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I like these keys and snares. On October 11, 2018, he released his self titled debut solo album, “Quavo Huncho”. He’s going into a skrt skrt vomit. He’s making a song about being the big bro of the rap game.

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QUAVOMigos first formed as a rap group in 2009, calling themselves Polo Club, but it wasn’t until they released their breakout single Versace” in 2013 that the trio became household names. As one third of the Migos, Quavo is more influential in rap today than anyone probably thought possible. Between popularizing the dab and pioneering the most bitten flow in recent history (that triplet Migos ish), the rapper born Quavius Keyate Marshall is busy getting tapped for the hottest guest verses this side of Katy Perry. There’s GOOD Music’s Champions,” The Social Experiment’s Familiar, and Young Thug‘s F Cancer” to name a few. Quavo is ATL royalty, and the world wants a piece of him now more than ever. Too loyal to ever do a solo album, stans of Quavius will have to satisfy themselves with the YRN’s contributions to upcoming Migos projects.

The song has generated close to 70,000 views on Soundcloud in its first 5 days, and has gotten a lot of comments from people familiar with the drama. Many of the comments criticize Quavo for his thoughts on The Lyrical Gift, which may be tied to the sometimes polarizing sub-genre his rap group Migos is associated with, “mumble rap.” As of writing Quavo has yet to respond to the diss track in any negative or positive way, and it’s doubtful he will.

Quavo and Takeoff began rapping early, the former recording mixtapes as Crunk Boy by the time he was in the eighth grade. His classmates did not see his potential. Everybody laughed at me,” he told XL Magazine in May 2014. When Offset spoke up in support of his cousin, Quavo persuaded him to try rapping, too. The following year, in 2009, the trio had formed their first group: Polo Club.

Migos earned a total of $25 million from September 2017 to September 2018, reports Celebrity Net Worth. The group earned this wealth partly because of the money they made from touring. These hardworking artists performed 93 shows in a time span of just 12 months. Quavo has a net worth of $16 million.

Earlier this week, the Migos rapper was performing at a show when one fan in the audience caught his attention. From his hair down to his fashion, the concertgoer looked almost identical to the artist.

Quavo would go on to leverage this quarterback mentality while leading Migos, a unique case in rap history. The majority of rap’s most iconic and successful groups drew us in with the diversity of their members. Migos are a distinct departure from this pattern.

Quavious Keyate Marshall (born April 2, 1991), better known by his stage name Quavo, is an American hip hop recording artist from Lawrenceville, Georgia. He is best known as a member of the southern hip hop group Migos. The members of the Migos are all directly related. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle and Offset is Quavo’s cousin.

It was too hard. It’s funny, because I actually did a pair of Culture-themed cleats for Julio Jones for last year’s Super Bowl That was a lot more about detail because I was doing the real album art on the cleats and incorporating Julio. That was a challenge. This one was more about going by the design. It wasn’t too hard … more of a fun project. The quantity and the turnover was the biggest challenge, but I never say no.

Somehow Quavo tries to connect expensive clothing and fabric to Malcolm X, and interesting method for ending racism. Anyhow, FUCK 12” is a typical trap banger that will surely leak into some clubs near you, but I actually kind of enjoy this track. Again, I’m being shown directly that Quavo is an inferior rapper to his Migos counterparts, but in this instance I don’t mind it. Offset plays on this beat expertly. He’s bobbing and weaving through the keys and drums, and I love how it sounds. Well done. I really do want an Offset solo project now.

Migos hit-maker Quavo was known for is sports skills prior to breaking into the Rap game, being noted as a star quarterback in high school. Quavious Keyate Marshall (born April 2, 1991), better known by his stage name Quavo, is an American hip hop recording artist from Lawrenceville, Georgia. He is a member of hip hop group Migos.

Not even the production can save Quavo here. This is by far the weakest track of the bunch, and I cannot believe this was a single to promote the album. The vocal effects on here are garbage and sound cheap as hell. The lyrical content is unbelievably banal I’m back to falling asleep. Even for an album like this, this track should’ve been a cut. Skip this.

