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We get it! The closing instrumental of the song is a elegant outpouring of instrumental emotion — building to nothing and ending in an aimless drift. Corpus Christi” is raw and genuinely heartbreaking.

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KEVIN ABSTRACTA runaway, Kevin certainly has plenty of life experience for a twenty-year old, but he will openly admit he doesn’t have things figured out. Abstract conveys a hyper-awareness of how his fame is perceived by not only the general public but also his loved ones. These sentiments regarding isolation and inner-conflict appear throughout the album.

The music benefits greatly from the balance between Antonoff’s pop sensibilities and Abstract’s more radical ideas. Each track flourishes with an emphasis on catchy choruses and warm, melodic hooks that live side-by-side with bold beat switches and flow mix-ups.

Allowing fans and media to come interact with him, Abstract relished in his performance art, symbolizing empathy and willpower while simultaneously being open to fans coming and taking selfies with him, asking him questions, and more. The BROCKHAMPTON frontman noted that Shia LaBeouf was the main inspiration behind the project, previously livestreaming his art projects as well as continuous exploring various forms of performance art. This isn’t the first time Kevin has livestreamed such an event, and in 2014 he allowed fans to partake in a more intimate viewing on his life and personality, hosting a 24-hour livestream of his desktop that showed fans how he utilized the internet.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: In the process of making the album, I’ve been really focused and listening to a lot of Vanessa Carlton, Sunny Day Real Estate… Weird ’90s stuff and early 2000’s pop music—the kind of stuff that people consider cheesy, I guess.

He set a template of highly stylized freedom that resonates now more loudly than ever. What Soulja Boy or Lil B were to an earlier generation of internet-first hip-hop instigators, Tyler and his extended Odd Future crew were to the current wave, raised on a diet of abstract jazz and soul-rooted hip-hop, pastel color palettes and unfiltered self-presentation.

I am a musician, rapper, producer, leader of boyband Brockhampton, filmmaker and sometime photographer. An artist overall. I find myself doing whatever I need to do for the group, to support this art-house collective thing.

Kevin’s vocal diversity, his voice coloured by auto-tune and pitch-shifting, is matched by a colourful instrumental palette, from the brassy horns and luminescent guitars of ‘Joyride’ to the syrupy strings of ‘Baby Boy’ and folksy ‘Peach’.

Without further ado, I present to you “Georgia” ironically shortened to fit the bite-size formula Abstract went for on his 3-song ARIZONA Baby EP. “I Got Georgia On My Mind,” is itself an old catchphrase or personification dating back to the beginning of Mother Time, not to be confused with its paternal overseer. With the popular sphere, Ray Charles made “Georgia” the leading lady like no other.

What do you think of Kevin Abstract’s latest efforts? Let us know below. While Kevin has been busy releasing new music as part of Brockhampton over the past few years, this will be his first new solo material since 2016.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: This song I have called Papercut” on the new album. I was really scared to record it at first, especially because other people were in the room. It was a weird thing. The Texan artist has released two previous solo albums – 2014’s ‘MTV1987′ and 2016’s ‘American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story’ – in between his extensive Brockhampton commitments.

His lyrics reflect on depression, relationships, drug use, and his position as an outcast in society, having relocated several times during his life and come out of the closet. In addition to his work with Brockhampton , he also released solo efforts, including his debut MTV1987 and 2019’s Arizona Baby.

Abstract has never fully embraced the spotlight or the lifestyle of stardom, and while he offers glimpses of fulfillment and happiness, ARIZONA baby reminds us that fame and success does not breed contentedness or peace of mind.

When we released Star Making that song was a magical moment. I was just listening to it on a loop in my room and then I realised that we’d figured something out. We’d figured out our formula. I wanna get away from that in a way though, I want to find the new formula now.

Ghettobaby is a short but enjoyable set of tracks. Only half of them are new, but all of them have the Texan musicians undeniable style and musical vision. KEVIN ABSTRACT: I would say sixth grade, when I discovered that I could put my own music on MySpace.

Abstract, along with fellow members of Brockhampton , appeared in the Viceland television series American Boyband, which premiered on June 8, 2017. The series followed Abstract on his first headlining tour across North America, while also capturing moments of other Brockhampton members still at home in South Central, Los Angeles.

Frat houses in America generally have a reputation for being hotbeds of bro-tastic behavior like getting wasted, objectifying women and hazing rituals. There’s none of that among Brockhampton. They’re a one-stop shop if you’re building a boy band in 2017. Abstract is the creative director and lead singer, plus they have a DJ, a graphic designer, engineers, producers and rappers.

Along with Bearface and Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon has the most experience as a solo artist in the entire group. Dom’s career as a published musician dates back as early as June 2012, when he won first runner up in a Questlove Remix Competition on Pigeons and Planes.

Kevin’s initial admissions of voicelessness—and immediate subversions of that voicelessness—are what made me and so many other fans fall in love with his music and artistic identity. All you have to do is visit the comments section of Miserable America” and JUNKY” to encounter countless stories from grateful fans whose struggles with homosexuality and acceptance have been animated by Kevin Abstract’s lyrics. The follow-up hope, of course, is that these same fans take their newfound voice and add to the burgeoning community of queer musicians.

