natti natasha enrique iglesias – From ‘Dutty Love’ To ‘Instagram’ Here Are 10 Of Our Favorite Collaborations

For Gomez — who grew up second-generation Mexican American in Inglewood, California — there’s no question that turning toward the booming Latin pop scene was what made her career finally click into place.

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NATTI NATASHAToday the queen of YouTube, Natti Natasha, has finally released her highly anticipated debut album ilumiNATTI. Natti Natasha has been a vegetarian for the last four years. Though we’re not sure whether it’s for health reasons or a deep love of all things furry, we did notice that she still wears leather. It seems likely a choice based on dietary preferences, but we couldn’t find any further information about it.

Kobalt today announced an exclusive worldwide agreement with multi-platinum Dominican singer-songwriter, Natti Natasha. The deal includes publishing, administration, creative services and synch for all of Natti Natasha’s catalogue and future works.

ilumiNATTI is already streaming at a high rate and being revered as one of the year’s best albums by the Latinx music industry. But more than anything, it’s an opus from a woman on a mission to inspire.

DADDY YANKEE & NATTI NATASHA April 26, 10 p.m., $40-$80. Light, Mandalay Bay, 702-632-4700. ET spoke with Becky G while rehearsing for the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards, which will air live on April 25 on Telemundo.

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This year, Natasha was recognized as YouTube’s most-watched female artist and continues to gain momentum with standout Latin collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Becky G and more. In February 2019, she released her album, ilumiNATTI” and is currently on tour with Daddy Yankee in Latin America.NATTI NATASHA

One of the most popular women in Latin, and music in general for that matter, Natti Natasha has already acquired a massive following so it may shock you to realize she hasn’t released a full-length studio album…until now! Despite being featured alongside Becky G, Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, having over 132 million monthly listeners on Spotify and going multi-platinum, IlumiNATTI is indeed Natti’s first album out now via Pina Records. Natti discusses her album with Billboard stating, There are serious life experiences behind each song but the main message at the end is to show how strong you are. ilumiNATTI is about empowerment, a woman’s literal perspective about sex, heartbreaks, love, and everything that happens to us.” Don’t be the last one to turn up ilumiNATTI , because you can bet everyone else will be listening.

At Premios Lo Nuestro, urban artists paid tribute to Daddy Yankee, and he actually said that that’s how the reggaeton genre has stayed so strong, is because of all these collabs. And he kind of called it a brotherhood, but I definitely see this happening with women in the genre now, which is so amazing.

NN: Streaming changed the opportunity for artists, and especially us female singers. It’s opened the door for fans to discover our music and SoundExchange has been an amazing ally in my career to help me achieve my economic goals.

While she still throws down in the Latin urban circuit, IlumiNATTI shows that Natasha is a woman untethered to its conventions. She touches upon her reggae roots with Dawn Penn-like swagger in No Voy A Llorar” Quién Sabe, ” sung from the viewpoint of a woman with a boyfriend — and a roving eye — is a lavish feast of genres. Much like the song’s protagonist, Natasha establishes the Dominican-grown bachata sound as her number one, but flirts with touches of Eighties synthwave, and welcomes sweet nothings from a saxophone. Meanwhile, her balada romantica, La Mejor Versión de Mí,” is dedicated to a love of the self — a culminating moment in a record she describes as an act of ultimate self-possession.

The definition of “pop” has indeed changed as Latin music has taken over airwaves across the nation. Pop singers, from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez to Katy Perry, have cashed in on the trend in recent years, and it’s for a good reason: When it comes to global streaming numbers, Latino urbano music consistently outranks even pop behemoths such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Natti Natasha came out yet again for the day before party for the Latin Billboard Music Awards and was incredible as usual for the LIGHT crowd. The song has broken many barriers, hitting number one in Billboard‘s Latin Digital Song Sales and Latin Pop Digital Song Sales, and number 10 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

Fonsi broke through to the musical mainstream with last summer’s epic Despacito,” but its ready-for-radio reggaeton beat was also powered by Daddy Yankee, the 41-year-old San Juan-born rapper whose been landing crossover hits since the early aughts. He collaborated with Nas for The Profecy” in 1997, seven years before his blend of salsa and reggaeton exploded with Barrio Fino and smash single Gasolina.” Daddy Yankee was awarded the Industry Leader Award during the 2016 Latin Billboard Awards.

His boldness didn’t go unnoticed. On Tuesday, Natasha responded by retweeting one of Kardashian’s recent tweets that featured an adorable video of his 2-year-old daughter Dream saying Night, night Daddy. I love you! Sweet dreams…I’ll play with you tomorrow,” and blowing kisses to him.

