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I do a lot of things, and I do them quite frequently, quite often.” In part to counter that, she’s developed an idiosyncratic approach to dancing along to her songs onstage (imagine a lot more finger guns than you’re imagining).

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SIGRIDSigrid is the popstar you’ve been searching for. Sigrid is one of those artists you have to watch and not just listen to. Her music videos can’t be ignored, as they give a taste inside the mind of a woman who may be one of the most underrated artists this calendar year. A full-body performance displayed her passion for catchy, yet original music in a genre that often gets repeated or, at the very least, tiresome.

Sigrid: That was actually something they asked me to do. To be honest, it was easy in some ways to say yes, because it’s a fcking brilliant song, but also, I was so ps scared of doing it because it’s Leonard Cohen, you don’t want to mess that up. It’s a pretty big responsibility and he’s one of the greatest songwriters of all time. It was very exciting and I had a lot of fun with it. I covered it with the help of Odd Martin Skålnes. We actually went to the cinema together to see Justice League — me, Martin and his wife. It was so incredible, we were just sitting there like, Oh my God, this is happening.” To see our names at the end was surreal.

So they contacted EA Games and they were like, Yeah, sure, we really want to make this happen.” Then they sent me an audio file from the game of someone singing Don’t Kill My Vibe in Simlish, but it was recorded through an iPhone. The recording was bad, but it was so incredible hearing your own song in a completely different language. So they attached the lyrics for me, fully translated, and I don’t know a lot about the Sims’ language, I don’t know if it actually means anything, or if they have an alphabet or something, but it sounded so cool. It was the best vocal recording session I’ve ever had. It was so much fun.

Sigrid was only 19 years old when her breakout song, Don’t Kill My Vibe” released in March 2017. The empowering electro pop anthem became a viral hit, and in the two years since, the now-22-year-old singer’s popularity has skyrocketed. (She now has over 5 million monthly Spotify listeners, was named BBC’s Sound of 2018 artist, and won the Spellemannprisen, Norway’s Grammys, for Newcomer of the Year the same year.) But as she was earning her renown as a rising pop star, she was still living like a regular girl in her native Norway.

Her debut single, the infectious and empowering Don’t Kill My Vibe was written (along with songwriter Martin Sjølie) after a writing session with older male songwriters who showed her little respect. The Don’t Kill My Vibe singer, 22, will perform at the Obelisk Arena at Latitude on 21 July.

Sucker Punch features Sigrid’s breakthrough single, Don’t Kill My Vibe as well as a number of other hits that she’s now known for, including: Strangers, Mine Right Now and Don’t Feel Like Crying. Fake Friends is another straight-talking song — and fan favourite at her show — which Sigrid says is one of her harshest songs.

One of the album’s brightest and quirkiest moments is “Business Dinners,” which almost acts like a sequel to “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” “You just want me to be pictures, numbers, figures, I’m just trying to be me,” Sigrid asserts on the bouncy number, giving another middle finger to condescending industry bigwigs.

This week, she dropped her first single since Raw, a taut bop called “Sucker Punch” about a crush that comes on so rapidly and forcefully it leaves you winded. In some ways it’s a Sigrid classic: razor-sharp, playful and upbeat, but brutally honest in a way that instantly slices through it’s glossy pop sheen. In its unconventional vocal styles (she slows down to an almost spoken rap) and tectonic production, it also shows she’s interested in expanding what’s become her wheelhouse.

Influenced by Lorde, Robyn and Joni Mitchell, the star has become known for catchy, quirky and literate pop songs. Sigrid can turn something as boring as business matters into a playful, dreamy pop track (Business Dinners”).

A native of Norway who grew up immersed in the outdoors in her home country’s striking terrain, Sigrid now experiences being on center stage at an outdoor music festival as much she does in the cities and urban environment. The breakout singer-songwriter and BBC Sound of Music 2018 winner Sigrid blends artistic passion, fueled by lifelong influences from the natural world.

The morning after an energy-fueled performance in Montreal, Sigrid took the time to chat with Global News about some of her funniest stories and all things Sucker Punch — all before a sold out performance at Toronto’s iconic Danforth Music Hall.

That honesty and authenticity, is what tricks us into seeing her as “youthful” or “innocent” — and what makes her songs slice through the thick pop haze of formulaic bangers designed to please and move our hips, but which feel distant from real, lived experience.

