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The actor nabbed the role in part due to his musical abilities; when he was younger, Argus was a member of KidzBop, the sensation that recorded albums and toured North America performing kid-friendly pop songs.

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SABRINA CARPENTERVery rarely is there an artist that can straddle, move between, and operate within, the areas of child star, pop star, and musical force. That was one I never planned on releasing. It was hard. At the same time, there’s been so many moments where my fans come up to me at meet and greets, or on the street, and tell me some very personal things. When they say those things, I feel like a loser if I don’t tell them how I’m feeling. They’re so strong when it comes to being honest and open and vulnerable. On this last tour, I think they were tender with me when it came to that song. That was the last song I performed for every show. Some nights it was easy to perform, others were difficult and it would come out. There’s something comforting, though, to know that at the end of the day it lives in a safe place in my head and my heart. No matter how people interpret the lyrics, I’ll always know what they mean.

Clouds, just in case you’re curious, depicts the true story of Zach Sobiech, a teenager who wrote a viral song of the same name after he was diagnosed with cancer. It’s the second directorial project from Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni. Carpenter will play Sobeich’s real-life best friend Sammy Brown, who has coppery red hair, hence the actress’s drastic hair change. “Three days out from filming! It’s getting real,” Baldoni wrote when he shared his own shot of Carpenter’s red hair. “She has officially become @sammyruth23. P.S @sabrinacarpenter please send me your skin-care regimen.” Agreed, Justin, agreed.

I’m so happy you brought it up. That was the first song I ever wrote with Stargate. Mikkel was basically like, “I don’t think you have anything like this.” I was like, “You’re right.” We put down melodies in ten minutes and it came together to be the song. It came so easily to me, I didn’t have to think about it. I love the overall theme and message, it feels like what Singular should feel like, it feels like when you’re putting on a side of yourself that is more confident and you can let everything go. I love that song, it does make you want to pop your ass Laughs.

Carpenter got her start as an actress, starring in the Boy Meets World sequel series, Girl Meets World In 2014, she released her debut single, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” while her first studio album, Eyes Wide Open, arrived the following year.

Sabrina Carpenter tells us her “first” everything! What was the first song she sang in public? What was her first celebrity crush? What was her first concert? Sabrina’s new album, Singluar: Act II is out now.

We’re codependent in a sense. I mean, I couldn’t tour if nobody came to the shows. The way that I think about music and when I’m releasing music, it’s great that I can write songs that are for me, that they’re supportive of. But then, a lot of these songs are for them. I want to support them and what they’re going through — and let them know that we’re going through it together at the same time. I definitely trust that they’ve been there for me since the very beginning, so I try to be transparent with them. On Twitter, they’re so cute. In person, they’re even cuter.

Sabrina and her Girl Meets World costars August Maturo and Corey Fogelmanis played the Darling siblings in Pasadena Playhouse’s Peter Pan production, along with Bunk’d star Kevin Quinn as Peter, her love interest.

A talented actress, recording artist, and songwriter, Sabrina Carpenter emerged in 2014 as the star of the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. She then embarked on a successful pop career, issuing albums like 2015’s Eyes Wide Open and 2016’s Evolution. Several headlining tours followed, as did high-profile television appearances on shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Along with her music career, Carpenter continued to act, including starring in the Disney Channel’s 2016 version of Adventures in Babysitting, doing voice work on the animated series Milo Murphy’s Law, and appearing in the 2018 film The Hate U Give.

Ah to be young again! Here singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter unveils her new track Pushing 20.” Carpenter gets funky as she expresses her determination to control her destiny. The track release comes ahead of the singer’s 20th birthday this spring and was written by Carpenter, alongside Warren Oak” Felder (Alessia Cara, Kehlani, Demi Lovato) and Paul Phamous (Frank Ocean, Lennon Stella, Nick Jonas).

It is the latest feature role for pop star Carpenter, who also recently starred in George Tillman Jr’s The Hate U Give and features in forthcoming film Short History of The Long Road. It will also reunite Carpenter with her Girl Meets World colleague Danielle Fishel, who is set to exec produce alongside Cartel’s Stan Spry, Jeff Holland and Drew Brown.

I will tour until I die, probably. I’m going to say that, and then maybe in 20 years I’ll regret it, but I really do think it’s a huge part of my life. In a weird way, it helps me move onto the next chapter, mentally. I feel like every time I’ve been able to write a record and perform it, I’m able to set it free. Now, with Act II, I don’t know what the plan is for it. I know I still have a lot of places to go and go back to. I have loyal fans that have been there since the beginning that I’d love to see, but I also know my life changes on a dime every five minutes. I’m going to release it and see how it goes.

I let the people decide. That’s not up to me. They’re literally all songs that I love and would be happy to release as singles. I wouldn’t want to release a song without thinking “oh this could possibly be a single down the road”.

