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As she struts into VIBE’s Manhattan offices, she’s wearing a heavy, light-colored jean jacket and an oversized gray NBK (Naturyl Born Killers,” her personal brand) sweatshirt, which work perfectly with the rather frightful weather outside.

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NIYKEE HEATONNiykee Heaton is a young talented singer, songwriter, model and record producer who used YouTube to draw the needed attention to herself in the music industry. My manager Lauren and I were set on just covering songs from all kinds of genres. One day I picked her up in my car and had Pusha T on. She was taken aback like, “This is what you actually listen to?” I told her how much I love rap music and she straight-up said, “Why don’t you cover what you love then?” My first reaction was to say no, but we decided to take a risk. My main concern was that people would see me, a blond girl with a guitar, and take it like I was mocking rap music.

Sure, she’s already garnered millions of social media followers through stunning photos, cool cover songs, and a deep connection with fans, but she’s not content with just that. It’s not that she’s mad at any of it; she’s just focused on much more.

Lauren her manager found me on YouTube, and I moved in with her and we started to work. After the Love Sosa” cover blew up, all the labels started to reach out. They were interested, and we were excited, so we took a lot of meetings. Even though everyone was excited to meet me, they already had an idea of the kind of artist they wanted to mold me into, and we weren’t really interested in playing puppet games. So we took a step back, worked on the music, and built a catalog that we were proud of. Then, Lauren was online one day and saw an article about this new venture. It was YouTube-based, and we decided to take a meeting because we were bored. It just so happened that everything clicked that day, and they signed me on the spot.

Niykee was awesome! Everything I expected and waaay more! Love her gradual outfit change and her voice was so lovely. Her DJ (DJ Casanova) was trash though. Garbage. That’s what brought the whole experience to 4 stars. He even messed up on one of her songs! He never let the beat drop naturally. He kept leaving the DJ booth on wack songs, I guess he had something more important to do than get the crowd hype. The songs didn’t blend, it was like he was a complete newbie.

This is important because Niykee wants her debut album to have purpose. I don’t want to rush it,” she explains. I want it to be an actual masterpiece…I want my first album to be legendary…I just want to be proud of my work 20 years from now so that when I have my children, I can still play them these songs and they’ll know them because they’re legendary hits and they’re songs that they’re proud of and I’m proud of.

Heaton released her debut EP, Bad Intentions” yesterday on Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons’ All Def Music in partnership with Capitol Records. It was third of the top 10 pop albums downloaded on iTunes, according to the PopVortex website.

I wrote I’m Ready” when I had just turned 18, left home, and moved to New York with LP to pursue my music. It was the first song I ever recorded in a real studio. Just me and my guitar. A shitty quality demo, that I didn’t think twice about releasing. But I knew this song was important. It set the tone for my journey, and through the obstacles I’ve faced, this song became my anthem. I released I’m Ready” on my Soundcloud a week ago, and already; 7 people have tattooed my lyrics on their bodies. You can call me whatever you want, think of me as you please; but I create music for this reason alone. To affect people with my words, to change their day, change their lives. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me accomplish my dream and my goal. To simply create music that serves a purpose. And even if it only affected these 7 people… that’s enough for me. Thank you, I love you.

That singular act announced her to record labels who started making inquiries about her availability. She got a manager named Lauren and together, they recorded some impressive catalogue of songs. In 2014, she signed with a YouTube label named All Def Digital.

Since the very start, Lauren and I have banded together and formed this unbreakable bond that we’ve used to push through this music industry. We were always wondering, What is our brand gonna be called?” Two and a half years passed, and we still could not think of a name to call our brand. One day, I was listening to a Bob Dylan song, and I looked in the credits, and it was a song that he had put in the movie Natural Born Killers with Woody Harrelson. I was like, Oh my God, this is my favorite song ever.” I realized that a year ago, I had recorded a song and I put the term natural born killer.” Me and Lauren were like, That suits us perfectly because we kill everything that’s in our way and we don’t even have to try. Why not call ourselves the natural born killers?” So that’s the brand that we wanted to create and we wanted my fans to be able to rep that.NIYKEE HEATON

We found the right church in Harlem. Their minister Rev. Derrick McQueen is an out gay male and has a Ph.D. in ethics. We’re also working with Brooklyn’s First Presberyian Baptist Church that’s ministered by a black woman. These are spaces where people see them for who they are and love them because that’s the mission that God has given us.

At first it was hard because I’m not a mean person. I don’t think I’ve ever bullied anyone online or said mean things or ever just tried to hurt anyone, so it’s hard for me to understand that. That was really crazy to me, so I was like, maybe, I just don’t look at any of those things. But what’s hard is that in order to see the comments and messages from my real fans saying positive things, I have to go and see all the terrible things, too. In order to appreciate the fans who are there to show me love, I have to hurt myself by seeing all of these awful things. It’s hard to balance, so I try to stay away from Instagram comments because that’s where most of the rolls eyes is, so I try not to read Instagram comments. But Twitter is good. It’s mostly my real fans so it’s not that hard.

Nicolet Aleta Heaton (born December 4, 1994), known professionally as Niykee Heaton, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. She was discovered through her YouTube channel, in 2011, after started sharing acoustic guitar covers recorded in her bedroom of contemporary hits, most notably hip-hop songs, which went viral.

