jhene aiko triggered – Jhene Aiko To Push Back Her New Music To Show Respect To Nipsey Hussle

Her eldest sister holds everything together. And I always bring my own mirror—I got this from Bed Bath and Beyond. The venue had a beautiful view. That’s how her latest song, the scorned lover ode Triggered (Freestyle),” was created.

jhene aiko big sean tattoo cover – 21 Facts You Need To Know About Jhené Aiko

JHENE AIKOJhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo was born on March 16, 1988 and raised in Los Angeles, California. Souled Out, her proper debut album, was released the following September and hit number three on the Billboard 200. The album also spawned several singles, including “To Love & Die,” “The Pressure,” and “Spotless Mind.” Aiko then collaborated with rapper Big Sean on the 2016 side project TWENTY88.

selena gomez singing about a past relationship isn’t a call-out” or throwing shade”… it’s literally a part of the job of a singer-songwriter to pull from past experiences. 14. Jhené was originally signed to Epic but left before the release of her self-titled debut album.

17. Jhené released her first full debut EP ‘Sail Out’ in November 2013. He’s already released a handful of singles off the album, including Single Again,” Overtime,” and Bezerk.” However, the full tracklist is still under wraps.

In interviews, Aiko often discusses the influence rapper 2Pac had on her early musical tastes explaining how the rapper’s later albums compelled her to be multi-dimensional—embracing contradictions and different perspectives while also using her talent to send a message. Aiko also draws, however, on her multicultural Japanese and African American background to achieve the concept of multi-dimensionality, making her music and artistic persona distinctively Hapa.

Known by the stage name Jhené, she rose to fame as a singer with the American R&B group B2K and released hit songs such as “The Worst” and “Sail Out.” In 2018, she released her first poetry collection titled, 2Fish.

Triggered,” which was released Tuesday with sparse accompanying visuals, has all the makings of a whirlwind diss track (and an Ariana Grande song, as it sounds pretty similar to Thank U, Next” with hints of Eminem’s flip-flopping ballad, Love the Way You Lie” ).

The 31-year-old singer released her first song, and the latest from her forthcoming album of freestyles since confirming she and the Blessings” rapper had split last year. At that time, she also covered up a very visible tattoo of Big Sean’s face with a trippy galactic scene spanning her back and shoulders.

On March 16, 2011, Jhene Aiko released her mixtape entitled Sailing Soul(s)” through her official website, All of the songs were written by her except for July,” and most of them were produced by Fisticuffs. The mixtape features collaborations with other artists like Drake, Kanye West, and Miguel.

After collaborating with other artists during her early to mid-teens, she took a brief hiatus to finish her education. In 2011, she announced her return to music with the mixtape, Sailing Soul(s), comprising dreamy, minimal R&B vocals; it was entirely written by Aiko and featured collaborations with Drake , Gucci Mane , and Kanye West In 2012, she signed with Def Jam through No I.D.’s ARTium imprint and released the single “3:16AM.” The following year proved to be pivotal for Aiko – she was featured on Big Sean ‘s Top 40 hit “Beware” and teamed up with Drake for an appearance on his highly anticipated album Nothing Was the Same. Critics praised her performance with Drake , which raised her profile globally.

Jhené Aiko’s real name is Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo. Jhene Aiko is being sued by a Colorado woman who says the singer stole her artwork and slapped it on a t-shirt for her clothing line. Following the release, multiple outlets had reported that her new song was a diss track towards Big Sean whom she had been dating for some time.

When asked to describe her ideal date, Jhene’s says that it is weed, wine, food, sex…” When asked whether she is in a current relationship, she admits that she is seeing someone, but that she still considers herself single.

Jhené Aiko Chilombo was born in 1988 in Los Angeles to Christina Yamamoto, a woman who is African American and Japanese, and Karamo Chilombo, a man of mixed-Black and Native American ancestry. Aiko is one of five siblings who grew up in a multiracial and tight-knit family from Ladera Heights, a Black middle-class enclave in south Los Angeles. Aiko’s sister, Mila J, is a singer, songwriter, and dancer herself.

The pair began dating in 2016 and were rumored to be on the outs in late 2018. However, their breakup wasn’t confirmed until March. Aiko was first to address their ending and said the musicians were still on good terms despite separating. “Me and Sean are good. I got tons of love for him,” the California singer wrote in response to a post on The Shade Room’s Instagram in April.

5. Rebecca Farley, Jhené Aiko Literally Has A Funeral For Her Ex’s Ego In The “Never Call Me” Video.” Refinery 29, March 20, 2018. Track to know when Jhene Aiko is playing near you. I appreciate you supporting me on this one and I want to just say I love you unconditionally. You amazing, talented, every song we do special to me!” Sean tweeted.

The life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle are continuing to be celebrated across Hip-Hop and Jhene Aiko is pushing pause on the release of any music out of respect” for the West Coast emcee. On Saturday (July 27), Aiko tweeted a link to Big Sean’s new single Single Again,” which she’s featured on alongside Ty Dolla $ign.

While this is the first time either Aiko or Sean have addressed their status since rumors of their breakup started circulating online, it became clear last year that something was up after both removed all trace of their relationship from social media.

Jhene Aiko is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She announced that her full-length album Souled Out would be released in May 2014. She also has guest appearances on Conan and will be playing Coachella in April. She is expected to play a few dates on Drake’s European concert tour.

When I met Sean, if you looked in the dictionary for Jhené Aiko, it would be a picture of Sean. Basically, he is my type, but he knows,” she said — adding that the two built a friendship for years before they started dating.

According to Jhene, she writes from a very personal place and so the songs are in chronological order of what has been happening in her life. The songs are meant to take the audience on a journey with her. They are confessional in nature and often speak of love and loss.

10. Jhené Aiko has worked with artists like B2K, Drake, Big Sean, Miguel and Kanye West to just to mention a few. Some of them inquired about Sean and Aiko’s follow up to their 2016 Twenty88 album while others inquired about the former pair getting back together.


selena gomez singing about a past relationship isn’t a call-out” or throwing shade”… it’s literally a part of the job of a singer-songwriter to pull from past experiences. 14. Jhené was originally signed to Epic but left before the release of her self-titled debut album.

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