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Kehlani is now a Grammy nominee, a social media influencer, and a fan favorite of the contemporary pop scene. Social media comments ranged from misogynistic to slut-shaming to just plain hateful—and that was only what the public could see.

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KEHLANIDown-to-earth contemporary R&B singer and songwriter from Oakland, California. Overall, the features help shape the tracks to sound like the popular R&B hits we’ve been hearing on the radio lately, but the last two tracks—Butterfly” and Love Language”—solidify that Kehlani’s solo singles are her best. In Butterfly,” the fact that the mixtape is dedicated to her daughter shines through, as she sings about awaiting transformation in her relationship—perhaps as she and her partner become parents. Instrumentally, Love Language,” is the best track off of the album. The beats are catchy and experiment with synthetic sounds. The listener will finish the album swaying along until the very end.

To coincide with the announcement, Kehlani has shared a second preview in the form of Butterfly”. Like a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time, Kehlani’s vocals can be heard gracefully stretching as she sings about a new, exciting prospect that she’s hoping will bloom into something more.

Kehlani served as an opening act on Demi Lovato ‘s Tell Me You Love Me World Tour in North America, which started on February 26, 2018 and concluded on April 2, 2018. She then opened on Halsey ‘s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour in Oceania, which started on April 19, 2018. She was also featured on the Cardi B album track ” Ring “, which entered at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 , making her first top 40 entry on the chart. 39 Kehlani is currently represented by David Ali of Above Ground Management.

Take show opener Keep On,” with its handclap-foot stomp beat and lilting lyrics that sound like vintage Brandy. The song finds Kehlani singing about being in a one-sided relationship — You just keep on taking me back” — but she might as well have been nodding to the night’s nostalgic vibes, from the songwriting to the girl-group choreography she perfected with her two dancers.

Having already landed spots on Complex’s Top 25 Rappers To Know in 2014, Pigeons & Planes Top 10 Rappers to Know Before They Blow, and Spotify’s Predicted Music Stars of 2015, Pell is poised to surpass even his wildest dreams in the year to come.

Kehlani has incorporated her sexuality into her music including her recent single Honey,” which is a love song to another woman. Kehlani took to social media Friday to reveal some exciting news: She’s expecting a baby girl. The singer is four months pregnant and tweeted the father of the baby is one of her best friends.

And the singer has been open about her sexual fluidity in her music as well, putting songs out into the world that are about relationships she’s had with people of various genders, not just men as is so often expected of female R&B and pop artists.

Finally, Kehlani released her first solo single ANTISUMMERLUV on SoundCloud, earning immediate recognition and an LA apartment with studio time from Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent. Mixtape Cloud 19 followed suit, along with another viral hit, Till the Morning.

By the time her senior year rolled around, she decided to move down south to Los Angeles in an attempt to get back into the music game. She enrolled at Hollywood High, but because of the fact that she wasn’t yet 18 and had no legal guardian with her in L.A., she was removed from the school in handcuffs after a matter of days and temporarily placed in a group home. So she returned to Oakland with no money and eventually graduated, but it wasn’t easy.

American singer, songwriter, and dancer Kehlani Ashley Parrish rose to popularity thanks to her band PopLyfe and the reality TV competition America’s Got Talent. Kehlani is now a Grammy nominee, a social media influencer, and a fan favorite of the contemporary pop scene.

Kehlani doesn’t speak like a young media trained celebrity. She shares her rapid-fire thoughts in real time and is quick to offer what she’s learned as a highly visible figure participating in conversations around topics like race, sexuality and mental health. Her fan base is highly engaged, and like anyone her age, she’s active on social media. On Twitter in particular, Kehlani’s had her fair share of exchanges that have made her reconsider her place in the world as a queer, multiracial woman.

Her fans, however, have been longing for more of her and her alone. Now, with her latest mixtape, While We Wait,” her following has been quenched of their thirst. While We Wait” has once again highlighted Kehlani’s knack for consistent, entertaining and emotionally-captivating melodies intertwined with pulsating rhythms.

Kehlani’s mixtape While We Wait,” released in late February, is dressed with a yearning for love like many an R&B album, yet harnesses Kehlani’s distinctive brand as both a romantic and a player. In While We Wait,” Kehlani creates a profound emotional experience, invoking large-scale romantic sentiments through a simple and candid lens.

