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It’s important that Latino artists who’ve been overlooked for so long, because of the fact that they don’t make music in English, get the credit they deserve and not just people who are trying to capitalise on the language and the trend.

kali uchis tour 2020 – This Incredible Colombian Pop Star Is About To Make It Big In America

KALI UCHISRecently remodeled, Kali Uchis’ two-story home holds a marble-washed floor plan full of indoor-outdoor living spaces. Most of my features have been production features. I’m very selective about who gets on the same song as me, and whose song I get on. But when it comes to production, I really like to work with different people, because I’m still looking for that one person to work on my next album with. Every song is a different genre. There’s Gorillaz Damon Albarn, who does some vocals and produces (In My Dreams”). Kevin Parker from Tame Impala produces a song. Thundercat was doing a lot of ad libs and playing bass. He’s one of my good friends. He’s a really sweet person. And the Dap-Kings. I love them. For my next project though, I don’t want to bounce around between producers and features. I want to just work solely with one person and in one place.

TYLER: A lot of heroin comes from Afghanistan, I believe… Yeah, Colombia’s not really put into mainstream as anything other than this is where we get coke from” so people are ignorant to what’s there.

Eggs. Milk. Cheese. Bread. LOVER. These are the things that Kali Uchis writes on a grocery list at the beginning of the video for After the Storm ,” her Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins collaboration from earlier this year. It’s the kind of visual that is so beautiful, so aesthetically delicious, that you want to climb inside it and never, ever get out. Every color looks like it was sucked from a child’s story book, and the result is a surrealist utopia. Did you ever wonder? Yeah, do you ever wonder?” sings the 24-year-old Colombian-American artist, her eyelids half closed, her perfectly manicured nails resting beneath her chin. And then she’s slowly gliding through a supermarket in lemon yellow rubber heels, a dazed look on her face, the contents of her trolley coming to life in the way you’d imagine them doing when you were a kid with a fever. Oh my god, I remember thinking, when I saw this for the first time, this person is pure genius.

Smith joined Uchis on stage for the last couple of songs, and the pair ended the night with Tyrant,” their collaboration track from Isolation. It’s an infectiously catchy song, and highlights the onstage chemistry that the two singers share. I continued to hear snatches of the chorus from some of my fellow concertgoers as I filed out of the venue, and again as I waited for the train.

After the success of recent years’ organizations, Selena for Sanctuary that supports immigration rights will give a party at SummerStage Festival 2019. The leading musician is American-Columbian singer Kali Uchis, and she will be supported by Cuco, Ambar Lucid, DJ Svani, and Santuario House Band.

It’s not surprising that Uchis works so well in tandem considering the wide array of talent she’s collaborated with so quickly in her career — Tyler, The Creator, Snoop Dogg, Daniel Caesar, Bootsy Collins, Juanes, Vince Staples and more. But there’s some irony to that, considering her critically acclaimed debut studio album is titled Isolation and she’s a champion of individuality, which is really just a testament to how well she knows herself, an endearing quality at such a young age.

While I wait 45 minutes for Kali Uchis to arrive at the Times Square office location of her Refinery29 photoshoot, I’m anxiously anticipating the telenovela-meets-old-Hollywood vixen I’ve gotten to know through her artfully curated music videos and Instagram feed. But when Kali arrives and introduces herself to our crew with Hi, I’m Kali,” her voice is so whisper-soft, I have to strain to hear her. Her long-lashed eyes are wide, and she’s wearing nothing but a fluffy white bathrobe and Adidas slides. There are no tales of hangovers or diva antics to explain her lateness; her team simply apologizes for traffic and their Uber driver getting lost.

Karly-Marina Loaiza (born July 17, 1994), known professionally as Kali Uchis, is an American singer and songwriter. She debuted in the music industry with her 2012 mixtape, Drunken Babble, which was described as “genre-defying”. She released her first EP, Por Vida, in 2015 to further recognition. Her debut studio album, Isolation, was released in 2018 to widespread acclaim.


Kali Uchis is highly particular. She likes the design of Adams Morgan’s Line hotel but wishes the TV in her room could swing out from its wall mount. She enjoys Los Angeles, but the lack of seasonal weather makes her feel as though she’s caught in a Groundhog Day” loop. She’s selective about whom she works with, she says, because she’s averse to other people telling her how she should sound.

