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I think that makes for a really full life — when you can do everything that you want, and then share it with someone,” says Ballerini, 24, who said she’s looking forward to everything” about marriage with Evans.

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MORGAN EVANSStoney’s Rockin’ Country, Las Vegas’ #1 nightclub and country venue, is pleased to announce their upcoming concert line-up featuring some of country’s hottest emerging stars including: Morgan Evans with Madison Kozak, Alyssa Micaella, Stephanie Quayle, Tim Montana and Yankton. Performing with that pedal feels a lot like a conversation to me. When I go to see my favorite artists, I get there early and see the support act, and sometimes if it’s too loud or noisy, it feels like they’re playing music at you. With this pedal, I can have a conversation with the audience and really introduce myself as opposed to just playing music. So it started like that, and I just love it now. It’s such a fun way — and such a free way — to perform. There’s no rules, I never write a set list, I can extend any section of any song or I can end any song early.

Evans’ breakneck journey began with a sell-out at the legendary Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. The tour included two more sell-outs, in New York and Atlanta, as well as appearances at three large festivals, counting the one in Kansas. Southwest Airlines underwrote the trek, so he was able to cover ground quickly – more than 6,000 miles, including the flight that took him from his home in Nashville to L.A.

When Kelsea Ballerini learned her latest single Legends” hit No. 1 on the country charts her husband, country singer Morgan Evans, wanted to do something special to celebrate. Fans all over the world are about to find out why Morgan Evans has been hailed as one of the most captivating new artists in country, as he embarks on his whirlwind World Tour.

Madison’s passion for music eventually led her to Nashville, where she has since worked diligently to hone her craft. When asked about her songwriting style, she responded, “I write music with my live shows in mind. I strive to create music with a strong back beat and lots of groove. Authenticity and truthful lyrics are key to my creative process.” Madison seamlessly blends her old-country roots with clever lyrics and catchy melodies to create a sound that is fresh, unique and compelling. Whether it’s in front of ten people or a thousand, her infectious energy and lively personality are guaranteed to evoke excitement and enthusiasm across generations of audiences.MORGAN EVANS

As a newly inducted member of CMT’s Next Women of Country class of 2019, Stephanie Quayle is celebrating a breakthrough year in country music. The Rebel Engine Entertainment recording artist was one of the most active female artists with a consistent presence on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, official music video airplay on CMT and a vigorous performance schedule. The singer-songwriter made her debut on both the Grand Ole Opry and historic Ryman Auditorium stages, along with hosting for Wrangler Network on the ACM Awards red carpet, as well as hosting for Sounds Like Nashville on the CMT Awards and CMA Awards red carpets.

And obviously, DeStefano heard something in Evans’ music that made him want to sign on as the producer of his first American album and have a hand in co-writing all 11 tracks. (Gorley, Josh Kear and Josh Osborne, among other who’s who names, also contributed.) Evans and DeStefano, both accomplished musicians, almost singlehandedly created the accompaniment; only one other instrumentalist, a drummer, appears on the entire album.

Yeah, I’ve seen people on social media reaching out going, “Who is this guy? I love this song.” Bachelorette and Bachelor fans, they’re their own breed. Just like country music fans – they’re super loyal, and super passionate. I know them well, I’m married to one.

It’s about my manager Rob Potts, who passed away last year — he was the guy who discovered me in Australia and brought me to America, and made me keep coming back when I thought it was too hard. He was like a family member to me, and he was in a motorcycle accident last year. The day of his memorial here in Nashville, I was in the studio with Josh Osborne and Chris, and it was all we could think about. I guess we could have just not written that day, but Chris started playing this beat and I started playing a melody, and the words things that we drink to” just came out. We wrote this song as a celebration of life, and it could be for anyone who has lost somebody, but for me that day it was definitely for Rob.

There was one year, four years ago…so I put out music in Australia for quite a few years, when I was coming back and forth, I became more and more obsessed with Nashville and writing songs. I knew that was the writing community I wanted to be part of. I still had a year of commitments back in Australia — festivals and TV stuff here and there — things I had to be back for. So, one year I went back and forth nine times in one year 18 flights total, so that’s almost a month on an airplane in a year. I thought, I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to reduce my life expectancy.” Laughs. So, we started working on a visa, and then at the end of that year, made the move official.

I’m learning every day about that kind of thing, but as an artist in the room, especially in Nashville, I feel like it’s your job to bring the idea or the feeling, you know? Those guys who sit in studios every day and write songs, they’re in better songwriting form than you are when you get in the room, so it’s up to you to bring in what you want to say or how you want to construct a feeling, and have the other people in the room help achieve that goal.

I always go back to the six key records that I grew up on — they’re the ones that you have to listen to before you can make your own choices, you know? Laughs. You”re just looking through your parents’ records. The country ones were Garth Brooks The Hits, a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band compilation called Twenty Years of Dirt, a Glen Campbell greatest hits album — I can’t remember what the name of it was, but it had a green cover and a picture of his head — an Eagles best of as well, a Creedence Clearwater Revival record, and Led Zeppelin IV. Going from rock to country never crossed my mind — it was just the foundation for what I understood as music, and that was what I listened to before I was 13 and I could go and mow the lawn and buy records at the end of the week.

BMI caught up with Evans, who is on the road with Chris Young and Kane Brown. The affable artist talked about the six albums that shaped him as a child, why he started writing songs from a very young age, and how his wife Kelsea Ballerini helped him open up to the rest of the world.

On Things That We Drink To, Morgan and Kelsea came together for the song “Dance With Me.” And while the album as a whole isn’t all about love and relationships, it’s hard to ignore the influence that married life had on this country star from Australia.