What’s weird is that they never really listened to blues! But actually, the way I learned how to sing is that I found a Diana Ross Greatest Hits album, and I literally memorized and mimicked every one of those songs until I could teach myself how to sing. Because I didn’t naturally know how; I sounded awful, I was like, tone deaf, and everyone was like “Can you fking stop singing?” I had to teach myself how and that’s how I did it. I listened to Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and a lot of Nat King Cole, and I feel like that kind of stuck with me. So I do have that kind of bluesy soul resonance that stayed with my vibe, mixed in with all the other weird components about my music. I feel like there’s so many weird elements to it.

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She has a mixed heritage of Welsh, Norwegian, English, German and Southern Africa ancestry. She has visited South Africa for a few times and expressed her love and a deep connection to its people. Influenced heavily by Bob Dylan and rappers like Kanye, 2 Chainz, Jay Z and Drake, Heaton has shaped the way she presents her music just by listening to the standouts that have come before her.

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In conclusion, Niykee Heaton’s Starting Over” EP is a short and sweet relationship-themed project with replay value. Also, listeners can experience different stages of a relationship, plus gain strength to start all over anew if things turn sour.

Lauren Pisciotta (aka LP (LegalPorno, lol)) is a social media star (~1m followers) and model. She’s the manager of the curvy singer Niykee Heaton. Not to be confused with the term “niykee heaton fan”, which is used to describe male niykee heaton followers who wait patiently for an overrated musician to break into the pornography industry.

Except Niykee (pronounced like Nicki) Heaton took a stripped-down, acoustic-guitar approach, adding depth and passion to tunes that previously lacked heart. Her rap covers went viral and led to a joint deal with Capitol Records and All Def Digital (a new venture helmed by Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons and film producer Brian Robbins) earlier this year.

Niykee Heaton was amazing. Loved the venue it was a very close setting and it was good natural vibe. I will definitely see her again. Listen to Niykee Heaton’s “Bad Intentions EP” below. She initially made a name for herself through YouTube where she would post covers of notable artists’ songs. Her cover of Chief Keef ‘s “Love Sosa” was particularly popular.

While in school, she created an account on YouTube where she uploaded clips she recorded in the comfort of her bedroom. They include covers of contemporary hit songs which she blended with acoustic guitar sounds. By December of 2012, she did a cover for Chief Keef’s song, Love Sosa and it was featured on WorldStarHipHop website which got massive views.

I think he has some similarities, yeah. You can tell that Biggie’s influence is there, and that’s amazing. There will never be another BIG, period. But I don’t think necessarily that Ross is trying to be BIG or anything like that. I think that he just has big love for BIG, and he has a lot of similarities, and I love it. His style is super dope. I’ve always loved him, and I think he expressed that from the moment he came out.

I just started writing. The plan is to have it out early next year, around late spring. Being on a label is cool because it gives me more tools to work with. When I was in my room with that guitar, I was making the best with what I had at the time. I didn’t have producers or any of these opportunities. The EP is what my next level sounds like.

I know that message doesn’t resonate for everyone but for as long as there is a population of people who find affirmation and healing and flow in this work, then I’m just going to keep doing it and I can’t be concerned about what people who have this kind of blanket critique. I have a community of scholarly women and black female friends that give me solid feedback along the way. I do my best to live in community with that feedback and that critique, but for people who have decided to dismiss it? I can’t give you that energy.

Niykee Heaton will launch her Centerfold” tour on October 6 at Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. The North American headline run will include shows at Los Angeles’ historic Mayan Theatre (October 23), The Metro in Chicago (November 9), and Irving Plaza in New York City (November 25). See below for itinerary.

I’ve never understood that. I didn’t grow up as this, like, hot, sexy girl who won people over with my looks. When I got on Instagram and started posting pics, that was for me. I don’t play that game of like, “Oh, let me post this thirst trap” and see if people go crazy. I was in a bathing suit eating hot Cheetos for three days, so I took a pic of that. People need to chill.

I was actually born in Illinois. My sister was born in South Africa and all my mother’s side still live there, so I’m actually half. Even though I was pretty much raised in the United States and I only went there to visit family, I always felt like that was home. And I never knew why I felt so out of place in Chicago until I went back and I visited my family, and I was like “oh, this is where I’m meant to be.” I love South Africa. That’s where I want to retire, that’s where I wanna be whenever I have downtime, but having that sort of background. My mom’s family are very much hippies and very free-spirited. Very, very laid back, very about nature and beauty and everything like that, so I think having that side to my ancestry is pretty cool. I think that’s where I get my free-spiritedness from.

She would release her debut project, an EP titled Bad Intentions , in 2014, which peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 despite not having a physical release and with minimal promotion. Heaton’s latest project, The Bedroom Tour Playlist, inspired by her headlining tour she embarked on in late 2015, is currently getting burn on a number of playlists and is sure to keep her fans satisfied until her next long player.

Former classmates Megan Albrecht, 18 and Bri Phillips, 17, both seniors, along with freshmen students Alissa Ross, Paige Engebretson, Emily Bourbeau and Kristin Briner, all 14, said they are all fans of Heaton and her music. All were among those who turned out to greet Heaton.

My parents kind of had sht taste in music. I think my mom was into, like, Steely Dan or something. I was like “you’re so annoying.” My dad, I don’t think he was a crazy music person either, it was more of my siblings. They were the ones who were very musical. My sister had a very deep appreciation for music, and my brother plays the mandolin and the banjo and everything like that, so that’s where I kind of got all my music taste from, my siblings. They listened to a lot of folk and bluegrass, so I was kind of brought up on that. Then, when I ventured out and I could think for myself, I started listening to rap music, so it’s kind of like those two worlds collided.

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