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5. 5. ‘Fight Song’ has sold a LOT of copies. And I really think I believe that right now. Rachel did a phenomenal job of making every fan there seem important and that she herself enjoyed it there not just another stop on her tour.

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RACHEL PLATTENRachel Platten, the singer behind 2015’s chart-topping Fight Song,” opened up about her struggles with postpartum anxiety in a candid Instagram post on Tuesday. Rachel Platten: I think I’m nineteen or twenty. Yeah, so we rehearsed and they were like, Okay, fine. You’ll do.” I don’t think they understood what a huge deal this was for me. I was freaking. So we get on stage, it’s the International Soca Monarch Finals. I didn’t know what the gig was, I was just going to go to some concert.

When she returned to the States, Platten enrolled in a songwriting course at the Berklee College of Music before heading to New York City in the fall of 2006. Over the next four years, she wrote the songs that make up Be Here, put together a band and toured at every opportunity, scoring opening slots for The Strokes, Ziggy Marley, Regina Spektor, Tracy Bonham and Rusted Root. Her dynamic live shows earned raves from the Boston Globe, who called her breathtaking and brilliant,” and the New York Post, who declared that she blended sweet delicateness with pluck.” This praise is just the beginning for this vibrant singer-songwriter. Be Here is an ecstatic confirmation that pop music can have heart, soul, depth and gravity, while still inspiring you sing along at the top of your lungs. It’s time to listen up and Be Here now.

Rachel Platten is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2015 single Fight Song” which reached the top 10 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Slovakia, and the United States, and topped the charts in the UK.

Lewis Howes: I love that. Make sure you guys check out the new music, @rachelplatten on Instagram and everywhere, as well. You’ll get all the music and information there. Rachel Platten: At conferences too, people are screaming for me.

The reason she got into making music was because she loved it for herself and she loved the connection it gave her with people. She came to the conclusion that playing hospitals and small venues was enough for her to feel happy.

Platten won an Emmy Award for a live performance of “Fight Song” on Good Morning America. In 2015, she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music: Breakout Artist and Choice Summer Song. “Fight Song” was also nominated for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards’ Top Selling Song. In the same year, Platten won the American Music Award for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.

In the next decade, groundwork would be laid for “Fight Song,” the first single from her Columbia Records debut. “Fight Song” is an uplifting anthem that perfectly embodies Rachel’s own vulnerability and power, with a “don’t give up” message that resonates across all audiences.

A surging electro-pop production about how one match can make an explosion, Fight Song” was featured prominently at the Democratic National Convention (including in a video starring Elizabeth Banks and friends), and it’s likely to figure into any Clinton victory party that might take place Tuesday night.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, I have a sentence. I don’t know if I could turn it that easily into lyrics. I’d have to re-craft it, but I have a phrase that I believe in, and I think infuses most of my journey.

When I initially finished the song, even though I had nothing going on – no label or reason to believe it would work – I remember looking out on the Hudson river from my apartment in Greenwich Village and imagining a sea of people with their fists in the air, chanting the song, but then being like, ‘Rachel, what are you thinking? That’s so unlikely,’ ” she recalls. So when that show happened, I was like, oh my gosh, that vision I created, nurtured and believed in had finally happened. It felt bigger than me.

Lewis Howes: Yeah, he crushes it. But he wasn’t that good of a football player. He didn’t make the NFL, but he worked really hard, and then he transitioned into wrestling and he wasn’t that good at it in the beginning, and he just worked.

I was a little scared at first just because I knew the song meant a lot to a lot of people — and politics, no matter how important, divide us. I was a little frightened about that. But I’m proud of how it’s been used. I don’t have any regrets about it.

Last night (January 30), the “Fight Song” vocalist announced on Instagram that she and her husband Kevin Lazan welcomed their first child, daughter Violet Skye Lazan, on Saturday (January 26). “Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am. There is so much about this massive love that i want to share but don’t yet know how to,” the 37-year-old star captioned a delightful picture post with her newborn cradled in her arms.

