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With major-label support, Medicine” recently cracked the Top Ten at mainstream radio; more than 14 million listeners encountered it on the airwaves last week. But by the mellow Butterflies,” she’s got eyes for someone new.

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QUEEN NAIJAQueen Naija is a singer and YouTube vlogger who auditioned for American Idol in 2014, making it to the top 50. Her rise to fame as a vlogger came as one half of Chris And Queen, a YouTube vlog channel she started with her husband Chris Sails that at its peak boasted nearly 2.5 million subscribers. It was the best concert I’ve been to Queen was amazing. It was amazing seeing baby Chris, Patty, and Clarence. Wish I could have actually met them. Still was the best concert I’ve been to. I really loved the prayer at the end. It really touched my heart. Can’t wait for her to come back.

The Detroit-born personality tells your Radio Love that it started with her YouTube platform, which she used to tell her entire life story on camera – including her (now former) relationship with a man who couldn’t understand the definition of monogamy.

While speaking with Vlad TV , Sails admitted they had grown apart in their marriage and lost faith in God — all of which sent their marriage on a downward spiral. Internet fame also gave them access to the things in life that they always dreamed of having, and Sails stated they made a wrong move by putting those things in front of their faith. “That’s one of the huge reasons why we actually fell apart and everything started going downhill,” he said.

Queen Naija became famous on YouTube before embarking on a music career. Medicine,” a scathing, vengeful track aimed at an unfaithful partner, became popular on both YouTube and SoundCloud and earned the singer a deal with Capitol Records. With major-label support, Medicine” recently cracked the Top Ten at mainstream radio; more than 14 million listeners encountered it on the airwaves last week.

Though the project was passionately received by fans, the couple divorced in November 2017. Shortly after, Sails renamed the channel to focus on himself, while Bulls managed a new page to promote her individual goals. She created a personal channel early in the couple’s relationship, as a way to brand herself, and found herself able to rely on it after splitting from her ex.

Queen Sails known professionally as Queen Naija was born on the 17th of October, 1995, in Michigan with real name Queen Bulls. American YouTube personality best known as one half of the channel Chris and Queen , which she runs with her husband Chris. She and Chris are known for vlogging, playing pranks on each other, participating in challenges, and more.

Music video by Queen Naija- “Bad Boy”. © 2018 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. The singer followed Medicine” with another track in the same vein, Karma.” Promisingly for Queen Naija, that was also one of the most-added singles at radio last week.

Déjà Vu loves talking to talent ready to reach their next level, so it’s only fitting that she sit down with Queen Naijah. Take a look at Queen Naija’s videos below. Royal couple of YouTube, Queen Naija and Clarence White battle it out while NeNe Leakes, ‘Shea Jackson Jr., Ray J, Bresha Webb, Justina Valentine and more hold it down.

She originally established herself as a YouTube influencer, but Queen Naija’s got a voice on her, too. The Michigan-born R&B singer balances delicacy and strength, and her self-titled debut EP splits the difference between heartbreak and flirtation. Don’t get it twisted; I can play this game too,” Queen warns on breakthrough single Medicine,” a deceptively sultry ode to revenge (and a response to the public dissolution of her marriage). But by the mellow Butterflies,” she’s got eyes for someone new. And Mama’s Hand” is a tender lullaby to her young son.

Queen’s complete emergence into the public eye, outside of the YouTube community, however, came about after her December 2017 release of the hit song: Medicine.” The track is now featured on her 2018 EP titled after her namesake.

At first, people could not identify who was causing the frenzy. Some guessed it was Nicki Minaj, others guessed Kylie Jenner was in town, but Queen Naija identified herself on Instagram as the one in the video.

The couple has a son named, Chris. The former couple looks adorable together. However, their relationship did not last long and divorced. Her ex-husband Sails admitted that he cheated on his wife. He uploaded a video in September 2017 on his channel saying that he had cheated on Queen with another girl.

The mom and internet personality has allowed her fans to witness all the trials and tribulations of her personal life, her innermost secrets, and the ups and downs of her rocky relationship, but there’s still so much we don’t know about this Michigan native who’s taking the music world by storm. This is the untold truth of Queen Naija.

