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He seems utterly affable, and just self-aware enough to understand that his house is made of cards, but still, what a house. Oct. Lil Nas said that he didn’t want to tell anyone and says that he would take his sexuality to the grave.

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Lil Nas XVideo still from the music video for Old Town Road on YouTube. But when it comes to the Teen Choice Awards, if Lil Nas X does walk the red carpet, there is still a good chance it won’t be alone. At the BET Awards in June, he was joined by his “Old Town Road” collaborator, Cyrus Both men wore cowboy hats, and Lil Nas paired his with a bright blue suit with a leopard print and floral collar. Can’t wait to see what he wears this time.

It’s been a surprising turn of events for the runaway hit of the year. Previously, a song like Old Town Road” may have become a media sensation based solely on its replay value in suburban SUVs, but Old Town Road”—though just as catchy as many chart-breaking viral hits—has proven itself not like the others.

The second biggest highlight on the album is by far the song Rodeo.” It’s the closest thing to a sequel to the blockbuster that is Old Town Road.” It has a clever sample of Dick Dale’s Miserlou” and that distinct country twang. The musicality is slow paced, but his charisma makes up for it. Then there’s an octane-fueled feature by Cardi B that adds a punch to the winding instrumental. Her feature is by far the biggest punch on the album.

Singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett , who has racked up an impressive amount of hits within the last handful of years with songs such as Die a Happy Man,” Life Changes,” Craving You” and more, will headline Stagecoach for the first time and officially kick off the party on Friday night. American Idol” winner and country music superstar Carrie Underwood will return to top the festival for a third time on Saturday night in her first trip back since 2016. Eric Church is also returning for a third time He headlined Friday nights in 2014 and 2016, but will close out the Mane Stage on Sunday.

There was a very real strategy here in terms of making sure that we had more music in the marketplace to showcase Nas as the artist we knew he was before everyone moved on,” says Leber. Seven or eight years ago – when Gotye hit with Somebody That I Used to Know” and Carly Rae Jepsen with Call Me Maybe” – you worked your single into the ground,” he explains. You didn’t want to cannibalize; you let it finish and you moved on.” Streaming has changed all that: It’s hard to call Lil Nas X a one-hit wonder when two of the other tracks on 7 have already charted on the Hot 100 (Panini” peaked at No. 16 and Rodeo” at No. 22).

But the road to success for the ode to the cowboy life, released in December 2018, hasn’t always been a smooth ride. A number of factors have contributed to Lil Nas X’s popularity, particularly the debate over whether Old Town Road” should be classified as country music Earlier this year, Billboard removed Old Town Road” from its country chart, which boosted the rapper’s profile to a wider audience while fueling a debate about what defines country music and who gets to decide. But even before Billboard stepped in, Lil Nas X had found fans through his popular meme-filled Twitter presence and a fast-growing TikTok meme dubbed the Yee Haw Challenge ” that centered on the song.

Montero Lamar started uploading his songs to SoundCloud in 2018 and released his song ‘Old Town Road’ on December 2018. The song started going viral on the ‘Tik Tok’ app as a part of ‘Yeehaw Challenge’. Moreover, Lil’ music had been described as a country trap and a record has been signed by the rapper with Columbia Records and received Justin Bieber co-sign.

The overdue love comes just as Lil Nas X is preparing for Friday’s release of 7,” the major-label debut EP that will determine whether his left-field country-trap hit marks the beginning of a long career in music or the end of a very short one. But here’s a twist worthy of the delightfully unpredictable ride he’s been on so far: With Nashville on his side at last, Lil Nas X has up and left country music behind.

In the three months since then, 20-year-old Lil Nas X has become a cultural phenomenon, earning a record deal with Columbia Records, dominating Twitter with his meme-able tweets, and spreading the joys of the Yeehaw Agenda far and wide. After releasing an EP in June, Lil Nas dropped another remix of the song featuring Young Thug and Mason Yodel Boy ” Ramsey, leading many fans to envision a future where the song would stay on the charts forever, with an ever-growing list of features.

Lil Nas X, a 20-year-old from Atlanta who was sleeping on his sister’s floor just last year, vaulted to stardom when his song “Old Town Road” became the longest-running number one single in Billboard’s history. It’s a story of overnight success for the rapper, who dropped out of college to pursue music just a year ago.

It began as a Hail Mary pass by a college dropout hoping music might save him from having to go back to school. But in the way that the internet can rapidly make and remake something, morphing meaning in real time, Lil Nas X’s track became something different almost every few days on its path from SoundCloud obscurity to pop ubiquity: a savvy troll, a manipulator of streaming algorithms, a meme theme , a battering ram to genre barriers, a trigger of music-biz discord, a David suffering at the hands of Goliath, a sociocultural rallying point, and eventually, a site of cross-cultural kumbaya.

