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Saweetie went on to release a few more short rap videos, which also went viral on Instagram and Twitter. She released her debut EP, High Maintenance, which gained critical acclaim all over the world.

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SaweetieCalifornia rapper and style icon Saweetie’s tour outfits are my type ! Overall, ICY” is a very energetic record fueled with what can only be described as bad b vibes and Saweetie urging her audience to never rely on a man for their own happiness and success, a lesson opposing all that rap seems to embody nowadays. The EP was an experimental one, and Saweetie said she would release more EPs before an album comes out as she still believes she has a lot to learn and hasn’t found her complete sound yet. It’s not exactly astounding lyrically – but it’s not meant to be. It’s a record meant to mirror a conversation you would have with your girls, which it accomplishes perfectly.

Egotistic, unhinged, inexorable, fervent, genius – Kanye West is nothing if not distinctive. He brought soul samples back to masses with his production, has a love of leftfield fashion, specialises in emotionally vulnerable lyrics and constantly reinvents himself musically. He has shown the world that you can be your own strange self and still be hugely successful, both in terms of critical reception and record sales. With an outrageously long list of production credits to his name, he’s also helped further the careers of so many others (chances are, one of your favourite hip hop songs is produced by Kanye, and you don’t even know it).

She started posting her short rap videos on Instagram, and soon one of them went viral overnight. It was the cover of My Neck, My Back, which ended up earning 10 million views on YouTube in less than a year. She later released the song as Icy Grl, which soon reached Gold status.

Talking to the Daily Trojan for the first time, the rapper opens up about her time at USC, her musical influences and how her career has skyrocketed since she last walked down Trousdale Parkway as a student.

Growing up my mom listened to a lot of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Out the gate I was always drawn to female rap. I mean of course I’m a female, but you know I feel like our stories are very um you know shared. And um I went to college. J. cole was an artist I really loved because he was putting out dope music while getting his degree in communications, which I got as well. I have a lot of influences and inspirations and I feel like every artist has something to share. Something to you know, share and tell.

The world of hip-hop is known for constantly changing, constantly shifting alongside the new artists rising within it, and among these artists are more female MCs than ever before garnering the attention of the public. In 2019, bringing pure bad b energy, and empowering women everywhere are MCs such as Rico Nasty, Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie.

During NYFW , Pretty Little Thing made its way to the Big Apple to celebrate its newest collection with rapper, Saweetie. Although its show was on the same day (and time) as high-end designers like Tommy x Zendaya and Pyer Moss, the brand brought out a packed house. Performances from Lil Kim, Ashanti, and Quavo and a packed front row that included Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Kehlani, Jasmine Sanders, Offset, and more A-list celebrities warranted for a successful NYFW debut from Saweetie and Pretty Little Thing.

J Dilla is your favourite producer’s favourite producer. While he had significant skill as an MC, showcased in the Slum Village trio, it was as a beat-crafter that he excelled. With an all-encompassing musical knowledge, he spotted the moments in songs that most of us hadn’t even noticed, isolated them and moulded them into something unmissable. He was a serial collaborator – helping shape the sound of Madlib, Erykah Badu and numerous others – and the fragments of his jazzy inflections and swaggering, intoxicating beats can still be found everywhere in hip hop today.

LIL KIM: I’m not gonna lie, Saweetie, I be forgetting shit. I have so many songs that I can’t even think of my favorite bars on the spot, but I love that one.

On her relationship, Saweetie definitely feels the pressure of being with one of the world’s biggest artists right now, but she wants to prove she’s much more than the person she’s dating. I feel like I work so hard to build my brand, and people knew who I was before we were together. ICY GRL” had gone gold and I was already touring and making a name for myself, so I’m kinda just living my life, I’m my own entity, I’m my own brand, I’m basically a young mogul in the making.” She’s not wrong: despite only just starting out, Saweetie runs her own label as part of Warner, has just launched her own lipgloss and jewellery line, has a successful merchandise line and a devoted fanbase of icy girls that make it all possible for her.

When she’s finished with her supporting slots for Cardi B and Doja Cat, Saweetie’s about to take some time out to go into the studio to start writing and recording her debut album. It’ll be the first time she’s had studio time since it all took off for her.

Her mother, Trinidad Valentin, was a video vixen with starring roles in L.L. Cool J and R. Kelly clips. And Zaytoven, the pioneering Bay Area-born producer who launched his career with Gucci Mane, provided another ever-present musical link – he played piano at the church her grandparents pastored. She casually refers to him as her cousin.

Sitting in a bedroom that had nothing but a mattress on the floor, the Bay Area native penned a freestyle over the beat of Khia’s ribald classic, My Neck, My Back.” Harper wanted to remind herself to stay focused and envision the life she’d rather be living. The lyrics came quickly.

Me and Kamaiyah talk every now and then, and she has invited me to a couple of her videos. I was asking her to pull up if she was in the Bay, and she brought a surprise for me: Kehlani I was stoked. They’ve always been supportive, and they looked super cute. I feel like that was the icing on the cake for the video.

Saweetie credits her stylist, Sankara Xasha Ture McCain , with helping her bring these visions to life. “Each night was a special night because my vision would come to life and each outfit was made by an up-and-coming Black designer,” she states. “I was proud to support my people while looking fly on stage.” Sankara was instrumental in building, sometimes piece-by-piece, the looks for Saweetie.

But being a rapper has been the dream since she was 14, spinning lines she had written in front of her high-school friends in the Bay Area of California and realising she might be good. She perhaps could have got somewhere in sport, having been offered volleyball scholarships, but feeling that, at 5ft 6in, she was too short to go far.