Back in 2014, Migos hadn’t been on the scene for long, but that didn’t stop Complex from singling out Quavo as the most influential rapper of the year. While the outlet admits that Offset is typically seen as the best rapper of the group, Complex argued that Quavo is more influential because of his rhythmic patterns which helped popularize a new and distinctive flow in the mainstream. Since the release of Versace”, notable artists such as Drake, Future and even Kanye West have all utilized the same distinctive triplet pattern that characterizes most of Quavo’s flow.

We’re starting with a choir of women. A change of pace. Maybe this won’t be a bunch of throwaway Migos ideas. I don’t recognize the drop but it sounded like Yachty. It’s a flute-esque trap beat. Think of a clearance sale version of Future’s Mask Off.” Quavo sounds good. It’s only one mic in the booth” haha. I’ve never seen multiple mics in a booth. I’m not Beyoncé, it’s bigger than Jay.” Quavo said he’s been making beats, no Ye. This record is starting to lose steam, and I’m really questioning if Quavo can keep my interest for almost 20 songs. I need Quality Control to start practicing more quality control.

And just when all hope was lost, we finally have some life on the record with HOW BOUT THAT?” The beat knocked me on my ass compared to what I had heard up to this point, and Quavo even threw in a flow switch. This is the first track that seemed to show Quavo put some creative effort and time into it, and it really shows nicely. If only he had done this up to now this project may have been decent. May have. I really hope this continues on.

If Quavo is going to make trap music, he requires assistance. It’s hard to hide your flaws when your flashy partners who carry what you can’t aren’t present. Quavo doesn’t have the voice, production, bars, or finesse to carry a bulky album on his back alone. Most of the material on QUAVO HUNCHO would have been better off unreleased.

Buildup here was nice, a very dark and moody key lead-in. Quavo’s flow, bars and cadence here are getting old though, and the subject matter of the entire song was so trite I wouldn’t have been shocked if this was off of any other Migos project minus maybe Culture. Saweetie has maybe the shortest feature on a track since Jay-Z on Pop Style”.

On October 28, 2016, Migos released “Bad and Boujee,” the lead single from their then-forthcoming second studio album. The song — about cooking up dope with a Uzi” — was already an internet phenomenon by the time Donald Glover name-checked it at the Golden Globes in January, sending it to the top of the Billboard chart; it received 2.4 million YouTube views in a single night after his speech.

What draws listeners to Migos isn’t their diversity—it’s their uniformity. Quavo, the elder statesman at the ripe old age of 27 and the mastermind behind the group, can be credited for this. Ever the quarterback, Quavo called an audible on how Migos would attack the rap game. Whereas historically, the plan of attack of most rap groups has been to spread things around, all three members of Migos decided to use the same flow.

As the album continued, it started to sink in that every time Quavo’s “Huncho on the beat!” tag hit, we were about to hear something a little different—a little funkier—than the Atlanta trio’s usual sound.

The former contestant, The Lyrical Gift, is none too happy about the major label rapper disrespecting him on Rhythm + Flow. Following his performance, Quavo gave a particularly scathing criticism that the rest of the judges couldn’t help but laugh at.

Three songs in, the promise of a funkier Migos came to life as Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff traded bars about Colombian drug lords over lush Spanish guitars on “Narcos.” Later, they somehow pulled off a jazzy saxophone sample over hard trap drums on the 2 Chainz-assisted “Too Playa.” Both songs, incidentally, were co-produced by Quavo.

It’s no secret that each member of Migos is related in some way. Quavo and Offset are cousins while Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew, and the trio all grew up together in Atlanta under the same roof. No matter how successful they become though, each Migos star will always put family first. During an interview with New York Daily News , Quavo revealed that if he were to ever become President of the United States, then he would move his entire family into the White House on day one, presumably decked out in Versace gear.

Before embarking on a music career, Quavo played high school football. He later got his start in music in 2008 when he, his nephew (the rapper Takeoff), and his cousin (rapper Offset) started a rap group called Polo Club (the name was later changed to Migos). In 2011, Migos released a mixtape titled Juug Season. The following year, they released the mixtape No Label.