With such success, it’s safe to assume that Queen Naija already has a formidable catalog under her belt. But, for those just getting acquainted with the young songstress, we’ve handpicked the essential list of her tracks. From her mega hits to her deep cuts, you’ll find a consistent effort at transparency weaved throughout her relatively short career, all delivered in a package that holds true to the traditional hallmarks of R&B — a refreshing element in an increasingly post-genre industry. Despite only sharing a handful of tracks, with her self-titled debut project claiming five total tracks in her catalog of seven, Queen has displayed a propensity toward longevity and shows her skill in crafting a repertoire of various R&B classics.

Clarence White (NYC) and Queen Naija have been dating since Sep 2017. Queen Naija let her fans know where she would be Monday, but the horde of people caught police by surprise. The singer ended up needing an escort to make her way through the crowd.

Queen Naija walks barefoot on the sand in her new acoustic performance video for Butterflies.” The song appeared in July on the singer’s major-label debut EP. An American YouTube personality and singer, known for her make-up vlogs and music.

Premiering just hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Queen’s breakout hit Medicine” is a slow-burning R&B track about discovering her ex-husband had cheated on her—and her elaborately detailed plans to get back at him. Part tender breakup ballad, part ruthless revenge fantasy, Medicine” finds Queen’s smooth and soulful vocals moving from vulnerable to fierce with undeniable ease. But while the song was an instant smash—making a staggering debut at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100, a nearly-unheard-of achievement for an emerging artist—Queen never even intended for Medicine” to reach beyond her devoted following on YouTube and Instagram.

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Queen Naija preferred to be a singer. So she also auditioned for American Idol season eight. She made it up to the Hollywood round. After that, she started her own YouTube channel with her former husband Christopher Sails which was named as Chris and Queen. They started posting various videos like vlogs, pranks, challenges on their Youtube channel. They gained popularity in a short period of time. They were loved and admired by their fans and followers. One of their pranks titled “cheating prank on wife” became very famous at the time. But after their divorce, she started her own Youtube channel. She started to post her music and make-up related vlog on her new channel.

In the unadorned Butterflies” performance video, Queen Naija moseys back and forth across a scenic stretch of beach, microphone in hand, as waves lap at her feet. Her guitarist strums quietly in the shadow of a larger boulder. Not much happens, but the effortful singing helps to sell the clip.

At the same time, in addition to her individual channel, Bulls partnered with her new boyfriend Clarence White and son C.J. to create another YouTube channel, Royal Family.” On this channel, the trio creates videos that focus on challenges, vlogs, story times and family content; as of last month, the family has accrued 1.7 million followers. The success shows that her love for her music doesn’t lessen her love for her family; instead, it strengthens it by keeping her connected with the ones she loves.

Queen Naija is quietly becoming R&B royalty, but once she gets on a plane she’s basically every woman. As a singer, she appeared on season eight of American Idol and made it to the Hollywood round. Police held back fans who swarmed YouTube celebrity and singer Queen Naija when she was in New York to promote her self-titled EP.

In 2016, Bulls and ex-husband Sails developed a YouTube channel, titled Chris & Queen, that featured challenges, story times, vlogs, pranks, and remixes of popular songs. The popularity of Chris & Queen grew rapidly, reaching over 2.3 million subscribers within a single year.

The singer-songwriter who is known for her bold personality and power vocals shared the video titled, “Revealing My New Body One Week Post Op Tummy Tuck + BBL (Brazillian Buttlift)” on YouTube Friday (May 10). In a previous video, Naija vlogged her plans to get a tummy tuck while heading to the Billboard Music Awards where she was nominated for Top R&B Female Artist.

YouTube personality and singer who became known for her story time, music and makeup-related vlogs on her self-titled channel. She was formerly known as one half of the channel Chris and Queen with her ex-husband. She signed to Capitol Records in 2018.

Not only did twenty-three year-old Queen Naija, formally known as Queen Bulls , discover that a music career can prelude social media stardom but it can become your saving grace during a highly publicized and tumultuous break-up.

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