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The newfound gusto coincides with a dramatic songwriting shift, but the chemistry between Ferro and Scabbia is still at the forefront. It keeps developing in a way, but it’s also not found its place yet.

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LACUNA COILMoving and powerful, mysterious and serpentine, the music of Lacuna Coil has always been somewhat of a mystery to nail down. The band formed as Sleep of Right in 1994. By 1996 the band had changed their name to Ethereal and were signed by Century Media. Finding that the name “Ethereal” was taken, they settled instead on Lacuna Coil (“empty spiral” in Italian).

Comalies was 17 years ago at this point, and it’d be folly not to expect a band to evolve. It’s also not entirely fair to judge a band based on what you want them to be versus what they are. Still, the endlessly frustrating thing about Lacuna Coil is that they don’t play to their own biggest strengths, like the beautiful melodies and Cristina Scabbia’s effervescent voice. Black Anima contains hooks and dynamic interplay and some really pretty guitar parts, but all that gets buried under crunching nu-metal riffs that were already old when Karmacode came out. It’s well-executed for what it is, which is a Slipknot album. Unfortunately, Slipknot already put out a better Slipknot album this year.

These songs have a lot going on, often to their detriment — they’re so busy as to be exhausting to your ears. Everything feels pushed into the red. Still, some of it hits. Sword of Anger” uses a gothic doom riff to nice effect. Apocalypse” feels the most like classic Lacuna Coil, even if the hook isn’t quite there. Save Me” brings the melodrama. There are even some sections in Layer of Time” that sound like Gojira. Unfortunately, they too frequently torpedo the good stuff with a drop-tuned riff or Ferro’s monochromatic vocals — considering how versatile Scabbia’s voice is, he’s always the weakest link in the vocal department.

Overall, there is a discernible dip into darker, heavier territory here, and it’s a move that suits the band perfectly at this mid-to-late stage in the game. The problem is that “Black Anima” would have been far more impressive if its creators had taken just a few more risks. Many of these songs are all too easily filed under “as expected”: the tempos, the melodies, the almost blinding levels of sonic gloss, the omnipresent suggestion of something darker and more intense that never really materializes, the aforementioned “Veneficium” aside. In truth, LACUNA COIL are almost impossible to dislike and “Black Anima” is a solid, spirited effort, albeit one with frequent flashes of the more intense and idiosyncratic album they could have made. Maybe they’ll get weird next time.

On through the rabbit hole as we sink deeper into the darkness of this album, Apocalypse” slows thing down letting the atmospheric sounds take over and really show the other side of the band outside of the guitar driven melodies. Now Or Never” has the biggest punch with a 1-2 hardcore attack and a killer main riff that is gloriously headbanging worthy. Under The Surface” has a little 90’s electro going on but also features some face meting guitar parts and a hook-laden chorus line delivering some of the best of what Lacuna Coil does.

I have been a fan for the last couple of years and this was the first time I saw this band. The performance was nothing short of incredible. I was just so impressed with the energy that radiated from that stage. When the show was over I couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone by. We left there still hungry for more Lacuna Coil music. I will be at the Webster Hall performance in September for sure.

Chockful of atmosphere and introspective lyrics, the riffs step aside for ethereal melodies as Cristina’s soaring vocal takes centre stage on one of the band’s earliest (and hugely underrated) hair-raising tracks.

But Delirium” was something different; the band made its music darker, more operatic, and even heavier on the album, adding a layer of neo-gothic keyboards into the mix, to boot. On tracks like The House of Shame” and Blood, Tears, Dust,” Scabbia’s voice sounds positively operatic, riding gigantic waves of guitars and relentless double-bass drums as Ferro howls like a wounded animal.

With Black Anima, Lacuna Coil ushers in a new era to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Its sound and vision take on a decidedly darker persona. While the band’s sound has always been rooted in the bombastic Italian metal tradition, this latest release supercharges Lacuna Coil’s most punishing attributes while leaving room for rapturous melody and a few experimental passages.

Undeniably catchy yet hard hitting, this anthemic cut from sixth studio offering Dark Adrenaline sees Cristina and Andrea trading vocals with an impassioned intensity. For now, we will just promote the two new songs, but once Black Anima is out, we’ll definitely try and come back for more shows in Canada and play more from the new album.

But there were darker things in front of LACUNA COIL, whether they realized it or not. The terrible aspects of everyday life came into view. Geopolitics were gruesome—bombings in Russia, tsunamis in Japan, and the global economy in continual slump—and things positive from the decade before had become a distant memory. LACUNA COIL were brooding and the music reflected their inky mood. To wit, Dark Adrenaline wasn’t a direct return to the Comalies era, but it wasn’t as bright as the albums before it. The album’s first single, Trip the Darkness”, captured the zeitgeist perfectly. It fretted as much as it grooved. Follow-up singles Fire” and End of Time” propelled LACUNA COIL’s sixth studio album to the group’s best chart positions ever, reaching 15 on the Billboard 200, 34 in Finland, 36 in Germany, and 18 in Italy. While most bands had hit their glass ceilings, LACUNA COIL had already busted through theirs and were on to the next milestone.

Written together with longtime Lacuna Coil band producer (and bassist) Marco Coti-Zelati over the course of the last few years, Black Anima, is the culmination of many inputs. From images and words to soundtracks and movies, Coti-Zelati hunts for and creates new expressions of heavy. For Black Anima, the enterprising song-smith came up with 15 songs in total, of which 11 made it to the album. He dug deep into Lacuna Coil’s historical repertoire, looking for heavier and darker, melodic and melancholic. Songs like Veneficium,” Apocalypse,” and Layers of Time” are modern takes on debut album, In a Reverie (1999), while others show Lacuna Coil venturing into slower, more experimental territory. Of course, what Lacuna Coil album is without its keystone pieces, songs that unite all, songs that are geared for upward and outward momentum; the catchy stuff, really. Black Anima is that album, diverse, energetic, and luxuriant.