Though Uchis’ signature swagger is sustained throughout, she unveils another layer to this character in the rest of this album: one fraught with heartbreak, seclusion and self-doubt. Lead single ‘Tyrant’ touches romantic distrust, while ‘Gotta Get Up’ describes being too depressed to get out of bed. The lyrics of ‘In My Dreams’ come across like self-talk she doesn’t quite believe, as she describes a world without insecurities or drug-rattled family problems. Her swooning vocals are highlighted on horn-heavy, ‘Back To Black’-reminiscent track ‘Feel Like a Fool’, as she swoons about losing a lover to another woman. It’s followed by the even slower, sadder closing track, ‘Killer’. Funk basslines, disco guitar and snappy percussion leaven the heartache across the album.

The Colombian American singer, who oversees most of her own creative direction, has a clear view of not only what she wants to do, but how she intends to do it. And the 24-year-old is well aware of how the world perceives resolute women like her.

It was better when she was at the house of blues. The way she changed the tones of her songs too was bad, she left the audience thinking that she was going to sing more because it was a short performance. She didn’t really interact with the audience either like Jorja smith did. Just because you get a bigger place to perform in doesn’t mean that you should deliver less. I’m giving 3 stars because of jorja smith, she was amazing.

I quickly come to understand why Kali might approach life with her guard up. The singer, who turns 24 in July, was born in Alexandria, Virginia and grew up shuttling back and forth between the east coast and her family’s small hometown of Pereira, Colombia; she describes her childhood as chaotic” because her home in the U.S. was often the first stop for family members arriving from Colombia. Her relationship with her mother was distant — when asked about her mom now, Kali just says curtly: She’s my mom.” Growing up with no major female role models,” Kali roamed the aisles of CD stores, turning to the music of artists like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald for comfort, at least musically.

Unlike most stars, she had her image in place from the start. At 18, Uchis released her first mixtape, Drunken Babble. Her instincts were so honed that she finished the tape in just 48 hours. After the release, one of the first people to reach out to Uchis was Chris Braide, who co-produced Lana Del Rey‘s Born to Die. Music writers have drawn comparisons between Del Rey and Uchis before. The tape made waves almost instantly — everywhere from the pop to the hip-hop community. Snoop Dogg was an early fan.

I had heard of both artists ahead of time but was surprised by the passion that fans brought to the event, emphatically singing along to nearly every song—even Uchis’s all-Spanish Nuestro Planeta”—to the point that it was sometimes all I could hear. The sheer level of fan excitement exceeded that of other concerts I’ve been to recently.

To a large degree, she styles herself, she produces herself, she plays all the instruments on her records. And after a lot of hype, in February she released her first EP, Por Vida, with a little help from artists like Tyler, the Creator. And it’s incredible.

Smith delivered an impassioned performance of fan favorite “Blue Lights,” her politically charged breakout single, in a sea of blue stage lights before closing out her set with the celebratory “On My Mind.” People danced, jumped, and howled along “I finally found what went wrong.” No confetti cannon needed – the song was plenty euphoric.

It makes the lyrics to the opening song on her latest album, Isolation, particularly fitting. The album glides effortlessly between soul, bossa nova, reggaeton, Cumbia, bedroom pop and elastic funk – all wrapped up in Uchis’ sun-baked, jazzy vocals.

Hussain, Shahzaib (April 9, 2018). “Kali Uchis – Isolation” Clash Retrieved April 10, 2018. TYLER: It was great, I haven’t had a show like that since 2012. ‘Cause in 2013, people started trying to sue me if a show got too rowdy.

But the way I work best is still from scratch on the keyboard, when I’m by myself in my room. I’ll just make different sounds, and it can get weird laughs. Then I bring my ideas to people who can really produce, because I’m still figuring out how to be a better singer, writer and musician in general. It’s nice to see what you come up with with different people, because I learn so much from all these really talented musicians.

TYLER: A lot of heroin comes from Afghanistan, I believe… Yeah, Colombia’s not really put into mainstream as anything other than this is where we get coke from” so people are ignorant to what’s there.

I didn’t know anyone who really made music before, and it’s different from people who grew up in or around the industry. It can feel like you’re on an entirely different planet. When I would be listening to oldies and shit, stuff would just strike me. That’s how I made my first mixtape – I just sampled oldies – but in my first real project, Por Vida, that’s when people in the industry started noticing me a little bit. I was lucky enough to have things sent to me by Kaytranada, Tyler , the Creator and Diplo, and that’s when I started working with producers.

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