Sigrid was snapped up by Norwegian indie label Petroleum, also home to her friend Aurora and attempted to juggle school and music for a while. “It was just so hard to find time for things. I couldn’t do shows. I couldn’t do promo. I had a history test to revise for!”. Her third single with them was immediately playlisted on national radio, but she needed time to figure out what she wanted to do and eventually, at 18 – just three years ago – she moved further down the West coast to Bergen where she found herself a part of its burgeoning music scene.

She can also turn tough experiences into thrilling music. In Don’t Feel Like Crying,” she avoids sulking over getting her heart broken, and in Don’t Kill My Vibe,” she refuses to let someone ruin her confidence.

Stream Sigrid’s Sucker Punch now. Sigrid performs on stage during day 1 of Lollapalooza Berlin Festival 2019 on Sept. 7, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Debut single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” becomes BBC Radio 1’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

Sigrid began her professional career in 2013, releasing her debut single, Sun,” co-written with her older brother Tellef Raabe , who wanted to perform with her at a gig. The song became known as her national breakthrough in Norway.

SIGRID: Well, I would put that Luke Bryan song on it, obviously. Other than that, let’s see… What did I put on this morning? I put on a song called Destroyer” by Panama, that I found in a Netflix series called Atypical It was in the ending scene in one of the seasons. That song is such a good driving song. Then War on Drugs, of course. That’s an obvious choice. All their songs are driving music. Or Kendrick Lamar. I’m either hip-hop or rock music. That’s what I listen to in the car.

The concert would’ve been a little innocuous if not for the subtle shift that (unsurprisingly) followed the performance of Don’t Kill My Vibe”. This second half of the concert featured more stylistic and thematic variety — soul-bearing acoustic think-pieces interspersed booming tracks like You Were Never Mine” and the unreleased Go To War”.

The May 2017 release of the four-track Don’t Kill My Vibe EP — which also featured stripped-back acoustic heart-melter Dynamite and clattering hits Plot Twist and Fake Friends — preceded a well-received slot on the Park Stage at Glastonbury and, soon, Sigrid had a swelling fanbase of high-profile admirers.SIGRID

Whittled down from around 70 demos, Sucker Punch comprises the best of Sigrid’s catalogue of heart-on-sleeve bangers. Though she admits finalizing the tracklist was a “proper kill your darlings scenario,” the resulting project fulfills her mission of making the music she always wanted to make. “I think 16-year-old me would be really proud right now,” she said, adding that the 12 tracks really live up to the album’s evocative title.

Sigrid kept the hits coming. Her debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe dropped in April of last year and she started appearing on artist to watch lists, major festival lineups like Reading and Glastonbury, and late night TV.

Sigrid: Now? Yeah. It’s different in the way that people know the lyrics for not only the singles now, but every song. I still get surprised by it. I’m very excited about it all. It’s a lot of fun to play this record live. I feel like we’ve always had great crowds, we’ve been really lucky, but especially after coming out with the album, it really feels like people are coming to listen to the music. The lyrics seem to resonate so well with American and Canadian crowds too. I feel like it’s similar in Europe, but maybe even more so here. People really listen to my lyrics and take them in.

It’s been two years since “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Sigrid isn’t feeling jaded or burnt out. When I ask what her favorite and least favorite parts of life as a rising pop star are, she can’t decide: “Touring and writing are the two things that I really, really like. No matter how tired I am when I go up on stage, it’s impossible to not dance and burst out with energy, because there’s so much of it.” She trails off, seeming genuinely not to have a least favorite part, although she admits: “Not saying that every day in the studio or every day on stage is the “best” day, some days are more difficult than others.” But she quickly brings up that she has a team of genuine, trusted people around her, and describes how her band has become some of her best friends.

It is again her incredible release, Don’s Kill My Vibe,” that waschosen as a soundtrack of The Sims 4: Parenthood.” She performed also thesoundtrack of Justice League.” This was a cover of Everybody Knows” byLeonard Cohen.

Away from work she can regularly be found eyeing Renaissance paintings at the National Gallery in London — They’re so in your face and that’s how I like my songs” — or mainlining episodes of The Crown in her flat in Bergen. She’ll also be onstage at Coachella in April.

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