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Her name was Tecca with 50 c’s” and his was Tecca Hilfiger.” As he was about to make his full transition into rap, he asked her what his name should be, and she responded by telling him to call himself Lil Tecca.

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Lil TeccaAmerican rapper Lil Tecca was born Tyler Sharpe in Queens, New York and began rapping at the age of nine. Similar to when he first started rapping, Lil Tecca keeps his creative process short. According to him , if he finds a beat that he likes, he gives himself two minutes to at least come up with the opening line before he moves on and switches the beat. So what’s the fastest he’s ever recorded a full song? Just 30 minutes.

Even though Lil Tecca’s career path is drastically different than that of his parents, the rapper is still a product of his environment. Lil Tecca grew up in a Jamacian household, subconsciously being influenced by the music in the home, despite the fact that he can’t recall the names to any songs he was hearing. When you come from a Jamacian household, there’s going to be a lot of Jamacian music that you don’t know the person’s name, but you know the song,” he explained to XXL The exposure impacted his early tracks like My Time,” Love Me,” and Count Me Out.” In addition to his ear, Jamaica influenced his taste buds as well. To no surprise, his favorite food is curry goat.

Throughout the year, the rapper released many tracks including Get It back, Rags To Riches, Count Me Out, and Love Me. On 5th December, he revealed a new track named, No Feelings. Within three weeks, the song has been played over 139k times by his fans.

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Prior to debuting on the Hot 100 chart with Ransom,” the 16-year-old rapper gained a following with buzzing hits like Love Me,” Did It Again,” and Molly Girl.” Did it Again” charted at #4 New & Hot Worldwide on SoundCloud and has over 14 million plays at #16 in the Top 50 Worldwide.

In an interview with Lyrical Lemonade , the Cole Bennett-founded empire that premiered his Ran$om” video, Lil Tecca revealed how he got his rap name. Interestingly, he wasn’t the only Tecca” out there. He got the name Lil Tecca from a girl on Instagram. Both Lil Tecca and the girl shared a variation of the word in their usernames. Her name was Tecca with 50 c’s” and his was Tecca Hilfiger.” As he was about to make his full transition into rap, he asked her what his name should be, and she responded by telling him to call himself Lil Tecca. So he went for it.

The best example of this is, of course, Lil Nas X, who flipped a large social media following into an historic mega-hit with Old Town Road,” a song that functioned like a meme and spread just as rapidly. He was 19 with no conventional industry footprint when he released Old Town Road,” and it hit #1 on his 20th birthday, by which point he was signed to Columbia and stepping into more traditional modes of promotion like music festivals and primetime TV. His story has been told to death, partially because it’s indicative of a groundswell of teen artists charging up the charts.

Lil Tecca tickets on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, Lil Tecca tickets can be found for as low as $26.00. It’s not been revealed who started the rumour that Lil Tecca was dead or why, but thankfully it’s only a rumour.

Behind Tool, Taylor Swift’s Lover slips from first to second place, and if it hadn’t been for the former’s comeback, she likely would have held at the top. Lover moved another 178,000 equivalent units this time around, which would normally be enough to grant her the uppermost position on the Billboard 200.

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Writing on his account to deny the rumours of his death, Lil Tecca wrote ‘nas believe anything onna internet’ whilst he replied to one fan’s question about the fake story and said ‘they want attention’.

Fast-rising Queens rapper Lil Tecca doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. After releasing his breakout single Ransom” earlier this year, the 16-year-old artist later rode the success of the cut with a Juice WRLD-assisted remix , aptly landing himself a top-five spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Now the rising star has returned with his debut project, We Love You Tecca.

Alert! The horse has finally stopped galloping! After a record-shattering 19 weeks at #1, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Old Town Road” slides all the way to #3 this week. Billie Eilish‘s Bad Guy,” which was on track to tie the record for most weeks at #2 by spending its 10th week directly beneath Old Town Road,” instead rises to the top of the Hot 100 to become her first #1 hit. As Billboard points out, Eilish, 17, is the first person born in the 21st century to score a #1 hit and the youngest since Lorde did it with Royals” at age 16.

At 17 years old, New York-based Lil Tecca is the latest young rapper to rise to stardom following his blow up” on SoundCloud. Rapidly gaining popularity after releasing the catchy trap hit Ransom” in May, Tecca drew the attention of millions of listeners and quickly amassed over one million Instagram followers by showcasing his laid-back, quirky personality in Triller videos teasing new music. His newfound fame landed him a record deal with Republic Records and pushed Ransom” to number five on the Billboard Hot 100. With such an unprecedented rise to the top of the charts, Tecca’s debut album, We Love You Tecca,” is the true test of whether he has the skill to prove himself as more than just a SoundCloud rapper.

Released when Tecca was just 16, Ransom” has a springy, almost tropical beat which he uses to run down a list of designer gear, exotic cars, and armaments that would make the saltiest rap veteran green with envy. There’s a catch, however; Tecca readily admits he doesn’t have any of those things, breaking kayfabe almost immediately when pressed about it in interviews — Rick Ross would shake his head; Jadakiss would choke on his signature laugh.

