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Overnight, though, and via Pusha T’s new song, the image of Drake has undergone a metamorphosis. Pusha-T entered the game in 1999 with his brother No Malice (Gene Thornton) as Clipse on The Funeral” from Exclusive Audio Footage.

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PUSHA TWhile performing at the Danforth Music Hall for his first show in Drake ‘s hometown since their now-infamous feud began, fans started throwing drinks at Pusha. Rap beef, in its highest forms, is a blood sport. It should go without saying that this war of words remains just that. But it does leave Drake in a precarious position. One in which a response, of some sort, is expected.

Following the success of Lord Willin’, Clipse fell into a music industry vortex caused by one corporation, Clipse’s label Arista Records, merging with another corporation, pop music powerhouse Jive records. The relationship almost immediately proved sour, with Jive investing much more heavily in its pop stars at the time than in its urban artists”. This didn’t even come close to stopping Clipse, the group released mixtapes alongside Philly rappers Sandman and Ab-Liva as the Re-Up Gang. Eventually, Clipse would form Re-Up Records, the label that the duo released their seminal album Hell Hath No Fury on in 2006.

We still have a while before we finish, but we can all agree Kanye West and Taylor Swift have one of the greatest feuds of all time. Since Kanye interrupted Swift’s speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 to praise Beyoncé, #KanTay has taken us on a ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted’ roller coaster ride.

Pusha T loves the family business. Throughout Clipse’s 2002 debut, Lord Willin’, the Thornton brothers spun tales about the inner workings of the drug trade and their place within its lineage. Pusha’s brother No Malice eventually grew conflicted about the turmoil he enacted upon his friends and family and turned to Christianity, while Terrence only seemed to get more enamored by the life. From there, Pusha T’s stories of strategic manipulation grew and grew, along with his undying love for rapping about selling cocaine. So it’s not a total surprise when Pusha’s manager compares the Virginia rapper to Logan Roy (via Vulture), the cold, unflinching, patriarch of HBO’s Succession The two fictional men (yes, I believe Pusha T the rapper is as much a fictional character as Logan Roy) run their respective empires (a drug trade here, a media conglomerate there) with a similar kind of ruthlessness.

That didn’t stop Pusha from running through his catalogue with precision, playing the entirety of Daytona” along with past singles, such as the lopsided boom bap of Numbers on the Board,” and the trio of Kanye West collaborations that helped launch his solo career, So Appalled,” Runaway” and New God Flow.” The lone nod to his time in brotherly duo Clipse was Grindin’,” the 2002 classic with the iconic table-pounding beat.

Pusha achieves this complex layering by structuring Story of Adidon” after Jay-Z’s 2017 track Story ofJ. ” Pusha raps over the Story ofJ.” backing track, and both songs explore the intersection of class, wealth, and black identity in America.

Pusha: I felt like Kanye getting a producer of the year Grammy nomination is due in part to his output and how he had to turn into a chameleon to do all these albums. I definitely felt like Teyana (Taylor)’s album was super-strong and could have definitely deserved a Grammy.

Authority, of course, is regionally and temporally specific — what’s acknowledged as certitude now sounds nothing like it did when Pusha-T was growing up. I’m too rare amongst all of this pink hair,” he raps on Hard Piano,” a sidelong shot at the excesses of the SoundCloud generation Pusha-T stands out amid the meditative, louche koans of Playboi Carti or the creaky whine of Lil Baby.

Also hindering the show were frequent backing vocal tracks that often fought for dominance in the sound mix. Pusha was clearly rapping live but it was hard to appreciate his natural talent with recordings at times drowning him out.

Pusha T: That was a concern during that whole time. That was a concern. I always felt that I had rap album of the year. I always knew it. That was a bit of distraction in regards to me being able to campaign that from the day that I put out the album up until something like the Grammys. That was a bit of a distraction. We were sort of strategic about that. Very strategic on how we discussed it and what we talked about, because that wasn’t part of the album. That was extra credit.

Indeed, the Clipse were defined by gleaming and concussive anthems, from Keys Open Doors” to the offshoot Re-Up Gang’s Zen,” but they were also nearly martyred by years of label mistreatment and album delays In the slow-motion aftermath, Malice found God , while Pusha aligned his solo career with Kanye West and GOOD Music, chasing with each new project the raw energy of Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx, a.k.a. the Purple Tape, which he described to Vulture as the Holy Grail of rap albums to me.” My Name Is My Name, from 2013, certainly got close—please listen to the colossal Numbers on the Boards” right this second, whether it’s your first or your 2,000th time—but Daytona hits another level via an almost lethal nonchalance, its impact tripled by its terse 21-minute runtime. Pusha somehow sounds hungrier than ever now that he’s theoretically sated.

Okay, let’s back up a few years. Pusha T and his brother Malice (later known as No Malice) formed the rap duo Clipse in 1992 when they were still teens living in Virginia Beach. Though they were breakout successes, they ran into trouble in the mid-2000s due to issues with their record label, Jive. Eventually the two each went solo, and Pusha signed with GOOD Music, a notable record label founded by Kanye West in 2004 and boasting a litany of famed artists from Common to Big Sean to Kid Cudi.

But, West has long denied he had any part in revealing the child to Pusha-T. And in December of last year, things took a weird turn when West claims Drake tried to threaten him after a group of people attacked Pusha on stage during a show in Toronto.