On Sunday the “Old Town Road” singer urged fans via Twitter to listen closely to the lyrics of “C7osure,” a song from his latest release, 7 EP. “Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure,” he wrote, adding a rainbow emoji.

Songs have come close to displacing Old Town Road from the top spot, including Billie Eilish‘s Bad Guy and a pair of Taylor Swift singles, but ultimately were unsuccessful.

Lil Nas X, who is known for his country rap breakout song “Old Town Road,” was advertised as the headliner for the 35th annual barbecue. The event was expected to draw 5,000 people and include six hours of live music, food trucks, games and a beer garden.

The song, which has achieved most of its success through audio streaming, also saw remixes featuring Diplo, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey and BTS. To its advantage, Billboard counts the original song and the remixes as one when calculating chart position, thus helping Old Town Road stay on top.

At this month’s annual CMA Fest, the 20-year-old rapper and singer from Atlanta performed his viral smash with help from Keith Urban, the Country Music Association’s reigning entertainer of the year. A few days later, Old Crow Medicine Show covered Old Town Road” during an episode of the venerable Grand Ole Opry broadcast live from Bonnaroo.

But Lil Nas X clearly subscribes to the If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” school of thought because late last week on April 5, 2019 he drops a remix that changes the trajectory of this song. Again.

In truth, Old Town Road” isn’t quite fully country or hip-hop, at least not in the ways those genres taxonomize themselves. It’s something far more slippery, slithering between the two spaces and arriving at pop novelty. This is where songs that have been disowned by their ostensible homes but provide uncomplicated pleasure often land — embraced widely even as they’re kept at arms length locally.

Lil Nas X could very well be dating someone, but he’s never said anything about it publicly or been spotted by the paparazzi on a date or posted any evidence of being in a relationship on social media. So, based on all the information available, it seems like the 20-year-old musician is single. He also joked recently about the type of person he’d like in his life. “Need me somebody who gone let me ignore them while i tweet memes all day,” he wrote on Twitter August 2. Again, is this definitive proof that he’s single? Not really, but hey, maybe he’d be making a different type of joke if he weren’t.

Moseying onto the scene with a surprise breakthrough, Atlanta’s Lil Nas X merged the pastoral tones of country music with hip-hop, putting his spin on a subgenre dubbed country-trap.

But after him came others, Nashville stars who made clear on their own, like dissident politicians, that they appreciated the song. Keith Urban posted a moody banjo cover. Caleb Lee Hutchinson, a young country traditionalist who came in second on American Idol” last year, shared a cover on YouTube that, with his lustrously rich voice, is stone-hard country — he should release it as a single.

Lil Nas X has emerged from nobody to a worldwide famous artist in a very short time with his song Old Town Road.” Old Town Road has spent 14 weeks on UK charts in which it was at No. 1 for two weeks. In the US, the song has been in the top 50 charts for more than four weeks.

On its own terms, Old Town Road” has been a wild success. And when it comes the music business’s terms, well, that’s being reverse engineered. Following the Cyrus remix, Lil Nas X teased another with Young Thug.

In just three weeks on the chart, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has bound all the way to No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the young breakout rapper’s first top 40 hit on the listing.Lil Nas X

Nicki Minaj Is Finally Back in Queen Form Her new songs suggest she’s capable of regaining the strangle she once had on rap and pop radio. Vox’s Today, Explained podcast chronicles Lil Nas X’s challenges with the charts.

But when it comes to the Teen Choice Awards, if Lil Nas X does walk the red carpet, there is still a good chance it won’t be alone. At the BET Awards in June, he was joined by his “Old Town Road” collaborator, Cyrus Both men wore cowboy hats, and Lil Nas paired his with a bright blue suit with a leopard print and floral collar. Can’t wait to see what he wears this time.

Carl Lamarre: Since the meme compilation gave the record its second wind, “Old Town Road” continues to flourish. Not only has the song galloped its way into top 40 territory, but now has the chance of being in rarified airspace of dare I say, the top 20? With X inking a deal with Columbia last week, the record is going to get a massive push from the marketing and promotions side. Once radio gets their hands on this song, it’s only going to be the beginning for the ATLien. In case you don’t believe me, look what happened last summer with Sheck Wes’ “Mo Bamba” and Flipp Dinero’s “Leave Me Alone” after their own respective artists signed to majors.

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