As Eric Hutchinson journeyed toward the making of Moving Up Living Down, the delightfully witty and supremely wise follow-up to his hit debut Sounds Like This, he developed a very simple rule regarding new songs. That was the case with finding producers Elizondo and Terefe, who provided environments that allowed Hutchinson’s growing creativity to flourish.

Platten scheduled her first tour by pretending to be her own agent, contacting small coffee shops around the country and booking gigs. She and her drummer, Craig Meyer, traveled from show to show in Platten’s van. She put out two albums early on—Trust in Me in 2003 and Be Here in 2011—but they had only fleeting success. Her 2011 single, “1,000 Ships,” reached No. 24 on the U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, and despite piquing the interest of major record labels, the minor hit wasn’t enough for her to secure a contract.

Rachel Platten: You’re talking about babies, but yeah. Within 72 hours of hearing her song on the radio for the first time, Platten said she was signed to a major label. Rachel Platten: Yeah, thirteen years. Rachel Platten: It doesn’t… It just keeps changing, it keeps getting farther away. I hit every single goal I wanted and then I just wanted more, and more and more, and I was… Ugh… It sucks.

And he helped me so much believe in myself and believe that the way that I sounded was unique and special and that I didn’t have to change my tone to sound like anyone else, I just had to develop the best version of my voice. And I think that’s really powerful because a lot of what you do in the beginning is imitation, and that’s good. It’s good to have people that you want to imitate.RACHEL PLATTEN

If Rachel Platten’s life thus far were a movie, the triumphant end would have been last June, with her and Taylor Swift’s arms aloft after performing tune-of-last-summer Fight Song in front of a sold-out stadium. The middle, 10 years previously, would have been the slightly less exciting, full of near-misses, minor hits and polite rejections.

I just got called about a huge opportunity this morning and I had just kind of chilled on it. It kind of went away and then it came back, yeah. This happened right before Fight Song too, honestly. I chased and I chased and I chased. I knew, when I wrote Fight Song, that there was something special there.

Lewis Howes: So, thank you for all you do to inspire so many people around the world, and for how you show up. You show up just so joyful and loving and giving and compassionate and I think your realness is really cool.

Platten meditates, practices yoga and reads so many self-help books that she says her bedside table looks like it belongs to “a crazy person.” She talks a lot about recognizing her heart’s needs, quieting her ego and fighting her demons (“I still have them. I’m still insecure”). Platten, who’s married, says one of the hardest parts about her newfound fame is balancing her career with her personal life. She’s in the midst of touring around the country —in the last two weeks of March alone, she’ll be in Chicago; St. Louis; Salt Lake City; Vancouver, British Columbia; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle—and she misses her family and friends.

Growing up in Boston, Rachel recalls harmonizing with her family to finely crafted pop songs – from Sam Cooke to The Beatles – that dominated her parents’ vinyl collection. As a teenager, Rachel gravitated towards, and began to become affected by, hip-hop and female singer-songwriters. “My CD collection was Tori Amos and Patti Griffin but then A Tribe Called Quest and Nas.” The commonality between the two seemingly different genres: confessional and vulnerable songwriting.

Platten’s uplifting, instantly catchy anthems celebrate the love and light in the world with a passionate intensity that has been missing on the radio dial for far too long. I write songs that are universally understandable,” says Platten. They’re positive and poppy, without ever sacrificing the hard truths out there that we all have to live through.” Songs like these brighten days, bring joy and stir greatness. I want people to feel good when they listen to my songs, but never on a superficial level,” says Platten. You have to recognize that life is hard and there will be pain, but there is always joy in it and you can overcome it. You can always find beauty around you.” With songs as good as these, there is beauty to spare on Be Here.

Rachel Platten: Okay, so, I was in college, at Trinity, I wanted to do a study abroad program, I was an International Relations Major. And then in one of my classes, this amazing guy named Tony with huge dreads and this amazing accent came and he had this presentation about Trinidad. And something lit up inside of me. And the presentation was all about carnival, and the biggest carnival in the world is in Trinidad. Maybe second biggest to Rio, sorry. Or maybe it’s on par, I’m not sure, but it’s really, really big and really popular.

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