LACUNA COIL – Heaven’s A Lie (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Comalies”. Century Media 2002. Lacuna Coil returns to Canada next week for the Disease of the Anima tour alongside All That Remains. New Sound Album : Comalies. The sound was simplified, and Andrea’s harsh vocals were almost completely gone.

Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness : Most of the time, either a hard 6 or a soft 7. They go down to a 5 more than occasionally though, while a number of songs on Delirium go up towards a soft 8. Lacuna Coil is a bit like Evanescence, but with better shoes (probably because the band’s from Italy).

Today, Lacuna Coil also announces their exclusive in-store Looney Tunes event on July 25th at 6:30PM in Long Island, NY. The event will include an exclusive meet and greet and signing with Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, exclusive merch designs, and exclusive posters. Additionally, fans will be able to pre-order Black Animaand the re-issues of Comalies and In A Reverie in store.”We’re excited to come out and meet you all at the historical, one and only Looney Tunes record store,” states Scabbia. “Andrea and I are bringing with us a couple of new songs hot off the mixing desk – can’t wait to let you hear them! See you soon!” The pre-orders for the re-issues of Comalies and In A Reverie are also available, starting today, and will be released onAugust 30th.

What followed was only natural. LACUNA COIL’s self-titled debut EP hit softly. The group’s penchant for melancholic melodies and trade-off vocals—Scabbia shares vocal lines with long-time co-vocalist Andrea Ferro—felt right at home, however. They would expand on songs like ‘No Need to Explain’ and ‘This Is My Dream’ with debut full-length, In a Reverie. LACUNA COIL again enlisted producer Waldemar Sorychta and Woodhouse Studios to realize their second milestone, a relationship that would extend nearly a decade. The songwriting dramatically improved with the revamped lineup and, as a result, songs like My Wings”, ”Circle”, and ”Honeymoon Suite” were regarded, by fans and the press, as a brilliant mix of Paradise Lost and The Gathering. LACUNA COIL had officially put Italy on the metal map. The many tours around Europe—including appearances at premier festivals like Dynamo and Gods of Metal—also solidified the Italians as a genuine live act.

And a triumphant victory it is. The first single, album opener Trip the Darkness” bursts with heft and passion. The song, about facing your darkest hours without fear, introduces a theme that runs throughout the album. Scabbia explains, We realized that the lyrics were about sadness, rage and anger, but also power, self esteem and excitement. The band channeled everyday life – all of the good and the bad, the bold and mundane – to create the music on Dark Adrenaline. Our real life events have been the biggest influence for us,” explains Ferro, There isn’t any one concept, just a lot of dark vibes and flowing energy.” Other standout tracks include the blistering Against You”, a song about uprising, which is particularly timely given the world’s current political climate, and Intoxicated”, with a degree of drama that is almost cinematic in nature.

On December 8, 2015, the band announced recording sessions had taken place, and the new album would be titled Delirium. Then, on March 10, 2016, the album cover and track listing were revealed. Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil talk about their new album “Black Anima”.

Black Anima is the follow up to Delirium (2016), which debuted at 16 Current Album Chart and #2 Hard Rock Chart. Lacuna Coil has made their mark as one of the best Gothic Metal bands with over 1.1 million records sold, 6 Top 40 Billboard 200 Charting Albums and 5 Top 10 Rock Charting Hits. The band has won international awards such as “Best International Band” (2016) and “Best Live Act” (2018) at the Metal Hammer Awards and “Best Album” (2012) at the Female Metal Voices Fest, with additional nominations for “Best Italian Act” (2006) at MTV Europe Music Awardsand “Best International Band” (2012) at Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards. Topping it off, the band was the first female fronted band to co-headline Ozzfest.

Ms. Fanservice : The Comalies-era videos, filmed while the band was trying to break through, saw Cristina use Three Minutes of Writhing as well as wearing clothes that showed off her legs. This was averted once Karmacode was released and Cristina went to more conventional attire. The Costume Porn -heavy “End of Time” video almost counts if it wasn’t for the close-up shots of Black Blood dripping from her’s and Andrea’s noses and hands towards the end of the video.

Frequently lost in the shadows of Senzafine when it comes to discussions over what the number one all-Italian sung track in the Lacuna catalogue actually is the people appear to have finally spoken. NME thought it time we asked Cristina about the making of ‘Black Anima’, a record that explores sadness and pain in unflinching detail – but also that revitalises the veteran stars.

Lacuna Coil have just released their new album “Black Anima”. Vocalist Cristina Scabbia set down with Duke Tv and talked about their new album title, photo shoot with Cunene, guest vocals on Tarja’s “Goodbye Stranger”, her role in The Voice of Italy, touring Italy and their amazing fans.

Lacuna Coil have built a solid foundation over the years as one of the top bands in the melodic metal format, a feat that was instigated by smashing boundaries with vocalist Cristina Scabbia and forging their own unique path that has seen countless copycats try to follow in their footsteps. But the Italian maestros have kept a solid path and evolved over time as well, going deeper into the realms of the darkness that Lacuna Coil seem to relish in and in all honesty, it works brilliantly as evident in their latest release Black Anima.

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