I think of it as one package but ironically, I decided to split up the album after I already called it Singular. So, now I’m just living with the decision. Laughs It’s all good, and it’s part of the metaphor more than anything, which I love. Life is full of those happy mistakes. I think Act II shows a different side of confidence. Act I was about empowering badass behavior. Bringing it into Act II, I want to show that there are multiple sides to confidence. It’s not just, like, great posture or appearing strong all the time; we all have weak and vulnerable moments that are also strong because they show us who we are and show us who belongs in our life. Through those moments, you change.

That’s really special thank you. It’s kind of crazy too because I feel like I entered Disney at a weird point where everyone else was growing out of Disney. I wasn’t the lead of my show either, it was always very much an ensemble. That’s why I wanted to keep them separate because I want to make sure that my music is its own thing.

Carpenter has managed to maintain an elevated sense of sonic integrity throughout her career. This is not to say that those who came before her did not maintain that same level of independent vision and artistry, but to look at Cyrus’ post-Disney breakout, “Can’t Be Tamed,” and to try and compare it in terms of autonomy is tough. Carpenter, conversely, is acutely aware of her stake in the game, as she acknowledges repeatedly on her newest album, Singular Act II.

On this episode of “You Sang My Song,” Sabrina Carpenter watches fan covers of her songs on YouTube. She listens to covers of “Why,” “Thumbs,” “Exhale,” “Almost Love,” “Sue Me” and “Eyes Wide Open” and offers advice and kind words to the fans that created them. Sabrina’s new album, Singluar: Act II is out now.

Lauv, born Ari Leff (lauv” means lion” in Latvian) is at work on his official debut; Carpenter is currently assembling Singular: Act 2,” both slated for release next year. Lauv plays B96’s Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena on Saturday, Carpenter appears at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball at Allstate on Wednesday. In separate phone interviews, Lauv and Carpenter discussed their recent stints as stadium show openers (Lauv opened shows for Ed Sheeran, Carpenter for Ariana Grande), and their fraught early years.

Sabrina first started acting in 2011, when she appeared on Law and Order: SVU. The next year Sabrina appeared in her first film role when she played the part of Brittney in a movie called Noobz. It only took Sabrina two years from her first acting gig for her to land a recurring role on the sitcom The Goodwin Games.

If Carpenter is faking her maturity, I can’t tell. She keeps up her poise for most of the five-hour photo shoot (she fits us in on her day off from filming the Netflix dance film, Work It), breaking only when she’s huddled in a corner with her sister, Sarah, giggling at videos on her phone in between takes. When she’s back in front of the camera, the multi-hyphenate sings along to tracks from her new album, Singular: Act II, which sways between boastful, playful pop, and soulful confessions about anxiety. The truth is, I’m stuck in the middle of somewhere between ‘what is going on?’ and, ‘I have everything under control,” she says of her hectic present day.

Sabrina’s probably made lots of money from her albums, but she has also earned checks for her performances, too. She’s headlined three tours of her own and in 2017 performed as the opening act for Ariana Grande and the Vamps during their respective tours.

While many celebrities wear wigs for film and TV, it looks like Carpenter actually dyed her hair red and added extensions. Of course, time will tell. If she’s back to blonde tomorrow, well, she tricked us.

I feel like, personally, when I go to write a song or I’m in the studio, I’m not going in with a specific sound. I’m not going in with a specific word or concept. I just like to talk, I like to see where the day takes us. I always have ideas in my phone and I write down things exactly how I feel in the moment because I know I’ll need them later. That’s how so many of these songs and stories came to life. I did have “Almost Love” as a title in my phone for over a year, and then something happened in my life where I was sued, so, “Sue Me!” That’s funny, maybe I’ll use that one day. These things, they come in handy much later, but I never really like to tell a song what to be. I like the song to tell me what to make it, in a weird way. That was very confusing, now that I listen back to it.

Well it’s interesting because now I’m so comfortable with all of those collaborators you’ve mentioned. So I feel like I’ve been working with them as long as Leland. I actually ended up collaborating on a song on Act II that I wrote with Leland and Stargate, so it’s nice when you have those people that you’re so comfortable with that you can fit and mould into these other groupings and pairings. I’m a 19-year-old who wants to be everything so a huge part for me was to be able to find people who not only understood me but also saw where I was going and could help me see where I was going.

And there’s some extreme and some non extreme but it’s the littlest of things that you don’t realise that have effects. No one wants to say they are ignorant but so often these things come from a place of ignorance because of privilege. Hailey wasn’t just an evil girl or a villain or the mean girl in school. She was Starr’s friend so that’s what made it hurt more. So yeah it was hard for me but I also believe that it will be beneficial to lots of people.

At just fourteen, Sabrina Carpenter has signed with Hollywood Records and recorded a four song EP that would give an artist of any age a run for their money. “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” captures the complex mix of Sabrina’s youth and musical talent well beyond her years.