Simpson’s music has definitely changed a lot since 2016, with his release of American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. His music has more autotune and BROCKHAMPTON influence and is generally less ‘poppy’ sounding than his last release. ‘Corpus Christi’ is another standout track in this new EP, a confessional and emotional track, which get its title from Kevin’s hometown of the same time. Abstract mentions former BROCKHAMPTON member and childhood friend Ameer Vann in the second verse, I wonder if Ameer think about me, or what he think about me”. Vann left the group following last year’s sexual assault allegations against him.

The music found in this 11-track, 32-minute album is a natural progression of sound and style, representative of an artist who has sharpened his focus and realized his strengths. Abstract embraces the listener with a seamless blend of hip-hop grittiness and boyish pop balladry. The transition from Use Me” to Peach” is a prime example of this.

In the #THE1999 live stream that took place on April 26. 2019, Kevin Abstract said he took the album down because he just doesn’t like it anymore”. It looks like Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract is about to unleash his third solo album upon us.

KEVIN ABSTRACT: Yeah. And someone told me yesterday, You’re so open in your music. It’s interesting that you have this guard up when you’re talking to me, but you seem so, ‘This is me, this is me,’ in your music.” That’s because when I record it it’s not out. I can think about not releasing it. If I’m tweeting something I can be in control and just delete it. But if I’m talking to a journalist I’m not in control of that. … I might change my mind. I don’t know—that’s life I guess. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up on the internet and in control of how you look.

But now it seems Kevin is going solo for his next project, having released a snippet of a new song believed to be titled Big Wheels. The Beginning of the end for Brockhampton has begun. In a recent feature by GQ , the group’s founder and leader, Kevin Abstract revealed that the band of ragtag artists does indeed have an end date.

Abstract released music videos for the tracks Peach,” Baby Boy,” Georgia” and Big Wheels.” The music video for Peach ” perfectly matches the mood of the carefree, summery track, complete with mesmerizing shots of the featured artists driving around during sunset with the day fading behind them.

Pianos and chimes make an appearance on American Problem,” an anthem to facing unfortunate yet very real concerns. Drinking and smoking are his main routes to bypass these and they’re exalted in each chorus, but Abstract figures that his problems in love are going to catch up to him similarly to how those same substances would. He separately cites being unable to fall out of love, always wanting to do big things for his parents and feeling the silent tension of homophobia in his childhood principal’s office from many years ago.

Abstract is no stranger to solo endeavours. His last outing was 2016’s ‘American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story’. He released his debut record, ‘MTV1987′, in 2014. The world’s hardest working boy band obliterated 2018 with a flurry of new music and frenzied live shows, but the coming 12 months could see Kevin Abstract return to solo duties.

But as you may have noticed, Kevin’s music is bigger than him. Kevin Abstract is for the people. As long as the queer community is boxed up and erased, Kevin will use his platform to do just the opposite. Should we ever reach a moment of total acceptance, his music will both be an oral history and a celebration of the queer experience.

In the same vein, the track Baby Boy” is unabashedly sentimental and regretful, expressing the difficulty of legitimately moving past romantic relationships. Both of these tracks highlight how well Abstract can construct sweet pop anthems just as readily as sticky hip-hop jams.

As the ringleader of ‘the best boy band since One Direction‘, Kevin Abstract is the de facto mastermind behind who BROCKHAMPTON are and what they have become – guiding them from internet phenom to a mainstream-courting, #1 charting US act.

Abstract has earned such a devoted following precisely because of his realness – he understands that honesty is the quickest way to earning trust. It’s always been his biggest strength as an artist, and he flexes that muscle to great effect on tracks like ‘Use Me’, which reckons with his religious upbringing (‘I’m still trying to fk every Mormon), and ‘Corpus Christi’.

All in all, Ghettobaby” marks a step forward for Simpson, considering his latest project release was Brockhampton’s fourth and last studio album, Iridescence.” Ghettobaby” is a project that Simpson can call his own and no one else’s, and perhaps, maybe that is all that Simpson really wanted to prove: that this project is his voice and his alone.

Kevin Abstract has been mostly quiet on the solo music front as of late, with his last full solo project being American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story in 2016. Yet ARIZONA baby, a three-track EP released April 12, marks a return for the R&B singer in a significant way. ARIZONA baby is a brief glimpse in a new direction for the 22-year-old Texan artist, and his new sounds within the three songs are fresh and captivating.

I was definitely drawn to the softer tracks of this album for their ability to bring listeners intimately into the depths of Abstract’s mind, but I have to give special mention to some of his more intense verses. Corpus Christi” especially stood out to me lyrically, with Abstract pouring out all of his emotions about his recurring struggles in a sort of stream-of consciousness style reflection on his life and his anxieties about letting down the people he loves. On Big Wheels”, Abstract is aggressive and unapologetically honest about his sexuality, and its placement as the first track of the record is a punch in the face to the lack of queer acceptance in the hip-hop industry. The entirety of ARIZONA BABY serves as an inside look into Kevin Abstract’s personal journey, and the blend of different energies and emotions in every track make each listen a fresh and fulfilling experience.

Now fast forward a few years to 2019 with the release of Ghettobaby,” and we see a lonely Simpson rapping and singing on his new project about many of the same topics that he talked about on American Boyfriend.

As is often the case with solo projects, it’s easier for an artist to amplify their ideas when they’re not negotiating with other people. That’s especially true in a multi-member democracy like BROCKHAMPTON.

But these aren’t college kids. They are the 12 members of Brockhampton, an artistic collective from Texas, and they’d prefer you called them a boy band, a creative factory or a brain trust. They are a family, and Abstract is its head.

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