Tecca’s fans are connected to him even further through Cole Bennet’s influential Lyrical Lemonade” music videos for the songs Ransom” and Out of Luck.” The video for Ransom” has amassed over 100 million views. Characterized by a straight-faced Tecca, unfazed by the antics happening in the background, the videos show fans the rapper’s goofy, laid-back personality that is relatable to many teens. These music videos have not just given Lil Tecca a massive, young fanbase, but also have been a crucial factor in his debut album’s success.

He even performed two songs released earlier this month that he had never performed before. He gifted UMass Amherst with the honor of hearing Coming Home” featuring Lauryn Hill, as well as Sociopath” featuring Kash Doll, live first. He exited the stage with a humble thank you, and thus concluded the end of a six-hour event filled with games, giveaways and most importantly, GOOD music.

The young Queens, N.Y. artist, who started rapping after he dissed his friend on Xbox , crept up the Billboard charts earlier this year with his banger Ran$om.” The song debuted at No. 93 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in June. Since then, the popular track worked its way to No. 10 on the very same chart.

Over on the Billboard 200, Slipknot score their third #1 album with We Are Not Your Kind. According to Billboard , the album moved 118,000 equivalent album units and sold 102,000 copies. Slipknot previously hit #1 with 2014’s5: The Gray Chapter and 2008’s All Hope Is Gone.Lil Tecca

While setlists can vary between venues, Lil Tecca will likely play the following songs on tour, Ransom, Love Me, Did It Again, Shots, Bossanova, Molly Girl, Count Me Out, Out of Luck, Sidenote.

When you don’t come from money, it’s natural to go crazy off the money—the clothes, the jewelry, the cars. But that’s not Lil Tecca. At least not right now. The artist may represent limitless possibility—a prototype for future teenagers blowing up off Internet fame, a pioneer of cap-rap, and talented enough to formulate hits despite never experiencing much of what he raps about—but he is nobody’s paradigm. He’s content with himself, his music, and his pointedly small circle. He doesn’t want to be a stereotypical rap star.

Lil Tecca’s unique voice is what truly sets him apart from other rappers and makes his album a must-listen. His catchy flow and ear for melody elevate his music and characterize his unique sound. Rapping on what some may call generic” piano-key and trap beats, Tecca’s voice is the real instrument and is what gives his music such a distinct flavor. Working largely with the powerhouse production collective Internet Money Records, led by the same producers as Juice WRLD’s breakout hits All Girls Are the Same” and Lucid Dreams,” Taz Taylor and Nick Mira craft melodies that perfectly complement his vocal flow and make Tecca’s voice shine even brighter. Although at times his flow can sound a bit repetitive, especially since the only feature on the mixtape is Juice WRLD, listening to the album as a whole, each song highlights Tecca’s personality and emotional flair.

SeatGeek is the best way to browse, find, and buy Lil Tecca Tickets. Thankfully the claims that Lil Tecca was dead proved to be untrue and the rapper took to Twitter to join in the confusion around the shooting story.

Lil Tecca is floating above the noise. The day of our interview marks his first week in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, a fact belied by almost every aspect of his demeanor. His breakout record, Ran$om,” is currently sitting at No. 8. Although the accolades are nice, Tecca, born Tyler Sharpe, cares little about the fanfare surrounding his come-up. The 16-year-old is making the music he wants to make, with the people he wants around him. Everything and everyone else is extra.

Ran$om” debuted on the Rhythmic Songs chart dated July 20 and reached the top 10 in its seventh week on the list. The track’s radio success follows a huge streaming reception: Ran$om” topped Billboard’s all-genre Streaming Songs chart for seven straight weeks from August-October and sits at No. 4 on the most recent ranking.

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In the latest episode of Diary of a Song, Lil Tecca is joined by Taylor and the producer Nick Mira, who whipped up the Ransom” beat in a few minutes from his parents’ house in Virginia, along with Bennett and Zappala, to break down all of the ingredients that made Ransom” click.

The star moreover in 2019 dropped his first mixtape, ”We Love You Tecca.” The mixtape hit #4 on the US Billboard 200 and made the sales of 68000 copies in the first week.

Lil Tecca’s fans were left confused recently after a news story emerged online which claimed the 17-year-old rapper had been shot and killed. Yes, Lil Tecca concerts are scheduled through November 2019. See all concert dates above.

Similar to when he first started rapping, Lil Tecca keeps his creative process short. According to him , if he finds a beat that he likes, he gives himself two minutes to at least come up with the opening line before he moves on and switches the beat. So what’s the fastest he’s ever recorded a full song? Just 30 minutes.

For his performance of Back Then,” he invited three lucky students to come on stage and see who could hit the best whoa. He tied the show off with one of his best-known songs, Steppin’,” and immediately woke the crowd up with his relentless energy.

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