As happens too often in this modern era of fame, her personal life became a trending topic and put her in the crosshairs of social media trolls who pushed her to the brink. In early 2016, she’d been romantically linked to Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving. So, when rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a photo of her hand on Instagram on March, insinuating that the two were in bed together, the wolves came out with their knives sharpened, assuming she’d cheated on Irving. It didn’t matter that the NBA star tweeted that they’d broken up before the incident. The furor aimed at Kehlani kept coming and coming, resulting in the singer making an attempt on her own life.

The Oakland native said she plans to have a natural home birth, with support from midwives from the Oakland Partera Midwifery. Oakland Partera specializes in assisting queer people and persons of color with home births.

With over three million streams on Spotify since its release, Floating While Dreaming represents the start of Pell’s career, an album about the time between dreaming and doing, the moments spent waiting for the journey to start. As a writer, rapper, and singer, Pell’s talent is formidable, and his skills are still growing. The next step of Pell’s journey comes in 2015, with an international tour and a new album in the works.

The concept of fluidity may be the one thing that does define Kehlani. She even has it tattooed on her chest, complementing the airplane and tiny black ink dots sprinkling her face. Face tats, once limited to only those living on the margins of society, have become the du jour statement look in hip-hop the past few years, but it’s still mostly men rocking ink on their actual faces. “I get, ‘Oh, you must be a gangster rapper,'” Kehlani says of her look. In fact, when she was first starting out under the mentorship of Nick Cannon following a stint with her high school cover band on America’s Got Talent, Kehlani tried out — and promptly rejected — the rap game.

Back in December, I attended the first of Kehlani’s two sold out London shows. It looked like any other Kehlani gig – queues round the block, ticket touts reeling off figures you wouldn’t believe and hordes of fans in Tsunami Mob sweatshirts. Except this night was a little different. Today was probably the most ridiculous day of my life,” she told the crowd, I got nominated for a Grammy. My mixtape got nominated for a Grammy.” She’d only discovered herself a few hours prior.KEHLANI

Kehlani has been nominated for a 2016 Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. The baby girl arrived via an unmedicated homebirth” in Kehlani’s bathroom, the star revealed in an Instagram post. Contemporary R&B singer and songwriter Kehlani Parrish studied ballet and modern dance at the Oakland School for the Arts.

Empowerment is its own kind of industry these days, and stars such as Demi Lovato and Katy Perry have ridden inspirational songs to the top of the charts. But Kehlani’s lyrics are much closer in spirit to the kind of heroic, rags-to-riches rap of Drake and Nicki Minaj than any of the pop or R&B singers she gets typically lumped with. She flits breezily between rapping and singing, splitting the difference between those two hip hop superstars by mixing the cool, casual flow of Drake with the playful cockiness of Nicki. On her best tracks, like Runnin’ ” and Unconditional ”, she spins her own story of perseverance into powerful self-help spirituals like a self-mythologising mini-Oprah for internet kids. You could take vodka shots to these songs or have an ugly cry to them. With her track Alive ”, a fan favourite from her 2015 mixtape You Should Be Here, it’s easy to imagine a music video in which she clenches her fists, looks to the sky, and smiles through the rain.

Kehlani has also spoken openly about her fluid sexuality – the gender pronouns she uses to address the objects of her affection alternate from track to track. Her definition of love is one that transcends categorisation, and her call for liberation is inspiring. Earlier this year she posted an Instagram photo to her 1.5 million followers with the caption, Ladies you have every right to be as sexually expressive as you want, or don’t want to. Neither is wrong. Neither is unacceptable”. While her viewpoint fits right into a broader conversation about female sexuality within the paradigms of pop music, it’s essentially a comment on self-confidence – an attitude she tidily summarises on Bright’s timeless chorus – Can’t nobody love somebody that do not love themselves”.

One aspect of her appeal is her uncensored take on sexuality. I hold it down for the gay girls,” she says. Last year’s Cloud 19 featured a song called 1st Position ”, a sexy track that uses the ‘she’ pronoun, and Kehlani openly speaks about the fact she’s dated both men and women. People call it bisexual but it’s just, if I like you, I like you,” she explains, before recounting a story about a past love that is surprising and powerful to hear from any on-the-rise pop star. I had a serious relationship with a hermaphrodite” – the more PC term is ‘intersex’ – who was forced to be a woman when he was young, and then halfway through his life realised he was a man. He got his first period with me – I had to put a grown man through female puberty.” It’s one of many stories Kehlani tells in which the emphasis is not on the drama of the moment, but the fact that she is the one looking after everyone else.