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Warner Music Nashville rising star MORGAN EVANS has announced the North American leg of his WORLD TOUR 2019, with more than a dozen dates set in the U.S. and Canada. Further expanding his international fan base, the Australia native will crisscross the globe with 26 shows in 8 countries on tap, including previously announced European and Australian dates. The career-milestone performances mark Evans’ biggest shows to-date in his home country, already selling out one of two Sydney shows, as well as Perth, Adelaide and Toowoomba.

Every band I played in from 13 until when I moved over to the U.S. three years ago, I played with my brother. He played bass — he’s a super talented musician and singer. There’s something about sibling harmonies that I think is super cool, and it was an awesome way to share that experience with your brother. I’m trying to convince him to move over, so we’ll see. He’s in Australia. He still plays music, but he has a proper, normal job laughs.

That was one of my pure songwriting” moments and felt so honest, and we actually turned it in without her on it and we loved it. But then Kelsea asked me to sing backing vocals on one of her songs, and I was like Yeah I’d love to, of course. But if I do one of yours, will you do one of mine?” She came in and it was like I don’t know, do we really want to mess with this?” But the second she opened her mouth to sing on that chorus, Chris looked at me and we both had the hairs on the back of our necks standing up, it worked out perfectly. It was the first song I ever wrote for her, and my favorite song I’ve ever written.

Now underway and set to run through December, Evans’ World Tour will take him through eight countries and three continents for more than 25 headlining dates, bringing his much loved live show to fans across the globe. Known for his thrilling solo performances — in which he recreates the sound of hits like Kiss Somebody” with just his voice, an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal, no band necessary — the Australian native will bring along emerging artist Madison Kozak and Grammy-winning songwriter Chris DeStefano to open select dates. And a number of those shows are already sold out.

You know what, it’s funny you say that because “Kiss Somebody” really did connect down there, kind of by accident. Often with pop radio in Australia, people will make “pop remixes” and stuff like that to try to get played on pop radio. And, it never really works down there. I think there’s been like four artists in the last 20 years that’s being played like pop radio that are country.

Another standout, We Dream,” is the final song that Evans wrote, and it turned out to be the missing piece” of his story. A soaring expression of hope, the song reflects Evans’ own sunny optimism about life and love.

We actually met at a writing camp in Sydney, Australia, which is pretty funny! I’d already moved to Nashville — this was two years ago, and I’d been living in Nashville for a year — but I’d gone home to Australia for Christmas. We had organized a few shows around that and I got a call from my label down there saying, There’s this songwriting thing going on, do you want to go?” And I went and the first day I teamed up with Chris. Obviously, I knew who Chris was, although I’d never met him before. So, I wrote with Chris on the first day, and he and Ashley Gorley had gone down there together, and I got teamed up with Ashley — and obviously I knew who he was as well — and then there was a bit of a party and we all ended up in a studio having a beer and talking about making a record together. That’s how it all started.

Evans and Kelsea Ballerini being interviewed by Planet Country with Big Stu and MJ before they hosted the 2016 CMC Awards together in Brisbane, Australia The romance was made public by Ballerini shortly after.

It’s a journey that has seen the country-rocker tour with superstars like Taylor Swift and Alan Jackson, play to over 50,000 people in Nashville at the world’s biggest country music festival and build a large, devoted following as he’s played the length and breadth of his native land and across the USA.

I think it was probably when I was 13. I played music from when I was young; I had encouraging parents. I played piano from when I was five, I played in the school band — I played a baritone horn, or a euphonium — and then when I was 13 I started playing guitar and I thought, I’m going to do this forever.” I didn’t know that was a thing you could do as a job. At that point, I just knew I could play an instrument.

Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini during a Planet Country interview on the CMC Awards red carpet in March 2016 around the time their relationship started. Morgan Evans will release his self-titled new EP Friday.

Two years ago, Morgan Evans was a hungry singer-songwriter trying to make his way in Nashville after moving from his native Australia, where his career was already flourishing. In the brief time since, he has nearly lived an entire life. In late 2016, he became engaged to and later married fellow performer Kelsea Ballerini Then in 2017, he signed a record deal with Warner Bros. and released his U.S. debut — and Mediabase Number One — Kiss Somebody.” Later that same year, he was dealt a crushing loss when his manager Rob Potts was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Home for a Christmas visit the year before, he participated in a songwriting camp there, and he was separately paired with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, the event’s superstar tunesmiths who’d been imported from Nashville. Immediately clicking with both, Evans knew how lucky he was.

Morgan’s currently working on his debut album for Warner Music Nashville. He and Kelsea plan to tie the knot sometime near the end of the year. Whenever and wherever they meet up, Kelsea and Morgan are no doubt enjoying their time together and raising a glass to their love.

Evans co-penned each track on THINGS THAT WE DRINK TO alongside the album’s producer, Chris DeStefano. The two played every instrument heard on the sonically diverse project, showcasing Evans’ musicianship in addition to his adept songwriting.

Get a front-row seat to country pop star Kelsea Ballerini’s romantic, beach wedding to Australian country singer Morgan Evans. With exclusive and stunning footage from the destination affair and a sit-down with the couple, see every moment of the Cabo celebration and learn how this Nashville power couple on the rise came together to find the one.

Touring and promoting their albums means the couple is often away from each other. In addition to phone calls and texts, Kelsea and Morgan have another strategy to help make up for time apart. As his romance with Ballerini caught fire, the love songs soon tumbled out, with no small help from some friends he’d met on another fateful trip back to Australia.

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