It’s what she’s good at, anyhow, and why her ICY GRL ” freestyle blew up so readily in 2018. Icy, the EP, functions in much the same respect, with Saweetie using her cutting, precise flow to explain just how bossy she is and how much further she’s planning to go. Driven by an all-star production cast that includes Buddah Bless, Hit-Boy, and Murda Beatz, Icy is a fun re-introduction to the element that primarily made Saweetie a star in the first place: Her energetic, confident, and convincingly-delivered rhymes. While the production is a step up from the popular instrumentals she built her reputation on, as well as those of her 2018 debut EP, High Maintenance , the main attraction rhymes her santoku-sharp delivery.

Drake is the modern rap superstar. His songs have been streamed billions of times, millions of people follow him on social media and he’s a fashion icon. Musically, he is unafraid to switch up his style, with plainly emotional lyrics defining his output, both rapped and sung and a sound that is always setting the vogue – his obsession with UK grime and how he’s incorporated this into the US sound is a fine example. He’s only going to get bigger as time goes on.

Quavo reposted the video on Instagram, adding his own caption. G U E S S W E N E X T,” he wrote along with the shrugging emoji. An inside look at the madness that went down for PLT x Saweetie’s NYFW debut.

The song’s success builds on a whirlwind few years for Saweetie, who got her start posting freestyle raps on Instagram and now joins a pack of female hip-hop artists rapping about exactly what they want (cc: Lizzo , Megan Thee Stallion and others). Next, the business-minded artist is focusing her efforts on expanding her jewelry line, which began with a now sold-out ICY” chain, launching a lip-gloss brand and even looking into acting roles that she can’t speak about just yet.

Saweetie was born Diamonté Harper in Santa Clara and raised about thirty miles north in Hayward, California. When she wasn’t enjoying the adoba and pancit dishes of her mother’s Filipino culture, she sat on her father’s lap watching him play bones with friends in their apartment off Tennyson Road. During those games she remembers Too Short and tile slamming, Mac Dre and dro. We get lit in the Bay,” she rightly proclaims, but her music exposure went beyond the locals. Saweetie’s mom made sure to pepper her with Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown and alternative rock.

She also has a lot to live up to as a Bay Area rapper — but she’s sure making strides into the NorCal rap hall of fame that boasts platinum legends Mac Dre, Too $hort, E-40 and MC Hammer while featuring a smaller, contemporary group of popular MCs like G-Eazy, P-Lo, Iamsu! and Sage the Gemini.

Initially, her follow-up was slated for a November 2018 release, but Saweetie is taking her time, releasing a handful of singles before letting the full project loose.

While female rappers are making real waves today – Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rapsody, to name a few – this wasn’t always the case (that our list only has two women on it is a reflection of hip hop’s male-dominated history). But Lauryn Hill was a game changer. As a member of Fugees, but predominantly with her only solo album, 1998’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she broke down barriers for female artists. She showed how women in the scene weren’t just objects to be rapped about, but the ones who needed to do the rapping. A vital, seminal album, Miseducation gave us an unflinching female perspective on love and life and showed just how soulful hip hop could be, helping to launch neo-soul in the process.

Still, Twitter is in part responsible for one of Al-Hamdouni’s biggest successes of the past few years: Childish Gambino ‘s This Is America.” When the song and music video dropped simultaneously in 2018, Al-Hamdouni predicted that it would make a splash. We ended up with a tsunami,” he says: There were 2.1 million tweets about Gambino in the first week of the song’s release, according to Twitter.

Below, the rising rapper picks up the phone from a New York airport – where she’s just come off a tour run in Europe – to talk about the making of My Type,” the pressures on artists today and how she stays sane.


Up until a year ago, Saweetie was still uploading videos of herself sitting in her car and rapping over songs from the early aughts. A May 2017 freestyle over Khia’s 2002 oral sex anthem My Neck, My Back” quickly morphed into ICY GRL.” While the social media-to-pop star story is all too common today, Saweetie has taken a calculated approach, making sure not to fizzle out too soon. She spent a year sharpening her skills between her first EP, High Maintenance, and her Icy EP, released in March via Warner Bros. Records and her own recently launched imprint, Icy Records. I’m still a baby artist and I’m learning, so before I prepare my big official debut, I’ma just continue to experiment and find my sound,” Saweetie told Billboard in March.

The “My Type” rapper performed on Thursday night after the beloved snack brand’s debut runway show, which featured fiery looks created by stylists, influencers and renowned costume designer Ami Goodheart.

The 25-year-old Bay Area vixen has had a whirlwind 2018 following that moment. Her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘High Maintenance’ arrived in the spring, led still by the charge of the infectious ‘ICY GRL’.

Just 24 hours before the festival kicked off, fellow rising Brooklyn acts like Casanova, Sheff G, 22Gz, and Pop Smoke as well as Bronx rapper Don Q were banned at the request of the NYPD because of their alleged affiliations to recent acts of violence” citywide. While fellow NYC natives like A$AP Rocky, Desiigner, Jim Jones and Fat Joe took the stage, JHN was one of the few acts to represent New York’s new sound.

Glance through the comments section of any of Saweetie ‘s social media platforms and you’ll see a flood of glowing praise. “My bae is so perfect,” one fan comments under a picture of the rapper holding a bottle of Hennessy. “QUEEN,” another writes, in response to one of Saweetie’s tweets. Emojis sporting heart-eyes and tears of joy currently saturate her feeds.

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