Debuting as a member of the hip-hop duo Clipse , rapper Pusha T was born Terrence Thornton in the Bronx but was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia along with his brother Gene Thornton. The Virginia rapper’s last album was 2018s ‘Daytona’, which West guested on as well as produced.

On Tuesday, Pusha-T released The Story of Adidon.” Rapping over the beat from Jay-Z’s The Story ofJ.,” a song about a crossover star’s racial anxiety, he replied in deeply personal terms, suggesting that Drake has anxiety about his relationship to blackness (the cover art is a discomfiting old photo of Drake, who is biracial, in blackface); that Drake’s father abandoned the family; and that Drake — who, Pusha-T alleges on the song, has a secret child — is on the path to revisiting his father’s sins. There are cruel words about Drake’s mother, and about 40, his producer, who has multiple sclerosis.

What’s interesting about this response is how she brings Kanye West and Pusha-T’s feud with Drake into the conversation. In 2018, Pusha-T revealed the existence of Drake’s child in the song “The Story of Adidon.” Many people, including Drake , believed it was Pusha’s producer, Kanye West, who leaked the information about the existence of the child.

Of course, most of this decades-old context isn’t making it into the mainstream; most onlookers are just enjoying an old-school, epic rap battle of the sort not seen since the ’90s — like Tupac’s legendary Hit ‘Em Up, ” his hilarious diss of Biggie Smalls — or the various shots that Jay-Z, Nas, and 50 Cent traded across the early aughts. These were diss tracks that could escalate the conversation and the genre along with the argument. Similarly, The Story of Adidon” isn’t just a diss; it’s great rap, and it’s hard not to sit back and soak up the creative energy being produced by all this drama.

Toronto police said “numerous (people were) injured from a fight inside a concert hall” Tuesday night after a group of people “attacked performers.” Authorities and paramedics were called to the Danforth Music Hall, where Pusha T was continuing his Daytona Tour Part 2.

Constable David Hopkinson, a spokesperson for the Toronto Police Department, tells PEOPLE that the man — whose name was not released — was operated on overnight for a series of very serious stab wounds,” the culprit(s) of which are still being investigated. The victim was one of six people complaining of injuries after the fight, though the rest were non-serious.

Pusha’s argument is that Drake doesn’t have any authentic connection to black identity and so has to parade” his father, described in the song as a Steve Harvey look-alike who embodies a cultural stereotype of cartoonish blackness.

The name Adidon” refers to Drake’s long-rumored upcoming partnership with Adidas. Pusha T’s track fuels rumors that Drake had intended to name his forthcoming sneaker line Adidon,” a hybrid of Adidas and Adonis, after Brussaux’s 7-month-old son.

Then Drake waited a month, let the Internet cycle spin and released the overwrought, 90-minute slog Scorpion,” going platinum in a day and sucking up all the oxygen in the room. Pusha T had won the battle but lost the war.

Despite not being an artist that has lots of songs played at parties, Pusha T managed to still give an electric performance that was much more hype than just listening to his music by yourself would lead you to believe.

According to Complex , the drink-throwing brawl didn’t prevent Pusha from performing, and he ultimately came back on stage to perform two more songs: I Don’t Like” and The Story of Adidon,” all while blaming the Canadian rapper for the disturbance. The magazine also reported that there are rumors that Drake purchased 200 tickets in order to create the brawl.

Rap beef in the age of social media is a lot like a NBA playoff series — the narrative changes with each momentum swing. And as it stands right now, in light of Pusha T’s scathing The Story of Adidon ,” Drake’s in need of adjustments heading into Game 4.

That’s when several concertgoers attempted to rush the stage, hopping over a barrier that separates the crowd from the rapper. The men did not make it to the stage and instead clashed with members of Pusha T’s team, which unleashed a full-on brawl.

Drake’s credit is the world’s most strategic rapper. And he’s going to have to be every bit of that as he walks up to the release of Scorpion. In the Grammy-nominated Back To Back,” Drake rapped, I waited four days, n—-, where y’all at? But this time, Drake knows exactly where Pusha is — at his neck. He’s behind the eight ball of a diss record so personal, so revealing and already so acclaimed that he’s in need of a proverbial third-quarter explosion to rewrite his story.

Pusha has been dealing with a barrage of leaks, which he’s responded to by releasing mixed and mastered versions of tracks such as Sociopath” and the Lauryn Hill-assisted Coming Home.” But the leak that may have inspired his tweet is a song titled Success & Nightmares” that surfaced online over the weekend.

The album earned a Grammy nomination for best rap album in a highly competitive year, pitting Pusha T against Cardi B, Travis Scott, Nipsey Hussle and the late Mac Miller, and garnering a nod over acts like Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, J. Cole, Nas, Migos, DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj and even West.

Not to Pusha. In Adidon,” he claims that Drake is basically using his dad to bolster his own black identity. Drake — whose mom is Jewish and whose father, Graham, is a black Catholic — has spoken often about his biracial identity, sometimes as a positive and sometimes as a negative, and sometimes both In a 2011 interview with the Village Voice, the Canadian appeared baffled by Americans’ perpetual emphasis on skin tone and lightness, noting that American fans frequently viewed him as white, not black.

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