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Capaldi’s second EP Breach released a year later. I had been writing songs about that relationship for quite some time. In 2019, though, things have truly gone bananas. This man is going to be headlining stadiums in the US next year, guaranteed.

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Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi is a Scottish pop rock singer who began his career by uploading tracks to the Internet and performing at local venues in Glasgow. Lewis Capaldi wants to make very clear how this is going to go down. I’m going to sing some songs, you’re going to listen to them, and then we’re all going to fuck off,” says the Scottish singer-songwriter, swigging from a can of lager. Those songs, he adds, will all be sad, if not actively depressing. After he’s done, he intends to get steaming”. The audience loudly endorses this plan.

Not surprisingly, Capaldi’s Twin Cities debut Thursday at First Avenue sold out in a flash. Young women screamed their love for him, sang along on nearly every song, and even serenaded him with Happy Birthday” (he turns 23 on Monday) after one front-row fan handed him a card signed by five women (one named Maddy, another Maddie, he pointed out, as he read the card).

Capaldi recently made his US late night television debut, performing ‘Someone You Loved’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden back in June. The 22-year-old Capaldi also recently announced his second North American tour of 2019 for this fall and his March 2020 tour of the UK and Ireland sold out in mere seconds, making him the first artist in history to sell out arenas prior to the release of a debut album.

From humble beginnings filling pubs merely 18 months ago to Arena tours sold out in seconds, all of which happened before the release of his debut album, walking territory which no artist in history has ever walked before.

The Classical period was followed by the Romantic era, which lasted until the early 20th century. The music during this time period paralleled the expressive and emotional elements found in other art forms during the same period. Composers used music to embrace deep emotions such as grief, love, and tragedy, which gave their music a very different sound from that created in past musical eras.

Standing onstage recently at the Royale nightclub here, the singer from Glasgow with the rough-edged voice delivered only a few lines of his chart-topping Someone You Loved” before nearly every member of the capacity crowd took up the song, hungry for the catharsis to be found in bellowing Capaldi’s words about the emotional cost of a loved one’s departure.

Lewis also revealed that Elton recommended to him that next time he tours, he should perform a song with just him and the piano, because “people would like to see it”.

Lewis writes this song to a past partner whom he misses. He feels as though he gave the relationship everything and she left him anyway. Now, he just wants someone to love because he misses the way it felt with his ex.

The music video, starring the former Doctor Who star (and Lewis’ distant relative) Peter Capaldi , depicts him as a widower. He is content; however, when he meets a young mother and her family, who his wife had donated a heart to, and he gets to listen to her heartbeat again.

Capaldi: It’s better with the band. Having the band allows those moments in the set where it’s just the piano and the vocal to be really special. So when we do Bruises” and Someone You Loved,” those are moments where you’re like fucking hell because the set has a bit more of a dynamic and a groove, in the sense that it’s up and down. It makes the bigger songs sound fucking amazing and makes people really enjoy it a lot more and it makes the quieter and more intimate sections feel just that. It’s a different kettle of fish.

Lewis’s new track Someone You Loved, from the Breach EP, is his fastest- growing streaming track to date. Lewis is in the Top 400 Global artists on Spotify, with Someone You Loved having been added to their Hot Hits UK playlist, the biggest in the country.

Likewise, he was signed to Virgin EMI Records and Capitol Records. In November 2017, he supported Rag’n’Bone Man on his European tour. Some of his singles include Lost On You, Fade, Rush, Tough, Grace, Someone You Loved and Hold Me While You Wait.

Talking about Lewis Capaldi’s body measurements, he has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Similarly, his weight is 78kg. He has light brown hair and gray color eyes.

Songs such as Capaldi’s have an unlikely role on pop radio, according to Nate Sloan, a music professor at the University of South California. He’s also a co-host of Switched on Pop, a Vox Media podcast about music trends.

