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It’s a role he’s comfortable in. I’m in the business of proving people wrong,” he says en route to his conversation with Martinez Anytime people went against me, doubted me or actually offended me, it gave me the energy to go harder and win.

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Meek MillChart-topping Philadelphia rapper who received a career bump after a high-profile prison sentence. The plea ended a decadelong legal battle that garnered national attention and became a symbol for criminal justice reform. Protesters uses their phones and listen to a speaker in front of a courthouse during a hearing for rapper Meek Mill, April 16, 2018 in Philadelphia.

Even before he was released from prison in April, the change in Mill had been evident. He was tired, not just physically but also mentally, of a marathon in the criminal justice system he couldn’t escape. The best thing he could do was make sure his past was no one else’s future. That’s part of the bind and state of possibility Mill finds himself in. Growing into the man, the father, the agent of change and the friend he knows he can be. But still harboring the animosity and the vulnerability that made Robert Rihmeek Williams, Meek Mill.

Meek was convicted in 2007 of drug and gun possession as a teenager. Years later, the circumstances of the conviction were found to be highly suspect However, he remained on probation for the original crimes, beginning a painful, decade-plus-long journey of countless probation hearings and numerous trips to prison. To recap: Meek’s defense team requested that the case be reassigned because the original judge, Genece Brinkley, ” exhibited enormous bias” Brinkley declined, leading Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to step in, filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court in May asking for a new trial with a new judge. Free Meek captures it all, showing the nearly absolute power the system can have over an innocent person—and how much it takes to break free of it.

An entire courtroom was in shock. Meek immediately began removing his jewelry. For McMonagle, it was the first time in his 33 years of practicing law that he, the district attorney and the probation department were all on the same page — and the judge refused to accept the will of the parties. The case sparked national headlines and inspired rallies and the hashtag #FREEMEEK. Jay Z slammed the sentence as heavy-handed and pledged to support the rapper. The case simultaneously provided yet another glimpse into a criminal justice system that had haunted Meek since he was 19 — and the community from which he comes for far longer.

Williams, who had called his ordeal mentally and emotionally challenging”, became an activist for criminal justice reform after he was sent back to prison in 2017 for technical probation violations he blamed on his erratic travel schedule. He spent five months behind bars before an appeals court granted him bail.

After an airport employee attempted to take a picture with the rapper, a fight broke out, leading authorities to arrest Meek and two airport employees. He was given a summons, according to TMZ , instead of having to appear in court. The site reported in October that the case was thrown out.

On July 24, just hours before the Pennsylvania Superior Court threw out his conviction, Meek Mill and Jay-Z announced they were launching a new label called Dream Chasers Records. His growing business empire also includes an ownership stake in the hat company Lids.

For Meek, it took his management, Roc Nation, getting involved. They hired a private investigation firm, QRI, to look for anything that could help vacate the rapper’s conviction. Led by Tyler Maroney and Luke Brindle-Kym, who also worked on HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed, that’s exactly what they did, uncovering new information about the prosecution’s sole witness in the 2007 case, former Philadelphia police officer Reginald Graham. The Philadelphia Police Department found in an internal investigation that Graham had engaged in ” criminal conduct ,” including theft, before he testified against Meek—an allegation which Graham denies. He resigned following the investigation, which had no impact on Meek’s case until Maroney’s team got involved. Last month, a Pennsylvania appeals court overturned the rapper’s conviction based on the new evidence, granting him a new trial in a case that has stretched for 12 years.Meek Mill

The court decision on Wednesday was a major win for Mill after a legal battle over drug and gun possession charges that has stretched for more than a decade. Mill — born Robert Rihmeek Williams — was sentenced in 2008 to up to 23 months in prison on drug dealing and gun possession charges, and faced 10 years on parole upon his release.

After the NFU police obtained a warrant to search Meek’s house, the officers handcuff him outside his home; Meek has said in the past that he was on his way to a corner store. He’d been carrying a gun at the time, but he says he ditched it; Graham later claimed that Meek had pointed the gun at him. During the violent bust, in which the police allegedly used Meek’s head as a battering ram to open the door, they found about $30,000 that belonged to his cousin, William Bailey, who sold weed. Meek spends several months in a county prison.

It’s been a long road for the 32-year-old performer. He’s had to overcome a judge accused by his legal team of having a personal grudge against him, an allegedly crooked cop bent on character assassination, multiple trials, and court-imposed restrictions that kept him from earning a living. Fans and supporters say his case is an example of just how harshly the criminal justice system penalizes young black men.

Meek Mill is an American rapper and songwriter from South Philadelphia. His career began as a battle rapper, before he was signed to T.I’s Grand Hustle Records, and then Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group.

Michael Rubin recalls, in particular, a private jet conversation Meek and Kraft had about race, culture and how people treat each other. Meek was really deep in his thoughts. … Kraft was really charged up to go see Meek,” Rubin says.

Meek said he was carrying a gun, but ditched it before the incident. Graham said Meek allegedly pointed the gun at him. Officers found approximately $30,000 in cash which belonged to his cousin, William Bailey. Meek would spend several months in the county prison.

Battle rhymes and mixtapes made Meek Mill a major figure on the Philadelphia streets before the rapper went overground with a starring role on the Maybach Music Group compilation Self-Made, Vol.

A 2014 study by the Urban Institute , for example, found that black people on probation are more likely than whites or Hispanics to have their probation revoked. The research suggested that this disparity could not be fully explained even when accounting for the differences in the crimes committed and concerns about the risks of letting people remain out of prison.

Robert Rihmeek Williams was born on May 6, 1987, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His stage name, Meek Mill, came from his friends calling him Meek Millions, a play on making millions, because of his middle name.

On Tuesday, Mill and his lawyers stood before three Pennsylvania Superior Court judges in a Philadelphia courtroom to ask that his 2008 conviction on gun and drug charges be tossed out and a new trial be set. Even before Tuesday’s hearing, lawyers on both sides had already agreed that the most damning testimony during the initial 2008 conviction was based on poor evidence from, and credibility issues with, a bad cop,” in the words of Mill’s appellate attorney, Kim M. Watterson — and that such testimony be thrown out going further. The sole witness at the original trial was the now-retired Reginald Graham, who later was placed on the Philadelphia district attorney’s office do not call” list due to his history of misconduct.

Also in the mix at the July 16 hearing: a long held request for fresh adjudication. Mill’s original 2008 judge, Genece Brinkley, sent Mill back to prison in 2017 after she found he’d violated his probation with minor technical probation violations and returned him to prison for 2-4 years. Brinkley had also denied Mill’s continued bids for a new trial, stating in court papers that she did not believe Mill’s lawyers or the D.A.’s office had sufficiently proved the evidence used to secure his original 2007 arrest was tainted.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to possessing a firearm without a license in a move that spared him a retrial and additional prison time.

He had already served about two years in prison in the case, and a judge decided he won’t have to spend any additional time behind bars or on probation.

Meek Mill and Rihanna are just a few of the celebrities that are expected to attend, along with Beyoncé , of course. The Dreams and Nightmares rapper will also be participating in the blackjack tournament.

It’s not every day that prosecutors turn against the testimony of an arresting officer. But they also came to agree that the judge in the case failed to show the appearance of partiality,” and cheered the appeals court decision to jettison Meek’s conviction.

These aren’t answers that can come about over the course of a conversation, or an album of music. Mill is still on high alert. One where freedom is fleeting and paranoia is permanent. It’s equal parts inspirational and heartbreaking. Meek Mill is lucky. And he raps, powerfully, like he knows it.

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