Netflix original Rhythm + Flow has been searching for America’s next big Hip Hop recording artist, but this show is no American Idol or The Voice. While those competitions have eased up on judges giving harsh criticism to contestants, this show features some of the biggest names in the industry telling it the way they see it. That attitude has now unintentionally created a feud between one of the show’s former contestants and Migos member Quavo.

Quavo recently paused during a recent performance when somebody caught his attention in the crowd. While the rapper spotted his look alike, he kept it professional and carried on rapping. 1017 Records trap boss Gucci Mane is holding firm to his claims about Migos’ humble beginnings.

Migos rapper Quavo is working on a kids’ animated series that puts his love for his hometown Atlanta on the small screen, he announced yesterday (August 8). But there’s no time for the two to go one-on-one – Quavo’s team prepare to whisk him off for sound checks and rehearsals and we’re granted a rapid locker room-style interview.

I miss Offset and Takeoff. But shout out to Quavo for all of these songs clocking in around two minutes. At least Quavo can practice brevity. OG PARKER! This beat knocks! We finally have a record with some life. There’s blood finally pumping. The production really matters. Everything has to work for Quavo to really give us a strong record. A nice flow switch-up and we’re on to verse two. I can hear this being the drunk anthem that inspires couch jumping. Puffy would endorse this while holding a bottle of Cîroc. Come for Quavo, stay for OG Parker.

Apparently, the follow-up post no longer exists on Guwop’s page, nor has Quavo, Takeoff or Offset made their own statements via Instagram yet. But let’s hope that all of the trapateers have come to some sort of agreement on the matter in the meantime.

The Migos star is set to develop an animated series for kids aged 8-12, alongside Marginal Mediaworks and record labels Quality Control Music and Motown. The imagined world will be set in Atlanta’s hip hop music and culture scene.

Thank the highest for these features. Buddah Bless came through with a ground shaker. Nice bounce. Not a bad start on Quavo’s end, either. He’s going into a skrt skrt vomit. Man, for a star artist, he’s having a hard time finding the energy to keep me awake. Savage! He’s coming with bars. He should’ve just given this entire record to 21. He ripped this. Rewind the Savage verse for all the namedrops. I hope 21 finds a way to reference Boyz n the Hood in every verse.

Another disappointment is Quavo himself — his autotuned, silky vocals and flippant ad-libs, which typically add humor and flair to tracks, here seem overused and unnecessary. Take PASS OUT” featuring 21 Savage as an example, which includes 16 consecutive uses of the word skrr.” The overuse of ad-libs highlights a bigger problem the album faces: the length of the album itself. The 66-minute, 19-song album is not suited for a lyrically limited artist such as Quavo, and it shows — Quavo struggles to shoulder the load without his fellow Migos.

Comments on Quavo’s post introducing the animal are mostly negative, with many pointing out that wild animals are not meant to be kept as pets and calling the rapper cruel and reckless for wanting to own a tiger.

Dun Deal! I hope all these producers are getting paid. This one is a little different than the previous stuff. It’s a quieter beat. Quavo is being weird with this delivery. He’s making a song about being the big bro of the rap game. It’s almost weirder than the song about wanting Nicki (“HUNCHO DREAMS”). I can’t wait for someone to make a song about how their big brother was Takeoff’s uncle. Ha, the kid calling Quavo about his chain being snatched. Instagram and guns don’t go right.” Well, there’s some truth. The Quavo hum is not the Cudi hum , and that’s the major takeaway from this song and this album as a whole.

As it’s Quavo’s birthday, we’re shining the spotlight on him today by compiling a list of things that you probably didn’t know about the beloved rapper. However, even if you’re a diehard fan who enjoys stalking his social media accounts on the daily, you might be surprised still by some of the things that we’ve uncovered about Quavious Keyate Marshall.

We’ve stumbled into a solid three-song stretch. Video game trap beat. I’m ready to fast forward and hear Lil Baby. Yeah, Quavo fumbled another one. I really like this beat, though. BABY! He came in SMOOTH. He raps like he’s running from the cops. Parole flow. Lil Baby has a great rap voice by the way. It adds flavor to every record he touches like cheese on grits. I’ll take another Lil Baby album @CoachK. Someone remove Quavo from this song for me, please. We have to get Quavo some new life experiences.

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