For now, he pulls off the impressive feat of making a raucous, celebratory show out of undiluted misery. He lets the austere, self-flagellating Lost on You and Headspace unfold without leavening the intensity with a gag, but the rest of the time he seems to be trying to outwit his own lyrics and jostle the pain out of them. Surely hearing 6,000 people, mostly women, sing back every word to him must help. There is an ecstatic sense of homecoming to this show: a freshly minted Scottish superstar performing a lap of honour in the heart of the capital in the middle of festival season.

This emotional monomania is enlivened by distinctly Scottish references to Buckfast and the Edinburgh pub 99 Hanover Street (which happens to be just five minutes’ walk from the stage), and by some clever phrasing. The informality of I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved ” could read as either fatal hesitancy or fatal complacency. Still, it would be good to hear Capaldi explore different emotional states, inject more of his between-song wit and joy into his songwriting, and thus pull his impressive voice in new directions. There’s more to life than girl dumps boy.

The Lumineers‘ latest album, for example, is full of sad bangers. Wes Schultz, the band’s lead vocalist, recently told NPR that fans are most responsive to sad songs at shows.

Lewis won the Best Track gong at the Q Awards for No1 hit Someone You Loved, and was spotted out celebrating into the early hours after the music bash.

A fascinating phenomenon has befallen the Billboard charts lately — no, not Lil Nas X‘s 19-week Hot 100 domination, though we’ll get to that shortly. Rather, I’m referring to the way old music keeps shooting to the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart when it becomes widely available to stream. Beyoncé finally let 2016’s Lemonade live outside Tidal in April, and it climbed back to #9. Chance The Rapper put 2013’s Acid Rap on DSPs besides SoundCloud, and it entered at #5, temporarily becoming his highest-charting release. And now two more artists have made a splash on the Billboard 200 with material released years ago.

Among current chart-topping bops like Lizzo’s Truth Hurts” and Lil Naz X’s Old Town Road,” there’s the absolute crusher of a song called Someone You Loved” that has spent 19 weeks on Billboard’s Top 100. This week, it’s sitting at No. 4.

Now, his forthcoming debut album, Divinely Uninspired to Hellish Extent, may have a similarly droll title, but don’t be fooled. Contained within is an emotional rollercoaster of a pop record; piano-driven and packed with power ballads about breakups, heartache and insecurity.

Capaldi’s second EP Breach released a year later. It also featured four tracks. Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is out on 17 May. Lewis took home ‘Q Best Track’ at the awards.

Capaldi: I came out to L.A. for three trips—one was a longer trip, and two were quite short. In L.A., the bar is so high in terms of songwriting and musicianship. You think, Oh I better bring my A game.” Plus it’s sunny all the time—it makes you kind of want to get up and write, instead of when it’s gloomy and you want to stay in bed.

To say Lewis Capaldi has had a rapid rise to fame would be an understatement. After releasing his debut EP Bruises in 2017, Capaldi was quick to become a household name, becoming the fastest unsigned artist to reach 25 million plays on Spotify. Soon after, the Scottish singer-songwriter signed to Virgin EMI Records and Capital Records.

If all the wisecracking seems at odds with his tortured-romantic persona, Capaldi insists it’s no less a product of his real life than his music. The other day his publicist got a call from a reporter who’d heard that he employed a comedy writer, which blew Capaldi’s mind since he doesn’t consider himself all that funny — definitely no funnier than his family or his old pals from home.

It helps that Lewis is incredible to work with. He’s driven, he’s kind and he’s humble, but he’s also willing to dig in when it comes to thanking people, spending time on social media; he totally understands the importance of that.

Then, one day, Lewis goes into the studio with TMS and writes two songs in a day; I heard a verse and chorus of Someone You Loved and just thought, Wow. When we put out that song, straight away, the early signs showed there was something in it. I’m a stat geek, and I could see the numbers.

In the UK, Someone You Loved was officially the biggest track – both in terms of streaming and all formats – in the first half of the year, while fellow Capaldi singles Grace (27) and Hold Me While You Wait (39) both made the midyear Top 40.

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