For Gomez — who grew up second-generation Mexican American in Inglewood, California — there’s no question that turning toward the booming Latin pop scene was what made her career finally click into place. I didn’t realize how lonely I was in the English market until I came to the Latino side of music,” she said.

Spanish designer Custo Dalmau, founder of fashion house Custo Barcelona, supported by Dominican artist Natti Natasha, on Saturday presented his desire for rebellious glamour, which breaks with established rules, with colorful pieces in which metalized and novel fabrics dominated, at the New York Fashion Week.

Natasha’s story is one of betting on her dreams and leaning into opportunities to learn from the best. She recently shared the story behind some of her most exciting collaborations, moving from the Dominican Republic (DR) to New York, and her favorite artists from the DR.

Yet while Ivy Queen is considered by many to be the queen of reggaeton,” she’s not the only one who pushed the genre forward in its early beginnings. Lisa M had already found rap success in Puerto Rico before fully committing to reggaeton, and Glory ‘s appearances in some of the genre’s most memorable songs, like Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina” and Hector y Tito’s Baila Morena,” added to reggaeton’s popularity over the years.

Well, the Latin singer hasn’t disclosed her private information to the public yet. She keeps her personal life as a secret. Moreover, there isn’t any rumors about her dating and married related topic. Its seem like she is focused on pursuing her career. Natti could be secretly having a dating affair with a boyfriend or could be living her romantic married life with a husband.

Natti made a massive splash on Youtube as soon as she started uploading videos in 2012. It takes a lot to become a youtube sensation, and very few people make it happen, but those who do know how Natti feels, sort of. Even some of the most beloved YouTubers wish they had the sort of fame this singer has. Natti Natasha holds the distinction of being the most-watched female artist on YouTube. In 2018 she had 3.9 billion views.

Natti Natasha has a lot to look forward to this year: She dropped her studio album ilumiNATTI and scored 15 nominations for upcoming Latin-American awards show ‘Premios Lo Nuestro.’ The singer-songwriter shares with us stories about her early years and challenges of being a woman in the music industry.

The Dominican singer then replied with a Happy Father’s Day tweet, ending it with a “see you soon.” Kardashian said thank you and see you soon as well. With help from the video, Santos flies twenty-one places to #24 on the Global YouTube Artists Chart. Natasha rises nineteen spots to #28.

SITM unites women across the industry, creating strength and impact on a global scale. The nonprofit provides umbrella resources and support for female-focused initiatives – both through its own programs, as well as external efforts around the world. SITM’s core programs include all-female songwriting camps; the largest database of women creators in music; and a forthcoming mentorship program.

Rob Kardashian is one of the deadliest deep threats, pause that, in the celebrity dating game and it appears he’s attempting a long bomb from beyond the arc once more. On Twitter, the brother of Kim Kardashian and member of the sprawling star clan appeared to be shooting his shot at Dominican dime piece, Natti Natasha, who we’re featuring as our latest Baes & Baddies entry.

The most viewed female artist on YouTube in 2018—earning over 4.52 billion views and outranking artists like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and Cardi B—Natti has also been dominating digital music platforms, garnering nearly 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Behind the Dominican singer are Bad Bunny and J Balvin, who both have 12 nominations, Ozuna with 10, Nicky Jam with 8, Becky G, Maluma and Wisin with 7 each, Reik with 6, and Caliber 50, Carlos Vives, Daddy Yankee and Enrique Iglesias with 5 nominations each.

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista was born on 10 December 1986 in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, where she started her involvement in music. When she was 7, Natasha registered at the school of Fine Arts in Santiago, where she took classes for singing and developed her singing abilities, which she has described as one of the best times in her life. From a very young age she had admired artists such as Bob Marley and Jerry Rivera, and especially Lauryn Hill, whom she still names as one of her favorites. Natasha also expressed that she has followed and admired Ivy Queen since the beginning of Queen’s career, with Queen responding via Twitter: “Thanks for the respect, admiration. That’s having class and more than anything intelligence”.

While all these songs highlighted Natasha’s sensuality and take-no-shit attitude —and helped her become the most viewed female artist on YouTube the past two years — her debut album shows her versatility. Take, for example, the lead single, La Mejor Versión de Mi.” It’s a heartfelt ballad — no boom-bap-inspired reggaeton beats, no trap bangers made for pillow talk.

Natti Natasha has been a vegetarian for the last four years. Though we’re not sure whether it’s for health reasons or a deep love of all things furry, we did notice that she still wears leather. It seems likely a choice based on dietary preferences, but we couldn’t find any further information about it.

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