieces kept by Blunt after filming ‘You’re Beautiful’. In a cathartic climax, Blunt is rescued by a helicopter, finally leaving the mountain behind.

His father had major reservations when his son announced he wanted to leave the Army to write music. ‘My dad thought it was dangerous because it was taking a risk on something you couldn’t count on. But what I admire most about my father is that for all his background, he is a complete free thinker. He is charming, he is loved. Whenever I meet anyone who knows him, they always say What a great guy”, and that’s always made me feel unbelievably proud.

He adds: But at the same time, at the other end of the scale, I have a new young family, and so I thought of life playing out in front of me. And with that circle of life, that’s a real huge inspiration to write this album.

On the album, I built up the music with Tom Rothrock, just the two of us. We used occasional session musicians from Los Angeles and benefited from their experience, but otherwise it was this building process from nothing. Whereas with the live show, I have a regular band. There’s a drummer, a bass player, electric guitar, keys, and I play acoustic guitar and piano myself. And they all sing, like little girls! Laughs. They’re great musicians, so I just said, “Come on guys, what do you want to add to this?” I didn’t dictate to them. They brought their own musicianship to it. And as such, the same songs are presented in different ways. But it’s not set-I’m easy.

Blunt’s current single “Cold” has already amassed over 6 million streams since release last month. The Calum Macdiarmid-directed visual mirrors the iconic visual for Blunt’s debut global hit single “You’re Beautiful,” finding the tunesmith washed ashore fourteen years after his iconic dive into the water in the same clothes and scaling cliffs for moments of jaw-dropping tension with no stunt doubles involved. Fans will be able to connect the dots as he pays further homage, picking up original items from the 2005 video during his ascent before his eventual airlift to safety.

On his new album, the former military man was equally unyielding with himself. New single Cold” is a mea culpa to his wife of five years, Sofia, the lawyer daughter of Lord and Lady Wellesley, in which he apologises for his prolonged absences. I Told You” is a hymn to his infant sons, the younger of whom was almost a year old before the perennially touring Blunt spent serious time with him.

The singer has created 10 snapshots from his extraordinary life wherein love, lust, mistakes and regrets are scrutinized unflinchingly. Such is their sense of intimacy, the listener almost feels as if they are eavesdropping.

The star behind the instantly recognizable 2005 hit, “You’re Beautiful,” recently reflected on his standout, Grammy-nominated song in an interview with Esquire 15 years after he recorded it. However, during the conversation, the British star made a notable claim about his fellow English performers in regard to the track that skyrocketed his signature voice to worldwide fame.

For all of his self-deprecating jokes and comical comebacks on social media, James Blunt is convinced we’d all be happier if it just vanished. Although he is widely adored for his hilarious Twitter take-downs and witty zingers, the singer-songwriter reckons the online world has fooled us all into thinking that life isn’t as wonderful as it actually is.

The reason this is so difficult for Blunt, 45, to talk about is that his father has stage four chronic kidney disease, and he needs an positive organ donor. None has been forthcoming so far, and the family have been shown an NHS timeline of life expectancy in these circumstances.

When you remove all of the contents of your pockets and place them neatly in an organized row. This action rides the line between creepy and artsy and was popularized by the James Blunt “Beautiful” music video.

For James is Mr Nice. He’s one of rock‘n’roll’s most pleasant, charming and likeable singers. While Paul Weller famously put him down – and Twitter frequently reacts in much the same way – James is too sanguine and self-deprecating to rise to any of it. Pleasant, humble and so damn funny, his Twitter stream in one of one-line comebacks that put the comics at Edinburgh Festival in the shade.

Perhaps Blunt’s comment was inspired by the fact his song spent 38 weeks on the same chart and scored “Song of the Year” and “Record of the Year” nods as opposed to the Stones, who have never been nominated in either category. However, four of their albums and two of their songs have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and they’ve taken home four Grammy statues, including a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The first single from All the Lost Souls, ” 1973 “, was inspired by Blunt’s nights out at Pacha , an Ibiza club, which opened in that year. The song became another hit, reaching number one the Billboard European Hot 100 Singles chart. 62 D.J. Pete Tong remixed “1973” and played the track during his set at Pacha over the summer of 2007. 32 The second single, ” Same Mistake “, was released in early December 2007 but did not fare well in the UK charts, peaking at number 57. It was Number one in Brazil and a hit in many South American countries. 63 The third single from the album was ” Carry You Home “, released in March 2008, peaking at number 20 in the U.K charts and bringing the album back into the Top 10, six months after its release. 58 The fourth and final single from the original “All The Lost Souls” album was ” I Really Want You “.

In the interview, James Blunt refused to disclose which way he voted in the 2016 referendum but told the paper’s Ed Cumming: “I’m going to carry on touring through Europe whatever happens. James Blunt, known for his wit, sassy comebacks and his friendship with fellow musician Ed Sheeran, is followed by 1.82 million users on Twitter.

During the interview James revealed that his album wasn’t ‘all misery’ and detailed the other meanings behind his songs, including his wife and kids. Good morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV while James Blunt’s new album Once Upon A Time will be available from Friday October 25.

After flirting with electronica on his last album, James Blunt returns to what he does best on new album ‘Once Upon A Mind’, writing classic songs that touch both the heart and the head. His debut album Back to Bedlam, released in 2004, proved to be a huge success, selling 17million copies worldwide thanks to hits such as You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover.

It is an album about the cycle of life – his father’s chronic illness; his guilt about leaving his wife to tour for months on end; the birth of his two young sons; the death of his old friend and patron Carrie Fisher – which may move his fans to tears. As it does Blunt, twice, over the course of our interview.

On the road I’ve been pretty busy, so I’ve had lots of musical ideas, but not enough time to cement them into songs. I just write the words down and try to remember the rest. But I’ve taken a bit of time off over the last couple of months, and I’ve been plodding through some song ideas I’ve had for a while. It’s really nice to take stock and put these ideas down. And I’m really excited about going back on the road and trying some of these things out.

Looking back on You’re Beautiful, is it actually a bad song? Yes, those high-pitched yelps were annoying, but it has been streamed almost 80m times on Spotify, so someone has got to be listening. It can’t all be weddings, as Blunt’s mate Ed Sheeran now dominates that corner of the market. The song is not even that romantic: listen closely and it is about Blunt getting on the tube while high, and seeing an ex-girlfriend and thinking she’s fit. But, if you listen to it in its optimal setting (in the back of a cab at 4am, leaving a night out where you too have seen a hot ex) it is actually perfect. So welcome back in from the cold, You’re Beautiful. Take your rightful place on that 00s throwbacks” playlist everyone has, that they only listen to alone, through their headphones. And we’re sorry about the last 15 years of ridicule.

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