Sabrina Carpenter was born in May 11, 1999 in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Carpenter is the youngest member of the Carpenter family and has two older sisters, Sarah and Shannon , as well as half-sister Cayla Her mother is named Elizabeth and her dad is named David She is also the niece of Nancy Cartwright , known for her long-running role as Bart Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons. She made her mark as a child when she placed third place in a singing contest run by the Miley Cyrus website. In 2011, she was cast her first role as Paula , a young rape victim in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit , alongside fellow Disney star Peyton List.

is a 20 year old American Singer. Born Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter on 11th May, 1999 in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA, she is famous for Girl Meets World in a career that spans 2011-present and Musical career. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

But few of those would-be famous people (and none of the dogs) are as wildly multitalented or as busy as Carpenter. She’s part of a new generation of Gen-Z multitaskers, joined by the likes of Billie Eilish and fellow Disney star Dove Cameron, who broke out at a young age, buoyed by their massive social-media followings. With the July 19 release of her fourth album, Singular: Act II, Carpenter’s pivot to IRL megafame is here.

Easier? Um?! (laughs) Yes and no. I think there are a lot of people around me that see the passion I put behind my music and how hard working and dedicated I am that trust me in a lot of scenarios. I still think there’s people that question and maybe don’t understand certain choices of mine. It’s been really interesting to see the people that are super open and the people that are more critical. I mean that’s part of life. You deal with those people in whatever industry you’re in.

Along with releasing Singular: Act II this year, Carpenter stars in the new film, The Short History of the Long Road, which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She also appears in the upcoming Netflix comedy, Tall Girl.

Carpenter is well-deserving of more attention, even among the ranks of other Disney Channel stars-turned-singers. Her vocals are strong, and she is able to generate pop hits that listeners and radio stations should devour more. There is a consistency with Carpenter that cannot be matched by other ex-Disney acts — something she deserves far more credit for.

tonight i give you the closing chapter of singular; which started as a record to communicate confidence to all of you and to be there for you to have when you weren’t feeling yourself, but it slowly turned into a big fat life lesson for me and essentially led to myself realizing what confidence actually was. It’s not the outer posture, perfect smile, and charming, talkative winner of mind games, it’s something small inside of you when you’re by yourself, when you feel lost, like you don’t want to be found, that reminds you that it’s okay to be lost, because you’ll always find yourself again.

On May 17 , in the midst of Mental Health Month, Sabrina released Exhale,” ahead of her forthcoming album, Singular: Act II. Although the release of the song touches on her emotions surrounding anxiety, its arrival wasn’t specifically tied to the month of mental health awareness. Fortunately, Sabrina says the timing was perfect, and a song that she had been nervous about sharing made its way into the world at the exact right time.

Former Disney Channel stars have often traveled down similar roads to success in the music industry. From Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez to Hilary Duff, these childhood favorites went on to produce fun pop hits (or, in the case of Cyrus, controversial pop bangers and scandalous music videos). The newest member of this group is Sabrina Carpenter, whose latest release, Singular: Act 1,” is a fantastic piece of pop music that shows impressive maturity and growth.

Carpenter is learning as she goes. Along with a frenetic schedule that doesn’t allow her to sleep much (she’s currently executive producing and starring in Work It, developing an upcoming big screen adaptation of The Distance From Me To You another YA property) with Danielle Fishel, and working on her fourth studio album), Carpenter is also dealing with an ongoing lawsuit by former managers (her song Sue Me” is about the legal battle), and coping with the devastating loss of her late friend and fellow Disney alum, Cameron Boyce Carpenter says working through her grief has been the hardest part.

Ever since landing her big break on the Disney’s Girl Meets World , Sabrina Carpenter’s been pretty busy. Not only can she call herself a talented actress, but with four studio albums under her belt, Sabrina’s also an established singer. What’s even crazier is that she’s only 20 and there’s no sign that she’s stopping soon. Sabrina’s already working on her fifth album, is set to produce a film alongside Danielle Fishel and was just cast in a teen drama film based on a true story called Clouds. With so much on her plate, you can bet Sabrina’s making a lot of money, too. If you’re curious just how much, here’s everything you need to know about Sabrina Carpenter’s net worth.

Singular Act II is out July 19. Below, Sabrina Carpenter treated PopCrush to a track-by-track breakdown featuring surprising facts and secrets about each song off the album. Music Box Films has bought U.S. and Canadian distribution rights to inspirational drama Edie,” directed by Simon Hunter and starring British actress Sheila Hancock.

Singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter will star in STX’s dance-themed comedy Work It” from STXfilms and Alloy Entertainment. World, meet girl. Sabrina Carpenter is putting her Disney days — and her teens — behind her with a new album and a new outlook.

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