It’s that last topic that landed Kehlani in headlines back in 2016, after a publicly misperceived dating situation between her, NBA player Kyrie Irving and rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR drove a ton of fan hate her way. She was hospitalized for a suicide attempt, and the commentary surrounding the event was retrograde enough to warrant examination of the sexist gap in acceptance of Kehlani versus Kid Cudi, who also was openly struggling with his mental health at the time. Having her “mental health put on display” was uncomfortable, but speaking about it now, Kehlani is more focused on how what she learned from the experience will impact others.

On April 24, 1995, in a south Berkeley, Calif. apartment, a pregnant woman on the run from the police went into labor as the child’s father guided her through the birth over the phone. They were both addicts. The child, born prematurely and “like, not breathing,” as Kehlani explained to The Fader in 2015, went to the hospital before doing a brief sting in foster care. Her mother returned to jail and her father died when she was “one or two.” Eventually, the mother’s sister adopted her.

Where all of her ‘realness’ comes to life most vividly is on stage. Her live show is a stripped-down affair – two dancers, a DJ, producer Jahaan Sweet, and a smoke machine – but she doesn’t need much to hold the room’s attention. Wearing a Dickies jumpsuit and wrapped in purple-lit fog at her Highline show, she is enthralling. She holds the mic to the audience often throughout the night, and her fans seem to know every word, the entire room of young girls erupting in loud singing along to songs about respecting themselves. She’s transformed the venue into a church of girl power, and her fans are as fun to watch as she is. When she performs 1st Position”, her gay love song, she puts her hand to her waist and her finger to her mouth, and she’s doing it for the ladies. A young woman in the front row with glasses and short, curly hair gazes fixedly into Kehlani’s eyes like she wants to grab her, or at least ask for her phone number.

R&B artist and now tech startup founder, Kehlani has been a very busy woman. Not only did she just announce her pregnancy, but today she is officially announcing the launch of her new app, Flora , an app that inspires young people to make positive changes in their lives.

And her queerness is something she’s had to defend many times, both to the straight and LGBTQ communities, who tend to sometimes still see the world in a more binary way than is accurate. Late last year, Kehlani become a mom, giving birth to a daughter she shares with Javie Young-White, her guitarist and brother of out comedian Jaboukie Young-White.

Even on her records, Kehlani’s smoky soprano is more sweet and sexy than sonically staggering. In concert, she’s like many of her peers, skipping higher notes and letting backing tracks and the audience carry the tune. But while her voice might not be the most impressive instrument, it is an excellent means of expression.

New York, NY – Compton-bred rapper YG and singer Kehlani stepped out for the first time as a couple on Thursday (September 5) during New York Fashion Week. Kehlani announced her first pregnancy on social media Friday, Oct. 12, 2018.

Last week Kehlani was in the midst of prepping her first world tour, a 60-city trek that will also include a stop at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The fast-rising R&B-pop songwriter born Kehlani Parrish was days before the release of her long-awaited major-label debut, SweetSexySavage,” an album out today on Atlantic Records.

The musicians walked hand-in-hand into the Kith show as captured in a video by TMZ The Gangsta” singer, 24, opted for an oversized blazer while the Go Loko” rapper, 29, wore for a white t-shirt, black pants and a leather jacket embroidered with flames.

asping loudly and clutching my armrest wasn’t exactly what I expected to be doing while 35,000 feet in the air, hurtling back toward New York from Los Angeles after shooting the cover story for this issue, but I couldn’t help it—Kehlani elicits that kind of reaction. This time, the 23-year-old musician, activist, and app innovator had shocked me—along with her more than six million Instagram followers—with the announcement of her pregnancy. Now, you can add mother to be to the ever-expanding definition of what it means to be Kehlani.

Singer-songwriter Kehlani is four months pregnant. As she approaches motherhood, this new mixtape is the R&B singer’s most mature work yet. The 24-year-old singer attended New York Fashion Week with 29-year-old rapper YG. The artists headed into the Kith runway show hand in hand.

New York Fashion Week is upon us, which means beautiful clothes, beautiful people, and lots of whispers about who showed up with whom, where, wearing what. One such pairing that’s gone from whispers to the spotlight is YG and Kehlani, photographed holding hands on Thursday in New York City.

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